10 Best Shower Cleaners of 2021 Tested & Reviewed

Best Shower Cleaner
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Shower cleaners are products designed to rid your shower installations off stubborn stains and germs that accumulate in the bathroom over time.

These cleaners often come in solutions that help dissolve stains and dirt such as soap scum, grease, soiling, and even invisible germs. You may also find shower cleaners in the form of scrubbers.

A good shower cleaner should work on multiple surfaces, be non-toxic and non-allergenic. Its capacity should also be enough to cover several cleaning cycles.

In our top 10 shower cleaner reviews, we cover the leading bathroom cleaning solutions that you can buy today.

What To Check Before Buying Shower Cleaner?

How to Buy the Best Shower Cleaner
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1. Surface

When choosing a shower cleaner, it is important to consider the surface you will be cleaning using the solution.

All the cleaners we reviewed work great on multiple surfaces. However, most are recommended for use on non-porous surfaces such as tiles, sinks, tubs, vinyl, and many more.

You may need to confirm the surfaces that can be cleaned with solutions with bleach and other harsh chemicals to safeguard your health and that of other members of your household.

2. Shower Cleaner Ingredients

Shower and other surface cleaners are made using a variety of active ingredients.

The ingredients in your cleaner will depend on its intended use, the surface it works on, end the kind of dirt it is designed to eliminate.

Some cleaners have bleaching agents as their main ingredient. Mold Armor FG532, for instance, has bleaching ingredients because it mainly targets mildew and mold, which can be hard to remove with non-bleach cleaners.

3. Scent

Most shower cleaners will come scented to leave behind a refreshing smell in your shower or bathroom after cleaning.

Scents are also great in cleaners that have chemicals that may otherwise produce a pungent and uncomfortable smell.

Cleaners such as Earth Friendly Products 15133 and Lysol RAC85017 have a citrusy scent that leaves your bathroom and home smelling fresh after cleaning.

4. Is it Easy to Use?

Since cleaning can, sometimes, prove to be a tedious task, it is important that your cleaner is easy to use so that it does not make the cleaning process any harder.

An easy-to-use cleaner is one that simplifies the spraying or scrubbing process. Our review found that some cleaners are so effective that they don’t require you to scrub the surfaces you use them on.

For instance, both Earth Friendly Products 15133 and Mold Armor FG532 do not require you to do any scrubbing. Simply spray them and walk away.

5. Environment-friendly

Because many shower cleaners have bleach and other harsh chemicals to enable effective cleaning of tough stains, they can, sometimes, be harmful to the environment.

Biodegradable cleaners, on the other hand, are eco-friendly and won’t harm soil, plants, water or air. Such include Charlie’s Soap 12301, which is fully biodegradable. Earth Friendly Products 15133 is a plant-based cleaner that is also friendly to the environment.

6. Safety

Always read the directions for use, which come with your shower cleaner. Avoid using shower cleaners on surfaces that come into contact with, or handle food.

Cleaners with bleach, for instance, may require you to wear gloves and other protective wear to prevent exposure to the chemicals.

You can get the Lysol RAC85017, a cleaner that is safe for use and does not require any protective clothing. Charlie’s Soap 12301 also doesn’t contain bleach or any harsh chemicals.

10 Best Shower Cleaners of 2021 Reviewed




Spray Nine 26832

1. Spray Nine 26832 (Best Overall)

  • Versatile heavy-duty cleaner
  • Eliminates germs and bacteria
  • Very affordable
  • Multi-surface cleaner
Mr. Clean 3700032563

2. Mr. Clean 3700032563 (Best for Shower & Bath)

  • 8 high-performance scrubbers
  • Removes tough soap scum
  • Upgradable with Durafoam
  • Lasts longer than liquid cleaners
Earth Friendly Products 15133

3. Earth Friendly Products 15133 (Best Effort-free)

  • Does not require scrubbing
  • Uses plant-based ingredients
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Offered in a large capacity
Mold Armor FG532

4. Mold Armor FG532 (Best for Mold & Mildew)

  • Removes mold and mildew
  • Eliminates bathroom odors
  • Doesn’t require scrubbing
  • Multi-surface cleaner
The Bucko 3934457

5. The Bucko 3934457 (For Soap Scum)

  • Ideal for soap scum removal
  • No bleach or harsh chemicals
  • Minimal scrubbing required
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
Lysol RAC85017

6. Lysol RAC85017 (For Grease Stains)

  • Dissolves grease stains
  • Has no bleach or harsh chemicals
  • Family-friendly and easy to use
  • Kills germs and bacteria
Charlie's Soap 12301

7. Charlie’s Soap 12301 (Multipurpose Bath & Kitchen Cleaner)

  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals
  • Uses decomposable ingredients
  • Leaves no residue
Fuller Brush BathClean 780

8. Fuller Brush BathClean 780 (With Grime Repellant)

  • Grimeguard invisible shield
  • Reduces cleaning frequency
  • Vertical-cling capability
  • Upgradable with special brushes
Tilex 01100

9. Tilex 01100 (Efficient Spray Mechanism)

  • Smart Tube spray technology
  • Removes mold and mildew
  • Multi-surface cleaner
Formula 409 00889

10. Formula 409 00889 (Antibacterial Multi-surface Kitchen Cleaner)

  • Effective antibacterial capability
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Streak-free cleaning
  • Efficient spray mechanism

1. Spray Nine 26832 – Best Overall

Spray Nine 26832
Photo: Spray Nine
  • Capacity: 32 Ounces

Starting us off is Spray Nine 26832, the best overall shower cleaner on our list. It is a heavy-duty cleaner that is also the most affordable on our list.

This professional-grade cleaner boasts of superior versatility in is the ability to disinfect, degrease, remove stains, and eliminate the notorious mold and mildew that may accumulate in your bathroom.

It is effective in killing germs and bacteria, thus helping maintain high standards of hygiene in your bathroom, and safeguarding your health.

The cleaner offers the best value for money of all the products on our list. You get a fairly large 32-ounce capacity for the lowest price.

You can also use it on multiple surfaces including sinks, showers, tubs, vinyl, runner, plastic, concrete, engines, and many more.

Spray Nine 26832 does, however, produce a chemical smell that may be too strong for some users. If you encounter such an experience, wearing a mask while using the product is recommended.


  • Versatile professional-grade cleaner
  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Best value for money
  • Cleans multiple surfaces


  • The chemical smell may be strong and uncomfortable

2. Mr. Clean 3700032563 – Best Shower and Bath Scrubber

Mr. Clean 3700032563
Photo: Mr. Clean
  • Capacity: 8 Pads

While most shower cleaners are in liquid form, some like the Mr. Clean 3700032563, the best shower and bath scrubber, come in solid form.

This cleaner comes in a pack of 2, each of which contains 4 pads. The scrubber boasts of having Febreze Freshness, which enables erasing of 3 times more soap scum than standard spray cleaners.

It is an effective cleaner than eliminates soap scum that forms in the toughest parts of your bathroom including bathtubs, shower glasses, tiles with grime, and even surfaces that may contain toothpaste residue. Simply water the scrubber to activate it.

In case you have even more stubborn stains in your bathroom, you can upgrade this scrubber with Durafoam to clear even more messes.

Since these cleaners are physical scrubbers, they tend to last longer than liquid shower cleaners, which may run out fast, especially if you do regular cleaning of multiple surfaces.

Being a physical scrubber, Mr. Clean 3700032563 does require a bit of physical effort to work effectively, especially given some liquid cleaners don’t require any additional scrubbing input.


  • Multiple high-performance scrubbers
  • Eliminates tough soap scum stains
  • Upgradable to tackle tougher stains
  • Lasts longer than liquid cleaners


  • Requires more physical effort compared to liquid cleaners

3. Earth Friendly Products 15133 – Best Effort-free

Earth Friendly Products 15133
Photo: ECOS
  • Capacity: 44 Ounces

Earth Friendly Products 15133 is the best effort-free shower cleaner on our list. It is designed to minimize the human effort required to remove stubborn mold and other stains in your shower.

The cleaner does not require you to do any scrubbing. Simply spray the solution after showering or every time you need to clean your bathroom, and then walk away. The cleaner takes care of everything.

You can count on this cleaner being safe for your health because it is made using plant-based ingredients, including tea tree essential oil, and aloe vera.

It does not contain any dyes, parabens, phosphates or phthalates that may cause allergic reactions or discomfort during cleaning.

This cleaner also comes is also offered in a high 44-ounce capacity, which is the largest of all the products on out. You are getting some good value for your money.

The Earth Friendly Products 15133 supports hustle-free cleaning, but it is not ideal for tough stains such as old scum, probably because it has no bleaching capacity.


  • Works without scrubbing
  • Made using eco-friendly ingredients
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Packaged in a large capacity


  • Not the best for old and tough stains

4. Mold Armor FG532 – Best for Mold and Mildew

Mold Armor FG532
Photo: Mold Armor
  • Capacity: 16 Ounces (Also available in 32-ounce and 64-ounce capacities)

Mold Armor FG532 is the best shower cleaner for mold and mildew, which are the two most notorious sources of dirt and related odors in bathrooms.

This formulation effectively eliminates mold and mildew, keeping your bathroom dirt-free and odor-free.

Its effective bleach formula makes cleaning possible without the need for scrubbing. Simply spray the formulation on the surface you intend to clean, and then wipe it off to remove the dirt.

The cleaner works great on multiple surfaces including sinks, tile, grout, tubs, flushing toilets, fiberglass, sliding shower doors, vinyl curtains, and counters.

We didn’t like the fact that Mold Armor FG532’s 16-ounce capacity is offered at a very steep price, which makes this cleaner the most expensive on our list.

Also, because the solution contains bleaching agents, it produces a strong chemical smell that may require you to wear a mask to avoid discomfort during cleaning.


  • Effective mold and mildew remover
  • Eliminates persistent odors
  • No scrubbing necessary
  • Works on multiple surfaces


  • Expensive
  • May produce a strong chemical smell

5. The Bucko 3934457 – Best for Soap Scum

The Bucko 3934457
Photo: The Bucko
  • Capacity: 32 Ounces

The Bucko 3934457 is a heavy-duty shower cleaner designed to fight and remove the tough soap scum and grime stains that are persistent in most bathrooms.

This commercial-grade cleaner dissolves the tough soap scum stains and grime, which regular spray cleaners may fail to eliminate effectively. You can use it on glass shower doors, acrylic bathtubs with yellow stains, dull metallic fixtures, and sinks with dried-out stains.

You’ll love the fact that this formulation contains no bleach, no harsh chemicals, and no acid. It is also non-toxic and is thus safe for use in septic systems.

For most of the simple cleaning jobs, you’ll do with Bucko 3934457, you won’t need to do any scrubbing.

It is a multi-purpose cleaner that you can use it to clean the bathroom, shower, furniture, stainless steel, boats, wheel rims, ceramic sinks, and many more surfaces.

We did observe, however, that Bucko 3934457 may dry out the silicone caulking that lines most shower stalls.


  • Effective soap scum remover
  • No bleach or harsh chemicals
  • Minimal scrubbing required
  • Multi-purpose cleaner


  • May dry out silicone caulking

6. Lysol RAC85017 – Best for Grease Stains

Lysol RAC85017
Photo: Lysol
  • Capacity: 22 Ounces

Lysol RAC85017 is a shower cleaner designed to target notorious grease strains that may emerge in your bathroom from continuous dirt accumulation.

Its superior grease-removal capacity is made possible by hydrogen peroxide, which is the cleaner’s main ingredient. The cleaner has proven to be effective in dissolving grease and soap scum.

Because this cleaner has no bleach or harsh chemicals as ingredients, it is friendly and safe to use. You don’t require any gloves, masks, or protective eyewear when using this cleaner. Simply spray and wipe whatever surfaces you intend to clean.

Also, the absence of bleach or similar chemicals means this cleaner is family-friendly and you won’t have to worry about kids or pets.

Another great benefit of this cleaner is that it kills bacteria and eliminates germs from your shower and bathroom, creating a sanitary environment that great for your health.

Some users may find the smell of Lysol RAC85017 to be too unpleasant of strong for their liking.


  • Dissolves grease stains effectively
  • Free of bleach and chemicals
  • Doesn’t require protective clothing
  • Eliminates germs and bacterial


  • The chemical smell may be strong

7. Charlie’s Soap 12301 – Multipurpose Bath and Kitchen Cleaner

Charlie's Soap 12301
Photo: Charlie’s Soap
  • Capacity: 32 Ounces

If you’re looking for a multipurpose cleaner to use in your bathroom and other areas within your home, you can’t go wrong with Charlie’s Soap 12301, which is great for bath and kitchen use.

You can use it on multiple surfaces including tubs, toilets, tiles, walls, and stonework in your bathroom, and stovetops, ovens, and other kitchen surfaces.

Because this cleaner contains no lye, abrasives, phosphates, bleach, perfumes, or dye, then it is safe for use on all washable surfaces. Charlie’s Soap 12301 is non-toxic, and even without bleach, it will effectively break the bonds between soil and multiple surfaces.

The cleaner is biodegradable because it made using natural and eco-friendly ingredients that aggressively attack all the sticky grime in the bathroom and other places.

No gloves are necessary when using this cleaner. Simply spray on the surfaces you’re cleaning and wipe it off.

It also doesn’t leave any residue. The cleaner rinses completely and even after multiple washes, no residue is left behind.

We did notice, however, that Charlie’s Soap 12301 may struggle to remove dried-out soils and stains such as those created by soap scum.


  • Cleans bath and kitchens surfaces
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Uses biodegradable ingredients
  • Does not leave residues


  • May struggle removing dried-out stains

8. Fuller Brush BathClean 780 – Best with Grime Repellant

Fuller Brush BathClean 780
Photo: Fuller Brush
  • Capacity: 24 Ounces

Fuller Brush 780 is an effective shower cleaner that features a special formulation designed to repel dirt, grime, and scum thus minimizing cleaning frequency.

This special formulation is an invisible shield called Grimeguard, which is added to BathClean to create an invisible coating that repels grime, scum, and dirt so that you don’t have to constantly clean your bathroom.

It is an effective cleaner that works quicker than most other solutions because this one is able to cling vertically to bathroom surfaces for superior soap scum dissolving. The cleaner will also remove hard water stains that are caused by magnesium, calcium, and other minerals.

You can extend the cleaner’s versatility by purchasing it in sets containing recommended brushes such as the Big E-Z Scrub, Extendable Reach E-Z Scrubber, and the Premium Tile and Grout Brush. All the brushes are sold separately.

Just like some other cleaners on our list, the Fuller Brush BathClean 780 does produce a chemical smell that may be too strong for some users.


  • Special grime-repelling shield
  • Reduces bathroom cleaning frequency
  • Vertical-cling capability
  • Can be upgraded with recommended accessories


  • The chemical smell may be overwhelming

9. Tilex 01100 – Best with Efficient Spray Mechanism

Tilex 01100
Photo: Tilex
  • Capacity: 16 Ounces

Tilex 01100 is an efficient shower cleaner whose spray mechanism ensures that every drop of the cleaning solution is utilized.

This mechanism is called Smart Tube technology, which guarantees the spraying out of every drop. It eliminates a common problem with most spray cleaners which may retain some solution as they begin to run out.

Besides efficient spraying, this cleaner is an effective mold, mildew and bacteria remover, which works great on multiple surfaces especially in your bathroom and many other parts of your home.

You can use it on ceramic tiles, tubs, counters, sinks, and shower doors. For the best results, it’s recommended that you use this cleaner on non-porous surfaces.

It is also a versatile cleaner that will serve other household cleaning purposes.

An issue to note with the Tilex 01100 is that the product contains bleach, which may irritate your skin if it is sensitive. It also produces a strong chemical smell.


  • Efficient spraying mechanism
  • Removes mold, mildew and stubborn stains
  • Works on multiple surfaces


  • Bleach may irritate skins
  • Has a strong chemical smell

10. Formula 409 00889 – Antibacterial Multi-Surface

Formula 409 00889
Photo: Formula
  • Capacity: 32 Ounces

Formula 409 00889 is a great antibacterial multi-surface kitchen cleaner, which especially targets and eliminates food-related bacteria.

This solution is effective in killing common bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and staphylococcus, among others, when sprayed on kitchen surfaces where the bacteria commonly reside.

The cleaner is streak-free, which means it won’t leave any residue behind. Simply spray and wipe or let the solution dissolve the germs present on multiple non-food-contact surfaces.

It comes with a convenient bottle and spray mechanism, which aim the cleaner at the precise points it is required, thus ensuring efficient utilization of the solution.

As a note, when spraying the solution, ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with food, utensil, dishes, and other items you use for handling food.

An issue we discovered in the Formula 409 00889 cleaner is that its bottle and spray system do not support refilling.


  • Kills many types of bacteria
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Does not leave streaks or residue
  • An efficient spray mechanism


  • Bottle and spray mechanisms don’t support refilling


From our top 10 shower cleaner review, we saw some great multi-surface cleaners that excel in removing different kinds of dirt in your bathroom, shower, and kitchen.

But if you want the best of them all, go for Spray Nine 26832. It is not only the most affordable for its capacity but it’s also a heavy-duty cleaner that degreasers and disinfects.

If you want a cleaner for effortless cleaning, go for the Earth Friendly Products 15133. You simply spray it and walk away.

You can also rely on the Mold Armor FG532 to remove stubborn mold and mildew.