10 Best Natural Gas Grills of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Natural Gas Grill
Photo: Broil King

Natural gas grills are versatile cooking appliances that bring the professional BBQ experience to your home.

You can grill, cook, sear, and even smoke your favorite foods and meats on these versatile appliances, which run on natural gas and manage very high temperatures for optimal cooking.

Grills are worthy investments that will offer many years of reliable service, with minimal maintenance demands.

And to help you choose the ideal one for you, we have prepared a natural gas grill review that explores all their amazing cooking features.

Best Natural Gas Grill Buying Guide

How to Buy the Best Natural Gas Grill
Photo: Weber

1. Cooking Area is Important

A grill’s cooking area is a priority for many people looking to own the appliance. A grill with a large cooking area, such as the 1,030-square-inch Lion Premium Grills 90823, can cook a lot of foods, all at once.

But grills with large cooking areas tend to have one common downside; they are large and often bulky, which can be a significant portability hindrance.

Grills with the small cooking area can be advantages when you’re not a regular griller, or when you have limited free outdoor space in your home. 

2. Check Number of Burners

Burners have a significant impact on grill performance, especially in determining heat capacity.

Grills with many burners, often 4-5, tend to have high heat capacities, of 50,000 BTU and above. Such grills offer superior cooking versatility and manage to reach high temperatures very fast.

As the number of burners reduces, so does a grill’s BTU output, but that does not mean such grill underperform.

You may find a 2-burner grill if you want a small unit or when your grilling needs to not demand the superior performance of larger and costlier grills.

3. Heat Control

Most grills offer efficient heat control mechanisms, such as dedicated burner knobs, for independent heat management for each burner.

Because grills we reviewed are top models in the market, they go the extra mile to ensure the heat control systems are clearly-labeled and intuitive to accommodate even absolute beginners in grilling.

Even though such grills are designed to hit very high temperatures, you’ll find their heat control settings very easy to operate.

4. Construction of Natural Gas Grill

Your grill’s construction is a significant determinant of its durability. Grills typically have metallic constructions for strength and resilience, especially because they are outdoor appliances.

Most grill housing is made of steel or stainless steel, and so are their major components such as grids and grates, which are often subjected to extremely high temperatures.

A grill that stood out because of its premium and durable construction is the stainless steel Weber Summit S-670​,but even the rest are equally durable.

5. Natural Gas Grill Portability

Natural gas grills can get pretty heavy especially those that come with multiple components such as side burners, searing stations, and smoker units.

The heavier a grill gets, the less portable it is. That is why the 200-pounds units are notably harder to transport and move compared to grills weighing less than 100 pounds.

Often, grills will come with caster wheels to boost portability, and Weber Spirit E310 deserves recognition for being compact and having 4 caster wheels for enhanced portability. 

6. Ease of Cleaning

Grilling if fun, when all the food is oozing with flavor and aroma, but cleaning up after a BBQ feast, can prove to be a nightmare thanks to the large grease amounts produced.

Grills simplify cleaning through different approaches, the main one being grease management through removable grease trays for instance.

The materials used to construct components such as grill grates also help simplify cleaning. Enamel-porcelain grates resist grease attachment to simplify cleaning, which you can do with hot, soapy water and soft towel.

10 Best Natural Gas Grills Reviewed




Weber Spirit II E-310

1. Weber Spirit II E-310 (Best Overall)

  • Spacious cooking area
  • Fast and reliable ignition system
  • Efficient heat distribution
  • Flavor-boosting Flavorizer bars
Weber Q3200

2. Weber Q3200 (Best Budget)

  • Decent space for the money
  • Convenient open-cart design
  • Removable side tables
  • Durable metallic build
Weber Summit S-670

3. Weber Summit S-670 (Best Stainless Steel Design)

  • Large 769 sq. in. cooking area
  • Strong stainless steel construction
  • Reliable knob and handle lights
  • Included robust grill components
Broil King Regal S590

4. Broil King Regal S590 (Best Professional-Grade)

  • 5 high-performance burners
  • Versatile heat capacity
  • Searing-capable grill
  • Efficient grill heat retention
Weber Spirit E310

5. Weber Spirit E310 (Best for Family BBQ)

  • Optimal burner/grill space combo
  • Excellent grate heat retention
  • Heavy-duty rust-resistant build
  • 4 portability-enhancing wheels
Weber Spirit II E-210

6. Weber Spirit II E-210 (Best 2-Burner Design)

  • Compact for small spaces
  • Decent 450 sq. in. cooking area
  • Heavy-duty grilling grates
  • 2 caster wheels enhance portability
 Weber Summit S-470

7. Weber Summit S-470 (Versatile All-Round Grill)

  • 4 premium stainless steel burners
  • Dedicated sear station and smoker
  • Rotisserie-capable grill
  • Robust productivity accessories
Weber Genesis II E-335

8. Weber Genesis II E-335 (Great for Searing)

  • Dedicated sear station
  • 2 robust cooking surfaces
  • High-performance rod grates
  • Enclosed storage cabinet
Lion Premium Grills 90823

9. Lion Premium Grills 90823 (Heavy-Duty & Spacious)

  • Massive 1030 sq. in. cooking area
  • Superior 90,000 BTU heat capacity
  • Premium stainless steel build
  • 6 strong control knobs
Napoleon LEX485RSIBNSS-1

10. Napoleon LEX485RSIBNSS-1 (Infrared Natural Gas Grill)

  • Superior infrared heating
  • Rotisserie-capable grill
  • Efficient wave-grid heating
  • Large 805 sq. in. cooking area

1. Weber Spirit II E-310 – Best Overall

Weber Spirit II E-310

Photo: Weber

  • Cooking Space: 529 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 3
  • Heat Output: 30,000 BTU
  • Materials: Cast iron, Stainless steel

The perfect balance of performance, cooking space, and cost makes Weber Spirit II E-310 our best overall natural gas grill.

This inexpensive grill excels in multiple cooking applications especially at home, thanks to a spacious cooking area of 529 sq. in. spread across 3 high-performance burners.

It is built on Weber’s GS4 grilling system, which offers some impressive features. The Infinity Ignition system ensures your grill ignites on the first attempt for ease of use.

Then there are the burner tubes, which ensure a consistent gas flow to facilitate even heat distribution and cooking when the food is on the grates.

Weber included its classing Flavorizer bars, which are able perfectly to catch oil drippings that are then vaporized to boost your food’s smoky flavors.

An issue worth noting about Weber Spirit II E-310 is that even with its simple and clear instructions, the assembly can take a bit of time.

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  • Optimized cooking area
  • Reliable ignition system
  • Even cooking and heat distribution
  • Superior food flavoring


  • Assembly can be time-consuming

2. Weber Q3200 – Best Budget

Weber Q3200

Photo: Weber

  • Cooking Space: 468 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 2
  • Heat Output: 21,700 BTU
  • Materials: Cast Iron, Aluminum

Natural gas grills don’t come cheap, but the Weber Q3200 manages to offer some decent performance for an affordable price. 

It’s worth recognizing that even though this grill is a 2-burner unit, it offers a larger cooking area of 468 sq. in, compared to the Weber Spirit II E-210 and Weber Spirit E310 grills, both of which cost slightly more.

You’ll especially enjoy its open-cart design, which ensures that everything you’re cooking and using is next to you and in a clear line of sight. Also, the 2 folding tables on each size offer additional working area.

Durability is another promise this grill makes. With its cast aluminum lid and body, porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, and glass-reinforced nylon frame, it guarantees lifetime reliability.

Compared to the other models on our list, Weber Q3200 is slightly lacking when it comes to heat capacity. It only manages 21,700 BTU, which may struggle with intensive grilling.


  • Good space to cost value
  • Designed for convenience
  • Extra work area
  • Durable construction


  • Low heat capacity

3. Weber Summit S-670 – Best Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-670

Photo: Weber

  • Cooking Space: 769 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 6
  • Heat Output: 60,000 BTU
  • Materials: Stainless steel

Weber Summit S-670 is a high-performance natural gas grill that features a premium stainless steel construction, alongside its impressive grilling superiority.

With its 6 stainless steel burners, this grill excels in outdoor grilling. It offers you a total cooking area of 769 sq. in., one of the highest we have recorded on our list. This space is divided optimally between a cooking area and a warming rack.

You get this grill as a complete unit that includes a sear burner, a side burner, and a smoker burner with a stainless steel smoker box.

2 side tables offer additional working area, while 6 lighted control knobs offer illumination with low light, on top of the 2 bright handle light, that deliver a flawless night grilling experience.

Weber Summit S-670 is a pricey grill, and won’t appeal to budget buyers. Also, for the price, a grill cover would have been a thoughtful inclusion.


  • Stainless steel burners and build
  • Large cooking and warming area
  • Robust accessories included
  • Reliable grill illumination


  • Expensive
  • No grill cover included

4. Broil King Regal S590 – Best Professional-Grade

Broil King Regal S590

Photo: Broil King

  • Cooking Space: 625 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 5
  • Heat Output: 55,000 BTU
  • Materials: Stainless steel, Aluminum

The cooking versatility of the 5-burner Broil King Regal S590 makes the natural gas grill a great professional-grade cooking companion, that’s great for making regular grilling at home.

Its primary cooking area of 625 sq. in. is supported by a 55,000 BTU main burner, enough space, and power for making full family meals. This performance is complemented by a 15,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner, and a 10,000 BTU side burner for more cooking versatility.

With this grill, you will be making perfect steaks thanks to its innovative dual-tube burners and Flav-R-Wave stainless steel grilling system that distributes heat evenly across the entire cooking surface.

Count on the grills heavy-duty cooking grids to offer superior heat retention and create bold sear marks on your foods. These grids are made of 9 mm stainless steel, which makes them heavier and better-performing than those of rival grills.

Broil King Regal S590 is, however, a very bulky grill weighing 217 pounds, which makes it hard to move the unit easily, even with its 4 wheels.


  • Multiple burners for versatility
  • High heat capacity
  • Offers searing capability
  • Superior heat retention


  • Bulky at 217 pounds

5. Weber Spirit E310 – Best for Family BBQ

Weber Spirit E310

Photo: Weber

  • Cooking Space: 424 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 3
  • Heat Output: 32,000 BTU
  • Materials: Cast iron, Stainless steel

If you want to be hosting regular BBQ with your family and friends, the Weber Spirit E310 natural gas grill is your best bet.

Its features and performance have been optimized for everyday family grilling. The main grill is powered by 3 stainless steel burners. They support a cooking surface of 424 sq. in., which is adequate for full family BBQs.

For superior heat retention and even cooking, the grill is equipped with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron grates, which are known to enhance flavor retention.

Also, this grill, although inexpensive, is very durable thanks to its heavy-duty build. Its lid and cook box are porcelain-enameled to prevent rusting or peeling even with regular outdoor use.

The entire unit is compact and sits on 4 heavy-duty caster wheels to enhance the portability of the across the yard or patio, for fun family BBQs.

For such a small unit, assembling the Weber Spirit E310 can prove time-consuming and cumbersome, especially for non-professionals.


  • Optimized for everyday grilling
  • Superior heat retention
  • Heavy-duty and inexpensive
  • Enhanced portability


  • Assembly can prove tedious

6. Weber Spirit II E-210 – Best 2-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Weber Spirit II E-210

Photo: Weber

  • Cooking Space: 450 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 2
  • Heat Output: 26,500 BTU
  • Materials: Cast iron, Stainless steel

If you want to embark on regular grilling, but are worried about space limitation, get the Weber Spirit II E-210, our best overall 2-burner grill, whose compactness makes it ideal for use in tight spaces.

Even with 2 burners, the grill manages to offer a decent cooking area of 450 sq. in., which comes close to matching that of 3-burner models.

It utilizes strong porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates to achieve efficient heat distribution and even cooking. Also, there are two foldable tables attached on each side to offer additional working area.

This grill comes equipped with 2 large caster wheels that not only enhance stability but also offer a means for moving the unit which is not hard given its compactness.

Because of the 2-wheel design, the shelf that provides support for portability is also a foldable one, which can be very cumbersome to use as an anchor.


  • Compact and space-saving
  • Decent cooking area
  • Strong and efficient cooking grates
  • Enhanced portability


  • Sub-optimal shelf placement

7. Weber Summit S-470 – Versatile All-Round

 Weber Summit S-470

Photo: Weber

  • Cooking Space: 580 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 4
  • Heat Output: 48,800 BTU
  • Materials: Stainless steel

Weber Summit S-470 is popular among enthusiast grillers because of its all-round versatility. It supports multiple grilling styles with its robust productivity components and enhancements.

The main burner offers 580 sq. in. of cooking space on top of 4 stainless steel burners. They are controlled by strong front-mounted knobs that run on a snap-jet individual burner ignition system for efficiency.

For cooking versatility, there is a side burner and a sear station burner. When you want to create rich sear marks on your meats, this is the burner to use. A smoker burner has also been incorporated into the unit.

And that’s not all. At the grill’s rear is an infrared rotisserie burner for fast and efficient high-heating cooking.

Also included is a long 10-foot flexible hose for the gas connection, 6 tool hooks, and grill out lights for low-light grilling especially at night.

The versatility of Weber Summit S-470 does, however, come at a steep cost as this grill is one of the priciest on our list.


  • High-performance primary grill
  • Dedicated sear station
  • Reliable smoker burner
  • Handy cost-saving accessories


  • Pricey

8. Weber Genesis II E-335 – Great for Searing

Weber Genesis II E-335

Photo: Weber

  • Cooking Space: 669 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 3
  • Heat Output: 60,000 BTU
  • Materials: Cast iron, Stainless steel

With its dedicated sear station, Weber Genesis II E-335 manages to create an intense heat zone, which helps in the rapid and effective addition of sears on your meats.

Besides the spacious 513 sq. in. primary cooking area the grill offers, there’s an additional 156 sq. in. warming rack that can also be tucked away when not in use.

The grill offers a side burner, which you can use to simmer sauté veggies or BBQ sauces, away from the main unit, for the best cooking outcomes.

For superior heat retention and even cooking, the grill comes equipped with solid 7 mm stainless steel rod grates that are very durable.

It offers an enclosed grill cabinet, which offers some handy hidden space to store all essential grilling tools, and accessories.

The Weber Genesis II E-335 doesn’t come cheap and a cover would have been a nice addition to the unit.


  • High-performance searing
  • Multiple cooking surfaces
  • Retains and distributes heat efficiently
  • Handy storage space


  • No cover included

9. Lion Premium Grills 90823 – Heavy-Duty and Spacious

Lion Premium Grills 90823

Photo: Lion Premium Grills

  • Cooking Space: 1030 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 5
  • Heat Output: 90,000 BTU
  • Materials: Stainless steel

Lion Premium Grills 90823 was built for intensive outdoor greeting especially for large groups of people, with its superior cooking surface of 1030 sq. in., and high-performance burners.

With such a large cooking surface, you have the flexibility of grilling multiple foods during family, and other social events, to create memorable experiences for you and your guests.

Its 5 burners combine to yield a heat capacity of 90,000 BTU, which is incredibly high, for fast grill heating, maximum heat distribution, and even food cooking.

The grill’s overall build is very premium. Its main housing is made of 304-16 gauge commercial-grade stainless steel. And the cooking grades feature the same material.

All its burners are controlled by 6 commercial-size buttons that use push-to-turn technology and are very strong for durability.

At 200 pounds in weight, however, Lion Premium Grills 90823 is one of the heaviest natural gas grills in its class. You may need to assemble it at a place where it won’t require moving.


  • Superior cooking area
  • High heat capacity
  • Durable premium construction
  • Large control knobs


  • Heavy at 200 pounds

10. Napoleon LEX485RSIBNSS-1 – Infrared Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX485RSIBNSS-1

Photo: Napoleon

  • Cooking Space: 805 sq. in.
  • Number of Burners: 6
  • Heat Output: 74,000 BTU
  • Materials: Stainless steel

Napoleon LEX485RSIBNSS-1 is a unique natural gas grill that has been optimized for cooking through infrared heat for fast grilling and searing.

The infrared system is known for delivering superior heating in record time. You can expect this grill temperature to hit highs of 1800℉ in about 30 seconds, for professional-grade searing.

It is also a rotisserie-capable grill, thanks to a rear burner whose rotisseries are made using premium stainless steel for high-quality cooking outcomes.

Another feature that enhances the grill’s performance is its wave grids. They are designed to facilitate efficient heat transfer by maximizing the cooking surface area, compared to the traditional straight-rod design.

Speaking of cooking area, it has the second-largest surface we’ve record, of 805 sq. in., supported across 6 high-performance burners to allow the grilling of multiple foods at the same time.

Because Napoleon LEX485RSIBNSS-1 heats up very quickly, you need to closely monitor the temperature, a process that may prove intimidating to beginner grillers.


  • Fast and high heat capacity
  • Capable of rotisserie grilling
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Large cooking area


  • Infrared heating may intimidate beginners

Natural Gas Grill vs. Liquid Propane Grill

Natural Gas Grill vs. Liquid Propane Grill
Photo: Weber

1. Propane Grill

This type of grill uses liquid propane as its main fuel source. There are several benefits that propane has over natural gas.

  • Superior heat capacityPropane gas is popular because it yields more heat energy compared to natural gas, during combustion. Therefore, propane gas grills heat up very quickly, and you can get started with cooking fast.
  • Readily available: Propane tanks can be purchased at most local stores, offering you convenience.

On the downside, propane is more expensive than natural gas, which means more energy costs if you are a regular griller.

2. Natural Gas Grill

This type of grill utilizes natural gas as its fuel source. It has several advantages over liquid propane grills, including:

  • Cost-saving: While a natural gas grill requires you to have an existing natural gas installation in your home, you will end up saving energy costs in the long-term because you won’t have to make frequent purchases of LP gas.
  • Convenient: Because of the permanent gas supply to this grill, you won’t have to worry about it running out. Once you plug it into the supply line, you are done.

A key shortcoming of natural gas grills is that they are not very flexible because once installed, you cannot move it around the backyard to your convenience.


From our natural gas grill review, it’s evident that this appliance is a must-have for great family meals.

If you want the best of them all, choose Weber Spirit II E-310, our top pick. It is an affordable 3-burner unit that is spacious and durable.

If you want a low-budget but good-performing grill, Weber Q3200, is a great 2-burner unit that is easy to use, and spacious for its compact size.

And if superior space is what you’re looking for in a natural gas grill, pick Lion Premium Grills 90823, for its superior cooking area.