10 Best Roof Rakes of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Roof Rake
Photo: Avalanche

Roof rakes are invaluable tools that every homeowner understands the pain of rapid snow buildup on their roofs.

With a high-quality roof rake, you can pull down snow, leaves, and even debris from your roof before they accumulate and cause costly damage to such surfaces.

With long rakes, you can remove snow from roofs while standing on the ground. Short rakes work best on low and close surfaces such as car bodies.

In our roof rake review, we look at some of the leading models and help you pick the best ones for your snow removal demands.

What To Check Before Buying Roof Rake?

How to Buy the Best Roof Rakes
Photo: Avalanche

1. Rake Handle

When it comes to maximizing the utility of roof rakes, handles count a great deal, handle length is especially important because it directly determines the tool’s reach.

If you will be working on a high and expansive roof while standing on the ground, then aim for rakes with long handles, most of which extend up to 21 inches.

Also, rakes with telescoping handles offer some degree of operational flexibility by allowing length adjustment.

Rakes with short handles excel at tasks of limited coverage, such as snow removal on car exterior surfaces.

2. Blade Width of Roof Rake

Your rake’s blade width should be a major consideration when choosing the tool because it impacts removal capacity.

Wide blades, often measuring 20 inches to 25 inches, offer a superior surface area, which boosts the tool’s removal capacity. You’ll get even more from the blade if it has an equally superior height.

Even smaller-width blades are great is the surfaces you’re cleaning as not as expansive as roofs. Snow removal rakes for cars tend to have blades of small widths, but they are highly reliable.

Snow Joe RJ204M has optimized for heavy-duty removal thanks to a wide 25-inch blade that complements the rake’s other high-performance components.

3. Roof Rake Materials & Durability

The material construction of your snow rake affects its durability and reliability. These tools are subjected to significant workloads and immense stress.

But they also have to be strong enough to persist through many snow seasons. That’s why rake handles and shafts are built using strong metals such as steel and aluminum. The same materials have demonstrated reliability in resisting rust and corrosion.

At the base of the handles, it’s common to find soft rubberized grips to boost operator comfort, and protect the tools from hard-impact damage.

4. Rollers, Wheels, or Bumpers

Snow rakes come with added components to enhance usability, operator convenience, and efficiency.

Such enhancements include rollers and wheels found in the Avalanche AVA500 and Avalanche SRD20, which help with the simplifying movement of the tool through the snow.

You’ll especially experience the real value of these 2 components when pushing the rake upwards on the roof. They simplify this motion by a great deal.

The same components, alongside bumpers, help prevent direct contact of the blade and roof, thus protecting the latter from damage. 

5. Safety

Like any other tool, rakes should offer a high degree of operational safety to minimize injury risks during use.

These tools are generally safe to use, especially because they are not motorized, and they also have few moving components. However, ensure that you maintain a safe distance from yourself and the area where the load falls.

A long rake, such as the 21-foot version, can help provide the clearance needed to boost your safety. Also, rakes with secure grips help enhance your control over them, which is a safety booster.

6. Ease of Storage

Like any other tool, a snow rake will require some storage space, when not in use. Storage helps to also protect the tool from damage.

But because rakes can be significantly long, there’s always a chance the tool will create storage hiccups.

Rakes with short shafts are easy to store. You can simplify the tool’s storage by choosing a telescoping model whose handle is collapsible.

Even if your rake isn’t telescoping, it’s likely going to be a multi-section tool that you can easily disassemble and store easily.

10 Best Roof Rakes of 2021 Reviewed




Garelick 89421

1. Garelick 89421 (Best Overall)

  • Extra-long 21-foot reach
  • Wide 24-inch coverage
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Protects roof surface

2. Sno Brum SNOBRUM-AUTO (Best Budget)

  • Pocket-friendly rake
  • Push-snow motion ideal for cars
  • Strong telescoping steel handle
  • Lightweight at 1.08 pounds
Ames True Temper 193055510

3. Ames True Temper 193055510 (Best Telescoping)

  • Efficient telescoping mechanism
  • Strong non-slip aluminum handle
  • Wear-striped 24-inch blade
  • Soft grip with storage hole
Subzero 2610XM

4. Subzero 2610XM (Best Lightweight)

  • Lightweight at 1.07 pounds
  • Versatile multi-purpose broom
  • Durable steel handle
  • Comfortable cushion grip
Avalanche SRD20

5. Avalanche SRD20 (Best for Hard-to-Reach Snow)

  • High 20-foot vertical reach
  • Extra-wide 24-inch blade
  • Reach-boosting roller wheels
  • Simple tool-less assembly
Snow Joe RJ204M

6. Snow Joe RJ204M (Heavy-Duty)

  • Heavy-duty removal rake
  • Extended 21-foot reach
  • Oversized 25-inch blade
  • Telescoping flexible handle
Garant GPRR24

7. Garant GPRR24 (Best for Roof Protection)

  • Roof-protecting poly blade
  • Angled head boosts snow removal
  • Strong multi-section handle
  • Firm anti-slip grip
Suncast SRR2100

8. Suncast SRR2100 (Versatile & Non-Stick)

  • Extendable 21-foot reach
  • Wide 24-inch no-stick blade
  • Reliable multi-application rake
  • Easy disassembly and storage
Midwest Rake 96022

9. Midwest Rake 96022 (Strong & Durable)

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Optimal bracing positioning
  • Telescoping multi-section handle
  • Heavy-duty 22-inch blade
Avalanche AVA500

10. Avalanche AVA500 (High-Performance for Shingle Roofs)

  • Optimized for asphalt shingle roofs
  • Wheels lighten removal load
  • Reaches tough roof sections
  • Simple tool-less assembly

1. Best Overall: Garelick 89421

Garelick 89421

Photo: Garelick

  • Blade Width: 24 inches
  • Handle Reach: Up to 21 feet
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Weight: 5.75 pounds

Coming in first is Garelick 89421, our best overall roof rake, which combines superior strength, reach, and usability to makes your snow removal tasks more productive.

It offers a superior 21-foot reach, which is achieved by connecting multiple aluminum sections to strengthen the entire unit. You pull down snow from hard-to-reach sections of high roofs.

Also, its extra-wide 24-inch blade ensures maximum removal per stroke by offering a large surface area.

Ease of use is another area where this rake excels. It adopts a unique snowflake roller design, which makes the entire unit easy to use because the blade operates without toughing the roof surface, for minimal resistance.

Because of this elevated profile, the blade also prevents roof damage while simplifying the action of rolling it back up the roof.

However, the Garelick 89421 rake is weighty at 5.75 pounds, which limits comfortable tool usage over extended periods.


  • Superior vertical reach
  • Extra-wide blade
  • Strong aluminum shaft
  • Protects roof surfaces


  • The tool is heavy

2. Best Budget: Sno Brum SNOBRUM-AUTO


Photo: Sno Brum

  • Blade Width: 16.75 inches
  • Handle Reach: 2.25 feet – 4 feet
  • Materials: Polyethylene, Plastic, Steel
  • Weight: 1.08 pounds

If you’re on a budget but desire a quality roof rake, Sno Brum SNOBRUM-AUTO is a pocket-friendly option and the only one on our list that goes for less than $20.

Because of its compactness and push-broom design, the rake is easy to handle and maneuver, which makes it ideal for snow removal from car exteriors across all surfaces.

This rake is also incredibly lightweight at only 1.08 pounds. You will barely feel its weight in your hands, and this is a great thing because it supports prolong operation while reducing strain.

It also features a strong powder-coated steel handle that is both strong and telescoping to support reach flexibility.

A significant shortcoming of the Sno Brum SNOBRUM-AUTO is its notably low handle reach of 2.25 feet – 4 feet. It is especially limited in its vertical applications if you are operating it from the ground.


  • Reasonably-priced for affordability
  • Enhanced flexibility and maneuverability
  • Lightweight for reduced fatigue
  • Strong extendable handle


  • Limited vertical reach

3. Best Telescoping: Ames True Temper 193055510

Ames True Temper 193055510

Photo: Ames True Temper

  • Blade Width: 24 inches
  • Handle Reach: Up to 17 feet
  • Materials: Poly, Aluminum
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds

True Temper 193055510’s reliable and efficient telescoping capability supports enhanced rake operation and flexibility.

Efficient and reliable telescoping is supported by a strong aluminum handle, whose shaft features strong push-button locks, that hold the columns securely in place while simplifying adjustments.

The handle is also treated to boost its non-slip capacity, which helps boost control, especially when fully extended to its 17-foot length.

Another premium feature of this rake is its extra-wide 24-inch poly blade, which is not only lightweight but durable thanks to the addition of wear string reinforcement.

At the end of this handle is a poly grip, which is non-slip to enhance tool handling. A hole has also been added to the handle to simplify storage.

Since the Ames True Temper 193055510 is a somewhat elaborate tool, we found its assembly instructions to be a bit lacking in detail.


  • Efficient telescoping capability
  • Non-slip aluminum handle
  • Wide wear-protected blade
  • Superior poly grip


  • Assembly guide can be improved

4. Best Lightweight Snow Broom: Subzero 2610XM

Subzero 2610XM

Photo: Subzero

  • Blade Width: 7.5 inches
  • Handle Reach: Up to 4.3 feet
  • Materials: Steel
  • Weight: 1.07 pounds

A lightweight snow removal tool, such as the 1.07-pound Subzero 2610XM broom, reduces operator strain significantly, enabling you to be more productive in your snow removal tasks.

You can operate this broom for extended durations without feeling the strain typically caused by bulky tools. With this rake, expect to finish your snow-clearing tasks in one interval.

It is a versatile tool that incorporates a broom, squeegee, and ice scraper all in one unit, to boost productivity and diversify snow-removal applications.

The 2610XM may be a lightweight broom, but it is a durable tool nonetheless, thanks to a strong steel extender handle. It is well-capable of handling heavy-duty snow clearing.

At the base of the handle is a soft cushion grip, which enhances operator comfort to further boost tool handling and control.

Subzero 2610XM may be a great lightweight broom, but it extended up to 4.3 feet only. It is reliable in horizontal snow removal, but its vertical reach is significantly limited.


  • Lightweight for strain reduction
  • Versatile for multiple applications
  • Strong steel handle
  • Soft grip for comfort


  • Limited vertical reach

5. Best for Hard-to-Reach Snow: Avalanche SRD20

Avalanche SRD20

Photo: Avalanche

  • Blade Width: 24 inches
  • Handle Reach: Up to 20 feet
  • Materials: Plastic, Aluminum
  • Weight: 5.8 pounds

The snow that’s accumulated on high and expansive roofs can be hard to reach, but the Avalanche SRD20 roof rake and its features have been optimized for such demanding removals.

This rake has been designed to work on hard-to-reach snow or roof peals and ledges thanks to its high reach of 20 feet, and wide blade of 24 inches, which combine for superior roof coverage.

Another reach enhancer on this tool is its blade wheels, which also reduce operating effort. Simply place the blade up to the roof’s edge, then roll it up to your desired sections using the wheels.

The wheels elevate the blade so that it does not damage the roof with the heavy snow and intensive motion.

You’ll enjoy the tool’s simplicity thanks to its easy-snap assembly, which also allows for easy handling and storage.

At 5.8 pounds, however, the Avalanche SRD20 is weighty and may not be ideal for extended usage as it can generate fatigue relatively fast.


  • High vertical reach
  • Extra-wide blade
  • Enhanced roof access
  • Simple assembly


  • Weighty at 5.8 pounds

6. Heavy-Duty: Snow Joe RJ204M

Snow Joe RJ204M

Photo: Snow Joe

  • Blade Width: 25 inches
  • Handle Reach: 6 feet – 21 feet
  • Materials: Poly, Aluminum
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds

For heavy-duty removal of snow, leaves, and debris from your roof, you can count on the strength and superior reach of the Snow Joe RJ204M.

It is optimized for heavy-duty removal applications, which are supported by the rake’s strong components. The main support is provided by a strong Twist-n-Lock telescoping pole, which adjusts up to 21 feet to provide extended reach.

You can count on the rake to protect your roof and save on expensive repairs by removing snow, wet leaves, and other types of debris.

The handle is also telescoping, giving you the flexibility of adjusting rake reach, depending on the task at hand. You can also use the rake in small spaces.

Removal action is handled by an oversized poly blade head, which measures 25 inches by 6 inches to maximize clearing capacity.

You may encounter a scenario where some of the Snow Joe RJ204M’s connections loosen with frequent usage. Regular tightening should solve this issue with minimal effort.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Extended reach
  • Telescoping handle
  • Extra-wide blade


  • Connections may loosen

7. Best for Roof Protection: Garant GPRR24

Garant GPRR24

Photo: Garant

  • Blade Width: 24 inches
  • Handle Reach: 16.25 feet
  • Materials: Polyethylene, Aluminum
  • Weight: 4.21 pounds

Garant GPRR24 is not only efficient and reliable at removing snow from roofs, but it also does a great job of protecting your roof from damage, during the cleaning process.

It comes equipped with a 24-inch high-performance poly blade, which is not only reliable at pulling down large amounts of snow, but its polyethylene construction also helps prevent roof damage by this component.

The rake’s head has also been angled to enhance the snow removal process by ensuring the amount scooped is retained all the way.

You also get a decent amount of flexibility from the rake, thanks to its 16-foot multi-sector handle, which is made of 3 strong columns.

This rake feels firm in the hand, and controlling it should be a flawless process made possible by a comfortable anti-slip grip.

For such a high-performance rake, the Garant GPRR24’s maximum reach of 16 feet is not very high. It will struggle to reach further onto the roof. 


  • Poly blade protects the roof
  • Wide-angled head boost removal
  • Flexible multi-section reach
  • Strong anti-slip grip


  • Handle reach could be higher

8. Versatile and Non-Stick: Suncast SRR2100

Suncast SRR2100

Photo: Suncast

  • Blade Width: 24 inches
  • Handle Reach: 7 feet – 21 feet
  • Materials: Aluminum, Graphite
  • Weight: 7.58 pounds

Suncast SRR2100 is built for raking versatility. It is a flexible roof rake that will effectively remove snow, leaves, and other debris from multiple roofs in your home.

It guarantees superior reach thanks to its maximum extension of 21 feet, which is the highest we have recorded in our list, and one it shares with other similar models.

The blade has a decent 21-inch width, but it steps up efficiency a notch higher with its no-stick surface, which prevents leaves, snow, and debris from attaching to this component, thus boosting its utility.

This is another reason the rake excels at being a multi-purpose tool. You can use it for the effective removal of material from the house, shed, and garage roofs. You’ll enjoy working with this rake because of its ease of disassembly and storage.

At 7.58 pounds in weight, however, the Suncast SRR2100 roof rake may feel heavy quite fast, which limits its reliability for extended operation.


  • Long 21-foot reach
  • Wide no-stick blade
  • Versatile multi-use rake
  • Easy to disassemble and store


  • Bulky for extended usage

9. Strong and Durable: Midwest Rake 96022

Midwest Rake 96022

Photo: Midwest Rake

  • Blade Width: 22 inches
  • Handle Reach: Up to 16 feet
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds

Midwest Rake 96022’s all-aluminum construction makes it one of the strongest and most durable roof rakes you can buy today.

Its handle is made using lightweight and strong aluminum, which telescopes and extends to 16 feet. This handle is optimized for easy assemble and storage through a snap-pin engagement mechanism that’s easy to operate.

To make the removal process more efficient, the rake’s bracing is located at the blade’s top to eliminate possible interference with snow elimination.

A 22-inch wide blade handles much of the load, but its material construction boosts performance by a significant margin. Also, it is wide enough to pull down sizable loads.

You may experience some degree of freezing on the Midwest Rake 96022’s aluminum handle when temperatures get extremely low, so you may need to spray some silicone on it in case this happens.


  • Strong aluminum build
  • Reduced interference with snow removal
  • Telescoping easy-to-assemble handle
  • Heavy-duty wide blade


  • The handle may freeze up in winter

10. High-Performance for Shingle Roofs: Avalanche AVA500

Avalanche AVA500

Photo: Avalanche

  • Blade Width: 17 inches
  • Handle Reach: 16 feet
  • Materials: Plastic, Aluminum
  • Weight: 9.0 pounds

If your house or other structures adopt an asphalt shingle-roof design, then it could benefit from the reliability of Avalanche AVA500, a roof rake that’s optimized for efficient snow removal.

It works great on standard asphalt shingle roofs, thanks to the 1.5-inch wheel attached to the 17-inch blade’s edge to support the movement of this component upward through the snow when placed at the roof’s edge.

The wheel also boosts the removal of hard-to-reach snow, occurring especially on high ledges and roof peaks. Once the load is scooped, the rake relies on gravity to pull down the snow, thus helping reduce fatigue.

No tools are needed to assemble the rake. Simply snap its multiple components together, and you can enjoy some degree of flexibility from the multi-section handle.

The Avalanche AVA500 rake is, however, very pricey, and may push budget buyers to explore other cheaper but reliable options.


  • Ideal for asphalt shingle roofs
  • Blade wheel simplifies rake motion
  • Reaches tough sections
  • Easy to assemble


  • Pricey for the budget buyer


Our roof rake review shows just how much value these tools can add to your snow removal tasks, especially in simplifying them.

If you want the best and most reliable roof rake, choose the high-quality Garelick 89421. It is very strong and offers a superior 21-foot reach.

If you’re on a budget and desire a quality rake, the Sno Brum SNOBRUM-AUTO is a pocket-friendly option that is also very lightweight.

For flexibility and ease of use, consider getting Ames True Temper 193055510 for its excellent telescoping handle and wide blade.