10 Best Olive Oil Dispensers of 2021 Tested & Reviewed

Best Olive Oil Dispenser
Photo: Marbrasse

While searching for the best olive oil dispenser, it is important to consider some of the most crucial factors like the variety of materials, starting from glass, BPA-free plastic, aluminium, etc. 

There are certain plus and minus related to each kind of materials that we will discuss in this olive oil dispenser review below.

Other than that, buyers should also give much heed to the size of the bottle, the opening or spout, as well as the material as they make the purchase.

​What To Check Before Buying Olive Oil Dispenser?

How to Buy Best Olive Oil Dispenser
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It may seem to you that there is nothing too complex in finding the best olive oil bottle. But in real, there are some significant details that you can use in making the finest purchase.

1. Capacity of Olive Oil Dispenser

This point strictly depends on the largeness of your family and usage of olive oil. You surely don’t want to make repeated attempts to fill and then refill the bottle.

Thus, for larger families, it is best to pick a bottle in at least 1000 ml. Our best recommendation is Racheal Ray 53234 olive oil dispenser. However, if you have a small family then you may find a 500 ml bottle sufficient for routine usage.

While this may not seem very crucial point, but one should always be extremely careful in finding the right size of the product. This will diminish your work load to a large extent.

2. Olive Oil Dispenser Material

As far as the material is concerned, you will find an olive oil dispenser in three primary materials.

– Stainless Steel

Such product look extremely beautiful in the kitchen. Other than just being lavish, this material is also quite safe.

There is no harmful effect of the material on the oil. Moreover, this is affordable and completely rust and corrosion resistant. This means that the material will last for a long time.

Other than that, even if it accidentally falls on the floor, this one will not shatter in various pieces. Thus, this is the finest material among all.

The Flyboo COMINHKPR145351 olive oil dispenser is your safest bet. 

– Glass

To begin with, you will find ample of options available in glass material. These bottles have different levels of thickness. As much as the glass will be thick, there will be less possibility of it breaking if it accidentally falls.

While this material is affordable and look stunning plus it is safe in keeping good health, the breakable feature will always be a game changer.

Oil is a slippery product and the accident probability is high in this case. Most of the people will not prefer buying glass material as it can break any time.

– Plastic

This material has a lot in its kitty to offer. However, it is also not considered to be extremely safe because plastic material releases some harmful chemical in the food product.

One thing that you should be sure about is that the material is BPA-free. Such plastics are still considerable. However, you should still avoid plastic material.

Our Tip: So, the best olive oil pourer is in the stainless-steel material. While, glass is also not too far behind but if you want to buy it, you have to be very careful while usage.

3. Spout

Nothing can be as infuriating as oil drip falling down in the stove. This not just put a kink in your working but also create a lot of mess.

Well, you can stop this problem by finding a spout that restrict the drip from falling down. So, choose a product that has quality spout and enjoy seamless working.

4. Ease to Clean

What’s most competitive with the olive oil dispensers is that these bottles are most difficult to clean. Trust us, if the opening of the bottle is too narrow, you will regret the purchase, every time when you clean it.

Make sure that the bottle you purchase is easy to clean. Keeping it sanitized should be the prime concerns. And thus, you should be more focused on finding the product that is less tricky in cleaning.

10 Best Olive Oil Dispensers Reviewed




Aozita 8541950834

1. Aozita 8541950834 (Best Overall)

  • High-quality, affordable
  • Very fancy
  • Dark colored glass
  • Comes with sprout stopper
Royal RYL-78892001

2. Royal RYL-78892001 (Pair of Bottles with Stainless-steel Rack)

  • Pair of bottles with stainless-steel rack
  • BPA-free rubber stopper
  • 17 fl. oz Capacity
  • Made of glass material
Tablecraft 916M

3. Tablecraft 916M (Affordable)

  • Available on an affordable price
  • Made of glass
  • Classic look
  • Hand-friendly design
Racheal Ray 53234

4. Racheal Ray 53234 (High Capacity)

  • Comes in high capacity of 24 oz
  • Made of ceramic material
  • Suitable for any kind of temperature
  • Dark color protect sun exposure
Flyboo COMINHKPR145351

5. Flyboo COMINHKPR145351 (Durable Material)

  • Made of stainless-steel durable material
  • 17 fl. oz capacity
  • Suitably priced
  • BPA-free
Ranaphil Olive Oil Dispenser

6. Ranaphil Olive Oil Dispenser (With Degree Scale)

  • Comes with a degree scale
  • 17 fl. oz capacity
  • Food-grade ABS material
  • Drip-free
Marbrasse Olive Oil Dispenser

7. Marbrasse Olive Oil Dispenser (BPA-free)

  • Made of BPA-free glass
  • 20 fl. oz capacity
  • Jar-style dispenser
  • Beautiful design
Stonekae Olive Oil Dispenser

8. Stonekae Olive Oil Dispenser (Suitably-Priced)

  • Available on a suitable price
  • Comes in a pair
  • 30-day hassle-free guarantee
  • Food-grade stainless-steel funnel
Vremi VR0042

9. Vremi VR0042 (Dishwasher-friendly)

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Comes with an oil pump
  • Non-drip spout
  • Portion control
Finedine Olive Oil Dispenser

10. Finedine Olive Oil Dispenser (Classic 2-Piece Design)

  • Comes in a pair
  • Made of glass material
  • 16 fl. oz capacity each
  • Sleek design

1. Aozita 8541950834 – Best Overall

Aozita Glass Olive Oil Dispenser

Photo: Aozita

  • Capacity: 16 fl.oz
  • Material: Glass

This product is surely a deal-stealer and the best overall product as it is finely priced, great in looks, convenient in usage and what not. You will find it extremely fancy in the kitchen. With a beautiful brown color, it will add more grace to any contemporary kitchen.

This is a lead-free glass olive oil dispenser with spout stopper to control the dripping of the oil. This way, you will not accidentally pour a lot of oil in the dish. There is no chance of leakage with this product.

Since the color of the bottle is dark, it will efficiently protect the olive oil from sunlight and will also boost its life. The black screw cap and white inner cork will enhance its storage tendency.

With everything checked right with this model, the glass material handling is definitely a kink in the plan. You have to be very careful with the material.


  • High-quality product at affordable price
  • Spout stopper controls the dripping of oil
  • Dark coloured bottle will protect the olive oil
  • Extremely fancy in looks


  • Should be handled with care

2. Royal RYL-78892001 – Pair with Stainless-steel Rack

Royal Olive Oil Dispenser

Photo: Royal

  • Capacity: 17 fl.oz
  • Material: Glass

The best part about this product is it comes in a set. This means that you can use the dispenser for various liquids. Also, it comes with stainless-steel rack for easy storing. 

One of the bottles have thicker material while the other one has thin material. However, both the bottles are equally useful to the users.

Another amazing thing here is that its dual spout gimmick will completely prevent the drip from falling off. Also, this feature allows you to put thick sauces in the dispenser too.

The capacity of this bottle is 17 fl.oz and considering the fact that there are two symmetrical bottles, this product is a complete value of money.

The material used for this product is glass with a BPA-free rubber stopper. The glass is thick and will retain more than conventional glass products.

However, there is no denying the fact that the material is still susceptible to break. So, make sure that you are pretty careful while using these dispensers.


  • Comes with stainless-steel rack
  • Available in a set of 2
  • Dual spout gimmick
  • Good with thick sauces as well


  • The glass has to be handled with immense care

3. Tablecraft 916M – Affordable Olive Oil Dispenser

Tablecraft Oil & Vinegar Cruet

Photo: Tablecraft

  • Capacity: 16 fl.oz
  • Material: Glass

The product is suitable for small families, given the capacity of 16 fl.oz. It is an affordable model. This one comes in excellent looks. It has hand-friendly design that give fine grip and allow you to handle the product easily.

Glass material is used in the making which surely makes the bottle fragile. So, you have to be very protective while using it. The glass has a green tint in it to add an element of progressive looks.

The opening of the bottle is narrow and this means that it will probably give you hard time in cleaning. 

Yet, this is a considerable model because of the thick glass used in the making and convenient grip that it provides to the users.


  • Affordably priced
  • Provide great grip
  • Suitable for small families
  • Safe glass material


  • Difficult to clean
  • Glass has to be handled carefully

4. Racheal Ray 53234 – Best with High Capacity

Racheal Ray Serveware Olive Oil Dispenser

Photo: Racheal Ray

  • Capacity: 24 fl.oz
  • Material: Ceramic

Breaking the contemporaries, this product is really stunning in looks. The capacity of 24 fl.oz is great for large families. The best thing about this product is its extravagant looks. This will also make a fine home décor product.

Material used in the making is ceramic. It is completely suitable for your health. Because of the dark color of the product, it will keep the olive oil completely protected from the sunlight. This means that the lasting of the oil will increase.

The material is safe for any kind of environment and temperature. This is a one-of-a-kind olive oil dispenser that you can have in your house. However, you will find cleaning it a bit challenging because of the shape. But other than that, everything about this model is safe.


  • Large capacity product
  • Magnanimously designed
  • Suitable for large families
  • Decently priced


  • Difficult to clean
  • Refilling might also be challenging

5. Flyboo COMINHKPR145351 – Durable Olive Oil Dispenser

Flyboo Olive Oil Dispenser

Photo: Flyboo

  • Capacity: 17 fl.oz
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

The dispenser is made of stainless-steel material which makes it super durable. This is one of the best olive oil dispensers in our list because of its quality material and unbreakable feature. The material will not react to the water such as, it will not rust or corrode.

It has dust-proof cover and BPA-free material used in the making of the product. The top-hole design and control over the dripping of oil helps in smooth working of the dispenser.

It is a great product overall which is compatible with dishwasher and is also heat-resistant. However, the outer body is not scratch-resistant. 


  • Extremely durable
  • BPA-free material
  • High quality material
  • Suitable for all kind of families


  • The body is not scratch-resistant

6. Ranaphil Olive Oil Dispenser – Best with Degree Scale

Ranaphil Olive Oil Dispenser

Photo: Ranaphil

  • Capacity: 17 fl.oz
  • Material: Glass

There is a degree scale imprinted on the face of the bottle so that you can easily know the quantity of oil inside the bottle. If you are cooking a specific dish and need to be very accurate about the amount of oil poured inside the dish then this product will be extremely helpful.

The bottle is suitable for all kind of liquid immersions and give effortless and more controlled spilling of the liquid. It has drip-free spout which results in drip-free pouring of the oil.

High-quality glass making is certainly one of the biggest pros of this product. It is sturdy and designed to serve for the longest time. However, you will have to handle it very carefully.

The material is safeguarded by food grade ABS and thus ensuring your safety. Certainly, this is among the best olive oil dispensers in our list that you will never regret purchasing.


  • Comes with a degree scale
  • Drip-free spout
  • Suitable for cooking projects
  • Controlled dripping


  • The bottle should be handled very carefully

7. Marbrasse Olive Oil Dispenser – BPA-safe

Marbrasse Drip Free Olive Oil Dispenser

Photo: Marbrasse

  • Capacity: 20 fl.oz
  • Material: Glass

This one is more like in the shape of a jar with a large lid on the top. It is BPA-free and lead-free, extremely durable and heat-resistant. The capacity of 20 fl.oz is decent enough for a medium-sized family.

About the material, the glass is finely designed and is thick in nature to provide extra safety. There is a silicon sealed gasket inside the cap that prevent any kind of leakage.

Also, there are various lid cover colors available in this product that you can pick as per the kitchen décor. It can be used for a variety of liquids and is decently priced as well.

However, there are no screws to tighten the grip so after some time, the bottle might just start spilling.


  • BPA-safe material
  • Fantastic crafting
  • Great capacity


  • The bottle might start to spill

8. Stonekae Olive Oil Dispenser – Suitably-Priced

Stonekae Olive Oil Dispenser

Photo: Ruckae

  • Capacity: 17 fl.oz
  • Material: Glass

Last but not the least we have this incredible product from Stonekae. This is another stunning pair of bottled with 4-piece olive oil spout and funnel to make it extra efficient. But most importantly, this one is a suitably priced model. 

The high-quality material used in the construction of the product sets the standards pretty high for the competitors. The usage and refilling are quite convenient. Also, you can wash it in a dishwasher.

The product is decently priced and in every possible aspect, this is a winning model. However, only the fragile glass could be a dealbreaker for some but if you handle it carefully then there is no substitute to this brilliant model.


  • Suitably priced
  • Available with accessories
  • Great in quality
  • No spilling


  • Glass material is prone to break so handle it carefully

9. Vremi VR0042 – Dishwasher-friendly Glass Oil Dispenser

Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

Photo: Vremi

  • Capacity: 17 fl.oz
  • Material: Glass

Irrespective of being made of glass material, this is a dishwasher-safe olive oil dispensers. 

If you need a multi-purpose oil dispenser then this product is most fitting to your needs. It comes in a decent capacity of 17 fl.oz which is quite suitable for small to medium families.

The fine quality glass material is 100% BPA-free and also free from any other kind of chemicals. It is dishwasher safe and will not give you hard time while cleaning. You are recommended to dip it in hot soapy water for effortless cleaning.

The silicon lid and non-drip spout helps in keeping all kind of mess away. Also, the oil pump ensures that the bottle don’t accidentally pour extra oil on the eatables.

The measuring numerals mentioned on the bottle helps in assimilating the quantity of liquid poured inside it. This is surely one of the most incredible parts.

The cleaning of the product is also effortless and quick. About the shortcomings, it has been noticed that the rubber stopper used in the product is made of cheap quality which will affect the life of the product. 


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Helps in portion control
  • Drip-free technology
  • Easy to clean


  • Rubber stopper made of cheap quality

10. Finedine Olive Oil Dispenser – Classic 2-Piece Oil Dispenser

Finedine Olive Oil Dispenser

Photo: Finedine

  • Capacity: 16 fl.oz
  • Material: Glass

For all those who don’t mind spending some extra money on the olive oil dispenser, these sibling glass bottles can be an accurate purchase.

These are available in a pair and are equally sized in the capacity of 16 fl.oz. While it gives full value of money to the customers, individually it is a small olive oil dispenser that is not suitable for large families.

The commercial quality glass is thick in nature and green in color to make it more attractive. It is also relatively stronger however, accidents can happen anytime with glass products.

The spout is tight enough to avoid any kind of dripping and leakages from the bottle. You can add thick or thin consistency material in the bottle and yet enjoy effortless performance. This is a fine overall product.


  • Available in a pair
  • Thick glass
  • Looks stunning
  • Does not leak


  • Small size not suitable for large families


As we close our olive oil dispenser review, we would like to say that in our list, you will find all kind of options. Our suggested products have done splendidly well in the market.

The Aozita 8541950834 olive oil dispenser is the best overall product in high quality and affordable pricing. 

If you want to do precise cooking then the Ranaphil olive oil dispenser comes with degree scale that helps in giving clear idea of oil to be used for particular kind of cooking.