7 Best Pool Shocks of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Pool Shock

Pools are a great way to enjoy some fun time with family and friends. However, they demand massive upkeep in terms of cleanliness. What could be better than the best pool shock to keep the water crystal clear and ready to swim?

The perplexity begins with your research as you spot endless product options and don’t know which one is worth your money.

Well, we give you a head start with some amazing options and tips to find the ideal product. We will also try to cover some important segments regarding the usability of pool shocks.

What to Check Before Buying Best Pool Shocks?

How to Buy Best Pool Shock

Maintenance of the swimming pool require a lot of effort and the usage of different products. One of such products is a pool shock that helps in deep cleaning the pool water and maintaining the chlorine level.

Here is a quick guide on how to purchase the best pool shock:

1. Type of Pool Shocks

The pool shocks are available in three different types. They are available in granular form which is often recognized as a powdered shock.

Calcium Hypochlorite

This is the strongest category in pool shocks available in the market. This is quick in dissolving and gets burnt by UV rays without increasing the pool’s cyanuric acid level.

The products are sold in regular stores as well as the swimming pool supply stores. You are advised to buy it from swimming pool supply stores because they sell authentic products.

The finest recommendation in this shock is the Zapp It ProPool Shock as it comes with high chlorine content that eats away the bacteria in no time. 

Sodium Di-Chlor

This type of shock dissolves rather slowly. It is available in powdered form and lasts for more time in the water.  

The formula comes with a stabilizer that increases water’s cyanuric acid level. This can be considered as a shock treatment or for the pool’s chlorine level maintenance.

It is best to use the shock in the evening and swimming can be resumed as soon as the chlorine level is back at normal.

Potassium Mono Persulfate

Basically, this is more like a pool water cleanser because it is based on an oxygen formula that helps in removing the contaminants in the water.

It helps the chlorine to work at its best and keep the pool water oxidized.

Buying Advice

In a nutshell, the best pool shock treatment is with calcium hypochlorite. This is a little strong and requires proper attention as you use but it’s highly effective as well.

2. Type of Pools

There are different kinds of pools installed in the households. This gives birth to the requirement of different pool shocks, individually for different pool types. You can only buy the best pool shock for the money if it is compatible with the pool type.

Vinyl Pool

Basically, this is a plastic form made of ethylene and chlorine and thus, polyvinyl chloride is created. The common name for this is PVC.

The material is extruded and long rolls of flexible and thin material are used to line above ground or in-ground pools.   

While the pool is made of chlorine, it is important to maintain a level for the pool to retain its plasticity. Over-chlorinating will also cause bleaching of vinyl liners when chlorine sits on the bottom of the pool without dissolving.

There are three types of oxidizers that easily get dissolved in vinyl pools without causing any damage. Also, you don’t have to pre-dissolve them in a separate bucket.

Non-Chlorine Shock This oxidizer contains 100% potassium which is simply a mixture of different salts. This is a safe option to choose for vinyl pools.

You can simply pour it into the pool and enjoy swimming right after. It takes a quarter of the time that chlorine takes to sanitize the pool.

Shock and Swim: In this, calcium hypochlorite is formed with high-pressure compaction and granulation techniques.

As a result, tiny granules are formed that have to be dissolved in pool water. It takes not more than 15 minutes to make water swim-ready.

Lithium Pool Shock: This kind of pool shock has the cleanest burning and fastest action. They don’t bleach the vinyl liners and also leave any messy residue behind.

Fibreglass Pool

In the making of this pool, the molded shell of fiberglass is used which is further coated with Gelcoat. The surface is quite durable and less affected by chlorine.

The application has to be careful. This way, you can reduce the staining and fading of fiberglass. Two types of oxidizers are used to treat the pool.

Instant Liquid Chlorine: This is basically a highly granulated form of calcium hypochlorite. While it does require pre-dissolving, it is highly safe and suitable for usage. It is best to safely pour the mixture through the specially designed bottle.

Super Shock & Swim: Super shock is an advanced version of regular shock used in the pool. It has fast dissolving action with balanced pH levels and does not leave any residue.

Concrete Pool 

The pool is made of a gunite shell and covered with a layer of plastic that is waterproof. The plastic is also sometimes mixed with quartz, pebble, or bead to have additional color, strength, and texture.

The usage of oxidizers depends on the composition of the plastic layer. Some effective options are listed below:

Pool Shock: It is the lowly priced pool shock that has around 65% of chlorine in it. Such are among the strongest form of pool shocks. For best dispersion, you should mix it in the bucket and apply it after sunset. 

You can use Doheny’s 7701 pool shock as it has got fitting content of chlorine to clean these pools. 

Assure MultiShock: The finest oxidizer for concrete pools is Sodium Dochlor that has added clarifiers and stabilizers. The oxidation demand is reduced and the pool is protected from active molecules.

Cal-Chlor Sanitizing Granules: Well, this is the most powerful pool shock among all with 68%chlorine. It is a recommended choice for commercial users plus this is available in large packs. This is for instant application for algae and fecal incidents.

7 Best Pool Shocks of 2021 Reviewed




Clorox 33012CLX

1. Clorox 33012CLX (Best Overall)

  • Calcium hypochlorite with quick-dissolving
  • 1 lb for treating 12000 gals of water
  • Comes in easy to pour bottles
  • Won’t impact pH
Aqua Chem 12101AQU

2. Aqua Chem 12101AQU (Quick Dissolving)

  • Quickly dissolves in 15-minutes
  • pH balanced water
  • Suitable for all kinds of pools
  • Algaecide water
Doheny’s 7701

3. Doheny’s 7701 (For Oxidizing Water)

  • Exceptional with oxidizing the pool
  • Available in a pack of 24
  • Suitable for daily use
  • 1 lb per 10,000-gal
In The Swim Pool Shock

4. In The Swim Pool Shock (Highly Compatible)

  • Compatible with saltwater
pool, different materials Eliminate algae and contaminants 1 lb
  • per 10,000-gal
  • Swim after 6 – 8 hrs
DryTec 1-1901--24

5. DryTec 1-1901—24 (Value Pack)

  • Best value with 24 packs at a highly suitable price
  • Easy to use packs
  • Destroy organic bacteria
  • Remove unpleasant odor
Zapp It ProPool Shock

6. Zapp It ProPool Shock (Largest Quantity)

  • Available in a pack of 100 lbs shock
  • 70% chlorine
  • Easy to store buckets
  • 1 lb per 16,500-gal
Nava Chemicals 1-1301-24

7. Nava Chemicals 1-1301-24 (Di-Chlor Formula)

  • Di-Chlor
formula Available in a pack of 24 1 lb
  • per 10,000-gal
  • 6 – 8-hrs cleaning time

1. Clorox 33012CLX – Best Overall Pool Shock

Clorox 33012CLX Pool Shock
Photo: Clorox

  • Dosage: 12000-gallons/pound
  • Swim After: 15-minutes

The calcium hypochlorite Clorox shock formula is one of the best overall products on the list with its high performance of treating 12,000-gallons of water with a 1-pound shock treatment.

The shock helps in maintaining the chlorine level of the pool, sanitizing it, and removal of all kinds of algae including blue, green, mustard, and black as well. Available in easy to pour bottles, the product is quite convenient in application. 

The rapid dilution of the product in water and fast action makes the pool swim-ready in 15 minutes. However, you are recommended to check the chlorine level of the water before jumping in. It should be between 1 – 4 ppm.  

The chemical will not impact the pH level of water. This is not too harsh for the vinyl pools as well because it does not bleach the pool.

This one is basically for sanitizing purpose and work quite efficiently. Also, the storage of this product is also quite convenient. However, you will find this product a bit expensive than the competitive products.


  • Fast dissolving and make pool swim-ready in 15 minutes
  • Easy to use bottles
  • Kills all kind of algae
  • Does not impact water’s pH level


  • A little expensive

2. Aqua Chem 12101AQU – Quick Dissolving Pool Shock

Aqua Chem Xtra Blue Pool Shock
Photo: Aqua Chem

  • Dosage: 12,000-gallons/pound
  • Swim After: 15-minutes

The Aqua Chem pool shock comes with a quick-dissolving formula that does not take more than 15-minutes for the pool to be swim-ready. Also, it does not increase the pH level of the water. 

The shock will kill all kinds of bacteria and algae and helps in creating sparkling water. It abolishes the odor and harmful effects of chlorine. It is suitable for all kinds of pools. 

It works on a 4-step process where the mixture will balance, chlorinate, shock, and algaecide the water. 

The shock is available in a pack of 5 with an individual 1-pound pack to treat 12,000-gallons of water. The price compared to the other products is on the higher side. 


  • Quickly dissolves in the water
  • Cleanses with 4-step process
  • Eliminate the chlorine taste and odour
  • Suitable for all kind of pools


  • Pricier than others

3. Doheny’s 7701 – Pool Shock for Oxidizing Water

Doheny’s Super Pool Shock
Photo: Doheny’s

  • Dosage: 10,000-gallons/pound
  • Swim After: 6 – 8-hours

Other than chlorinating the water, this product is best for oxidizing that increases the efficiency of active chlorine to work at its best.

The active ingredient of calcium hypochlorite in this model is highly efficient for eliminating all kinds of pool contaminants. The product is most suitable for pool opening after a long time and has a lot of algae and substances for removal.

However, it is not ideal for a quick swim because you have to leave it for 6-8 hours.

It is available in a pack of 24 individual shock mixtures that can treat 10,000-gallons of water at one time.  

The shelf life of the shock is 3 – 4 years which makes it a valuable purchase. However, the storage can be a bit competitive due to the harsh composition of the product.

Chlorine can harm the user so make sure to wear full clothes and gloves and add the product in a bucket first before spreading it inside the pool. Direct contact will be hazardous, so you have to be careful while applying.


  • Suitable for oxidizing the water
  • Great in removing all kind of contaminants
  • Helps in deep cleaning
  • Shelf value of 3 – 4 years


  • Direct contact with the product can cause allergies

4. In The Swim Pool Shock – Highly Compatible Pool Shock

In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock
Photo: In The Swim

  • Dosage: 10000-gallons/pound
  • Swim After: 6 – 8-hours

Compatibility is the biggest strength of this product as it is compatible with all kinds of pools and even the saltwater in the pool.

There is almost two-thirds calcium hypochlorite and 65% chlorine content which helps in providing excellent cleaning of the pool water by removing contaminants and algae.

A single pack of 1-pound shock can treat 10000-gallons of water. However, this will require 6 – 8-hours of treatment in order to make the water swim-ready.

The application has to be done very carefully while wearing all the safety gear such as goggles and gloves. This is a great product to begin the swim for the season. 

You are highly suggested mixing the shock in a bucket first before exposing it to the pool water. Direct application may cause hazardous accidents.


  • Compatible with pool salt water
  • Makes the water free from algae
  • Single pack can treat 10,000-gallons of water


  • Requires very careful application

5. DryTec 1-1901–24 – Pool Shock in Value Pack

DryTec Calcium Hypochlorite Pool Shock
Photo: DryTec

  • Dosage: 10,000-gallons/pound
  • Swim After: 6 – 8-hours

The product comes in a pack of 24 individual shock packs at a highly affordable price. This is the best value product on the list. 

The easy-to-use packs make it convenient for the user to treat up to 10,000-gallons of water. Plus, because of the individual packing, storage is also easy.

This is an aggressive pool shock with a high potential to kill bacteria and eliminate all kinds of algae from the pool.

The chlorine content in this product is also quite high, but it becomes suitable for deep cleaning the pool. You can say goodbye to algae, organic bacteria, odor, and contaminants as long as you have this shock. Certainly, this is the best pool shock for algae.

The downside is that it comes with large granules that are difficult to dilute. They may sit on the bottom and leave a messy residue.


  • Available in a value pack of 24 shocks
  • Perfect for deep cleaning the pool after long time
  • Great in killing all kind of algae  
  • Very easy to store


  • Leaves messy residue behind

6. Zapp It ProPool Shock – Pool Shock in Largest Quantity

Zappit 73% Cal Hypo Pool Shock
Photo: Zapp It

  • Dosage: 16,500-gallons/pound
  • Swim After: 6 – 8-hours

If you are planning to make a bulk purchase then this is a suitable product as it is available in 100-pounds capacity.

This product is known as a super shock because it contains 73% calcium hypochlorite and 70% chlorine. The combination of both these components makes it highly suitable for efficient cleaning.

One of the greatest things about this shock is that it can treat almost 16,500-gallons of water in a 1-pound quantity. Well, we are highly impressed with its tendency.

After pouring the product inside the pool, you will have to leave it for 6 – 8-hours and surprise yourself with crystal clear water, the next morning. Also, to avoid any reaction to the sunlight, you are highly suggested using the shock in the evening.

Zappit pool shock is available in 2 large airtight containers that store the product easily. Also, you can measure the portions easily with a plastic measuring cup that you get with this product. The downside is that this product is very expensive. 


  • Available in huge quantity
  • Treats 16,500 gallons of water with each pound of shock
  • Extremely efficient in eliminating contaminants
  • Comes with a plastic measuring cup


  • Very expensive

7. Nava Chemicals 1-1301-24 – Di-Chlor Pool Shock

Nava Chemicals Star Plus 1-1301 Pool Shock Treatment
Photo: Nava Chemicals

  • Dosage: 10,000 gallons/pound
  • Swim After: 6 – 8-hours

The Nava Chemicals treatment is a Di-Chlor formula that is mild and does not harm the pool or its users at all. The quick formula gets dissolved at a decent speed, and you are recommended to use the pool after 6 – 8 hours.

The formula used in the making of this product is quite suitable for basic cleaning. However, you cannot expect deep cleaning with this shock.

A single pound portion of the shock can treat 10000 gallons of water. Also, if you have added more powder than needed, this one will not react in an accidental way.

It is available in 24 easy-to-use packets which give convenience in usage and are best to store. This shock is not suitable for oxidizing the water. 


  • Comes with Di-Chlor formula
  • Suitable for all kind of pool
  • Not accidental reaction
  • 1 pound for 10,000-gallons of water


  • No suitable for oxidizing the water

How to Shock the Pool?

How to Shock the Pool
Photo: poolcovercapetown.co.za

Shocking a pool seems to be quite difficult. But with the right equipment and following the right approach, you can easily shock a pool. In this section of the pool shock review, we will discuss the method of shocking the pool.

Equipment Required

  • Protective eyewear
  • Protective gloves
  • Long sleeved shirt and pants
  • Close toe shoes
  • Wooden spatula (for diluting the product with water)
  • Liquid testing kit
  • Pool shock
  • 5-gallons bucket

Steps to Follow

  • Wear the protective gears before starting the process
  • Use the test kit to understand the water Total Chlorine and Free Chlorine and determine the Combined Chlorine is in the facility. This will help in determining the quantity of shock required by the pool.
  • The manufacturer of the pool shock mentions the steps to follow. Best is to follow the guide.
  • If the shock has to be dissolved in the bucket then fill 3/4th of it with clean water and add the required quantity of shock. Keep stirring with a wooden spatula till its completely dissolved.
  • While adding the shock, make sure you add one bag at a time and keep going on till you get the needed quantity
  • Then, carefully pour the mixture inside the pool water and make sure its evenly distributed. Follow the recommended wait period mentioned by the manufacturer to resume using the pool.


How often Should I Shock my Pool?

The usage of pool shock varies with the product. But, on a general note, the pool should be treated one time a week. However, if the usage is huge then you can shock the pool after every 3 days.

When do I Shock my Pool?

The swimming pool water always has immense contaminants in it. There is suntan lotion or oil, hair, hair spray or gel, cosmetics, and so much that makes your swimming experience terrible.

All this material in the pool often causes eye irritation and unpleasant odor. Routine sanitization is important and for that, you have to use pool shock on a routine basis.

Read More: When to Shock Your Pool

What is the Best Time of the Day to Shock my Pool?

The shock material has the tendency to get burned up in direct sunlight. This is especially the case with high chlorine and calcium hypochlorite composition.

The best time to shock the pool is after the direct sun rays have left the poolside area. Technically, evening time is most suitable to shock the pool. Also, you are recommended not to use the pool until after the water chlorine level is stable.


Finding the best pool shock becomes even competitive when there are so many options available in the market to choose from.

The product that we highly recommend to all the readers is the Clorox 33012CLX pool shock as it is a mixture of the right amount of ingredients to form a safe and effective product. It also doesn’t mess with the pH level of water. 

If you want to make an effective and value purchase then go with the DryTec 1-1901–24 pool shock as it is available in 24 individual packs at the most affordable price. Plus, the performance is exceptionally well.