6 Best Pool Salt Systems of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Pool Salt System
Photo: ControlOMatic

A chlorine system or pool salt system is not only to soften the water, but it is very effective in maintenance of the pool. Therefore, you don’t have a scope to go wrong with your purchase as only the best pool salt system will be able to last long and deliver effectively.

Since these devices are available in different capacities, you need to find a fitting option that can serve the size of your pool.

Plus, the features are vivid and highly resourceful. Allow us to help you find a suitable product for your pool. Here are some great recommendations.

What to Check Before Buying Best Pool Salt Systems?

How to Buy Best Pool Salt System

Let’s take a look at some of the significant tips in finding the best pool salt system. 

1. Pool Type and Size

First of all, you should focus on the machine that can easily fit the pool and is compatible with the size. You can find the size as small as 1000-gallons that merely covers a spa tub. It can go up to 40,000-gallons for a large in-ground pool. 

You can also find dedicated pool salt systems based on the type of pools. If you are looking for the best above-ground pool salt system then Haywards AQ-TROL-RJ pool salt system is an ideal product. 

2. Space for Install

The pool salt systems come in different sizes and shapes. This means that a model has to be fixed in the space allocated for it.

There are some models that come with a lot of accessories. Such products need more space for installation. Therefore, you need to make a purchase of a product that is compatible with your pool.

There are two main types of chlorinator- online and offline. You have to select the one which suits the need of your pool.

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3. Brand

The brand hugely affects the kind of model that you are purchasing. All the brands that we have mentioned in this pool salt system review are one of a kind.

These products might demand extra money but at the same time, they have fine quality and offer great performance.

While you can find chlorinators from local companies as well, if you want something that is dependable and perform greatly then you should never compromise on brands.

4. Price

In continuity to the former point, there are brands that also manufacture budget products. These are the ones that persuade buyers in making quality purchase.

Well, while selecting a high-end model should be your priority, one should never neglect the high costs.

You can get high-performance products at a decent price as well, much like the models that we have discussed above. So, for this, you should narrow down your search and make purchase from the recommendations made above.

While you should not be extremely miser in making this kind of purchase, spending immensely should also be avoided.

5. Warranty

When it is about safe purchase, warranty is a feature that every buyer should consider. Most of the manufacturers offer their products with great warranty to safeguard the purchase.

It is important to invest in all such models. Because, these products cost you a lot and if there is no security then you may regret later on.

With the ControlOMatic ChlorMaker DO pool salt system, you get decent warranty which is better than others. You can consider it for purchase if having warranty is your priority. 

6 Best Pool Salt Systems of 2021 Reviewed




Haywards AQR15

1. Haywards AQR15 (Largest)

  • Comes in 40,000-gal size
  • Automatically convert dissolved salt into chlorine
  • Hard wired
  • Consistent sanitization
Haywards AQ-TROL-RJ

2. Haywards AQ-TROL-RJ (Dedicated Above-Ground System)

  • Ideal for above-ground pools
  • 7 diagnostic indicators
  • 30-minutes installation
  • 18,000-gal capacity
Solaxx CLG10A

3. Solaxx CLG10A (With Programmable Digital Timer)

  • Comes with a programmable timer
  • Suitably priced
  • 20,000-gal capacity
  • Very easy to install
ControlOmatic ChlorMaker DO

4. ControlOMatic ChlorMaker DO (Most-Affordable)

  • Available on the most affordable price
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with 10-test strips
  • Chlorinating cycle every 3 hours
AutoPilot DN2

5. AutoPilot DN2 (Complete System)

  • Comes with all accessories and components
  • 28,000-gal size
  • Easy to install
  • Digital displays
Intex 28669EG

6. Intex 28669EG (Most-Efficient)

  • Most efficient with two-stage chlorination technology
  • 24-hour auto clock cycle
  • Easy to setup
  • 110 – 120V with GFCI

1. Haywards AQR15 – Best For Largest Pool

Haywards Goldline AquaRite Electronic Pool Salt System
Photo: Hayward

Haywards AquaRite is the top-rated pool salt system in our list which is also available in the largest size of 40,000-gallons. 

After the installation, you don’t have to worry about the sanitization of the pool water as this product does the task consistently. The delivered water does not harm the eyes and cause any skin problem for the swimmers.

This is an automatic model that itself convert the dissolved salt in chlorine. This way, you are free from using the harsh chlorine-based products that require constant mixing. Also, the maintenance of this product is too less.

Plus, you don’t have to add any extra chlorine-based tablets or supplies in the water that are mostly harsh. This also save you a lot of money as you don’t have to make any extra purchase.

It is hard-wired and does not come with a hassle of a power cord. However, get this product on a very expensive price. 


  • Available in a large size
  • Offer consistent sanitization
  • Require less maintenance
  • No hassle of power cords and wires


  • Very expensive

2. Haywards AQ-TROL-RJ – Dedicated Above-Ground Pool Salt System

Haywards Goldline AquaTrol Above Ground Pool Salt System
Photo: Hayward

The AquaTrol from Haywards is also a great model for the elimination of contaminants and stabilizing the chlorine content. This is a dedicated product for above-ground pools. 

The installation is pretty simple and does not demand a lot of time for the set up. It takes not more than 30 minutes for installation. That is why, this model is a priority purchase of many buyers.

This is a fine model with 7 diagnostic indicators and digital salt display to check the pool water’s condition. It comes in a decent capacity of 18,000-gallons which is suitable for a decent-sized above-ground pool. 

The softness and suppleness of the water is simply commendable, and it makes the pool suitable for the people with allergies as well. The water is free from harsh contaminants that may cause skin allergies.

The microprocessors installed in the machine are great for automating of the functions. This is a great purchase for all kind of buyers. The only set back is that it is expensive than various competitive models. 


  • Dedicated for above-ground pools
  • Very efficient
  • 30-minutes installation
  • Microprocessors for automating of the functions


  • Expensive

3. Solaxx CLG10A – Beest with Programmable Digital Timer

Solaxx CLG10A Saltron Pool Salt System
Photo: Solaxx

If you are looking for a performance-packed model then this is also a suitable choice to make. One of the best things about this product is that you can set chlorinate the water whenever you want with programmable digital timer. 

This is a self-contained model in a decent capacity of 20,000-gallons and pretty easy to install. 

It comes with an electrolytic process that uses low concentration of salts to create the right amount of chlorine.

Plus, considering the fact that the chlorine is generated from the system, you no more have to use harsh chlorine-based products separately.

There are robust salt cells because the system offers a commercial grade titanium cell plate, coated with important metals. In case when polarity is reversed, it prevents the plates from scaling, thus keeping the pool cleaner.

Although, the product works on digital power supply, you can also switch them to other sources for better and smooth power to the cell. This way, the cells have better life and gives you a good overall experience.

It is also available on a pretty decent price. However, the material used in the making of the system could have been better so that it can last for a long time.


  • Comes with programmable digital timer
  • Process on electrolytic process
  • Decent capacity


  • Not as durable

4. ControlOMatic ChlorMaker DO – Most-Affordable

ControlOmatic ChlorMaker Pool Salt System
Photo: ControlOMatic

ControlOmatic pool salt system is the most affordable product on our list and comes with amazing features. 

Once it is installed in the pool, it will take care of the chlorine level and also make sure that the water is suitable enough to not harm any user.

Also, with this model, there is a drastic reduction in the need for maintenance. There are 10 built-in power levels and the working mechanism is pretty easy.

You get 10 test strips that you can use to test the water after chlorination. The cycle runs after every 3 hours. Also, unlike other products, you get a year-long warranty with this product. 

There are no plumbing needs, and it comes with a plug and play system. The capacity of this product is too low of 1000-gallons which means this is not a suitable product for pools but a hot spa tub. Plus, there is no built-in chlorine detection function in this product. 


  • Most-affordable product
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3-hour cycle
  • Comes with 10 test strips


  • Not suitable for pools
  • Don’t have built-in chlorine detection function

5. AutoPilot DN2 – Complete Pool Salt System

AutoPilot DN2 Pool Salt System
Photo: AutoPilot

This product is a complete chlorination system that comes with components such as line strainer, tri-sensors, chlorine production cells, valves, and cords. You won’t have to make any additional purchase if you buy this product. 

It is designed to work constantly and supply chlorine needed by the pool. You surely have to spend a good amount of money, but this model is worth every penny spent.

Starting from the installation to the overall mechanism, everything regarding this product is easy and simple. The installation instructions are so simple that you don’t have to refer the manual time. It will give you a comfortable swimming environment.

There are displays that helps in supplying a lot of relevant information that you may need to know. It features salt levels and the quantity of salt that you have to add, temperature of water and other diagnostics.

This product comes with 28,000-gallons capacity. The chlorine content is stabilized that protect the swimmers from red eyes, skin irritation, and many other related problems.

This model is energy efficient and ensures great performance. 


  • Comes with all the accessories and components
  • Display with a lot of features
  • Easy to install
  • Decent capacity


  • Expensive

6. Intex 28669EG – Most-Efficient

Intex Krystal Clear Pool Salt System with ECO
Photo: Intex

This is the most-efficient product on the list considering it comes with two stage technology that helps in sanitizing the pool. In the cleansing process, firstly the water is chlorinated, and then it is passed through filtration process to soften it. 

This system is also great for dealing with the contaminants with the help of molecule splitting process. This way, all the bacteria and algae are also destroyed from the water. It also prohibits the growth of algae in the pool.

It comes with a 24-hour auto clock cycle which means that the system will automatically start chlorinating every 24 hours. Also, it comes with 110 – 120V with ground fault circuit interrupter to increase its performance. 

As far as setup is concerned, it is pretty simple. Just make sure of reading all the instructions before setting it up.

While everything else about this product is pretty great, it just lacks warranty. 


  • Extremely efficient with two stage technology cleansing
  • Helps in eliminating contaminants
  • Easy setup
  • 24-hour auto clean


  • No warranty

How Does the Pool Salt System Work?

The purpose of all the pool saltwater systems is not just to clean the pool but also to keep it completely sanitized. This means that the water has a rich pH level and safe enough for you and your kids to enjoy swimming.

The job of the best saltwater chlorinator is to produce chlorine automatically and effectively. Table salt is used to generate chlorine in the water. This is an economical cheaper, and you don’t have to afford highly expensive chlorine-based products.

Also, you don’t have to save these products. The salt water system is also chlorine based but with great benefits. So, the mechanism of the system is in the way mentioned below:

1. Installation

The generator has to be installed, and you need to add salt in the pool. The salt cells have electrical plates that require electricity to function.

2. Working of Electric Plates

As soon as the power is on, electric charge is received by the salt water and electric plates and as a result, it turns into chlorine. The obtained chlorine is then again sent back inside the pool.

The beauty of this system is that you don’t have to buy harsh chlorine-based products and add them in the water. Such products are more toxic. But with this system, you get the appropriate amount of chlorine that is suitable for the pool water.


As we conclude this pool salt system review, we will say that water must have a constant amount of chlorine to be skin-friendly.

According to us, the most effective model on the list is Intex 28669EG pool salt system as it comes with two-stage chlorination process. It is the most ambitious product with efficient features. 

Other recommendation will be of the AutoPilot DN2 pool salt system which comes with all-accessory inclusive and is great in performance as well. It is your second-best bet.