10 Best Rooting Hormones of 2021: Liquid, Powder & Gel

Best Rooting Hormones
Photo: Hormex

As a gardener, you must have tried everything to propagate your plants. However, no trick works better than the best rooting hormones that largely contribute to strong root development. Moreover, it protects the plants from fungus and diseases.

Instead of letting the new cuttings struggle by themselves, you can also feed a bonus aid through the rooting hormones. These are available in gel, liquid, and powder form.

Both naturally derived and synthetic hormones have different benefits to offer. In this post, you will learn all about these products and how to put them to the best use.

Things To Consider While Buying the Best Rooting Hormones

How to Buy the Best Rooting Hormones
Photo: Miracle-Gro

1. Your Plants

The rooting hormones are to clone the plants using their roots and help in rejuvenating and freshening them.

You can apply the hormones to plants’ roots and allow them to recover, especially when they are shedding leaves. These products work very efficiently with succulents.

If you are skeptical about using synthetic hormones, then you can always go with the best natural rooting hormone and safeguard its growth in the most dependable way. The most considerable option is the QuickClone QCG with brewed tea base.

2. Types of Rooting Hormones

There are 3 different types of rooting hormones:

– Liquid

You can find liquid rooting hormones ready to use and concentrated. Users always appreciate products that don’t require any work and are quick to use.

Also, if you are completely inexperienced, you won’t have to worry about customizing the product, about the concentration level, etc. However, this is also not an ideal scenario as sometimes you have to increase the concentration rate for more demanding plants.

If you want to go with the liquid rooting hormones, try not to cut directly into the bottle. You can take out the solution in a different container and put the cutting there. This way, you won’t contaminate the entire bottle.

The Hydrofarm DG00201 is the most efficient liquid rooting hormone on the list with 1% overall concentration of Indole-3-Butyric acid for incomparable performance.

– Powder

The strongest feature of powder rooting hormones is its long shelf-life. You have to make a concoction of water and powder and dip the cuttings in it.

The other approach would be to dip the stem in water and then coat with the powder.

If you think you don’t have a clear idea of how much powder to use in making a mixture, you can follow the latter method.

To avoid contaminating the entire box, you should take out a decent quantity of powder in a different container and use it suitably.

While the powder is quite popular among buyers, it is less efficient than liquid rooting hormones as a water-form hormone deeply blends inside the roots.

However, the most responsive powder rooting hormone you can find on the market is the Bonide BND925 as it works on bulbs and seeds and stimulates root production.

– Gel

The gel is a convenient option to pick. It is more common among people with indoor plants. It gives thicker coverage on the cuttings, and due to adherence, plants can make more hormones.

You will find the usage pretty handy, and it does not wash off as quickly.

However, the gel needs more maintenance like refrigerator storage, and it is more expensive than its counterparts.

The best option in gel rooting hormone is the Clonex HDCLO with brilliant performance and suitable affordability.

3. Active Ingredients

The rooting hormones consist of ethyl and isopropyl alcohol along with the active ingredients like Indole-3-Butyric Acid and Naphthaleneacetic acid.

Basically, plants need phosphorus and potassium to stimulate new root growth and strengthen the existing roots as well. 

4. Volume

The volume of rooting hormones will largely depend on the size of your garden and the number of plants you want to clone. You can find packs in as small capacity as 2-ounces and go as high as 32-ounces.

You can pick the volume based on your needs but always keep their shelf line into account.

The powder rooting hormones have more shelf life than liquid and gel-based ones. If there is heavy consumption by your plants and expect a large pack to finish soon, then go for it.

However, if you are purchasing a larger pack, irrespective of your smaller need, trust us, it will eventually incur more money.

For people with big needs, the Botanicare BC32302 is a perfect product in a large volume of 32.5-ounces.

5. Safety

Lastly, you should also know about the product’s toxicity and how safe it is for your health. It might cause eye or skin irritation after prolonged use.

It is suggested to wear disposable gloves and some kind of eyewear if you have sensitive eyes.

10 Best Rooting Hormones of 2021 Reviewed




Hormex HC1232

1. Hormex HC1232 (Best Overall)

  • Vitamin B1 rich
  • Prevent plant shock
  • 32 oz high capacity
  • Successful with all plant types
Garden Safe 93194

2. Garden Safe 93194 (Best Budget)

  • Most affordable
  • Natural formula
  • Disease protection
  • Easy to use
Hydrofarm DG0020

3. Hydrofarm DG0020 (Best Liquid)

  • Available in liquid form
  • High active ingredient concentration
  • Self sanitization
  • Suitable pricing
Bonide BND925

4. Bonide BND925 (Best Powder)

  • Available in powder form
  • Ideal for transplants
  • Works on seeds & bulbs
Clonex HDCL0

5. Clonex HDCL0 (Best Gel)

  • Tenacious gel
  • Comes with mineral nutrients
  • Easy to use
QuickClone QCG

6. QuickClone QCG (Best Organic)

  • Brewed tea base
  • Suitable for different plant-types
  • Rapid growth
  • Consistent & strong rooting
RootBoost 100508075

7. RootBoost 100508075 (Best for Ornamental Plants)

  • Solely for ornamental plants
  • Hormodin 1 rich
  • Easy to use
Botanicare BC32302

8. Botanicare BC32302 (Best Volume)

  • 32.5 oz capacity
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps through entire growth cycle
  • Promotes microbial colonization
Miracle-Gro FastRoot 1

9. Miracle-Gro FastRoot 1 (Versatile)

  • Suitable for versatile plants
  • Available in powder form
  • Helps throughout the growth cycle
General Hydroponics HGC726850

10. General Hydroponics HGC726850 (Standard)

  • Rapid growth
  • Strong finish
  • Easy to use
  • Premium plant extracts

1. Best Overall: Hormex HC1232

Hormex HC1232

Photo: Hormex

  • Type: Liquid
  • Volume: 32 ounces

The presence of vitamin B1 makes the Hormex HC1232, the best overall product on the list. It is an essential nutrient and is responsible for the deeper and stronger root growth. Also, the hormones are very effective in preventing plant shock and stress from nutrient deficiencies. This one is definitely the best plant rooting hormone on the list.

The product is suitable for all types of plants, such as hydroponic and aeroponics. Their growth process is also accelerated. If you use the hormones by following a feeding routine, the plants will surely live longer and propagate more healthily.

Another great feature of this product is that you don’t have to adjust the pH level. It is already adjusted by the manufacturer. Simply take out some of the liquid in a different container and dip the cuttings inside. The ingredients make it a highly responsible and efficient rooting hormone.

On top of that, the high quantity of 32-ounces is exceptional if you have to clone a lot of plants. The only drawback is that it is a bit strong and should be stored away from children’s reach.


  • Comes with vitamin B1
  • Suitable for all plant types
  • Pre-adjusted pH level
  • Large quantity


  • A bit too strong

2. Best Budget: Garden Safe 93194

Garden Safe 93194

Photo: Garden Safe

  • Type: Powder
  • Volume: 2 ounces

The Garden Safe 93194 is the best budget product on the list. It is a powder-based product and is naturally and botanically derived. If you are fond of natural products, this is a suitable solution. It keeps the plants disease-free and makes garden pest control extremely simple.

The product is easy to use. You just have to take out the powder in a separate container and dip the wet cuttings in it. Shake off the residue and set the cuttings aside for propagating.

This model is also compatible with a variety of plants, including roses, African violets, poinsettias, geraniums, coleus, philodendrons, and woody ornamentals. All these are the most popular varieties in the home garden and greenhouse plants.

Indole-3-acetic acid is the active ingredient of this product, which naturally occurs in the plants. Furthermore, the maintenance of developed roots using this hormone is very simple. You just have to mist them regularly. The downside is that quantity is too small.


  • Available on a very affordable price
  • Very easy to use
  • Organic making
  • Suitable for a variety of plants


  • Quantity is too small

3. Best Liquid: Hydrofarm DG0020

Hydrofarm DG0020

Photo: Hydrofarm

  • Type: Liquid
  • Volume: 2 ounces

The Hydrifarm DG0020 is the best liquid rooting hormone on the list. This is pre-concentrated liquid with high concentration of the active ingredients like ethyl and isopropyl alcohol. This product is very responsive and comes with rooting auxins.

Unlike other products, this one is self-sanitizing. The ingredients kill bacteria and is not likely to leave residue in the liquid.

The usability of this product is very simple. By taking out some of the liquid in a different bowl, you can dip the cuttings inside. Make sure you don’t completely dip the cuttings.

This is a synthetic product and will actively work in root development. Also, you will find the price decent enough to purchase conveniently.

However, you should make sure that it is not spilled on bare skin as you can feel irritation after coming in contact with the liquid.


  • High concentration for rapid results
  • Self-sanitizing
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • May cause skin irritation

4. Best Powder: Bonide BND925

Bonide BND925

Photo: Bonide

  • Type: Powder
  • Volume: 1.25 ounces

If you are fond of powder rooting hormones, then this is a highly considerable choice to make. It is an extremely accessible choice and promotes root development.

While other hormones work solely with the cuttings, this product is great with bulbs and seeds as well. The application process remains the same. You just have to take the cuttings, bulbs, or seeds, and dip them in the powder. Then place them inside moist soil for the cloning process to begin.   

The rooting hormone is very compatible with a variety of plants. It stimulates root production in softwood and hardwood cuttings. Also, it works excellently with the ornamental plants, fruit trees, berries, and vegetables.

One of the best things is that this product is ideal for transplants. Whenever you have to change the pot or place of the plant in your garden, you can use this powder to facilitate the production of healthy roots. Also, it is available at a very affordable price.

It is the best rooting hormone powder, but the only drawback is the extremely minimal product quantity.


  • Available in powder form
  • Suitable for different plant types
  • Available on a cheap price


  • Very small quantity

5. Best Gel: Clonex HDCL0

Clonex HDCL0

Photo: Clonex

  • Type: Gel
  • Volume: 3.25 ounces

The Clonex HDCL0 is a tenacious gel that stays around the stem or cutting for the longest time. It seals the target area effectively and supplies the much-needed hormones for root cell development. Also, there are vitamins to provide a protective layer around the root tissues.

It is a water-based formula that you can easily apply to the cuttings. Later, you just have to moist the soil and put the cutting inside for propagation.

The best thing is that this product has a full spectrum of mineral nutrients and trace elements for complete nourishment of young roots during all the formative stages.

This is among the most effective formulas available online. However, you will have to refrigerate it throughout. Also, the bottle is a bit complex to use as it has a narrow opening. You might have to struggle a little to take out the product.


  • Highly effective tenacious gel
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with vitamins and minerals
  • Nourishing for entire growth cycle


  • Bottle is difficult to use

6. Best Organic: QuickClone QCG

QuickClone QCG

Photo: QuickClone

  • Type: Gel
  • Volume: 2.5 ounces

The QuickClone QCG is for the buyers who want an organic rooting hormone for the plant cloning process. This one has a brewed tea base and organic ingredients that will keep your cultivation completely safe and organic.

The performance of this product is quite appreciable. It is the best one for yielding and fastest-growing plants. But most importantly, it ensures consistent and strong rooting.

All it takes is a healthy cutting of your favorite plant and dip it into the water. Then you have to dip a suitable length of the cutting in the gel and plant it in the soil later. Within 5 – 10 days, you can expect great results.

The gel is compatible with different plant types, including trees, orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, cactus, bonsai, bamboo, etc. You can take your garden to the next level using this organic rooting hormone.

The only drawback is the bad odor of this product. You might want to wear a mask while applying it to the cuttings.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Consistent growth
  • Suitable for different varieties of plants
  • Fast growth


  • Extremely foul odor

7. Best for Ornamental Plants: RootBoost 100508075

RootBoost 100508075

Photo: RootBoost

  • Type: Powder
  • Volume: 2 ounces

The RootBoost 100508075 is solely for ornamental plants. You must not use the powder for any other plant.

It comes with benefitting hormodin 1 that helps in the root development. Also, it keeps a protective cover on the new tissues for growth.

The product is very affordable and simple in application. You can take the powder in a different container, coat the cuttings with it after moistening the cutting, and put them straight in the soil.

This is a great product but its propagation period is 3 – 5 weeks, which is more than what other products offer. You will have to be patient with this product.


  • Ideal for ornamental plants
  • Very affordable
  • Very simple in application


  • Takes a lot of time to show results

8. Best Volume: Botanicare BC32302

Botanicare BC32302

Photo: Botanicare

  • Type: Liquid
  • Volume: 32.5 ounces

If you have a lot of plants to propagate, then the Botanicare BC32302 with 32.5-ounces capacity will serve you in the most beneficial way.  

The product relieves stress in the plants while ensuring healthy root growth. It helps through the entire development cycle of roots.

The proprietary blend promotes microbial colonization within the soil or grow media. Every bit of this product is for the betterment of the plants.

The application is pretty convenient. You just have to dip the cuttings in the liquid, and the rest of the work is handled. One more thing, you won’t have to worry about the concentration level adjustment because the product is pre-concentrated according to your plant’s needs.

Since the concentration level is not too high, it might take more time to show results.


  • Available in large capacity
  • Stress relieving
  • Suitable for plant betterment
  • Easy to apply


  • Might take time to show results

9. Versatile: Miracle-Gro FastRoot 1

Miracle-Gro FastRoot 1

Photo: Miracle-Gro

  • Type: Powder
  • Volume: 1.25 ounces

Whether you have tropical or hardy ornamental plants to clone, the Miracle-Gro FastRoot 1 is the most versatile product to purchase. It can work with leaves, greenwood, and softwood cuttings. Also, there isn’t any plant that you cannot propagate with the powder.

The rooting process is very simple. With some powder in a plate, you should add the moistened cuttings and shake the powder to coat the cuttings properly. The cuttings are thus ready to be added to the soil.

You can conveniently grow new plants with it. This also strengthens the roots and take special care during the entire growth cycle. Also, it is pretty affordable. However, the capacity of this product is too low.


  • Suitable for versatile use
  • Very affordable
  • Convenient usage


  • Small capacity

10. Standard: General Hydroponics HGC726850

General Hydroponics HGC726850

Photo: General Hydroponics

  • Type: Liquid
  • Volume: 4 ounces

So, the last option on the rooting hormones review is the General Hydroponics HGC726850. It is a standard product but exceptionally powerful. This rooting hormone helps with the rapid growth and strong finish of the plants.

It is made with a powerful blend of premium plant extracts such as nutrients, amino acids, etc. This will boost the growth of plants in the most potential manner. Also, it stimulates rapid root branching.

It is in liquid form, and the application is very simple. The drawback is the strong odor of the product that can cause irritation, especially if you have breathing issues.


  • Suitable for rapid growth
  • Comes with the blend of minerals and nutrients
  • Easy to apply


  • Very strong odor

How to Use the Rooting Hormones Effectively?

How to Use the Rooting Hormones Effectively
Photo: Garden Safe

Once you have the best rooting hormones for plants, the next step is to learn about its effective and rightful usage.

  1. You should start by ensuring the right temperature for propagation. It should be between 20 – 24-degrees C, during weak daylight. Also, to enhance the performance, you should water it every day. Otherwise, irrespective of the hormone’s efficiency, you won’t be able to get satisfactory results.
  2. The rooting hormones are best with clean and fresh cuts. So, you have to ensure the usage of a sterilized blade for cutting. Moreover, the cut should be 45-degrees to increase the cutting’s surface.
  3. Always take out a part of rooting hormones product in a different container, such as a shot glass. Put the product in it and dip the cuttings there. If you directly put the cuttings in the whole container, there is a fair chance that the remaining hormones in the bottle will be contaminated.
  4. Only an inch of the plant’s clone has to be dipped inside the hormones. Make sure you don’t coat the entire cutting with the solution. 
  5. The concentration level depends on the plant type. If you are cloning woody plants, you will need higher concentration. At the same time, herbaceous plants need low concentration. This has to be done thoughtfully because you don’t want to give an overdose of stimulants to the plant. It will have a negative effect on the plants.


As we end the rooting hormone review, we want to tell that these are very essential for strong building of the root. The hormones make them disease-free and also help with the cloning process.

If you want a sure-shot product then go with the Hormex HC1232 for its efficient performance and efficiency of cloning speedily.

However, if you want to pick a natural product then consider the QuickClone QCG as it has brewed tea base. It is quite efficient product and gives amazing results.

All products on the list are very resourceful. You should pick them based on their highlighting features.