10 Best Pipe Clamps of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Pipe Clamps
Photo: Bessey

A pipe clamp is a small yet has limitless potential to help you through various woodworking tasks. While all the pipe clamps look the same at first but only when you start to use it, you will see the difference. In all of this, you are required to pick the best pipe clamp in respect to the nature of your project.

Trust us when we say this that purchasing the pipe clamp isn’t the most exciting thing to do. These products are used for assembling boxes and cabinets, frame corners, fix a leak, or bundle ropes and hoes.

Well, whatever your purpose of purchase might be, our review will rightfully assist you in finding the suitable product. Let’s take a look at the options.

What to Check Before Buying Best Pipe Clamp?

How to Buy the Best Pipe Clamp
Photo: Rockler

When you will start your search, you will find that the pipe clamps are available in a variety of styles. Although, the working mechanism of these products is the same. In this section of the pipe clamp review, you will find the exact evaluation criteria to select the best woodworking pipe clamps.

It depends on the need of your project on the kind of clamp you should purchase. You may need the largest pipe clamp on the market or the smaller one, again, it will depend on your need.

These products also vary in materials. You can find a wide variety of materials in these products ranging from stainless steel to brass, to cast iron. Well, we will cover all these aspects about these products below:

1. Your Need

Like mentioned above, the purchase is completely dependent on the nature of the work for which you are buying this product. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, the clamps that you buy should be of high quality.

There are some factors that will vary with the product, based on its usage. These factors will be the stability, ease of use, clamping force, and the grip depth.

The pipe clamps are used for woodworking or for leaked pipes type of purposes. The strength of these clamps for both these purposes should be high. Also, for woodworking, it is essential that the clamps are very stable and easy to use.

2. Clamp Size

The clamp sizes available on the market are in a wide variety. It could be 1/2, 3/4, 1 inch or even more. Therefore, it will depend on the buyer for the size that is required for their work.

The smallest pipe clamps are used for smaller projects for narrow ductwork or for household plumbing. You are required to pick the size based on your need or else the purchase will not be effective at all.

3. Construction Material

There is a large variety in the materials used while making the pipe clamps. Some materials are more durable than others. Some materials don’t react to oxidization whereas others are not as resisting. Let’s take a look on all the materials.

Stainless Steel

To begin with, the pipe clamps that are required to come in contact with water or moisture should be made of stainless steel. The most meaningful reason behind using this material is that it is non-oxidizing.

On strength and durability point of view as well, this material is a safe purchase. You will find the material very useful. Also, there is less possibility of discoloration.

Cast Iron

In pipe clamps, you can also find cast iron material vividly available. The strength of this material is remarkable however, it is prone to rust.


If you want flexibility in the pipe clamp then this is your go-to material. However, you will find very less pipe clamps made of this material. Well, the obvious reason is that pipe clamps are used to hold things together. Therefore, they need to have good strength.

The plastic pipe clamps don’t have a lot of strength. They are the least durable among all other materials. These can only be used for small DIY projects or non-serious crafts.

Buying Advice

If all materials are compared, stainless steel will definitely stand out because it is durable, strong and most importantly, it is completely rust and corrosion resisting.

4. Load Bearing Capacity

In simple words, the load bearing capacity of a pipe clamp will depend on its size. For example, a 1/2 inches clamp size will be able to bear around 1180 pounds of load.

Similarly, 1-inch clamp size will bear weight of 5026 pounds of weight. From here, you will get an idea on how much load your required pipe clamp needs to bear.

5. Durability

The material of the pipe clamp will justify its durability. You should make sure that the product you pick is durable enough. For that, you are recommended to carefully pick the material which should be anything between steel, cast iron, or stainless steel.

However, steel without coating on the top will call for maintenance and so as the cast iron material. If you are willing to maintain the clamps then they will stay with you for the longest time.

10 Best Pipe Clamps of 2021 Reviewed

Bessey Tools BPC-H341. Bessey Tools BPC-H34 (H-Style)
  • Designed in H-shape
  • Extra high base
  • Zinc plated clutch
  • Easy to use
Bessey Tools BPC-H122. Bessey Tools BPC-H12 (With Soft Protective Pads)
  • Comes with soft protective pads
  • H-style base
  • Highly stable
  • Quick to assemble
Lokman LK-883. Lokman LK-88 (Standard Design)
  • A standard cable clamp design
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Reasonably priced
  • Stylish design
Irwin 2242124. Irwin 224212 (Easy to Use)
  • Simple functioning
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Large feet
  • 1-1/2 in Throat depth
Yost Tools YPC-Y125. Yost Tools YPC-Y12 (Cheapest)
  • Most-affordable pipe clamp
  • 1.5 in jaw height
  • 1.25 in jaw width
  • Easy to use
Rockler ROC-49966. Rockler ROC-4996 (Decent-quality)
  • Decent quality
  • 3/4 in size
  • Made of steel
  • Simple usage
Sumner 7811507. Sumner 781150 (With 3-Point Precision)
  • 3-point precision
  • Double wall steel plate
  • Durable
  • Suitable for wide range of pipe sizes
Pony 55 Pro8. Pony 55 Pro (With Built-in Clamp Stand)
  • Comes with a built-in clamp stand
  • Wider and taller jaws
  • 3/4 in size
  • 2-1/8 in clamping jaw
Novsino Pipe Clamp9. Novsino Pipe Clamp (Set of 2)
  • Available in a set of 2
  • Stainless-steel material
  • 3/4 in size
  • Durable
Yaetek KOO-AB-0024-410. Yaetek KOO-AB-0024-4 (Set of 4)
  • Available in a set of 4
  • Suitable for wood gluing and drilling
  • Productive
  • 3/4 in size

1. Bessey Tools BPC-H34 – H-Style

Bessey Tools BPC-H34
Photo: Bessey

  • Clamp Size: 3/4 inches
  • Material: Cast iron

The highlight of this product is that it is a H-style foot which stabilizes the product in two dimensions while offering dual-axis stability to the clamp. It also does not let the clamp from tipping over.

The construction material used in this product is cast iron and it has zinc plated clutch components with the threaded spindle coated with black oxide. The strength of the product is not questionable however, the material is prone to corrode and rust.

Also, the product has got extra high-base for more potential usage. To prevent the damaging materials from being clamped, you get 2 soft jaw caps with this product. The clamp is easy to use however the small size is not useful for bigger projects.


  • H-shaped base for more stability
  • Comes with 2 soft jaw caps
  • High strength of the clamp
  • Easy to use


  • The material is prone to corrosion and rusting
  • The clamp is not suitable for bigger projects

2. Bessey Tools BPC-H12 – Best with Soft Protective Pads

Bessey Tools BPC-H12
Photo: Bessey

  • Clamp Size: 1/2 inches
  • Material: Steel & Cast iron

Sometimes, you need to clamp materials that are susceptible to damage. In that case, this product will be highly useful as it comes with soft protective pads that do not pose any threat to the material you are clamping.

The cost and features of both the Bessey products are almost the same. This one is H-styled to increase stability of the clamp. It is super easy to assemble and use.

The cast iron and steel construction will definitely increase the strength of the product. However, it will still demand a lot of care if you want to prevent corrosion and rusting.

This product is not suitable to be used for moisture or water-related work. The smooth action spindle will help in easy working of the product. Overall, this is a decent product used for smaller projects.


  • Comes with increased stability
  • Soft protection pads help in preventing damage to the material
  • The assembling of the product is very easy
  • Decent product with good features


  • Might need some maintenance from the user

3. Lokman LK-88 – Standard Cable

Lokman LK-88
Photo: Lokman

  • Clamp Size: 1 inch
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

So, for someone looking for a standard cable clamp, this is the product that they should consider. It is different from others of the kind. It is used as a tube holder for tube, pipe, or wire cord installation.

This is one of the best heavy-duty pipe clamps as it is made of premium stainless-steel material and is extremely durable. Plus, it is reusable and will stay around for the longest time.

It has got a stunning design with a P-style design and the strength is ensured by the high-quality rubber insulation on the clamps.  

The 1-inch clamp size is also suitable for various projects. It is useful in automotive, boat & marine, and windshield industry. Something that may concern the buyers is that if there is a bigger project then a single cable clamp might not be sufficient. You will have to buy multiple pieces.


  • Suitable for tube, pipe, and wire cord installation
  • Comes in stylish design
  • Reusable and very durable
  • Useful for various industries


  • For larger projects, a single piece will not be sufficient

4. Irwin 224212 – Easy to Use

Irwin 224212
Photo: Irwin

  • Clamp Size: 1/2 inch
  • Material: Steel

This product is very simple in usage and this feature will definitely attract many potential buyers. The clamp size of this product is 1/2 inches and this is made of steel material.

Since there is no special coating on the top, it might get corroded over time. There is an innovative clutch system that diminishes the need of threaded pipe.

To increase the stability of the product, it has got wider feet. Also, it gives great clearance between the handle and the worktop.

It can accommodate a 1/2 inches rod and the throat depth is 1-1/2 inches. To increase dependability, there are large clutch plates. With the ergonomic handle, you don’t have to worry about hand fatigue. Unfortunately, there is limited warranty with this product.


  • Comes with innovative clutch system
  • Easy to use product
  • Increased stability due to extra wide feet
  • Good clearance between handle and worktop


  • The material could corrode with time
  • There is limited warranty with this product

5. Yost Tools YPC-Y12 – Best Cheapest

Yost Tools YPC-Y12
Photo: Yost Tools

  • Clamp Size: 1/2 inch
  • Material: Cast Iron

If you are on a budget and requires a product that is decent in performance then this one is a considerable choice to make. It is the cheapest pipe clamp on our list.

It comes with 1/2 inches size and have a jaw height of 1.5 inches while the jaw width is 1.25 inches. The product is very easy to use. You only have to get a rod of equalling size and you are good to go.

The construction is done with cast iron material and this one ranks pretty high among the best cast iron pipe clamps because of the blue enamelled coating on the top that try to prevent oxidization for the longest time.

However, once when the coating wears off, the clamp instantly become prone to corrosion. So, it is essential to maintain this product.


  • Usage is very simple and straightforward
  • Very affordable product
  • Available in suitable price
  • Decent in performance


  • This one will need maintenance for prolonged usage

6. Rockler ROC-4996 – Decent-quality

Rockler ROC-4996
Photo: Rockler

  • Clamp Size: 3/4 inch
  • Material: Steel

This is a decent-quality product on the list with all the standard features and easy working. It is available in 3/4 inches size which means that this is only suitable for smaller and basic tasks.

The construction is done with steel material. The handle is made of high-quality material and has coating on the top to prevent damage for the maximum time.

The drawback of this model is that it is not suitable for larger projects. Also, there is no warranty with this model to safeguard your purchase.


  • Decent quality of the product
  • Made of Steel material
  • Basic working of the clamp


  • This one is not suitable for larger projects
  • There is no warranty with this product

7. Sumner 781150 – Best with 3-Point Precision

Sumner 781150
Photo: Sumner

  • Clamp Size: 1 inch
  • Material: Steel

If you are looking for a professional-grade product then this one from Sumner is a great choice. It comes with 3-point precision alignment that assures accurate fit of 1-inch to 12 inches pipe.

The construction is done with double-walled steel plate to assure long-lasting usage and matchless durability of the product. It is a simple design and works on quick-action.

This one is suitable for a wide range of pipe size. This is a useful product. However, on the downside, you will find this product hugely-priced. Also, the weight of the clamp is too much, 8.7 pounds.


  • Comes with 3-point precision alignment
  • Made of double wall steel material
  • Suitable for a wide range of pipe sizes
  • Very durable and performance-rich product


  • The weight of this product is too much
  • It is extremely high-priced product

8. Pony 55 Pro – Best with Built-in Clamp Stand

Pony 55 Pro
Photo: Pony Jorgensen

  • Clamp Size: 3/4 inch
  • Material: Cast Iron

This one from Pony is one of the most stable products on the list as it comes with an in-built clamp stand for added stability.

It is available in 3/4 inches size and the clamping jaw is 2-1/8 inches in size. It has wider and taller jaws for great performance.

The working is super simple. The only downside is that it is made of cast iron material which is durable till the time it does not catch rusting and corrosion. The material is prone to oxidization. Also, it comes with a poor warranty of only 61 days.


  • Great in stability
  • Wider and taller jaws
  • Super simple in working
  • Decent performance of the product


  • The material is prone to oxidize
  • Comes with poor warranty of 61 days

9. Novsino Pipe Clamp – Best in Set of 2

Novsino Pipe Clamp
Photo: Novsino

  • Clamp Size: 3/4 inch
  • Material: Stainless-steel

This is the first product on our list that comes in a set of 2. This means that it will be more useful than many others because we usually need multiple clamps for any project.

It is especially useful for the new users that are searching for a great deal in pipe clamps. You get 2 clamps in a single purchase.

It is available in 3/4 inches size and is made of stainless-steel material. This means that there shouldn’t be any concern about product’s durability.

This is a great product overall. However, the designing is not very interesting. It does not have a very stable base which might give you hard time in achieving stability with this product. It is not suitable for heavy-duty usage.


  • Comes in a set of 2
  • Made of stainless-steel material
  • Very durable product
  • Fulfils the need of new users


  • Not fit for heavy-duty usage
  • The base is not very stable

10. Yaetek KOO-AB-0024-4 – Best in Set of 4

Yaetek KOO-AB-0024-4
Photo: Yaetek

  • Clamp Size: 3/4 inch
  • Material: Cast iron  

So, this one is available in a set of 4, making it one of the most useful and productive models on the list. It is suitable for woodworking like gluing or drilling the wood by clamping it in one place.

It comes in 3/4 inches size. The product is considered to be suitable for woodworking only. This one is easy to use. It is not useful for any task related to water or moisture.

The cast-iron material is decent and there is coating on the top. However, it might wear off, leaving the durability of this product questionable.


  • Very useful product
  • Available in a set of 4
  • Suitable for woodworking
  • Easy performance of the clamps


  • The durability is questionable
  • Not advised for water related work


You are encouraged to read all the details given in this pipe clamp review because every detail is equally important. When you go out on a search for the best pipe clamp, your priority should be to find the product that will satisfy your needs completely.

For that, you will get enough models recommended in the above list. The task is to carefully examine if they are suitable to your needs s requirement of every customer might vary largely.

Take a look at all the recommendations and make a suitable purchase. Rest assured as all these products are highly trustworthy.