10 Best Pool Cover Pumps of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Pool Cover Pump

A pool cover pump refers to the machine that is used to drain water from a swimming pool when it is not in use, especially during rainy and winter seasons. The product is very critical because it alleviates the accumulation of melting snow and rain on the pool covers.

Therefore, this is necessary for any pool owner and comes in either automatic or manual versions. The best pool cover pump between these two versions is determined by the size of your pool, the area you reside in, and your availability to control the machine.

If you are looking for the best and reliable pool cover pump, here are 10 high-quality and durable options to consider.

What To Check Before Buying Best Pool Cover Pump?

How to Buy the Best Pool Cover Pump

1. Manual or Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Pool cover pumps feature two major types including automatic and manual. You should pick the best that matches your needs. Here is an overview of each:

Automatic Pool Cover Pumps

These are the pool cover pumps that you simply plug in and leave with the peace of mind that they will automatically turn on/off when they sense the presence or absence of water. The models do not require your attention and supervision to work.

Automatic pool cover pumps have a flow rate of between 250 GPH and 2500 GPH. They are, therefore, ideal for large pools.


  • Perfect for large pools
  • They feature faster operation and higher capacity
  • Do not require frequent human supervision


  • May cost you more
  • Most of the models are heavy

Manual Pool Cover Pumps

With these models, you are needed to turn them on or off to activate/deactivate them. They are mostly smaller in size and deliver 200 GPH to 400 GPH flow rate. The products are perfect for small pools and mainly for home use.


  • Cheaper hence more affordable
  • Small size enhances compactness
  • Lightweight enhances portability


  • Unsuitable for large pools
  • Requires human presence and supervision

2. Flow Rate

The flow rate of pool cover pumps is a critical consideration that determines how fast the product drains water. Gallons per Hour (GPH) is the unit used to measure the flow rate of a pool cover pump. It determines the compatibility of the pump with the size of the pool.

3. Durability

The longevity of a pool cover pump is mainly determined by the materials that make the filter, pump, and motor. Therefore, if the materials making these parts are flimsy or extremely lightweight, go for another option.

10 Best Pool Cover Pumps of 2021 Reviewed




Little Giant APCP-1700

1. Little Giant APCP-1700 (Best Compact)

  • Compact design
  • Inbuilt handle
  • Removable intake screen
Fibropool Pool Cover Pump

2. Fibropool Pool Cover Pump (Top Rated)

  • Top rated pool cover pump
  • 16 foot drainage hose
  • Heavy duty design
Little Giant PCP550

3. Little Giant PCP550 (Best Manual)

  • Manual operation
  • Thermostatic pump design
  • 3/4 inch garden hose connection
  • 2 year warranty
Wayne WWB

4. Wayne WWB (Best Multi-Use)

  • Multi-use deign
  • Compact size
  • Side discharge for flat surface
  • 30 feet maximum head
Little Giant 500500

5. Little Giant 500500 (Best Lightweight)

  • Lightweight design
  • Epoxy coated aluminum housing
  • Useful extras in the package
Wayne 57729-WYNP

6. Wayne 57729-WYNP (Best High-End)

  • High-end pool cover pump
  • Automatic operation
  • Strainer base
  • Energy efficient
Pumps Away BS 27316

7. Pumps Away BS 27316 (Best Environmental friendly)

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pocket-friendly deal
  • User-friendly design
  • 1 year warranty
Blue Wave NW2300

8. Blue Wave NW2300 (Best Budget)

  • Budget-friendly pool cover pump
  • Reusable foam inlet filter
  • Drains at least1/8 inches depth of water
Little Giant 505600

9. Little Giant 505600 (Best Automatic)

  • Automatic operation
  • Submersible design
  • Doubles up as a manual pool cover pump
  • Household design
Splash Pools 30510

10. Splash Pools 30510 (Best for Above Ground)

  • Above ground pool cover pump
  • 24 power cord
  • Doubles as in-ground pool cover pump

1. Little Giant APCP-1700 – Best Compact Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant APCP-1700
Photo: Little Giant

Little Giant APCP-1700 is a compact pool cover pump that occupies limited space due to its space-saving design. Moreover, this compact design makes it highly portable whenever you need to move it from one place to another.

With the inbuilt handle that comes with this pool cover pump, you can transport it easily when movement is required and this also boosts ease of placement as well as removal.

To ensure that you properly and easily clean this product, it features a removable intake screen and this boosts easy maintenance.

There is also an integrated float switch on Little Giant APCP-1700 and plays the critical role of automating the gadget’s activation, enhancing better performance and reliability.

For efficient and faster water removal, this pump has a side discharge and this also ensures that there is optimal water removal. Besides, the package comes with a 25-inch power cord, which is long enough for large pools.

Little Giant APCP-1700 is, however, slightly expensive but it serves you for ages when proper care is given.


  • Enhanced portability, ease of placement and removal
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Reliable automatic operation
  • Space-saving design


  • Relatively expensive but worth the purchase
  • Contradicting GPH measurements but works fine

2. Fibropool Pool Cover Pump – Top Rated

Fibropool Pool Cover Pump
Photo: Fibropool

Here is the top-rated pool cover pump that you will find on the market today. The product has a combination of value and features and this is why most of its users are impressed in using it. This gadget is designed for both above ground and in-ground pools.

Another great thing about this product is the 16-foot drainage hose that comes with it in the package. This hose makes it possible for the pump to remove water from a pool of any depth. There is also a 16-foot power cord included in the package, which you should plug in a 110 volts wall outlet.

Additionally, the Fibropool cover pump is designed with a heavy-duty design, mainly facilitated by the durable ABS casing its features. The casing is impact resistant and the best bit is that it is weather, mildew, and rust-resistant, expanding the life of the pump.

The pump has no automatic shut-off switch which would enable it to turn off whenever it does not sense any water. However, the value it offers is great for the price.


  • Pocket-friendly deal with high value
  • Weather-resistant, rust-proof and mildew proof
  • For both above ground and in-ground pools
  • Removes water from any depth


  • It would be better if it had an automatic shut-off switch

3. Little Giant PCP550 – Best Manual Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant PCP550
Photo: Little Giant

Little Giant PCP550 is the best manual pool cover pump that is available on the market because it is very effective at draining water from pool covers. This makes it ideal for any water transfer applications in household settings.

To ensure that you can easily clean and maintain this device, the pump features a thermostatic pump design with a removable intake screen. Additionally, this machine features a user-friendly design where it is easy to install and use.

Little Giant PCP550 has a 3/4 inch garden hose connection in the package to facilitates an easy setup process. Additionally, the package also features a 25-inch power cord, which is long enough for connecting it to any outdoor power source.

This manual pool cover pump removes 550 gallons per hour of water and this means that it is dependable for any household pool setting. To ensure that you have confidence when investing in it, this product comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

This pump is, however, not ideal for use in deep pools. Nonetheless, for pools that are not very deep, it will offer you perfect value for your money.


  • Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Effortless installation
  • There is an automatic version for this pump
  • Pocket-friendly price to enhance affordability


  • Unsuitable for use in deep pools

4. Wayne WWB – Best For Multi-Use

Wayne WWB
Photo: Wayne

Wayne WWB is the best submersible pool cover pump because it features a multi-use design that allows you to drain water from anywhere at any time. This is mainly facilitated by the multi-flow technology that is incorporated in this gadget for a simple appropriate discharge selection.

Another great thing you will love about this device is the fact that it features a compact size that allows you to use the machine in tight spaces where water draining is required for instance in buckets and window wells.

There is a side discharge on this pool pump which comes in handy when you need to easily drain water from open surfaces that are flat for instance, flat roofs, standing water in yards, flooded basements, and shower stalls among other places.

The maximum head is 30 feet and this greatly helps when draining water down to 1/16 inches of the surface. Additionally, the maximum flow rate of this machine is 1257 gallons per hour while at 10 feet; it is 900 gallons per hour.

Wayne WWB has brass discharge outlets that are corrosion resistant and this boosts their durability. Nonetheless, Wayne WWB is slightly expensive but it will give you the quality and value that you are looking for.


  • Dependable performance that lasts for years
  • Multi-use design makes it a valuable investment
  • Compact size makes it fit in limited spaces
  • Corrosion-resistant discharge outlets


  • Weighing 8 pounds, this product is relatively heavy
  • Will cost you a little more but worth the investment

5. Little Giant 500500 – Best with Lightweight

Little Giant 500500
Photo: Little Giant

This is the pool cover pump that features a lightweight design that works efficiently and for a long time. The best thing about this is that you can easily carry it from one place to another because it is highly portable while still enjoying high-quality top-notch service.

The machine features an epoxy coated aluminum housing and this is one of the factors that contributes hugely to its lightweight. The housing is rust-resistant in spite of being constantly exposed to air and moisture. This boosts the longevity and durability of the product.

In the package, Little Giant 500500 comes with several other useful accessories to ensure that you will not spend or incur an extra cost when buying them after investing in this product. Some of these useful extras include an 18 feet cord, elbow accessory, and garden hose adapter.

However, the cord it comes with is stiff and this limits flexibility. Therefore, sometimes you may not easily place the pump in your desired location when using this cord, but you can replace it.


  • Lightweight design boosts portability
  • Rust-free aluminum housing
  • Comes with accessories that save you money
  • Fairly priced to enhance affordability and give you value


  • The cord it comes with is stiff
  • Ideal for small pools as opposed to large pools

6. Wayne 57729-WYNP – Best High-End Pool Cover Pump

Wayne 57729-WYNP
Photo: Wayne

Wayne 57729-WYNP is a high-end pool cover pump that efficiently works to ensure that all water is drained from your pool covers among other places. You will, therefore, spend extra bucks on it, but it is worth the investment because you get more value, quality, and durability.

You will also love that this is the best automatic pool cover pump available on the market because of the iSwitch technology incorporated. As a result of this technology, the product can automatically turn on or off whenever it sensing water presence and absence.

The greatest thing about having this machine is that it filters debris through the strainer base that it comes with. For this reason, you will never have to deal with clogging issues and besides, this base also keeps the pump from tipping over when working.

This automatic pool cover pump by Wayne is also energy efficient, implying that it saves you money that otherwise exaggerates electricity bills. Moreover, the product has a high flow rate and as though this is not enough, the pump is oil-free and this reduces operational costs.

There is automatic freeze protection incorporated with the iSwitch technology and so you can rest assured that our pump is safe from damage. Nonetheless, this machine weighs more and so you need help moving it from one place to another.


  • Senses the presence or absence of water and automatically turns on/off
  • Unattended worry-free water removal
  • Minimizes chances of clogging-strainer base
  • Saves you a lot of money in the long run – energy-efficient and oil-free operation


  • Weighs 10.5 pounds and so requires extra hand for safe transportation
  • Will cost you more but worth the purchase

7. Pumps Away BS 27316 – Best Environmental friendly Pool Cover Pump

Pumps Away BS 27316
Photo: Pumps Away

Here is a pool cover pump that is environmentally friendly and this can be displayed by the fact that it comes with an oil-free design. Moreover, the pump is energy efficient and this implies that the pump not only takes care of the environment but also saves you a lot of money.

In spite of having such high-quality features and design, it is sold at a pocket-friendly deal to enhance affordability. Therefore, it is one of the best pool cover pumps on the market because it gives you value while having low purchasing and maintenance costs.

Apart from this, Pumps Away BS 27316 has a user-friendly design that you can attest through its easy installation process. Hence, you do not require any skills or DIY knowledge to have it up and running. Moreover, this is a pool cover pump that is easy to clean after it is done working.

You will get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer after buying this pump and this boosts your confidence as the purchase is risk-free as any replacement or repair costs are covered. This is, however, ideal for small and medium-sized pools and not for large ones.


  • Simple and easy installation
  • 1 –year warranty offers a risk-free purchase
  • Flexible use – 25 feet power cord
  • Lightweight design boosts portability


  • Unsuitable for very large pools

8. Blue Wave NW2300 – Best Budget Pool Cover Pump

Blue Wave NW2300
Photo: Blue Wave

Looking for a budget-friendly pool cover pump that will save you a lot of purchasing cost while still offering you top-notch service like high-end options? This is the product you are searching for as it is competitively priced while both quality and durability are not compromised.

Blue Wave NW2300 is among the best submersible pool cover pumps on the market because it features a reusable foam inlet filter to ensure that no debris can clog the unit. Additionally, the pump features a stabilizing base platform to make sure that it does not trip over when working.

You can get a virtually dry surface when using this pump as it drains water that is within 1/8 inches deep. The package includes a 25-foot cord that allows you to flexibly connect it to any power source.

There is a great value that comes with the Blue Wave NW2300 because it has a multi-use design that allows you to drain water from various places including; a boat, spa, and basement. For purchasing confidence, this product comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

You will, however, probably have to deal with some noise that it generates when working. The product is not too loud to disturb the neighbors.


  • Highly affordable
  • Stable and sturdy when working
  • Lightweight design boosts portability
  • Risk-free purchase – 1-year warranty


  • Requires you to manually turn it on/off
  • Could generate some noise when working

9. Little Giant 505600 – Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant 505600
Photo: Little Giant

Little Giant 505600 is the best automatic pool cover pump that you will find on the market because it ensures that all pools covers, regardless of the material, are protected from the prolonged accumulation of melting snow and rain.

Moreover, this product features an automatic switch that senses when the water level is at least 3-1/4 inches and turns on or when the water level is at 1-3/4 inches and turns itself off. Therefore, you get a worry-free pumping and so all you need to do is plug it in and go.

Another great thing about this pump is that it has a submersible design and it can operate in either manual or automatic mode. Therefore, you can be sure that this machine will suit any circumstance, making it highly convenient and enhancing flexibility.

This is a household-designed pool cover pump as it comes with a 25-foot cord, operates with 115 volts and 60 Hertz, has a flow rate of 1200 GPH per 1 foot, and consumes 380 watts. The only caveat when using this device is that it weighs more and so requires an extra hand to transport it.


  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Designed for home use
  • Risk-free purchase – 2-year warranty


  • Requires an extra hand when transporting it for safe handling
  • Costs you more money but worth the purchase

10. Splash Pools 30510 – Best For Above Ground Pool

Splash Pools 30510
Photo: Splash Pools

Splash Pools 30510 is the best above ground pool cover pump that you will find on the market because you can use it in different settings including ponds, pool covers, and wet basements.

Moreover, this product also doubles up as an in-ground pool cover pump and so it gives you great value at a competitive price.

The package of this product comes with a 24-foot power cord which is mainly flexible to allow you to place it wherever you see fit. You will also find this machine easy to use as it connects to standard electrical outlets.

This device is ideal for home use as it features a flow rate of 500 gallons per hour, implying that it is perfect for small and medium-sized pools. Nonetheless, it is a little heavy and so it requires a lot of care when handling.


  • Competitively priced to enhance affordability
  • Above ground and in-ground use
  • Long-lasting design offers you value
  • Multi-use design makes it a great purchase


  • A little weighty and so requires great care when handling


Here is a pool cover pump review that will offer you high-quality options on the market that you can choose from. They feature high quality, longevity and offer you great value for the cost.

Additionally, in the reviews above, some products are high-end products while others are quite affordable. This offers you great options to pick from within the comfort of your budget.

Go through each one of the reviews and determine what will best work for your needs, lifestyle, region, and budget. Then place your order today to protect your pool from over-accumulation of melting snow and rain.