9 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Pool Skimmer Basket
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A pool skimmer is a very crucial component in any pool’s filtration system.

However, the component that does most of the work is the included basket, which has a vented design to trap all large debris such as leaves, toys, and insects, while allowing water to pass through.

In the end, you just have to empty the basket every once in a while and let it do its job. That said, at times these baskets wear off and need to be replaced by other high-quality parts that are as good as the original.

If you find yourself needing such a product, go through the review below and pick the best pool skimmer basket that fits your skimmer and your needs.

What To Check Before Buying Pool Skimmer Baskets?

How to Buy the Best Pool Skimmer Basket
Photo: Intex

1. Compatibility

Since pool skimmers come in different shapes and designs, so do the skimmer baskets inside. This means that different baskets from different brands are built differently so as to fit in specific types of skimmers.

That said, the pool skimmer basket that you want to buy can only be useful if it is compatible with the skimmer that you have installed and most are usually labeled with the ones that they can fit in.

Therefore, determining the basket’s compatibility is not such a difficult task. You only have to check this property on the piece’s specification’s list.

2. Material

With most baskets being made of plastic, you must ensure that the quality of this plastic is good enough to withstand the harsh chemicals used to purify the pool’s water.

Of course, plastic does not corrode easily but over time, if the plastic used is of poor quality, then it may start to crack or become very fragile to the extent that a small hit will shatter it.

3. UV Resistant

Apart from being resistant to the harsh pool chemicals, another factor that signals a high-quality construction of these plastic skimmer baskets is UV resistance.

Since the skimmer and basket inside will be exposed to the sun at all times, a UV resistant construction will ensure that the plastic is protected from the sun’s UV rays so that it does not weaken slowly over time.

4. Handle

Some skimmer baskets are equipped with handles while others don’t have it. While this may seem like a small piece of hardware that can be ignored, its importance comes into play when removing and emptying the basket.

Those with handles are easier to lift and some have an even better design that features a raised handle, which eliminates the need to bend down to the ground while also leaving your hands clean because you won’t come into contact with the debris inside.

Even though they are more expensive, such pool skimmer baskets should be highly considered because of the convenience they afford.

5. Ease of installation

A pool skimmer basket should be easy to install and uninstall because you may have to empty the contents inside on a daily basis. If this installation is a very hard task, you will have difficulty emptying the basket daily.

That said, the skimmer baskets that are weighted are best because gravity holds them in place the entire time. If you find your basket floating, you can keep it grounded by placing a small stone inside.

Apart from this, there are some that feature a twist lock-and-unlock system, but this is not as easy to use as the weighted type.

Therefore, for any type of basket, including the best floating pool skimmer baskets, it is best to have the weighted type for hassle-free use.

9 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets Reviewed




Val-Pak V22-110

1. Val-Pak V22-110 (Best Overall)

  • The weighted body does not float when the pump stops
  • High quality plastic construction
  • Quite large in size
Aladdin B-9

2. Aladdin B-9 (Best for the Money)

  • Affordable
  • Built-in handle for easy use
  • Can accommodate a lot of debris due to its size
Hayward SPX1082CA

3. Hayward SPX1082CA (Best for Hayward Skimmers)

  • Fits most Hayward skimmers
  • Large in size with a durable plastic build
  • Weighty construction (5.9 pounds)
SkimPro V000334370

4. SkimPro V000334370 (Best with Handle)

  • Middle tower handle
  • Vented tower ensures continuous water flow
  • Compatible with a wide array of skimmers
Pentair R38013A

5. Pentair R38013A (Best Vortex Basket)

  • Creates a vortex in the water flow
  • Large debris capacity
  • Sturdy plastic construction
Custom Molded Products 27182-300

6. Custom Molded Products 27182-300 (Best for Above Ground)

  • Large handle for easy, mess-free use
  • The vented handle acts as a water bypass
  • Usable as an above ground pool skimmer basket
Aqualine B37 and Float B38

7. Aqualine B37 and Float B38 (Best Combo)

  • Comes as a skimmer and floating weir combo
  • Prevents air bubbles from reaching the pump
  • Durable plastic construction
Custom Molded Products B-152

8. Custom Molded Products B-152 (Best CMP)

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy plastic construction with a flat handle
  • Used to replace Hayward’s SPX1082CA, SP1082, and B-152 baskets
Pentair 08650-0007

9. Pentair 08650-0007 (Good)

  • Quite large in size
  • Relatively affordable
  • Sturdy plastic construction with a metallic handle

1. Val-Pak V22-110 (Best Overall)

Val-Pak V22-110

Photo: Val-Pak

  • Fits: U-3
  • Dimensions: 8.38 x 5.63 inches

Val-Pak’s V22-110 is the top-rated pool skimmer basket in this review, and this is due to a number of reasons.

For starters, the unit has a weighted plastic construction that does not float even when the pump goes off, which means you don’t have to place a rock inside to hold it down.

The basket is also made of a high-quality plastic that does not deteriorate even when exposed to the sun’s UV rays, and this assures you of a long service life. However, a raised handle is not included, and this means you have to bend down low when removing it for emptying.

Other than this the product is designed to fit on U-3 skimmers, with a fairly large size that measures 8.38 inches in top diameter, 6.75 inches in bottom diameter and a height of 5.63 inches.


  • Weighted plastic construction prevents floating when the pump goes off
  • The high-quality plastic build does not deteriorate over time
  • Quite large in size


  • No built-in handle
  • Only compatible with U-3 skimmers

2. Aladdin B-9 (Best for the Money)

Aladdin B-9

Photo: Aladdin

  • Fits: Pentair Bermuda gunite and vinyl liner
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.2 inches

A pool basket skimmer does not have to be expensive for it to be effective and this B-9 from Aladdin proves this point.

The unit is very affordable and despite this, it is sturdily built with a durable plastic construction plus a built-in handle, and measures 5.2 inches deep, 8.3 inches in diameter at the top and 5.75 inches at the bottom, which is quite big.

With these dimensions, the basket fits perfectly on Pentair Bermuda gunite and vinyl liner skimmers as a replacement component for Hayward SP1070E, Skim Master, Swimquip U-3, Strainer 08650-0007, and Swimrite 70-828-915 stock baskets.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Built-in handle for easy, mess-free use
  • Big in size


  • Weir not included

3. Hayward SPX1082CA (Best for Hayward Skimmers)

Hayward SPX1082CA

Photo: Hayward

  • Fits: SP1082, 1083, 1084, 1085, 1086, 1075, 1075T, 1076, 1077
  • Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.13 inches

If you have a Hayward skimmer installed in your pool, this SPX1082CA is the best replacement basket, specifically for SP1082, SP1083, SP1084, SP1085, SP1086 series of skimmers.

The basket is quite large, measuring about 7 inches in diameter at the inner top part, 7.4 inches on the outer part, and has a height of slightly over 5 inches. This big volume ensures that a lot of debris is trapped inside before requiring emptying.

A flat handle is built in, and it has a sturdy structure that makes it possible to handle the filled basket without breaking. However, this flat design means you might contact the debris as you pull up the basket.

Other features include a durable plastic construction in white color and a weighty design (5.9 pounds), which ensures the basket does not float, making it very effective at debris collection.


  • Suitable replacement part for most Hayward skimmers
  • Large in size
  • Durable plastic construction
  • The weighty design prevents floating


  • Weir/ float not included
  • The flat handle design is not that good

4. SkimPro V000334370 (Best with Handle)

SkimPro V000334370

Photo: SkimPro

  • Fits: Hayward 1070 series, PacFab, Jacuzzi Deckmate, Sta-Rite, or American
  • Dimensions: 12.94 x 8.44 inches

SkimPro’s V000334370 has a very unique design, which consists of a tower at the middle that acts as a handle, enabling you to safely remove the basket from the skimmer for emptying without your hand making any contact with the debris.

The tower is also vented so as to ensure there is continuous water flow even after the basket is filled with debris. This protects your pump from running dry, thereby preventing it from damages as a result of overheating.

With a strong plastic construction, the basket is quite big, and putting the long, close to 13-inch tower aside, the debris collection area measures 8.4 inches in diameter at the top and 6.13 inches in height, and this can hold quite a substantial amount of leaves and dirt.

This size can fit in many skimmers, including Hayward’s SP1070, PacFab, Jacuzzi Deckmate, Sta-Rite, and American product’s units, making it widely compatible.


  • Middle tower design for easier handling
  • Vented tower allows for continuous water flow
  • Big in size
  • Widely compatible with a number of skimmers


  • Weir not included

5. Pentair R38013A (Best Vortex)

Pentair R38013A

Photo: Pentair

  • Fits: American Products 850001-S-10 and Aladdin B-37
  • Dimensions: 8.44 x 7.75 inches

The R38013A from Pentair creates a nice vortex as water flows through it, and this allows you to trap debris easily and in large quantities since the rotational flow sort of compacts the leaves and twigs together.

Other than this, the basket also has a large volume, measuring 8.44 inches in diameter by a height of 7.75 inches, which greatly reduces the number of interruptions for pouring out the collected debris since it takes a long time to fill up.

On fitting, the unit can be used as a replacement component for American products 850001-S-10 and Aladdin B-37. Other features include a strong plastic construction that is white and no handle is included.


  • Creates a vortex flow that traps debris easily
  • Large volume
  • Strong plastic construction


  • No handle
  • Fits only two skimmers

6. Custom Molded Products 27182-300 (Best Above Ground)

Custom Molded Products 27182-300

Photo: Custom Molded Products

  • Fits: SP1070 and U-3

Though quite expensive, the 27182-300 is quite unique due to its large extended handle, which also acts as a bypass for water flow when the basket is filled up. This design enables the skimmer to be easily removed for faster emptying.

In addition to this, the unit can be used comfortably as an above ground pool skimmer basket since the handle makes it very easy to use even when raised.  

The other benefit of this large handle is that it ensures there is a continuous water flow so as to prevent the pump from running dry and possibly get damaged from overheating.

Other features include a plastic construction and a compatible replacement part for SP1070 and U-3 skimmers.


  • Large extended handle for easy, mess-free use
  • Handle acts as a water bypass for continuous water flow even when the basket fills up
  • Prevents the pool pump from running dry
  • Can be used as above ground pool skimmer basket


  • Costly

7. Aqualine B37 and Float B38 (Best Combo)

Aqualine B37 and Float B38

Photo: Aqualine

  • Fits: American Products 850001-S-10 and Aladdin B-37
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.75 inches

If you don’t mind spending to get a good quality pool basket skimmer, then go for this B37. At this price though, you get the skimmer basket plus a floating weir, which is important to use for three main reasons.

First, the weir helps remove floating debris much faster. It also helps to keep debris in the skimmer even when the pump powers off and lastly, it reduces the chances of air bubbles entering the pumping and filtration systems.

That said, each of the two pieces is made of high-quality durable plastic, with an overall diameter of 8.5 inches at the top lip, 7.25 inches at the bottom and a height of 7.75 inches.

With this size, the skimmer-and-weir combo is designed to fit on American Products 850001-S-10 and Aladdin B-37 skimmers as a replacement for stock baskets.


  • Comes as a skimmer basket plus floating weir combo
  • Durable high-quality plastic construction
  • Quite large in size
  • Prevents air bubbles from entering the pumping and filtration systems


  • Expensive

8. Custom Molded Products B-152 (Good CMP)

Custom Molded Products B-152

Photo: Custom Molded Products

  • Dimensions: 7.13 x 5 inches

This is another skimmer basket from Custom Molded Products and just like its sibling the 27182-300 shown above, it has a sturdy plastic construction but with a much simpler design that features a flat handle.

That said, the B-152 is very affordable but still relatively large in size, with a diameter of 7.13 and 6.63 at the top and bottom respectively, with a height of 5 inches. This gives you a lot of room for filtering out a large amount of debris, reducing the emptying cycles.

With this size, the basket can be used to replace Hayward’s SPX1082CA, SP1082 and B-152, which means that it can fit on any skimmer that has any of these baskets as stock.


  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Affordable
  • The large volume reduces the emptying cycles
  • Can replace Hayward’s SPX1082CA, SP1082, and B-152 baskets


  • Might mess your hands due to the flat handle
  • Weir not included

9. Pentair 08650-0007 (Good Choice)

Pentair 08650-0007

Photo: Pentair

  • Fits: Sta-Rite U-3 vinyl liner
  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 5.25 inches

Pentair’s 08650-0007 is almost similar in size and shape to the B-9 above, with a top outside diameter of 8.25 inches, a bottom outside diameter of 5.75 inches and a height of 5.25 inches.

The basket also has a white plastic construction with a built-in handle, though in this case, the handle is flat. This design might make your hands dirty as you reach out to lift the basket but at least it simplifies the process as compared to those units that don’t have any handle.

Additionally, this handle is metallic, which makes it very strong and sturdy. Other features include a fitting size for Sta-Rite U-3 vinyl liner skimmers and it comes at a relatively affordable price.


  • Quite large in size
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Built-in metallic handle
  • Relatively affordable


  • Floating weir not included
  • Flat handle design might mess up your hands


1. What is the main purpose of a pool skimmer basket?

The main purpose of this basket is to filter out large debris such as leaves, twigs, toys, and insects, which are very common in pools.

This debris can decay to leave contaminated water with a foul smell if not removed immediately.

2. What is the right way to remove a skimmer basket?

If you want to replace or empty the skimmer basket, here are a few steps that you should follow.

  • First, turn off the pool pump, heater and any other equipment that is powered along the filtration line.
  • Close the skimmer’s waterway and main drain valves.
  • Close the filter valve that supplies water to the pump below.

Once these steps are complete, you can pull up the skimmer basket using its handle, if it has one, then replace with a fitting size or pour out the debris then use a garden hose to clean it up before reinserting it for the continuation of the filtration process.

3. How often should I empty my skimmer basket?

This depends on a number of things. First is the amount of debris that is in your pool’s water in which, if it is a lot, then you have to empty the basket very often or as soon as it gets filled up.

If the basket is too small, then you will also have to get rid of the contents inside more often than if it has a big volume.

However, as a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to empty the basket on a daily basis so as to avoid the accumulation of debris, which may begin to rot if left for much longer.

Note: For easy maintenance, ensure that there are no trees close to your pool that may keep dropping leaves or twigs all the time into the water. Also, if possible, keeps the pool covered when not in use.


Pool skimmer baskets have no hidden technology within them and therefore, in most cases, what you see is what you get. If it is large, then it can comfortably carry a lot of debris than a small one. If it has a handle, then it is definitely easier to use.

With that in mind, the most difficult task is getting a model that fits your skimmer and if you go through the review above, then you will be able to easily select the best pool skimmer basket that fits your installation and all your other needs because all this information is provided.