Right Angle Drills Buying Guide 2021 – 10 Best Picks Reviewed

Best Right Angle Drills

As a DIYer or professional contractor, there are some situations where your robust and reliable regular drill cannot work for you as it is just too big for the job. For such cases, you need to have the best right angle drill.

As the name suggests, the right angle drills have the screw head at a 90-degree to the handle.

What’s more, they have a shorter driving section, which gives them a more compact overall profile. Their small size makes them ideal for tight spaces, awkward angles, and hard-to-reach spots.

Given the lightweight and smaller design, these are also more portable drills you can carry and use at different job sites.

If you are on the hunt for one here, we provide a review of some top models and buying guide to make shopping a breeze for you.

What To Check Before Buying Right Angle Drill?

How to Buy the Best Right Angle Drills
Photo: Makita

1. Power Source

The right angle drills are available in three different power source options: corded electric, battery powered, and air-powered models. Hence, as you shop for one, you should always start by deciding which power source works best for you.

Battery-powered drills like the DeWalt DCD460B and many others on our list are the most popular option.

Many users love that they are more portable, and they never have to deal with cords. However, these drills tend to be pricier and have limited runtimes that depend on the battery size.

Corded electric models such as Makita DA3010F offer significantly more power than the battery-powered models and unlimited runtimes as they can work provided they are plugged in.

Additionally, these drills tend to be cheaper than cordless ones. However, you often need to deal with cords, and you can only use them where there is an outlet.

Air-powered right angle drills are not as common as the two other types, but you can still get one.

These drills offer a higher power output and are famous for their consistency.  But, these drills are quite restrictive since they cannot work with an air compressor.

2. Chuck Size

The chuck is what holds the drill bits in place, and hence its size will determine the drill bit size the tool can accommodate. Most right-angle drills in the market have a 3/8-inch chuck size, but some also have larger 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch chucks.

As you consider the chuck size, it is vital to keep in mind that besides determining the bits the tool can use, it also affects the torque the machine needs.

A drill with a larger chuck size, such as the 1/2-inch on the DeWalt DCD460B, requires more torque to operate than the standard 3/8-inch models.

3. Speed

Speed also matters a lot when it comes to deciding the best right angle drill to buy. While for many users, a higher speed output seems more desirable, it is better to have something that offers a variable speed.

Different jobs have varying speed and torque requirements, and hence being able to make adjustments means the tool can handle more tasks. For example, when drilling softer materials, a high RPM is ideal.

That said, any right angle drill you choose should provide a speed of at least 500 RPM to be helpful to you.

4. Safety

Safety should be at the top of your mind when choosing any tool and hence buying the right angle drill is no exception. A good model needs to have enough safety features to make it suitable for use.

Some of the safety features to watch out for include an auto-engaging mechanical clutch and trigger locks. But, ultimately, the actual safety features you get varies from one manufacturer to the other.

5. Comfort

A right angle drill also needs to be comfortable enough to use to ensure you can work for extended periods with minimal hand fatigue. Here something with a rubberized and ergonomic handle is perfect.

Besides making the tool more comfortable to hold, a rubberized surface also absorbs vibrations during the period of intense drilling and driving.

6. Versatile

A good right angle drill should be versatile to ensure you can use it for much more than just drilling or driving screws in hard-to-reach areas.

Something versatile enough for utilization as a regular drill is fantastic. Also, models with multiple positions pivoting heads like the Bosch PS11BN offer more versatility as they can tackle a wide variety of drilling jobs.

7. Weight

Since the right angle drills are handheld, their weight matters a lot because you need the tool to be light enough to use it for extended periods.

The good news is most of these tools are designed to be as light as possible, with most weighing under 10 lbs.

What’s more, it is essential to make sure that besides being lightweight, the tool has excellent weight distribution to ensure it feels well-balanced on the hand.

10 Best Right Angle Drills of 2021 Reviewed




DeWalt DCD460B

1. DeWalt DCD460B (Best Overall)

  • Powerful 60V brushless motor
  • 2 variable speed ranges
  • Durable metal gear housing
Milwaukee's 2415-20

2. Milwaukee 2415-20 (Best Inexpensive)

  • Highly affordable
  • Extended paddle switch
  • Built-in LEDs
Makita DA3010F

3. Makita DA3010F (Best Corded)

  • Powerful 4.0 AMP motor
  • 2-5/8 head height
  • Ball-bearing construction
  • Paddle switch with speed limit dial
Makita XAD03PT

4. Makita XAD03PT (Best Cordless)

  • Longer runtime with 5.0Ah batteries
  • Auto speed change technology
  • Ergonomic handle with rubberized grip
Makita XAD02Z

5. Makita XAD02Z (Best Compact)

  • Compact 3-1/2 angle head height
  • High torque 4-pole motor
  • Keyless chuck for fast bit changing
Milwaukee 2615-20

6. Milwaukee 2615-20 (Highest Torque)

  • Delivers up to 150 in.lbs. of torque
  • Convenient extended multi-position handle
  • 11 settings for complete control
DeWalt DCD740B

7. DeWalt DCD740B (Most Comfortable)

  • Comfortable multi-grip trigger
  • Dual speed ranges
  • Deep hex pocket
Bosch PS11BN

8. Bosch PS11BN (Most Versatile)

  • 5-position head for maximum versatility
  • Auto-lock chuck
  • Responsive variable speed trigger
Ryobi P241

9. Ryobi P241 (Long Neck Design)

  • Long neck for greater leverage
  • Onboard magnetic tray
  • Comfortable, rubberized overgrip
Metabo HPT DN18DSLQ4

10. Metabo HPT DN18DSLQ4 (Easy Control)

  • Side handle included
  • Variable speed paddle switch
  • Low battery indicator

1. Best Overall Right Angle Drill: DeWalt DCD460B

DeWalt DCD460B

Photo: DeWalt

  • Power Source: Battery powered, 60V
  • Drill Size: 1/2-inch
  • Speed: 1,250 RPM
  • Weight: 14.82 lbs

The DeWalt DCD460B is our best overall right angle drill as it is powerful, durable, and offers high-level control. It runs on a powerful 60V max battery which also ensures you get longer run times besides getting more torque.

With the metal gear housing, this angle drill is guaranteed to offer a long service life as it can withstand more job site abuse. What’s more, the drill gives the user better control thanks to the E-clutch system, which also helps protect the tool.

You can use this right angle drill for a wide variety of applications as it offers a variable speed with two speed ranges which are 0 to 300 RPM and 0 to 1,250 RPM. Other things like the adjustable handle that ensures comfortable use and the LED lights make this an even better drill.

At 14.82 lbs, this drill is one of the heaviest on our list, but the weight is still within the acceptable range. What’s more, it is well distributed on the tool to ensure it still feels perfectly balanced and hence easy to hold for extended periods with minimal hand fatigue.


  • More powerful motor
  • Highly durable build
  • Variable speed for increased versatility
  • Provides high-level control
  • LED light included for enhanced visibility


  • A little heavier

2. Best Inexpensive Right Angle Drill: Milwaukee’s 2415-20

Milwaukee's 2415-20

Photo: Milwaukee

  • Power Source: Battery powered, 12V
  • Drill Size: 3/8-inch
  • Speed: 800 RPM
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs

Being the cheapest item on our right angle drill review, the Milwaukee 2415-20 is the perfect choice for anyone shopping for something affordable without compromising the quality.

Despite being a budget model, it is still quite a powerful tool that delivers up to 100 in.lbs. of torque and has a lot more to offer. Besides being powerful enough, you can also use this drill in low light conditions as it has an LED light that illuminates the work surface.

At just 2.25 lbs, this is a lightweight tool that you can hold for extended periods with minimal hand fatigue. Better still, it has an extended paddle switch and electronic clutch with 11 settings to ensure users get optimal control.

Although this right angle drill seems made from a lightweight gauge plastic and has a relatively shorter battery life, these are things you can live with for a budget model.


  • Very ideal for budget shoppers
  • Handy LED light illuminates the workpiece
  • Controlled use from multiple positions
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Mostly made from light gauge plastic
  • Shorter battery life

3. Best Corded Right Angle Drill: Makita DA3010F

Makita DA3010F

Photo: Makita

  • Power Source: Corded electric, 120V
  • Drill Size: 3/8-inch
  • Speed: 2,400 RPM
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs.

The Makita DA3010F is a powerful and consistent right angle drill that runs on a 4.0-amp motor and will be a fantastic choice for those who prefer the corded models. Also, it is built to last with a highly durable ball bearing motor construction.

With the 2-5/8-inch reduced head height, this is one of the best small right angle drills as you can use it in the tightest spots, such as when working between framing studs. Additionally, there is also a built-in LED light to ensure you maintain optimal visibility in these tight spots.

You never have to worry about overtightening and damaging fasteners when using this drill, as it includes a paddle switch with a speed-limiting dial. This switch design also makes one-hand operation easier.

The most notable drawback with this right angle drill is that it does not come with a case but can always get one separately for a few bucks.


  • Powerful and consistent
  • Longer motor life
  • Reduced head height
  • Handy built-in LED light
  • Switch prevents overtightening and allows for one-hand operation


  • Does not come with a carry case

4. Best Cordless Right Angle Drill: Makita XAD03PT

Makita XAD03PT

Photo: Makita

  • Power Source: Battery powered, 36V
  • Drill Size: 1/2-inch
  • Speed: 1,400 RPM
  • Weight: 29 lbs

Makita XAD03PT is our best cordless right angle drill as it seems to deal with all the common issues that come with these drill types. It runs on two 5.0 Ah batteries that deliver a higher power output and ensure you also get longer runtime than most other battery-powered models.

This right angle drill super comfortable to use as it includes an ergonomically designed handle with a rubberized grip. Additionally, it has an adjustable front handle, and a removable side handle to ensure you can quickly get a comfortable working position.

Another outstanding feature of this drill is the automatic speed change technology that makes instinctive drill speed and torque adjustments to ensure you maintain optimum performance.

Overall, this right angle drill is quite pricey compared to others on our list. However, the price reflects its overall build quality and performance.


  • Uses powerful batteries with longer runtimes
  • Comfortable, rubberized grip
  • Changes speed automatically for optimal performance
  • LED job light included


  • Quite pricey

5. Best Compact Right Angle Drill: Makita XAD02Z

Makita XAD02Z

Photo: Makita

  • Power Source: Battery powered, 18V
  • Drill Size: 3/8-inch
  • Speed: 1,800 RPM
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs

With a 3-1/2-inch angle head height, the Makita XAD02Z is one of the best compact right angle drills out there, and it will be ideal for use in the most confined spaces. Additionally, the drill is also quite powerful thanks to a 4-pole motor that delivers up to 121 in.lbs. maximum torque.

Installing and removing the drill bits should be quick and easy as this drill uses a keyless chuck. What’s more, it has an ergonomic and easy-grip design for comfortable operation and to minimize fatigue when you have to use it for extended periods.

Users also appreciate the variable speed as this angle drill allows you to choose from 0 to 1,800 RPM, which makes it ideal for various applications.

This drill does not include a belt hook, and the chuck adjustment feels a little awkward. However, the absence of a belt hook is only frustrating but should not be a deal-breaker, while the chuck adjustment only takes some getting used to.


  • Compact design
  • Quick and easy bit installation and removal
  • High torque motor
  • Ergonomic and easy to grip


  • Does not come with a belt hook
  • Chuck is a little awkward to adjust

6. Highest Torque Right Angle Drill: Milwaukee 2615-20

Milwaukee 2615-20

Photo: Milwaukee

  • Power Source: Battery powered, 18V
  • Drill Size: 3/8-inch
  • Speed: 500 RPM
  • Weight: 2.78 lbs

Milwaukee 2615-20 provides a relatively higher torque output of up to 150 in.lbs. This high torque allows it to handle a wide variety of drilling and driving jobs. What’s more, it has 11 settings and a drill mode to ensure the user gets optimal control over the job.

The extended and multiple position handle is also a much welcome feature as it ensures increased versatility and ensures user convenience. What’s more, the tool includes some built-in LEDs that help keep the work surface illuminated as you work.

While 500 RPM is a relatively lower speed output when compared to other models on our list, it is still enough for typical fastening jobs at home.


  • Provides a higher torque output
  • Multiple settings offer complete control
  • Convenient and versatile handle design
  • Handy built-in LEDs


  • Relatively lower top speed output

7. Most Comfortable Right Angle Drill: DeWalt DCD740B

DeWalt DCD740B

Photo: DeWalt

  • Power Source: Battery powered, 20V
  • Drill Size: 3/8-inch
  • Speed: 2,000 RPM
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs

With the multi-grip trigger design on the DeWalt DCD740B, you can be sure of a super comfortable operation and maximum convenience. This unique trigger design also allows users to get into tight spaces while still using the trigger comfortably.

DeWalt gives this right angle drill two speed ranges which are 0 to 650 RPM and 0 to 2,000 RPM, making it a more flexible tool you can use for various applications. Additionally, the compact 4-inch front-to-back size makes it easier to use in hard-to-reach places.

The deep hex pocket on this right angle drill is also an excellent addition as it allows you to insert 2-inch bits fully. What’s more, many users will love that it comes with a belt hook.

Although the balance feels a bit off, the tool should be okay and comfortable enough to use once you get used to how it feels on the hand.


  • Super comfortable trigger design
  • Increased flexibility with dual speed ranges
  • Compact front fits into tight spaces
  • Allows you to insert 2-inch bits fully
  • Belt hook included


  • Balance is a little off

8. Most Versatile Right Angle Drill: Bosch PS11BN

Bosch PS11BN

Photo: Bosch

  • Power Source: Battery powered, 12V
  • Drill Size: 3/8-inch
  • Speed: 1,300 RPM
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs

If you are looking for a versatile battery-powered right angle drill, the Bosch PS11BN is an unbeatable choice. What makes this such a versatile product is it has a 5-position head that can also articulate from 90 to 180 degrees to provide multiple working options.

Bit replacements should be more effortless with this drill as it uses a 3/8-inch auto-lock chuck. What’s more, there is a highly responsive variable speed trigger that allows for precise speed regulation.

Working in dark and tight spaces should be easier with this drill as it includes two LED lights that also articulate with the rest of the head to ensure you focus the light where you want.

For the price of this right angle drill, one would expect to get the battery and charger as many others in its price range include them. But, they are pretty easy to get and also inexpensive and should not be a deal-breaker.


  • Multi-position articulating head provides more versatility
  • Simple bit replacement
  • Easy and accurate speed regulation
  • Keeps work surface adequately illuminated


  • Battery and charger not included

9. Long Neck Design Right Angle Drill: Ryobi P241

Ryobi P241

Photo: Ryobi

  • Power Source: Battery powered, 18V
  • Drill Size: 3/8-inch
  • Speed: 1,100 RPM
  • Weight: 2.13 lbs

The long neck design is one of the main highlights of the Ryobi P241. With this design, the drill provides greater leverage to allow you to get into awkward places with ease. Better yet, you can be sure of more comfortable use with the non-slip rubberized overgrip.

Another outstanding element many users will love is the onboard magnetic tray that holds bits for you, freeing both hands to handle the tool. What’s more, you never have to worry about illuminating dark work areas as there is a powerful and bright enough LED light.

The location of the forward/reverse buttons does not seem well thought out as they are too close to the switch. But you should not have any problem with them once you get used to the tool.


  • Design provides better leverage for getting into awkward spots
  • More comfortable and non-slip grip
  • Handy bit tray helps free up all your hands
  • Bright enough LED lighting


  • Poor forward/reverse button location

10. Easy Control Right Angle Drill: Metabo HPT DN18DSLQ4

Metabo HPT DN18DSLQ4

Photo: Metabo HPT

  • Power Source: Battery powered, 18V
  • Drill Size: 3/8-inch
  • Speed: 1,800 RPM
  • Weight: 3.53 lbs

By including a side handle in its design, the Metabo HPT DN18DSLQ4 ensures the users always get better control even when handling demanding tasks. Additionally, the drill has a variable speed paddle switch that allows you to choose your preferred speed from 0 to 1,800 RPM for even more control over the job.

You never have to worry about running out of battery unknowingly when using this right angle drill. It has a handy battery indicator that makes it easy to monitor the battery status. With this indicator, you can also be sure of minimal downtimes.

A powerful LED job light on this right angle drill makes it easy to illuminate the workspace. Better still, it comes with a belt hook to allow you to keep the tool close at all times.

Some users might not like that the motor is not brushless, but the good news is this drill still provides lots of power for effortless drilling in tight spots.


  • Provides added control with the side handle
  • Handy low battery indicator
  • Convenient belt hook
  • Powerful LED job light


  • Motor is not brushless


Right angle drills are an unbeatable tool for drilling and driving fasteners in hard-to-reach spots and when working at awkward angles.

If you are in the market for one, you can be sure there is something that will work for you in our review.

But, to further narrow down your options, the DeWalt DCD460B is our best overall model as it is a powerful cordless drill with a lot more to offer, including 2 variable speed ranges and a heavy-duty build.

However, if you prefer something more affordable but without compromising on the quality of drill you get, go for the Milwaukee 2415-20.