10 Best Pool Covers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Pool Cover
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A pool cover is a safety blanket of your pool that prevents the entry of debris, dust particles and other foreign elements. However, it is essential for you to find the best pool cover in order for it to do its work effectively.

While there is a lot of versatility in the features of these products, some common types of pool covers to find are solar, winter, automatic, thermal, and hidden.

We will simplify all details for you as we go forth. Let’s take a look at the potential products on the niche that are suggested for quality purchase.

What to Check Before Buying Best Pool Covers?

How to Buy Best Pool Cover
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So, there are some significant points that you must keep in mind as you pick the best pool cover. Let’s see:

1. Mesh or Solid Pool Cover

There is major difference between both the kinds. Let’s take a look separately:

Solid Pool Cover: These do not let anything trespass. Whether it is the water, snow or substantial dirt, everything stays up on the surface of the cover.

Plus, the water does not automatically drain off of the cover. You have to use a pump to draw all the water. These are heavy and difficult to install.

Mesh Pool Cover: These allow snow and rain water to enter inside the pool. These are lighter and easy to install and remove. These are general covers that are less expensive and will give a certain amount of protection to the pool.

Buying Advice

We don’t generally recommend buying mesh pool covers to anyone because these are not as beneficial. But, if you are on a serious budget then you can consider the purchase.

2. Type of Pool

So, another thing that will enhance your decision is the type of pool installed in your house. There are different kinds of options available for in-ground and above ground pools.

So, determine the type and then make a purchase. Most of the above-ground pool owners should invest in blanket covers because with those you can customize according to the shape easily.

3. Climate

There are special pool covers available for different climates. For example, the thermal and winter pool covers are designed with the materials to keep water heated and minimize evaporation.

For summers, you don’t want the pool to heat the water. So, simply install any basic cover that can protect the water from the environmental filth.

If you need a pool cover for summer usage then you can go with the GLI Pool Products MSC1632 pool cover. It will also restrict the entrance of sunlight which tends to be really harsh in summers and cause algae in water. 

4. Size

Whether you are getting the pool cover installed by a professional or taking care of it yourself, the size of the cover will significantly matter.

You can either get the size customized as per the pool dimensions which are available on as low as 6 x 8-feet and could go up to 100 x 100-feet. 

The size of blanket or mesh covers can be handled easily. But the solid covers will cause a lot of trouble in rightful management.

So, make sure you pick the right size while purchasing the pool cover.

10 Best Pool Covers of 2021 Reviewed

Blue Wave BWC9221. Blue Wave BWC922 (15-year Warranty)
  • Comes with 15-year warranty
  • Oval shaped
  • 4-foot overlap
  • Protect against sun, snow, ice, and wind
Sun2Solar Pool Cover2. Sun2Solar Pool Cover (For Minimum Water Evaporation)
  • 95% minimized water evaporation
  • High heat retention
  • Trim to fit
  • Available in multiple sizes
Intex Recreation 29026E3. Intex Recreation 29026E (Lightweight)
  • 0.01 lbs weight, extremely lightweight
  • 160-micron material
  • Suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools
  • Cost-effective
Intex Recreation 29024E4. Intex Recreation 29024E (Most-Affordable)
  • Most-affordable product
  • Oval shaped
  • 16 ft diameter
  • Weighs only 1 lbs
Harris H1224RTBB125. Harris H1224RTBB12 (Solar Cover for Winter Use)
  • Solar cover for winter use
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Doesn’t let chemicals dissipate
Trademark Supplies Pool Cover6. Trademark Supplies Pool Cover (Most Versatile)
  • Used for various purposes
  • Available in 19 sizes
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Heavy-duty construction
GLI Pool Products MSC16327. GLI Pool Products MSC1632 (2 Ply Mesh Construction)
  • Durable 2 ply mesh construction
  • Comes with all necessary tools
  • 16 x 32 ft size
  • 4000 lbs break strength
Blue Wave BWS360B8. Blue Wave BWS360B (Stainless Steel Hardware)
  • Comes with stainless-steel hardware
  • Multi-seamed stitching
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Comes with complete installation kit
Thermo-Tex 28312249. Thermo-Tex 2831224 (Standard Solar Cover)
  • Affordable, decent, and heat retaining cover
  • 9 lbs weight
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made of stabilized polymers
Water Warden SCMG204010. Water Warden SCMG2040 (Most-Durable)
  • Most durable product
  • Comes with a hardware kit
  • Restrict sunlight

1. Blue Wave BWC922 – Best with 15-year Warranty

Blue Wave Gold Above Ground Pool Winter Cover
Photo: Blue Wave

  • Size: Many Sizes
  • Shape: Oval
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Colour: Blue

The flexible Blue Wave Gold pool cover is an incredible choice to make for all those buyers that demand safety of purchase as it comes with 15-year warranty.

The oval-shaped cover is available in multiple sizes. There is 4-foot overlap that can be adjusted in the high rails of the pool. There is no need of ripping or stretching the cover.  

This provides absolute and incredible protection against sunlight in blocking the production of algae, inside the pool. Other than that, this product ensures complete protection against wind, snow, and ice.

The material is heavy-duty and suitable for winter usage because it will retain the heat inside. Plus, there is a large high-quality cable and winch that will be used for tightening the cover.

This product is suitable for the buyers that needs a cover for winters. In our list, this is the best above ground pool cover and a great item to purchase. However, it is a bit expensive. 


  • Comes with 15-year warranty
  • Amazing hold
  • Does not let anything get inside the pool
  • Suitable for variably sized pools


  • Expensive

2. Sun2Solar Pool Cover – Best for Minimum Water Evaporation

Sun2Solar Rectangle Pool Cover
Photo: Sun2Solar

  • Size: Many Sizes
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Colour: Blue

Sun2Solar pool cover is a great choice for all kind of buyers want to prevent water from evaporating as with this product, the evaporation is minimized to 95% which means that you can save a lot on pool water cost. 

This model is made with thousands of tiny bubbles that cooperates with one another in collecting heat and then retaining it. Once the sunrays have helped in gathering heat, the water will not cool down even in the night cold.

As far as fit is concerned, you can trim the cover and get appropriate size as per your need. Also, it is available in multiple sizes so that you can cover from small to large pools. 

As you cover the pool, just make sure that the bubbles are faced inwards, confronting the water. The correct siding is the method of using this product.

Sun2Solar pool cover is ideal for the buyers that don’t mind a little hassle of rolling up and down the cover as it is heavyweight, weighing 40.4-pounds. This is a simple solar pool cover with decent features.


  • Minimizes evaporation
  • Suitable for all pool types
  • Retain the heating
  • Size can be customized


  • Hassling roll up and down due to heavyweight

3. Intex Recreation 29026E – Lightweight

Intex Solar Cover for Rectangular Shape Pool
Photo: Intex

  • Size: 18 x 9-feet
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Material: 160 Micron
  • Colour: Blue

Most people struggle in getting the pool cover on and off because of its unmanageable weight. With this product, you won’t come across any such problem as it weighs merely 0.01-pounds which is very easy to manage.

The lightweight is also due to the 160 micron material which is rigid yet very lightweight. 

If the pool is smaller than the cover then you can easily trim it to fit the size. Since, this is a solar cover, it will keep the water warm. Plus, the shape is rectangular, so it will be suitable for the respective outline only.

This can be used for both, in-ground and above-ground pools. There are straps running on each side that gives the best hold. Plus, when the cover is not in use, you can store it in a storage bag that comes along with the product. 

This is the cost-effective product available in decent quality. However, the only downside is that since most products are available in variable sizes, this one is only available in a single size which is also too small to fit many standard sized pools. 


  • Very lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for in ground and above ground pools
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • Relatively smaller in size thus suitable for small pools

4. Intex Recreation 29024E – Most-Affordable

Intex Solar Cover Easy Set and Frame Pool
Photo: Intex

  • Size: 16-feet
  • Shape: Oval
  • Colour: Blue

For all the people that are on serious budget, this is a considerable choice to make as it is one of the most affordable pool covers on the market in oval shape in 16-feet diameter.  

Again, this is a winter cover that keeps the water warm and evaporation to the minimum. Because of the thickness of the material, nothing including water, dirt, debris, leaves, or any kind of liquid or substantial particles can go inside the pool.

If the cover is tidy from outside then you can also collect clean rain water through the central drainage holes on it. This is lightweight with overall weight of not more than 1-pounds. 

The product can be useful for above-ground or in-ground pool owners that are looking for a winter cover. Sadly, there is no warranty with this product that can secure your purchase. 


  • Most affordable pool cover
  • Suitable for in-ground and above ground pools
  • Keep the water warm
  • Thick material does not let any contamination inside


  • No warranty

5. Harris H1224RTBB12 – Best for Winter Use

Harris Rectangle Pool Cover
Photo: Harris

  • Size: Many Sizes
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Colour: Blue

If keeping the water temperature high in winters is the only thing that you want from your pool cover then this product from Harris can be a considerable option as it is a high-quality solar pool cover.

It increases the temperature of water by 15-degrees and offer fantastic heat retention. Also, the evaporation is quite reduced so the pool water cost is also suitable.

If you added chemicals in the pool for sanitization then this cover will help in preventing their dissipation as well.

The installation and taking it off will also be not such a hassle. This model is available in various sizes, so you will surely find one matching your needs. Made with bubbles, this product is suitable ideally for winter usage.

The material used in the construction is rather flimsier which put its durability in a questionable state. 


  • Solar pool cover solely for winter use
  • Water heat retention
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Easy to install


  • Durability is questionable

6. Trademark Supplies Pool Cover – Most Versatile

Trademark Supplies Tarp Pool Cover
Photo: Trademark Supplies

  • Size: 19 Sizes
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Colour: Blue

The noteworthy thing is that this one is not just a pool cover but so much more than that. It can be used as a canopy, tent, RV cover, etc.

It does not matter what dimension pool you have in your house, this product from Trademark Supplies is available in 19 sizes. Furthermore, it is rectangular and can be trimmed according to the required size. Also, you can find various color options in this model. 

The USP of this model is that this is waterproof. So, if you live in a highly rain-prone area then you can rest assured that this cover will protect the pool from dirt, acid water, rain water, and muddy water.

The material is great, but you may need to struggle in holding it back to the ground due to the heavyweight of 32.2-pounds. The installation will be challenging. Plus, it is not for winter usage.


  • Most-versatile product
  • Available in 19 sizes
  • Good quality
  • Ultimate protection against contaminating elements


  • Difficult to install
  • Not for winter usage

7. GLI Pool Products MSC1632 – Best in 2 Ply Mesh Construction

GLI Pool Products Pool Rectangle Safety Pool Cover
Photo: GLI Pool Products

  • Size: 16 x 32-feet
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Material: 2 Ply Mesh
  • Colour: Green

The key point of this model is its durable construction which is done with 2 ply mesh material. It has amazing strength and capability to prevent debris or leaves to fall inside the pool.

Furthermore, it comes with break strength of 4000 pounds which define its durability and toughness.  

This model is available in a standard size of 16 x 32 feet, so you should be careful with the size while purchasing. 

The dark green color of the cover will control the entrance of sunlight. This means, there is no scope for algae in the pool.

Another important point to note is that this model comes inclusive of all the necessary tools used for installation of the cover. 

It is one of the top-rated pool cover in our list. However, the concern is of the hefty price charged for this model. 


  • Thick 2-ply mesh to protect water
  • Suitable for summer usage
  • Does not let algae grow
  • Comes with all installation tools


  • Very expensive

8. Blue Wave BWS360B – Best with Stainless Steel Hardware

Blue Wave Rectangular In Ground Pool Cover
Photo: Blue Wave

  • Size: Many Sizes
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Material: High Scrim Mesh
  • Colour: Blue

The Blue Wave is a stable and durable product due to the stainless-steel hardware which keep it intact even in the most uncertain environmental conditions. Plus, it resists damage from the elements. 

Since this product is available in multiple sizes, you can find the one that suit the size of your pool.

It has got high scrim mesh design and multi-seamed stitching which makes it suitable to endure wear and tear. 

There is stainless steel hardware that keep the mesh at one place and prevent damage from the elements. This product is considerable for those that don’t use the pool regularly and wants to protect it for a long time.

It comes with all the installation tools that you will need. However, the process of installation could be a little demanding. Since the drill and brass anchoring system permanently save the anchors in the ground, you might need professional help for installation. 

Another downside is the extremely high price of this product which will disappoint many buyers. 


  • Comes with stainless steel hardware
  • Heavy-duty and thick material
  • Does not let any dirt get inside


  • Need professional help for initial installation
  • Very expensive

9. Thermo-Tex 2831224 – Best Standard

Thermo-Tex 2831224 Solar Pool Cover
Photo: Thermo-Tex

  • Size: 12 x 24-feet
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Colour: Blue

This model from Thermo-Tex is a standard solar pool cover with decent capacity of water heating and is available on an affordable price. 

Basically, it comes with bubbles that insulate water inside the pool and to retain the heat. The evaporation is also minimized.

It is made of stabilized polymers that are quite amazing and resist degradation as well. If you have used chemicals for sanitization, they will not dissipate.  

3 years warranty will also increase the purchase of this model because this will give the peace of mind to the buyers and encourage them in making secure purchase.

The cover is suitable ideally for winter usage. Due to the lightweight of 9-pounds, you will be able to install it easily. 

However, the downside is that it won’t be able to restrict sunlight from penetrating inside which can cause algae. 


  • Standard product at affordable price
  • Made with stabilized polymers
  • Minimize evaporation
  • 3-years warranty


  • Does not restrict sunlight which may cause algae

10. Water Warden SCMG2040 – Most-Durable

Water Warden Pool Cover
Photo: Water Warden

  • Size: Many Sizes
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Material: Mesh
  • Colour: Green

This one is the most durable product on the list considering that the cover is triple stitched with double strapped top and bottom throughout. 

Furthermore, there is reinforced X-tracking that makes edges of this product strong and more dependable. Undoubtedly, this is extremely durable than its peers. 

The cover is all about protecting the pool from all kind of dirt and debris. This model will filter the water and subtract all the dirt from it. Thus, rain water will be clean as it flows inside the pool.

The installation may be challenging. So, you are advised to consult a professional for it. The color is quite bright to restrict the sunlight. Thus, there is no scope for algae growth.

All the hardware used for the installation is given with the product. This is a perfectly suitable product for summer usage and may interest a lot of buyers. However, its massive cost will definitely put a kink in the purchase. 


  • Extremely durable product
  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • High in performance
  • Prevent the growth of algae


  • Require professional help for installation
  • Extremely expensive

Type of Pool Covers

Whether you like to take routine laps in the pool or save it for occasional usage, the need of a pool cover is significant. Basically, the cover protects the pool from dirt and debris and keep it to swim ready all the time.

You may have in ground or above ground pool installed in your house. But the cover used for both the different types of pools is almost the same. Perhaps, there is a little difference in the shape, if you are leaning towards custom fitting.

So, here we will discuss different types of pool covers in a comprehensive way:

1. Solar Pool Cover

Solar Pool Cover
Photo: Sun2Solar

These covers can also be recognized as bubble pool covers, and they are the most economical option available in the market.

In the sunlight, they absorb the heat and provide warmth to the water. Also, it looks the warmth inside in the nighttime and does not let the water to cool down.

Some of these blankets cut down the evaporation by 99%, thus reducing the pool heating cost by almost 75%.

The material used is very light and durable of air bubbles. As these are transparent, light can easily pass inside the pool.

The cost will vary with the pool size and it may start from as low as $30. The installation is also pretty simple. You just have to ensure that the bubbles go face down on the water.

Our best recommendation of a solar cover is Harris H1224RTBB12 pool cover. 


  • High-quality pool cover that can increase the temperature of water by up to 8 degrees and transform a swimming pool into solar heater.  
  • Keep the pool sanitize by retaining all the essential chemicals inside. Also, reduces evaporation by 99%.


  • Difficult to roll without a roller coaster
  • Cannot withstand even slightest weight. Thus, require additional safety measures

2. Winter Pool Cover

Winter Pool Cover
Photo: Yard Guard

You need a completely different pool cover for winters. Most of the people closes the pool because its no fun taking bath in cold water when the environment is already too chilly.

But, if you have the best winter pool cover then the span of enjoying swimming off seasons can elaborate a little. These specific covers are made of polyethylene that prevent the water from winter winds, frost damage and precipitation.

These products are also suitably costed from a minimum range of $150 that can go up to $700. All kind of shapes and sizes are available in these models.  


  • Prevent evaporation
  • Minimizes sunlight effect that can cause algae
  • Easy to roll up and out
  • Protect the water from debris


  • Need anchor point for installation

3. Hidden Pool Cover

Hidden Pool Cover
Photo: poolmax.net

The trend of hidden pool covers is surfacing and a lot of pool owners are choosing this medium. As much as you like to protect the pool, the installation and adjustment of pool covers is a challenging task.

These are operated with down-under range. Thus, this mechanism makes easy to roll up and down. The sunken in which the cover is housed can be operated while standing. The lid is made of aluminum in which the cover is sheltered.

This product is available in various forms such as manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. It saves a lot of time and protect the pool from damage, debris, and dirt. You should consider buying the best hidden pool cover if you don’t mind spending a pretty penny on these.


  • Compatible with all kind of pool shapes
  • Available in automatic operations
  • Looks appealing, causes no fuss near the pool


  • Expensive
  • Not very compatible with above ground pools

4. Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic Pool Cover
Photo: poolmax.net

Since this is automatic, it causes no fuss and hassle for the user. It covers and uncovers the pool on a push of a button. Thus, it is the easiest to use.

An obvious drawback with these covers is the unaffordable pricing. But the benefits completely outweigh the costing pitfall. This product gives all the command in one finger.

The making is done with the interlocking slats that rest on water surface. But these cannot bear weight of a full-grown individual. As you push the button, the reel rolls and shelters the pool.

You can get these covers customized as per the pool dimensions. Plus, these will need professional help for installation.


  • Easy mechanism
  • Control evaporation and help in saving water cost


  • Extremely expensive
  • Clearly visible

5. Thermal Pool Cover

Thermal Pool Cover
Photo: niveau.co.nz

If you are looking for the best winter in-ground pool cover then nothing can surpass the qualities of a thermal cover. Since this is just a blanket, it can also be used on above-ground pools.

It restricts the sun rays from getting inside that may cause algae. But at the same time, the water heating is done in the best way. Plus, these retain heating much better than the solar covers.

Thermal ones are made with insulating foam material that justify the high cost of the product.


  • Keep the water heated
  • Block UV rays
  • Keep dirt and debris out
  • Great durability


  • Expensive than solar covers
  • Not suitable for summers

Buying Advice

Well, all these types are good at their place. If you want to buy something particularly for winters then thermal and solar pool covers are ideal.

At the same time, if you require something hassle free and willing to spend money then there is nothing better than the automatic or hidden pool cover.

Different types are suitable for different kind of buyers. Be sure about your needs and buy the suitable option as you see fit.


We hereby finish our pool cover review with all these amazing recommendations for our readers. We have mentioned all kind of products that will suit the need of different buyers.

If you are on budget and wants a small sized pool cover then consider buying Intex Recreation 29024E pool cover.

If you need the most durable pool cover then the best product will be the Water Warden SCMG2040 pool cover as its construction is very rigid and dependable.