10 Best Silicone Spatulas of 2021 Tested & Reviewed

Best Silicone Spatula
Photo: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

A spatula is one of the kitchen utensils that you use a lot at home when cooking. When it comes to choosing one, nothing beats having the best silicone spatula.

Silicone spatulas are lighter and have a higher heat resistance than many other types. Also, these spatulas will offer other benefits like a more user-friendly size and shape and extra durability.

With a good silicone spatula, you will have a reliable and versatile tool that will come in handy for folding, twisting, scooping and scraping hot foods.

This piece explains the important things to look for in a silicone spatula and also reviews 10 top-rated models to help make choosing one a breeze.

What To Check Before Buying Silicone Spatula?

How to Buy the Best Silicone Spatula

There are almost countless silicon spatula models out there, and to make sure you choose the best one for your kitchen, here are a few important factors to keep in mind.

1. Number of Pieces

The number of pieces matters a lot because, in many instances, you will need more than one type of spatula for different kinds of cooking.

However, some home cooks are still comfortable enough with just one, and this is more so if it is a premium quality one like Di Oro Living DOL-DS-008.

That said, a set with several spatulas like the 8-piece Home Hero Spatula Set is always more preferable as it will give you versatile cooking options since it comes with different kinds of spatulas for different uses.

2. Heat Resistance

The higher the heat resistance the better the silicone spatula will be as it can handle high-temperature cooking, which makes it ideal for different kinds of users.

Silicone does not melt at high temperatures and will also ensure that the spatula maintains its shape and will not deform when subjected to high heat.

Most of these spatulas will have a heat resistance of between 350 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and here is the right one for you will depend on the cooking you will be doing. However, those with 600 degrees Fahrenheit resistance will work best for most users.

3. Safety

Safety should also be at the top of your mind as you shop for the best silicone spatula set as you do not want something that will burn your hands when cooking.

Besides having higher heat resistance, a model with a handle that stays cool like wood or rubber will be safer to use as heat will not be transferred from the head to your hand through the handle.

A handle that fits your grip perfectly like what is used on the OXO 1071534 will also make the spatula safer to use there is less likelihood of it slipping and causing messes and accidental burns.

4. Silicone Spatula Shape

The shape of the spatula will play a crucial role in the cooking process, and so you should be careful not to overlook it when making up your mind.

Something with a head that has a very sharp angle will give you a hard time when scrapping and stirring food. Hence, the head should not be angled upwards too much.

Also, the shape should not have any ridges where food can get stuck as this will make it hard to mix it up when cooking, and it will make cleaning the spatula harder.

5. Silicone Spatula Handle

While the head is what will do the actual cooking, the handle is what you will use to control or direct the spatula, and it is hence a vital element to consider when shopping.

Here, you need to look at the shape, size, and material used to make the handle. And your aim should be to find the most comfortable and safest handle.

For the size and shape, the handle should not be too chunky or too narrow, and when it comes to the material, wood, silicone, rubber, and plastic are the best option as they will stay cool.

6. Ease of Cleaning

You will need to clean your silicone spatulas after every use, and hence, the ease of cleaning is an important element to consider when deciding what to buy.

Dishwasher-safe silicone spatula sets like the StarPack Premium Silicone Spatula Set will give you an easier time when it comes to clean up.

10 Best Silicone Spatulas of 2021 Reviewed




M Kitchen World Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas Set

1. M Kitchen World Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas Set (Best Overall)

  • Premium quality material and highly flexible design
  • More versatile
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Dishwasher-safe and antimicrobial
  • Lifetime guarantee
Home Hero Spatula Set

2. Home Hero Spatula Set (Best Value)

  • Good value for an 8-piece set
  • Flexible high-grade silicone heads
  • Natural acacia wood handles
  • FDA-approved
  • Dishwasher-safe
Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG1963000000

3. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG1963000000 (Best Commercial-Grade)

  • Commercial-quality build and design
  • Stain-resistant blade
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Clean-rest feature
  • Dishwasher-safe
Di Oro Living DOL-DS-008

4. Di Oro Living DOL-DS-008 (Best with Wide Head)

  • Wider head for versatility
  • 600°F heat resistance 
  • Reinforced steel core
  • Multifunctional hanging loop
U-Taste Silicone Spatula Set

5. U-Taste Silicone Spatula Set (Best for Baking)

  • Perfect stiffness and flexibility balance
  • Seamless one-piece build
  • Up to 600°F heat resistance
  • Versatile set composition
OXO 1071534

6. OXO 1071534 (Best for Eggs)

  • Elongated and spacious head for flipping food
  • Stainless steel core
  • Thin and flexible edge
  • Non-stick cookware safe
  • Non-slip grip
Di Oro Living DOL-SSS-003

7. Di Oro Living DOL-SSS-003 (Thoughtfully-Designed One-Piece Spatulas)

  • Seamless one-piece design
  • Up to 600°F heat resistance
  • Safe food-grade materials
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Hanging loop included
StarPack Premium Silicone Spatula Set

8. StarPack Premium Silicone Spatula Set (Safe & Healthy)

  • Safe premium-grade silicone material
  • Smooth edges
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Versatile set composition
Wilton 570-1121

9. Wilton 570-1121 (Superior Durability)

  • Silicone head and acrylic handle
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Dishwasher-safe
Di Oro Living DOL-ST-004

10. Di Oro Living DOL-ST-004 (Reliable High Heat Spatula)

  • Up to 600°F heat resistance
  • Strong and flexible stainless steel core
  • Ergonomic and non-slip handle
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe

1. M Kitchen World Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas Set – Best Overall

M Kitchen World Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas Set
Photo: M Kitchen World
  • Number of Pieces: 4   
  • Heat Resistance: 480°F

The premium quality materials and the more flexible design are two of the key things that make these M Kitchen World spatulas our best overall, and they are the kinds that will work for almost anyone.

Also, the inclusion of 4 different spatula types in the set with different head designs will make this a more versatile option as you will have something for different kinds of cooking.

Handing the spatulas will be super easy as they come with a nice and sturdy handle that has some nice grooves to ensure a firm grip.

The silicone material used to make these spatulas is resistant to odors and stains, with antimicrobial and dishwasher-safe design, cleaning them up will be effortless.

Because the manufacturer is confident with the quality of their product, you will also get a lifetime guarantee on your purchase.

Tips on these spatulas seem a little too soft for some users but, the good news is that they still handle heat well and are as durable as the rest of the spatulas.


  • Sturdy but flexible
  • Versatile set with different spatula types
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Resistant to stains and odors
  • Easy to clean


  • Tips are a little too soft

2. Home Hero Spatula Set – Best Value

Home Hero Spatula Set
Photo: Home Hero
  • Number of Pieces: 8   
  • Heat Resistance: 392°F

For an 8-piece spatula set, this one by Home Hero will give you one of the best values for cash, and to get anything better you would need to spend way much more.

Besides offering the best value for cash on our silicone spatula review, this set is also built for versatility as it will include different kinds of spatulas.

The spatulas are made for durability and high performance as they will include some premium quality silicone heads and some comfortable natural woof handles. These silicone heads are flexible enough, non-scratching and non-toxic to make them food safe.

Because these spatulas are designed to be dishwasher-safe, cleaning them up will be quick and effortless.

Although the silicone does not have the smoothest finish, it is still good enough, and many users will hardly notice any imperfections. Because wood handles are not sealed, they can discolor easily. But with proper care, this will hardly be an issue.


  • Excellent value for cash
  • Comfortable wood handle
  • Flexible, non-scratching and non-toxic heads
  • Easy to cleanup


  • Not the smoothest silicone finish
  • Wood handles are not sealed

3. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG1963000000 – Best Commercial-Grade

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG1963000000
Photo: Rubbermaid Commercial Products
  • Number of Pieces: 1   
  • Heat Resistance: 500°F

For those that run a commercial establishment like a restaurant and are looking for a reliable spatula for regular use, this model is perfect. Its premium-quality commercial-grade build and up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance will ensure it can take the abuse.

The stain-resistant blade that will not scratch any cooking surface, and the fact that it is commercial dishwasher-safe, will also help make this one of the best silicone spatulas out there.

The clean-rest features is an excellent addition to the design as it will help prevent cross-contamination as it keeps the blade off the counter. This food safety certified spatula is safer to use as the handle will remain cool to touch when cooking.

For one silicon spatula, this one seems a little expensive, and this is more so when you compare it to others on our list. However, for a commercial-grade model, it is still quite fairly priced.


  • Heavy-duty commercial-grade spatula
  • Reduced cross-contamination
  • Blades do not scratch cooking surfaces
  • Handle remains cool to touch
  • Food safety certified


  • A little pricier for one spatula

4. Di Oro Living DOL-DS-008 – Best Wide Head

Di Oro Living DOL-DS-008
Photo: Di Oro Living
  • Number of Pieces: 1   
  • Heat Resistance: 600°F

The wider head size is what stands out when looking at this spatula, and it will come with various advantages such as making it ideal for flipping larger meat cuts, and it also makes it possible to stir large food batches.

Besides having the widest head on our silicone spatula review, it is built to last as it has a high grade reinforced core that makes it highly sturdy while also maintaining enough flexibility.

The head is well-built with a combination of steel and silicone, and both the head and handle can withstand up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The handle is also built for durability with an ergonomic thumb placement.

There is a multifunction hanging loop on the spatula to make storage easy. Also, cleanup is easy as it is dishwasher-safe.

When you compare this silicone spatula to what other models on our list have to offer, it is a little on the shorter side. However, provided you are careful enough when using it, you will not have to worry about the edge of the pan burning you.


  • More versatile head size and shape
  • Sturdy and flexible core
  • High heat resistance
  • Comfortable grip with thumb placement
  • Handy hanging loop


  • Relatively shorter spatula

5. U-Taste Silicone Spatula Set – Best for Baking

U-Taste Silicone Spatula Set
Photo: U-Taste
  • Number of Pieces: 4   
  • Heat Resistance: 600°F

Baking spatulas for mixing up different ingredients will require a perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility, which is just what you get from this set thanks to the sturdy stainless steel core and one-piece build.

The set is designed for versatility as it will include 4 different styles of spatulas for different users. When it comes to cooking, you can be sure that they can handle almost any cooking as they have a 600 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance.

Hygiene is guaranteed by the fact that the materials used, and the design of the silicone spatulas make them resistant to stains, odor, and bacteria. To make things even better, they are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Some users might find the heads a little on the smaller size, but for their intended uses, the size is still perfect, and should hence not be a big concern.


  • Stiff and flexible enough
  • Sturdier one-piece design
  • High enough heat resistance
  • Bacteria, stain, and odor resistant
  • Versatile set includes different spatula types


  • Heads are a little smaller

6. OXO 1071534 – Best Silicone Spatula for Eggs

OXO 1071534
Photo: OXO
  • Number of Pieces: 1   
  • Heat Resistance: 600°F

Oxo 1071534 is one of the best silicone spatulas for eggs and other foods that require flipping such as burgers as the larger and more flexible head is designed to get under the food easily for effortless flipping.

You can use this silicone spatula with almost any cookware as it will not scratch the surface, and using it is also comfortable thanks to the larger, non-slip handles.

Sturdiness is further guaranteed by the stainless steel core, which offers more flexibility, and will ensure you get to use this spatula for many years.

And because it can handle up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, this will be a perfect spatula for high-temperature cooking.

If you are looking for a small and compact spatula, this will not be it as many users find it larger than expected. But, on the positive side, the larger size comes with many advantages.


  • Perfect design for flipping
  • Does not scratch cookware
  • Comfortable and non-slip handle
  • Sturdy and flexible core
  • High heat resistance


  • Larger than expected

7. Di Oro Living DOL-SSS-003 – Thoughtfully Designed

Di Oro Living DOL-SSS-003
Photo: Di Oro Living
  • Number of Pieces:3    
  • Heat Resistance: 600°F

The thoughtful design of these 3-piece silicone spatulas is what seems to give them an edge over many others out there. It is a one-piece seamless silicone build, which besides being sturdy is smooth to ensure there is no place for bacteria to build up for safe and healthy cooking.

Also, the 600 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance is as high as it gets for silicone spatulas, and hence these will be perfect for high heat cooking.

The materials are BPA-free and food-safe to allow you to cook with no worries. And cooking will be more comfortable and easier thanks to the ergonomically designed and smooth handle that fits the hand perfectly.

Because the silicone spatulas are dishwasher-safe, cleaning them up will be super easy, and many users will also love the nice, multipurpose hanging loop.

The handles seem a little too flexible, which can be a small issue when mixing up heavy foods or dough, but the good news is that they are still not flimsy, and should hold up well for a long time.


  • Well-thought-out design
  • High enough heat resistance
  • Safe BPA-free materials
  • Super easy to clean
  • Handy and multipurpose loop


  • Handle is a little too flexible

8. StarPack Premium Silicone Spatula Set – Safe and Healthy

StarPack Premium Silicone Spatula Set
Photo: StarPack Home
  • Number of Pieces: 4   
  • Heat Resistance: 600°F

If you are tired of cheap and unhygienic spatulas, this set by StarPack has you covered. The spatulas are made from a premium-quality silicone material that has been safety tested and with a heat resistance of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are some of the best silicone spatulas for nonstick pans thanks to the smooth edges that will not scratch the nonstick surfaces. Also, the smooth edges will make these spatulas ideal for scraping and spreading things like frosting.

Cleanup should be effortless as these one-piece spatulas are designed to be dishwasher-safe. And the one-piece design makes them sturdier and more durable.

Versatility is guaranteed with this set as it will come with two different spatula sizes for different uses.

The inclusion of a metal core makes these silicone spatulas feel a little heavier. But, the good news is that they are still quite balanced and easy to handle. Although some larger heads would be better, what you get on these spatulas is still standard, and hence not a deal-breaker.


  • High-quality and safe material
  • Quick and easy cleanup
  • More versatile set
  • Well-designed head with smooth edges
  • Sturdy one-piece design


  • A little heavier
  • Heads should be larger

9. Wilton 570-1121 – Superior Durability

Wilton 570-1121
Photo: Wilton
  • Number of Pieces: 3   
  • Heat Resistance: 500°F

The superior build quality of these silicone spatulas is their most outstanding trait. For a 3-piece silicone spatula set, it is hard to get anything better for their price. This high-quality build includes a firm silicone head and a comfortable acrylic handle.

Both the handle and head are stain and odor resistant, which helps keep these spatulas hygienic. With the removable design and dishwasher-safer parts, cleanup should be more effortless.

Because this set comes with 3 different spatula types, it will be ideal for a wide variety of uses. The small one will be perfect for scrapping jars while the other two will be ideal for all-purpose use and will come in handy for everything from scrapping to mixing.

Overall, these spatulas have a more striking look, and if you are looking to add something stylish to your utensils collection, this will be a perfect buy.

Some users might find the removable handles inconvenient as bacteria and mold can get lots of places to hide. However, the removable design makes cleaning easy, and so with proper maintenance, you will not have to worry about this.


  • Superior build quality
  • More affordable set
  • Resistant to staining and odor
  • Ideal for different uses
  • Easy to clean up


  • Removable handles can be inconvenient

10. Di Oro Living DOL-ST-004 – Reliable High Heat

Di Oro Living DOL-ST-004
Photo: Di Oro Living
  • Number of Pieces: 3   
  • Heat Resistance: 600°F

The high-heat Di Oro Living DOL-ST-004 spatulas have been built with professional in mind as they can withstand up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows you to use them in almost any environment.

To make sure that they can hold up to the high demands of professional and home use, they are also built with a premium quality silicone blade, and with a solid stainless steel core that will ensure they do no brake easily.

Flipping your burgers, pancakes, and eggs is made easy by the ergonomic design and the shape of the blade that will get under food easily.

Using the silicone spatulas is made comfortable and easy by the soft grip and non-slip texture. And to crown it all, these spatulas are ideal for a wide variety of applications given their different sizes and designs.

The few extra ounces on these silicone spatulas stem from the use of a heavy-duty stainless steel core, but they are well-balanced, and for professional-grade spatulas, the weight is okay.


  • High heat silicone blade
  • Sturdy stainless steel core
  • Ergonomically-designed for easy flip
  • Soft grip with non-slip texture
  • Great for a variety of applications


  • Heavier than expected


A nice silicon spatula set is an excellent addition to your utensils collection because, with one, you get multifunctional kitchen equipment that will help with everything from mixing and stirring to flipping foods.

Our silicone spatula reviews provide some amazing recommendations.

But from these products, the M Kitchen World Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas Set is our best overall thanks to the premium quality materials, versatility, and easy maintenance.

But, for those shopping on a budget, the 8-piece Home Hero Spatula Set will give you the best value for your bucks.