12 Best Router Bit Sets of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Router Bit Set
Photo: Dremel

Router bits are metallic pieces that attach to router tools allowing you to make different cuts and curves and wood.

They come in different sizes for multiple applications such as straight, trimming, decorative edging, dovetail joinery, and many other woodworking tasks.

The bits attach to routers using a standard shank that is either ¼-inch or ½ -inch in diameter. There are models that have both types of bits, but many offers just one of the two. Also, bit tips will most likely be made of carbide material.

Dive into our router bit set reviews and buying guide to discover the ideal router set for your woodworking projects and budget.

What To Check Before Buying Best Router Bit Set?

How to Buy the Best Router Bit Set
Photo: Neiko

1. Brands

There are many router bits brands out there, but these are the most common ones we have come across.


Freud is a world-renowned brand which positions itself in the premium range of router bit sets. From our review, Freud did have the most expensive set, but with a significant number of pieces.

The brand’s prices are justified because it makes some high-quality router bits that are likely to last for years assuring you of quality and reliable service. For this reason, don’t shy away from buying Freud bits.

Unlike MLCS, you can use Freud bits for commercial and professional projects.


MLCS is a reputable brand known for making value-priced router bits. If you are looking for a wide-selection set that is inexpensive, this is the go-to-brand.

The MLCS models we reviewed were best suited for beginner woodworker and light-duty projects that are not resource-intensive.

As a beginner working with the router, expensive bits are not necessary. You can get a 15-piece MLCS, which will give you good value for money and a worthwhile learning experience.


CMT is an established brand, which specializes in making router bits for professional users. If are a professional woodworker with extensive experience, this brand offers the tools you need to enhance your craft.

This brand makes its router bits using high-density industrial chrome carbide to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.


Whiteside is one of the most high-quality brands of router bits in the market. Our reviews showed that it is the highest-rated brand by many users.

Even though Whiteside does not offer a lot of bits in its set compared to other brands, you are guaranteed that the bits you buy are the best quality in the market.

Many owners of Whiteside bits report that they have used them for years and they are still intact and reliable.

2. Common Size

Bit shanks are made in two different shaft sizes: ¼-inch, and ½-inch shanks. These are the most common diameters found on routers.

1/2″ Shank

Even though many bits will come with both types of shanks, today, the ½-inch options typically have more mass than ¼-inch ones.

The extra mass makes the ½-inch shank more stable and helps to reduce “chatter”, or the high vibrations caused by bits rotating at high speeds.

Since the ½-inch shanks have a wider diameter, they are likely to have better grip onto the router’s collect compared to ¼-inch-shaft ones. Better grip means the bits are less likely to vibrate or fall off the router.

1/4″ Shank

Router bits with ¼-inch shanks are the most common. According to woodworking experts, bits with ¼-inch shanks are preferred because of their wider application areas in woodworking, compared to bits with ½-inch shanks.

Also, as you shop for your bit set, you may find that those with ¼-inch shanks are likely to be less expensive than their ½-inch counterparts.

Finally, there are some routers that still accept only ¼-inch shanks, as opposed to newer versions that will work with the ½-inch shank as well. If yours, only accepts ¼-inch shanks, then you’ll have to get compatible bits.

3. Materials

Most of the router bits in the market are made of carbide or tungsten carbide material. This material is preferred because of its strength and rigidity compared to others.

You may also come across a steel-tipped bit cutter. Even though this material is equally durable and strong, it is not common on router bits. Carbide cuts wood with precision and smoothness.

Besides the cutting tips, bits also have other parts, such as the shaft, which may be constructed using a different material. We did discover one model, which had bit shanks made of alloy steel as the main material.

4. Commonly-Used Bits

There are many types of bit types used in woodworking. Some of the most common ones include:

Straight router bits: They are some of the most common bits in woodworking. They are used to make straight cuts down into a material to form hollow areas, grooves or dados.

Rabbeting router bits: They make horizontal and vertical cuts at the same time, on a material. These router bits make a rabbet (notch) at the edge of the material.

Flush trim router bits: They are used in trimming one edge of a material flush with another material’s edge. These router bits use a pilot bearing the same size as their cutting radius to guide them.

Chamfer Router Bits: These types of bits produce a bevel cut at a certain angle. They are sometimes used in the decoration of materials’ edges.

Joinery Bits: These are specialized bits that include dovetail router bits, drawer lock router bits, finger joint bits, and several others. Each bit produces a precision joint of a certain type.

12 Best Router Bit Sets of 2021 Reviewed

Neiko 10115A1. Neiko 10115A (Best Value for Money)
  • 80 high-quality ½-inch shank bits
  • Wide range of woodwork applications
  • Heavy-duty aluminum indexing case
  • Smooth and aligned operation
Hiltex 101002. Hiltex 10100 (Best Budget)
  • An affordable, high-quality set
  • 15 ¼-inch shank bits
  • YG8 tungsten carbide cutting bits for precision and durability
  • Alloy steel main construction for reliability
MLCS 60773. MLCS 6077 (Best ¼-inch Starter Set)
  • 15 quality ½-inch-shank bits
  • Bit tips made of carbide
  • Reasonably priced set
  • Wooden storage box included
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
Yonico 14522q4. Yonico 14522q (Best Lightweight)
  • 10.1-ounce lightweight router bit set
  • 5 ¼-inch-shank bits made of C3 micro-grain carbide with silver induction brazing
  • Cuts the most common diameters
  • Can be used on including CNC, handheld and table-mounted routers
Stalwart RBS0245. Stalwart RBS024 (Best for Home Improvement)
  • 24 inexpensive ¼-inch router bits
  • High-quality carbide-tipped bits for precision cutting
  • A wide range of woodwork applications
  • A wooden case for easy storage, organization, and bit protection
MLCS 8377 6. MLCS 8377 (Best for Learning)
  • Basic set for woodwork learners and starters
  • 15 high-quality ½-inch-shank bits
  • Multipurpose set for different applications
  • Inexpensive for easy adoption by beginners
Whiteside 4017. Whiteside 401 (Best 1/2-Inch-Shank Set)
  • 7 premium ½-inch-shank router bits
  • Industry-grade carbide tips for durability and wear resistance
  • Precision-ground to achieve high balance during high RPM operations
  • Superior cutting quality
Freud 91-1008. Freud 91-100 (High-Quality)
  • 13 ½-inch-shank bits with micro-grain carbide/titanium, and tri-metal brazing tips
  • Computer-balanced bits for vibration reduction
  • A high shear angle on bits for fewer tear-outs and chatter
  • Limited lifetime warranty from Freud
ABN Router Set 9. ABN Router Set (For Commercial Use)
  • 24 premium ¼-inch-shank bits for commercial applications
  • ABN tungsten carbide-tips on bits
  • Bits can withstand high router RPMs
  • Wooden case for easy storage and organization
Bosch RBS00610. Bosch RBS006 (Premium Multi-Purpose Set)
  • Professional multi-purpose set of 6, ¼-inch-shank bits
  • Multi-purpose router bit set
  • Premium-quality micro-grain carbide tips for wear-resistance and durability
  • Balanced and controlled cut design to reduce vibration and kickbacks
Dremel 69211. Dremel 692 (For Basic Applications)
  • 6 ¼-inch-shank router bits for basic applications
  • Suitably for repairs and renovations
  • High-quality steel cutters for durability
  • Has long shanks for firm router grip
Bosch RBS01012. Bosch RBS010 (Versatile All-Purpose Set)
  • Has both ¼-inch and ½-inch-shank
  • 10 carbide-tipped bits for smoothness and durability
  • Balanced and controlled cut design
  • Ball-bearing pilot to guide bits

1. Neiko 10115A – Best Value for Money

Neiko 10115A
Photo: Neiko

  • Quantity: 80 pieces
  • Shank: ½-inch

Neiko 10115A router bit set is unlike any other on our list. It has the greatest number of cutters of all models.

With this set, you are getting 80 high-quality ½-inch-shank bits. You probably may never use all, but you are guaranteed to never lack a cutter for whatever woodwork project you’re working on. You’ll never need to buy another supplemental set.

The cutters in this set are designed for a wide range of woodwork applications. You get straight, flush trim, cover, corner round, beading, and 25-degree trimming cutters of different diameters.

These bits are designed for smooth and aligned operation. For ease of storage and organization, this set comes with a heavy-duty aluminum indexing case, which offers guaranteed durability.

Although Neiko 10115A gives you the best value for money with is many cutters, the bits all have a ½-inch shank. While many router models have standard ½-inch shanks, others have ¼-inch ones, and this set will not be compatible with them.

Also, if you plan to carry it around for long-distance, it may feel heavy on the hand.


  • 80 high-quality ½-inch shank bits
  • Suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects
  • Sharp high-quality cutters for accuracy and durability
  • Smooth and aligned operation


  • Shank size is not compatible with many ¼-inch routers
  • Can be heavy especially is you carry it over a long distance

2. Hiltex 10100 – Best Budget

Hiltex 10100
Photo: Hiltex

  • Quantity: 15 pieces
  • Shank: ¼-inch

Hiltex 10100 is the most affordable router bit set on our list. It is a budget set, which offers a lot of value because even though it is inexpensive, it has a decent number of bits for its price.

You get 15 high-quality router bits with this set. The YG8 tungsten carbide blades used on these bits make them sharp enough to make accurate and precise cuts on all types of wood. The material used on the blades also increases their versatility and durability.

Quality is not just on the blades. The main construction of these bits is solid alloy steel, which also has a powder coating finish. Combined, the build quality of the bits’ main construction makes them durable and reliable.

For ease of storage and organization, this set comes with a compact wooden indexing case. You don’t have to worry about misplacing your bits.

Although Hiltex 10100 is the most affordable router bit set on our list, it is not suitable for heavy-duty usage as the bits are susceptible to rapid wear.


  • Reasonably priced and value-packed
  • Quality cutting blades for precision and durability
  • Main construction made of quality alloy steel
  • Standard shank compatible with all router models


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty usage due to wear

3. MLCS 6077 – Best ¼-inch

MLCS 6077
Photo: MLCS

  • Quantity: 15 pieces
  • Shank: ¼-inch

MLCS 6077 is the ideal ¼-inch-shank starter set for beginner woodworkers. Unlike the MLCS 8377 whose bit shanks are ½ -inch, this one uses the more standard ¼-inch shanks.

MLCS 6077 offers you 15 high-quality ¼-inch-shank router bits at a reasonable price.

The bits have a carbide tip for quality and durable service. The cutter tips ensure precise and smooth cuts on your wood.

This set is easy to store as it comes in a wooden box for easy organization and transportation in case you need to carry it offsite.

Although MLCS 6077 the best ¼ -inch router bit starter set, it is only suitable for light-duty, non-commercial uses. Subjecting to heavy-duty tasks risk wearing out the bits fast.


  • 15 quality ¼-inch-shank router bits
  • Carbide bit tips for smooth and accurate cuts
  • Reasonably priced set
  • Wooden box for easy storage and organization


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty commercial projects

4. Yonico 14522q – Best Lightweight

Yonico 14522q
Photo: Yonico

  • Quantity: 5 pieces
  • Shank: ¼-inch

You will love the Yonico 14522q because it is lightweight and compact, especially compared to other heavier models.

Because this bit set weighs only 10.1 ounces, it is very lightweight and highly portable. It is the ideal setting for doing those small offsite tasks that do not require the entire range of router bits.

While you only get 5 bits with this set, they can cut the most common diameters of 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, and 3/4-inch. The cutters have a standard 1/4-inch shank to fit most router models.

The cutters on are premium-grade. They are made of C3 micro-grain carbide with silver induction brazing to give the cutters maximum strength and durability.

This set can be used on a range of routers including CNC, handheld and table-mounted ones.

Although the Yonico 14522q router bit set is ultra-portable and compact, it only has 5 bits to cater for the most common cuts made of wood. If you need to make more custom cuts, you may need to get a set with more bits.


  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Cuts the most common diameters
  • Premium cutters for maximum strength
  • Standard shank compatible with most router models


  • A small number of bits in this set

5. Stalwart RBS024 – Best for Home Improvement

Stalwart RBS024
Photo: Stalwart

  • Quantity: 24 pieces
  • Shank: ¼-inch

Stalwart RBS024 is an ideal router bit set for home improvement as it is both inexpensive and comes with 24 high-quality bits.

You can proceed to complete your projects with confidence because these bits have carbide tips, which makes them long-lasting and reliable for all your DIY and home improvement projects.

This set can be used for so many applications including edging, trimming, veining wood, grooving, general woodworking, and is ideal for users of all experience levels. You also get an Allen wrench for bearings extraction, with this set.

When working with the bits, you want to ensure they are stored securely after use and that none of them is lost. That is why the set comes with a sturdy wooden case for ease of storage and organization.

The case provides you with a convenient way to store your bits in-between jobs or during your DIY home improvement projects. It serves as a means of safe storage for the bits during transportation.

Although Stalwart RBS024 is the best router bit set for home improvement, it is not ideal for commercial heavy-duty projects.


  • Many inexpensive bits for home improvement projects
  • High-quality bits with carbide tips
  • Wide range of woodwork applications
  • Wooden case for bit protection and ease of storage


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty commercial projects

6. MLCS 8377 – Best for Learning

MLCS 8377
Photo: MLCS

  • Quantity: 15 pieces
  • Shank: ½-inch

If you’re just learning how to work with a router and bits for making different woodwork designs, then the MLCS 8377 is an ideal bit set for this purpose.

This is because the bit set is built for light-duty tasks, is economical, and has a decent number of all-purpose bits.

Even though we recommend this set for learners, it still packs some quality and premium features such as its carbide-tipped bits for making efficient and smoother cuts on wood.

You get straight, round over, cover, roman ogee, chamfer, flush trim, dovetail, rabbeting, and many other types of bits for different purposes.

The set is also relatively inexpensive compared to other models reviewed, especially since you’re getting this one with 15 pieces.

Since MLCS 8377 is the ideal router bit set for learners in woodworking and router use, it is therefore unsuitable for commercial woodworking applications as the bit are likely to wear out fast.

The bit shanks are all ½-inch and thus may not be compatible with ¼-inch routers.


  • Basic set for starters and learners
  • 15 high-quality bits
  • Multi-purpose set
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Not suitable for commercial and heavy-duty tasks
  • Shanks are ½-inch only

7. Whiteside 401 – Best 1/2-Inch-Shank Router Bit Set

Whiteside 401
Photo: Whiteside

  • Quantity: 7 pieces
  • Shank: ½-inch

Whiteside 401 is the best set of ½-inch-shank router bits you can find today. It is a top-rated set of 7 premium-built bits.

The 7 bits are constructed using industry-grade carbide. These bits are wear-resistant, durable, and can adapt to a wide range of heavy-duty woodwork applications.

To achieve optimal balance during high RPM router operations, the bits are precision-ground. They won’t break or experience vibrations. The bits are capable of superior cutting quality for professional work.

Although Whiteside 401 is the best ½-inch-shank router bit set on our list, you only get 7 pieces of these high-quality bits. If you need bits that are not available on this set, then you may be required to find another model.

Also, for 7 bits only, this set is rather pricey.


  • 7 industry-grade carbide-tipped router bits
  • Wear-resistant and durable bits
  • Precision-ground for optimal balance during high RPM
  • Superior cutting quality for professional projects


  • The set has 7 pieces only
  • Pricey for 7 bits

8. Freud 91-100 – High-Quality

Freud 91-100
Photo: Freud

  • Quantity: 13 pieces
  • Shank: ½-inch

This set offers top-of-the-range bits. Their tips are made of long-lasting micro-grain carbide/titanium, and tri-metal brazing. They also feature an anti-kickback design to ensure smooth cuts.

Freud puts a lot of effort into the design of these router bits. Each bit is computer-balanced to reduce its vibration and chatter while running at high speeds exceeding the typical 22,000 RPM, which is the standard in most routers.

Still, on bits, they are designed with a high shear angle, which results in fewer chatter marks and tear-outs. You are guaranteed of a cross-grained cut, which requires minimal or no sanding. 

These bits are designed to cut through all composition materials, plywood, hardwood, and softwoods. They can be used on table-mounted and hand-held routers.

You also get Freud’s limited lifetime warranty with your purchase of this bit set.

Although Freud 91-100 has high-quality and router bits engineered for perfection, precision, and durability, they are only available in ½-inch shanks so people with ¼-inch routers may not be able to enjoy their benefits.


  • Top-of-the-range router bits
  • Computer-balanced bits for vibration and chatter reduction
  • High shear angle for minimal tear-outs
  • Offered with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Not available with ¼-inch shanks

9. ABN Router Set – Best-Commercial

ABN Router Set
Photo: ABN

  • Quantity: 24 pieces
  • Shank: ¼-inch

The ABN tungsten carbide router bit set is ideal for commercial woodworking projects and setups.

Owning this set gives you access to 24 premium bits that can meet the demands of commercial uses. The bits’ tips are made of ABN tungsten carbide for precise and smooth cuts on all types of wood.

The bits have standard ¼-inch shanks, which will fit the most common router shanks in the market. Still, on routers, the premium build of these bits enables them to handle any RPM speeds. You don’t have to worry about them breaking from the heavy-duty application.

Since you are getting 24 bits, you can use them for a wide range of applications. You get a mortising bit, a combination bilevel bit, dovetail bits, grooving bits, straight, trimming, round nose, and many other types of bits.

The set offers convenient storage as it comes in a wooden case for easy access and organization. The case also provides secure bit placement so that they won’t dislodge or get lost.

Although ABN Router Set is ideal for commercial users and applications, it’s worth noting that repeated use on commercial woodworking can make some regularly-used bit dull faster than others. 


  • 24 premium bits for commercial applications
  • High-quality bits that can handle any RPM
  • Wide range of commercial applications
  • Convenient storage


  • Commonly used bits can get dull fast

10. Bosch RBS006 – Premium Multi-Purpose

Bosch RBS006
Photo: Bosch

  • Quantity: 6 pieces
  • Shank: ¼-inc

Bosch RBS006 is a premium multipurpose router bit set designed for professional woodworking.

If you’re a professional woodworker, you can use the bits on this set for trimming, straight, decorative edging, and dovetail joinery woodwork jobs. The bits have ¼-inch shanks to fit the most common router models.

To ensure that you are getting the best professional results from your work, bit cutters have premium-quality micro-grain carbide tips. The premium material construction makes these bits wear-resistant and durable. They are able to produce sharp edges and excellent smoothness on your wood.

These bits promise a balanced and controlled cut design, which helps minimize kickbacks while allowing smooth cuts and minimal vibration.

They also come with a compact ball-bearing pilot, which guides the bits along the edge of the materials you are working one.

For ease of organization and storage, the set is packaged in a storage case made of a strong wood base, and a clear plastic top.

Although Bosch RBS006 is a premium router bit set designed for professional woodworking tasks, it only has 6 bits, a number many may find inadequate for meeting all their professional demands.


  • Premium multi-purpose bits
  • High-quality micro-grain carbide bit tips
  • Minimizes kickbacks and vibrations for smooth cutting
  • Storage case for easy organization


  • The set only has 6 bits

11. Dremel 692 – Best Quality Steel Cutters

Dremel 692
Photo: Dremel

  • Quantity: 6 pieces
  • Shank: ¼-inch

Dremel 692 is designed as a basic router set of router bits that would be ideal for beginning woodworkers or hobbyists who are not engaged in professional projects. You can use the bits for basic repairs, renovation, and hobby tasks.

This is because the set comes with 6 standard router bits, which will cater for the most common cuts you’d want to make on wood. The bits are suitable for routing, inlaying, and mortising wood and other soft materials.

The cutters are made of high-quality steel, which makes them versatile and durable. Their 1/4-inch shanks will work with most router models. The shanks have also been made longer than standard ones to hold the bits in place.

As we noted, Dremel 692 is a basic set ideal for beginners, hence, some may find the number of bits in this set to be inadequate.

Also, the cutters are not made of carbide like many other models we have reviewed. Hence, the range of projects and the intensity of work you can do with this tool may be limited.


  • Basic set for small woodwork projects
  • Quality steel cutters for versatility and durability
  • ¼-inch shanks compatible with many router models
  • Long standard shanks for firm router grip


  • A small number of router bits
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use

12. Bosch RBS010 – Versatile All-Purpose

Bosch RBS010
Photo: Bosch

  • Quantity: 10 pieces
  • Shank: ¼-inch, ½-inch

Bosch RBS010 is the most versatile all-purpose router bit set on our list. It accommodates both ¼-inch and ½-inch shanks for maximum utility, and it also packs 10 high-quality bits for professional projects.

Versatility is achieved by including both ¼-inch and ½-inch shanks in this set. The ½-inch-shank bits are built for providing optimal stability, while the ¼-inch ones are perfect for thin-profile applications.

The bits on this set have an innovative compact ball-bearing pilot, which guides the bits along the material’s edge. This feature is useful in enhancing accuracy and precision.

Such a premium set comes with a quality and reusable storage case, which has a wooden base and a clear plastic top for easy organization. The case also enables you to transport the sent easily.

Although the Bosch RBS010 is the best versatile all-purpose set of router bits, you only get 10 bits for a premium price. However, if the price is not an issue, you will be investing in one of the best router bits in the market.


  • Has both ¼-inch and ½-inch shank bits
  • 10 carbide-tipped bits for smoothness and durability
  • Balanced and controlled cutting
  • Ball-bearing pilot for guiding bit


  • Premium price with 10 bits only


Router bits are convenient tools that will complement your woodworking projects. You can use them for small DIY, renovation, and hobby projects, or large scale commercial and professional ones.

Whatever level of experience you have, it is important to consider factors such as bit brands, the shank size of the bits, materials used to construct the bits, and the most common woodwork applications that they will be used for.

Having conducted extensive research on router bits, you are all set to proceed with our purchase. Our 12 router bit reviews and buying guide will help you choose the ideal model.