Best Place To Buy Fence Panels From In The UK?

Fence panels can change in quality and price drastically here in the UK. There is such a wide range of fence panel suppliers; some are as thin as cardboard while others are more heavy-duty and cost the same.

Variety of fence panels
Variety of fence panels

In this article, we are going to reveal the best quality fence panels for sale in the UK, with so many suppliers such as Wickes, B&Q, Days Buildbase, Covers and many more.

“This article will change depending on the latest evaluation and price of fence panels. So, be sure to come back if and when you require fence panels!”

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Type Of Fence Panels

The more popular fence panels are Overlap Fence Panels: 6ft x 5ft they are simple to replace and install. The average cost of these panels is around £18/22.

But the thickness and quality will vary depending on the supplier.

Another popular size is a 6ft x 4ft Overlap fence panels; these are the ones that slot in between concrete posts with a plinth or gravel board below.

This type of fence panel is super easy to replace because they simply slide out and slide back in when they need to be replaced.

  1. Overlap Fence Panels (most common)
  2. Featheredge panels
  3. Meloir Panel
  4. Closeboard Fence Panels

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Treated Or Non-Treated Panels?

To treat or not to treat is a common question we have received many times here at Wezaggle, our answer to this question; Always treated.

Because they get dipped on an industrial scale into a big vat of thin oil that soaks deep protecting your panel from moisture while prolonging its life.

Yes, you can stain, paint or oil your fences but you will never get that deep stain when spraying, painting or oiling.

The Best Supplier of Fence Panels?

Like in previous years B&Q have been selling the best fence panels here in the UK currently. Their renewable timber panels are far better quality for the price £18 a panel.

Yes, they have more heavy-duty ranges that are still competitive when compared to Wickes, Days, Covers, and so on. For the time being our advice to our readers is B&Q for the more value for money for summer 2020.

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Maybe you know a superior supplier or any deals or discounts currently available for the UK fence market.

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