5 Best Oranges for Juicing: Navel, Valencia, Blood and More

Best Oranges for Juicing

Freshly squeezed orange juice is certainly one of the prime thirst quenchers that you prefer. Moreover, these are a great source of vitamin C, they prevent skin damage, help prevent cholesterol, controlling blood sugar and lowering the risk of cancer.

To get all these benefits, you require the best orange for juicing. There is a vivid selection of oranges available in the market but not all of them are juiceable.  

In this article, we will mention the best of the oranges in the world that are best suited for juicing, along with their respective health benefits.  

5 Best Oranges for Juicing

Some oranges have tangy flavour whereas others are sweet. The type of orange you choose for juicing will result in a certain kind of juice.

Also, many people make connoisseurs of different oranges to make a unique cup of juice. Here are some of the main juicing oranges that you can use.

1. Navel 

Navel orange

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This is the most popular type of oranges available in the market which are large and come without any seeds.

These are known for providing protection against heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Also, it helps in improving the blood pressure, immunity, and overall health.  

There are many reasons behind the popularity of this type, some of which are the size, flavour, and novelty. It makes a perfect choice for juicing, cooking, and snacking.

Navel oranges are readily available year long however, winters being the most favourable time of purchase. If the weather conditions remain stable, it can speed up the crop and growth of the fruit.


  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Help improving the immunity
  • Readily available throughout the year
  • Great in taste


  • They turn bitter when constantly exposed to air

2. Valencia 

Valencia orange

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The orange is named after a city of Spain. These are rich in fiber and helps in providing protection against many types of cancer. Also, these are a great source of potassium and thus promotes optimal heart function.    

While these are ideal for juicing, people still enjoy them snacking and also use them in cooking. These have sweet and tangy taste.

People living near Florida will find these in abundance and available at quite suitable price. To enjoy the best Valencia oranges, make sure that you buy in winters. They are not available off-seasons.


  • Come with combination of sweet and tarty flavours
  • Provide protection against various types of cancer  
  • Can be used for snacking, cooking and juicing


  • These are more acidic than navels
  • Due to limited period cultivation, the shipping cost is immense

3. Blood 

blood orange

Clearly from its name, the blood orange has a deep reddish color inside. That is why, it is named as blood orange.

Due to the presence of a substance called anthocyanin, the color of this orange is so red. The presence of vitamin C and A helps in boosting healthiness of the skin.

The flavour of this fruit is more on sweeter side which makes it a good orange for juicing and cooking as well. You can prepare different types of sauces with this.

This orange is grown in Spain and India. However, due to the hefty demand, they are now also cultivated in California and Florida. Still, these have smaller season which results in less available in various regions of the world.


  • These have maximum amount of antioxidants
  • Comes with less acidity
  • Great for healthy skin  


  • Because of the smaller season, these are less accessible in many regions of the world

4. Tangelo 


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This is a unique category that originated as a cross-breed of mandarin and pomelo. While this is a completely different variety, the taste is still sweet and juicy.

Tangelos have high content of vitamin A which boosts visual health and the presence of nutrients like calcium, potassium, and magnesium benefits the teeth and bones.

Now, there are two types of tangelos available in the market:

  • Honeybell: This is sweet in flavour and quite juice. However, there is no tartness in these.
  • Orlando: These have mild sweetness and tartness as well. But they have more seed than the former variety.

While the fruit is quite distinctive from its peers, the cultivation is only limited to January to February.


  • Unique fruit made with a combination of two different oranges
  • Great source of nutrients  
  • Can be enjoyed as a snack and in cooking also
  • These are less acidic


  • Has extremely small harvest season from January to February

5. Satsuma 

Satsuma orange

This comes under the family of mandarin oranges that have sweeter texture and less few seeds. These are quite easy to peel and has less juicy pulp.

Satsuma improves the digestive health and also has rich soluble fiber that keep the cholesterol levels in control. It also provides aid against mental health.  

These oranges are only cultivated in California and Gulf Coast. The season of the fruit is also small and thus it limits the supply.


  • Skin is thin and easy to peel
  • Great source of soluble fibre
  • Provides aid against mental health


  • Very limited period growth
  • Not accessible in various areas

How to Juice Oranges

Not many fruits can be manually juiced, but orange is an exception to this technique. You can easily use a manual juicer and squeeze an orange.

There is no substitute to a glass of freshly juiced orange. So, here we share some basic methods of juicing an orange.

1. Manual Juicing

This is a convenient and energy efficient option. You have to squeeze the pulp and extract juice from the fruit.

  • Start with rolling the orange over counter top and soften the flesh of the orange.
  • Make two pieces of the orange by cutting it in half.
  • Now, apply pressure and squeeze as much juice as you can and scoop the pulp out of the orange

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2. Blender or Mixer

The next method is by using a mixer or a blender. No doubt that this method is easy and quick but you end up with a lot of washing to do afterwards.

  • Simply peel and add the slices in the processor of the juicer.
  • In another approach, you should de-seed the oranges and use a blender to blend it all.

This way, the juice will be pulpy but it will be highly nutritious at the same time.

Best Time to Buy Orange

The cultivation techniques have advanced immensely. That is why, oranges are now available year long. But there is the best season for buying oranges that lasts from November to January.

Still, if you are purchasing the oranges throughout the year then be prepared for the changed taste. The best orange juice can only be prepared with the seasonal oranges.

While looking for best oranges off season, make sure that they are available in deep orange colour. You may buy any category but be sure about the colour and firmness of the orange.

Also, only the weighty oranges are best for juicing so ensure that the fruit you buy has some heft.


Orange is a great source of hydration to the body. Plus, the presence of nutrients and vitamins help in gaining finest looking skin.

There are various other health benefits of oranges. While you can enjoy many of these throughout the year, some of these are strictly seasonal.

We have mentioned best orange to eat as well as juice. Take a look at different varieties available and bring home the one that you prefer the most.