10 Best Salt & Pepper Grinders of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Salt And Pepper Grinder
Photo: Cole & Mason

Sometimes, people forget to focus on the minimally focussed purchases, but every purchase made for the kitchen should be thoughtful. When you have to buy the best salt and pepper grinder, there are many things that you can consider during a purchase.

Whether it is the type of grinder or the material used in the manufacturing, all the little to large details make a significant difference with the purchase.

This salt and pepper grinder review will help you make a right purchase. Also, it will introduce you to all kind of details that will help in the purchase. Keep Reading!

What To Check Before Buying Best Salt And Pepper Grinders?

How to Buy the Best Salt And Pepper Grinder
Photo: Cole & Mason

When you are shopping for the best salt and pepper mills for the first time, there are things that you won’t even realize that you missed.

In this section of the salt and pepper review, we will share the important information and help you through the selection process. Whether you are looking for the best battery-operated salt and pepper mill or the manual one, we will try to simplify your research as much as we can.

1. Type

The type of the grinder will make a lot of difference. Some people like to use conventional and aesthetic products. However, there are buyers that believe in simplifying their tasks using the best rated salt and pepper grinders that are powered with electricity.

 We would like to describe the types below and help you with the decision.

Manual: The basic model in salt and pepper grinder is the manual grinder. In this too, there are two main types of operation used. It can be either through crank or by turning the top. The easier the mechanism, simple would be your work.

However, there are some people that have poor hand strength or in case of an injury, using the manual salt and pepper grinder becomes difficult. These grinders are simple products and available on an economical price.

Electric: Another type that you can find in salt and pepper grinders is the battery-powered grinders. It is particularly for bulk grinding and mostly used in commercial places like restaurants.

Of course, the cost of these products is larger that the manual counterparts. If you want the best professional salt and pepper grinder then your best choice should be an electric grinder.

If you are choosing to buy an electric grinder then make sure to look for a balanced product that offer effortless grinding and a great quality. Also, look for a product that can give you options in adjusting the coarseness.

2. Materials

You can find a lot of variety in material of a salt and pepper grinder. These vary from heavy-duty to cheaper quality materials and their properties are also different. However, you should always pick the best ceramic salt and pepper grinder as it will not compromise the taste.


In the salt and pepper grinders, wood is an effective and durable choice to make. On the bright side, it will not break even if you fall it on the floor.

You can find a lot of options in the best wooden salt and pepper mills that bring more allure to the kitchen. The wooden grinders look super stylish.

On the downside, these grinders are difficult to ensure if they are totally clean or not. But thankfully, the wooden grinder will not rust or corrode.

Plastic and Acrylic

The plastic and acrylic material is the cheapest alternative. It is also quite durable and easy to clean. However, the strength of this material is low, so it might crack or break after some time.

The material is lightweight and comes in a variety of colors. You can also find some designing done with stainless-steel material for enhanced and designer look.


Lastly, there are metal salt and pepper grinders that comes with maximum durability. Metal material brings some weight with it therefore, these grinders are not suitable for the people with less hand strength.

These grinders mostly weigh three-times more than standard grinders.

Buying Advice

Every type of material has different pros and cons. If you are on a budget then buy plastic and acrylic grinders. Otherwise, a wooden one is a good choice to make.

3. Adjustable Grind Settings

The coarseness of salt and pepper varies a lot. Sadly, there are not a lot of grinders that are efficient in providing multiple coarseness. It comes with good adjustable grind settings.

From the pool of options available in these products, you should pick the best adjustable salt and pepper grinder.

4. Easy to Refill

Refilling the grinder container can be difficult. You mostly spill the ingredients out while refilling the grinder because most of them have narrow openings that make refilling very difficult.

Make sure to purchase a grinder that has wider opening and that it can give you effortless and spill-free filling of salt and pepper beans.

5. Dimensions

The best manual salt and pepper grinders are handheld things. They should be in such dimensions so that you can conveniently hold them in your hand.

Make sure that the dimensions of these products are such that they can be easily held in hand and used.

10 Best Salt And Pepper Grinders of 2021 Reviewed




OXO 1141000

1. OXO 1141000 (Durable Grinder)

  • Manual grinder made of acrylic and stainless-steel
  • Multiple settings
  • Soft, non-slip grip
  • Non-corrosive ceramic inner
Cole & Mason H59402G

2. Cole & Mason H59402G (Modern & Unique)

  • Manual grinder made of acrylic
  • 6 level grind settings
  • Maintain freshness
  • Lifetime guarantee
 Wonder Sky 8541951583

3. Wonder Sky 8541951583 (Budget-friendly)

  • Manual grinder made of stainless steel and glass
  • Available in a pair
  • Highly adjustable
  • Comes with a free cleaning brush
Home EC Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

4. Home EC Salt & Pepper Grinder Set (Highly-adjustable)

  • Manual grinder made of glass material
  • Highly-adjustable
  • Stainless-steel lid caps
  • 365 days guarantee
Grind Gourmet STS06SET01

5. Grind Gourmet STS06SET01 (Thumb Push Button Grinder)

  • Manual grinder made of stainless-steel material
  • Available in a set of 2
  • One hand operation
  • Comes with a stand
Gold Armour Premium Salt & Pepper Set

6. Gold Armour Premium Salt & Pepper Set (Made with Premium Glass)

  • Made of glass and stainless-steel material
  • Adjustable grind settings
  • Comes with 90-day warranty
  • Easy to refill
Latent Epicure JS-01

7. Latent Epicure JS-01 (Easy to Use Electric Grinder)

  • Electric grinder made of stainless-steel material
  • One-touch operation
  • Ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Adjustable settings
Cole & Mason H304928GU

8. Cole & Mason H304928GU (Most-expensive)

  • Manual grinder made of beechwood material
  • 8 inches tall
  • 6 pre-set grind settings
  • Comes with lifetime-guarantee
Olde Thompson 5050-00

9. Olde Thompson 5050-00 (Classic Design)

  • Manual grinder made of wood material
  • 6 inches large
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee
  • Fully adjustable
Cole & Mason H63018P

10. Cole & Mason H63018P (Beautifully-designed)

  • Manual grinder made of acrylic material
  • 4.5 inches tall
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee

1. OXO 1141000 – Best Durable

OXO 1141000
Photo: OXO

  • Type: Manual
  • Material: Acrylic and Stainless-steel

OXO is known for manufacturing world-class quality of manual grinders. This model is available in a pair of 2 grinders. You can simply turn and unscrew the caps for manual grinding. 

It has beautiful looks with stainless steel openings and acrylic bottom. Also, there is ceramic coating in inside which does not let plastic affect the odor or flavor of the salt and pepper.

Due to the clean acrylic material, you can see how much content is left inside the grinder bottle. Furthermore, it is non-slip and have soft grip. It is lightweight and will be able to supportive to the people with limited hand strength.

This is a suitable product but the cost of this product is more than it should be. Also, the size is a bit smaller, especially for the families that have high usage.


  • Fantastic combination of materials
  • Non-slip and easy grip product
  • Ceramic coating does not affect odor or flavor
  • Suitable for people with limited hand strength


  • Cost is a bit higher than it should be
  • The size is small, especially for large families

2. Cole & Mason H59402G – Modern & Unique

Cole & Mason H59402G
Photo: Cole & Mason

  • Type: Manual
  • Material: Acrylic and Stainless-steel

For someone who wants to buy a smart looking grinder, this product will be suitable to their choice. Unfortunately, this is not available in a pair and when you buy it individually, the cost will be huge as a pair.

The material used in its making is acrylic and have stunning stainless-steel top and bottom. There are 6 grinding levels that you can use to adjust the coarseness of salt and pepper.

While the refilling mechanism is easy but due to the narrow opening, you will spill the pepper and salt on the kitchen counter. You also get lifetime guarantee with this product.

What you won’t like in this product is the fact that it is not available in a pair, unlike many other products. Also, due to the narrow opening, salt and pepper will definitely spill on the ground.


  • It is a smart looking grinder
  • Made of acrylic and stainless-steel material
  • Comes with 6-level grinding
  • You can manage the coarseness of salt and pepper


  • This model is not available in a pair
  • Narrow opening with encourage spills

3. Wonder Sky 8541951583 – Budget-friendly

Wonder Sky 8541951583
Photo: Wonder Sky

  • Type: Manual
  • Material: Glass and Stainless-steel

If you need a budget-friendly product then this should be your choice. It is available in decent size so that even frequent users can also use these easily.

The two refilling mills are 7.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. It comes with 5 level adjustable settings to adjust the coarseness of salt and pepper.

It is a great product that will look great in your kitchen. But, please note that there the opening of this product is narrow and the refilling will be a little challenging. Also, glass material is difficult to maintain. It might break with a single fall.


  • Large in size so you can use it frequently with refilling everyday
  • Comes with 5 level of adjustable settings
  • Looks stunning in the kitchen
  • Comes with a cleaning brush


  • Glass material so it is difficult to maintain
  • Narrow opening makes refilling difficult

4. Home EC Salt & Pepper Grinder Set – Highly-adjustable

Home EC Salt & Pepper Grinder Set
Photo: Home EC

  • Type: Manual
  • Material: Glass

This one from Home EC is a great product and is available in a pair. The construction is done with glass material with stainless-steel top. The glass bottle is BPA-free and the stainless-steel cap is corrosion-resistant.

It comes with 5-grade adjustable product gives you the liberty to give manage the coarseness of salt and pepper. It is an ideal gift to give your loved ones on Christmas.

The stainless-steel caps are tightly sealed. It is manually cranked but because of the tight operations, it is not suitable for people with limited hand strength.

The size is suitable, and it comes with lifetime guarantee. This is a great product to buy on a decent price.


  • High-quality construction of the product
  • Easy to refill and use
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee
  • Great overall product


  • Not suitable for people with limited hand strength

5. Grind Gourmet STS06SET01 – Thumb Push Button Grinder

Grind Gourmet STS06SET01
Photo: Grind Gourmet

  • Type: Manual
  • Material: Stainless-steel

This one is a uniquely styled product and used by pushing through your thumb. It is a tube-like grinder but needs good hand strength for operation.

This product is mostly made of stainless-steel material and has glass in between. The stainless-steel ensures that you get the much-required strength from the grinder.

The refilling is easy in this product. Also, you get a transparent stand where after every use, you can conveniently place the grinders. Sadly, the quantity of these grinders is small.


  • Extremely stylish product
  • Comes with a stand to keep the grinders
  • Available in a pair of 2
  • Made of high-quality stainless-steel


  • The quantity of this product is too small
  • Requires hand strength so not suitable for all kind of users

6. Gold Armour Premium Salt & Pepper Set – Best Made with Premium Glass

Gold Armour Premium Salt & Pepper Set
Photo: Gold Armour

  • Type: Manual
  • Material: Glass & Stainless-steel

This salt and pepper grinder set from Gold Armour as an economical product but due to the small size, it is only suitable for smaller families.

This one is made of glass and have a stainless-steel lid which rotates to grind the ingredients. The bottle can accommodate 150 ml of salt or pepper.

The grinder has elegant looks and comes with a stand where the grinders can be stored. Things that you will not like in this product are that the size is too small and since it is glass material, the grinders are fragile in nature.


  • Very economically priced product
  • Comes with stainless steel rotatable lid
  • Elegant looks of the grinders
  • Comes with storage stand


  • Glass material is fragile in nature
  • Size is too small even for a small family

7. Latent Epicure JS-01 – Easy to Use

Latent Epicure JS-01
Photo: Latent Epicure

  • Type: Electric
  • Material: Stainless-steel

The Latent Epicure JS-01 is a great electric salt and pepper grinder. It is essentially useful for the people with limited hand strength.

The one-touch operation makes using this product super easy. The adjustable coarseness makes this product more meaningful.

It is operated through 4 AA batteries that are not included with the product. Within 30 days of usage, you can enjoy 100% money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty with this model.


  • The electric grinder is available on a suitable price
  • Adjustable coarseness makes this product more useful
  • 12-month warranty of the product
  • Comes with 20-day money back guarantee


  • The product does not come with 4 AA batteries

8. Cole & Mason H304928GU – Most-expensive

Cole & Mason H304928GU
Photo: Cole & Mason

  • Type: Manual
  • Material: Beechwood

This one is a premium-quality product by Cole & Mason. It is made of beechwood material. It is a perfect gift for your near and dear ones.

The bottles are available in a decent size that make sure that you don’t have to refill them frequently. Then there are multiple settings to adjust the coarseness of the salt and pepper.

It is available in a pair and designed interestingly. Only thing that might take off your interest is the high price of this grinder set and the fact that it is a little difficult to clean.


  • Super stylish product for routine usage
  • Makes an ideal gifting option
  • Available in a decent size for prolonged usage
  • Comes with multiple settings to adjust the coarseness


  • The price of this product is too high
  • It is difficult to clean and maintain

9. Olde Thompson 5050-00 – Classic

Olde Thompson 5050-00
Photo: Olde Thompson

  • Type: Manual
  • Material: Wood

The Olde Thompson made is a standard product available on the market. One of the best things is that you can buy this product in a pair or pack of 2, 3, and 4. This product comes with lifetime warranty.

It is made of stained wood which ensure the quality and durability of the product. The 6 inches tall bottles are used for versatile usage. Also, the quality is enough to prevent frequent refills.

As we talk about the refills, you should know that this product will give you a hard time while refilling. It has a narrow opening. Also, the coating on the top might come off after a few washes.


  • Available in versatile packs
  • Wood material is quite durable in nature
  • Shaped wonderfully to boost the appearance of the grinders


  • The opening is narrow which make refilling difficult
  • The coating on the top might come off after a few washes

10. Cole & Mason H63018P – Beautifully-designed

Cole & Mason H63018P
Photo: Cole & Mason

  • Type: Manual
  • Material: Acrylic

So, this product from Cole & Mason is beautifully designed. It is available in a pack of 2. If your purpose is to buy something to boost the grace of your dining table then this will be a suitable product.

It comes with a machine cut carbon steel precision mechanism to draw salt and pepper smoothly on each twist and turn.

The refilling of the salt and pepper is also simple by unscrewing the top and adding the product. Also, the multiple settings make sure that you get satisfactory coarseness.

This product comes with lifetime guarantee. The only problem is the tiny size of this model. Also, compared to the size and material used for the preparation, the price seems a little unfair.


  • Comes with lifetime guarantee
  • Refilling is very simple
  • Comes with carbon steel precision mechanism
  • There are multiple adjustment settings


  • The price seems a little unfair for the material used and size given
  • The size of the grinder is too small


It is not difficult to find the best salt and pepper grinder on the market. There are a few things that you need to keep in consideration. These things will help you know the product better and will enhance your purchase.

The recommendations that we have made above are suitable for all kind of buyers. There is a versatility in size, material, type, and some other features.

You can check the products carefully and make purchases carefully. While the purchase is not too expensive still you don’t have to spend your money on things that are not worth your interest. Read the review and select the right product.