10 Best Tension Shower Rods of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Tension Shower Rod
Photo: Moen

Often, a shower curtain will be a necessary addition to shower or tub enclosures in your bathroom, for privacy and prevention of water splashes.

A tension shower rod is a fitting that enables you to hang such curtains. However, unlike standard rods, tension rods rely on spring to achieve tension mounting, which eliminates the need to screw the rod on the wall.

Tension rods come in varying sizes are versatile. You can use them in showers, windows, and even as room dividers.

In our tension shower rods review, we showcase the 10 leading models you can choose from, for your home.

What To Check Before Buying Tension Shower Rod?

How to Buy the Best Tension Shower Rod
Photo: Allzone

1. Tension Shower Rod Length

Tension shower rods come in different lengths to accommodate the diverse sizes of bathroom shower enclosures and even full-size rooms.

Since tensions rods are versatile tools, you may opt to get one for window or even doorway curtains. In such cases, then the varying adjustable length of your tension rod proves to be very advantageous.

Some rods can also be used for dividing a large room, and often, such rod will have a superior size, such as the 122-150-inch Vailge Room Divider.

2. Materials

Tension rods are expected to support considerable loads, withstand varying degrees of strain, and resist rusting due to constant water contact.

All these qualities rely heavily on the materials used to construct the tension rods. Most of the durable and reliable loads you will find in the market are metallic, made of either stainless steel or aluminum.

These materials are popular for their strength, durability, and rust resistance. Your rod may have some rubber/PVC components, especially at their ends to prevent wall scratching.

3. Load Weight

Since you will be using your tension shower rod to hang a curtain or other items, it is expected to carry some degree of weight.

Most shower curtains are designed using lightweight material and will barely put a strain on the tension rods, especially because most can support loads of at least 15 pounds.

However, there may be instances where you use the tension rod to hold bigger weights such as those of blackout curtains. In such cases, a high load capacity rod such as Zenna Home 771SS or Briofox Curtain Rod.

4. Easy to Install and Remove

The ease of installing and removing your tension shower rod(s) is an important consideration when choosing the item.

Tension rods have a unique spring design, which creates a force that pushes both ends of the rod against the installation surface such as a wall.

The tension mechanism ensures that most rods support simple, tool-free installation and removal. However, curved, flexible and dual-tension rods may take some extra effort to install, but its nothing you can’t handle.

5. Style of Tension Shower Rod

Most tension rods assume a universal design and style, which is a straight adjustable metallic column that may be terminated by plastic, metallic or rubber components for wall attachment.

There are, however, other styles that tensions rods can adopt. From our review, for instance, we saw one rod, Moen CSR2172BN, which was flexible, and Zenna Home 35633HBP, which has a curved mount to create more elbow room.

The style you choose will depend on your preference because almost all tend to get the job done.

6. Multifunction Use

As mentioned earlier and throughout our review, tension shower rods are very versatile and most will support multiple applications.

Besides hanging shower curtains, tensions rods can do so much more including dividing rooms and hanging windows or doorway curtains.

The versatility of tension rods and the fact that most offer tool-free installation makes them a favorite of many.

10 Best Tension Shower Rods Reviewed




Allzone 1706201221

1. Allzone 1706201221 (Best Overall)

  • High 20-pound load capacity
  • Decent 42-81-inch variable length
  • Multi-surface tension rod
  • Easy, tool-free installation
Zenna Home 771SS

2. Zenna Home 771SS (Best Budget)

  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Standard 44-72-inch length
  • Strong steel construction
  • Easy, tool-free installation
Vailge Room Divider

3. Vailge Room Divider (Best Room Divider Design)

  • Large 122-150-inch room divider
  • Heavy-duty metallic build
  • Firm button-grip on walls
  • Attaches on smooth/rough surfaces
Moen CSR2172BN

4. Moen CSR2172BN (Best Flexible)

  • Flexible curved tension
  • Adjustable 57-60-inch length
  • 2 decorative cups included
  • Stylish chrome/brushed-nickel finishes

5. AmazonBasics 1009903-158-A60 (Best for Windows)

  • Supports window/doorway curtains
  • Multiple color options
  • Simplified, too-free installation
  • Rust-resistant metallic rod
Briofox Curtain Rod

6. Briofox Curtain Rod (Heavy-duty)

  • Supports 30-pound loads
  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Rust-proof and corrosion-proof
  • Attaches to multiple surfaces
Zenna Home 35633HBP

7. Zenna Home 35633HBP (Mount Curved Shower Rod)

  • Curved rod for more elbow space
  • Strong and firm tension mounts
  • Decent 50-72-inch length
  • Rust-proof aluminum build
iDesign 78570

8. iDesign 78570 (For Shower Stalls)

  • Optimized for shower stalls
  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Anti-scratching rubber feet
  • Stylish brushed metallic finish
Beokreu 8542009325

9. Beokreu 8542009325 (Multi-surface & Versatile)

  • Attaches on multiple surfaces
  • Supports multiple applications
  • High load capacity
  • Firm slip-proof attachment
Zenna Home 36602SS

10. Zenna Home 36602SS (Double-tension Curtain Rod)

  • A Dual-tension rod
  • High load capacity
  • Durable and rust-proof
  • Multiple mounting options

1. Allzone 1706201221 – Best Overall

Allzone 1706201221
Photo: Allzone
  • Size: 42 – 81 inches
  • Material: Plastic, Steel
  • Load Weight: 20 pounds

It’s hard to find a tension rod that will work all walls, serve multiple purposes, and retain its sturdiness even with the constant tagging and pulling. These are the qualities offered by Allzone 1706201221, the best overall tension shower rod on our list.

This top-rated tension rod will withstand the weight of heavy curtains because it can hold loads of up to 20 pounds, and is adjustable between 42 and 81 inches to fit different spaces.

It comes with a new and improved PVC anti-slip button feature, which allows the rod to lock firmly in position, making it 100% safe. You don’t have to worry about the rod collapsing on its weight.

You can apply the rod on all surface and it will offer safe performance. It can be installed on smooth and rough surfaces, such as wallpaper walls, tile walls, and even on wooden walls. Another feature we loved is the rod’s tool-free installation.

We noticed that there is a specific important step, flipping the rod with the surrounding spring, that was missing in the Allzone 1706201221’s installation instructions.


  • High weight capacity
  • Superior length adjustability
  • Applicable on multiple surfaces
  • Fast and tool-free installation


  • Some instructions are missing

2. Zenna Home 771SS – Best Budget

Zenna Home 771SS
Photo: Zenna Home
  • Size: 44 – 72 inches
  • Rod Diameter: 1 inch
  • Material: Steel
  • Load Weight: 30 pounds

Coming in a close second is Zenna Home 771SS, a pocket-friendly shower rod for those who desire a quality tool, but are on a tight budget.

This chrome-finished steel rod is designed to fit standard showers, and will easily adjust to fit spaces between 44 and 72 inches in length. You won’t require to cut this rod to fit your shower space.

Also, we can’t fail to recognize the strength of the rod. It is made using durable steel, which offers the sturdiness necessary for supporting significant loads such as shower curtains, with its 30-pound load capacity.

The chrome finish of this rod not only makes it attractive, but it also resists rust, which further enhances the rod’s durability.

Installing this rod is very easy. Simply extend it to the wall and then twist to tighten it. No drilling or tools are required. Also, it will not damage your walls.

We noticed that the instruction stickers come attached directly to the rods with very strong glue, which is very difficult to scrape off without damaging the chrome finish.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Fits standard bathroom spaces
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to install


  • Poor instruction placement

3. Vailge Room Divider – Best Room Divider Tension Rod

Vailge Room Divider
Photo: Vailge
  • Size: 122 – 150 inches (Also available in other sizes)
  • Rod Diameter: 1.26 inches
  • Material: Rubber, Metal

If you want a tension rod to divide entire rooms and large spaces such as your bedroom or living room, only Vailge Room Divider promises to deliver on such requirements and capabilities. 

This room divider tension rod has the longest variable length of all the rods on our list. With a superior length of 122 to 150 inches, this rod is ideal for dividing very large spaces.

Even though the divider spans a superior length, it has proven to be heavy-duty and incredibly strong. It will comfortably hold a heavy blackout shell curtain. You can also use it as a drying rack.

Clear rubber end grips help to hold the rod in place without it falling. They will attach on smooth and rough surfaces as well. A unique button design helps lock the rod in place.

At 4.3 pounds in weight, you may experience some hand strain when installing the Vailge Room Divider tension rod, especially across a large room.


  • Spans large room spaces
  • Heavy-duty and strong
  • Firm grip on the wall
  • Applicable on multiple surfaces


  • Possible strain during installation

4. Moen CSR2172BN – Most Flexible

Moen CSR2172BN
Photo: Moen
  • Size: 57 – 60 inches
  • Rod Diameter: 1 inch
  • Material: Stainless steel

Sometimes tension rod flexibility can be an advantageous thing, especially if you want to create some extra space in your tub area. Moen CSR2172BN offers such flexibility, and much more.

The shower rod has been designed to fit 57-60-inch tub surrounds and makes for a flexible installation by creating extra elbow room. You can adjust the bar’s length as well, meaning no cutting is necessary, and maximum customization control is maintained.

Unlike most of the other shower rods we have encountered, this one is beautifully designed and comes with decorative covers, which provide a touch of style to the entire setup. The covers also help to conceal the rod’s mounting hardware.

This rod has been made using strong stainless steel, which is a great material for long-term durability. You can get the rod in 2 attractive, corrosion-resistant finishes: brushed nickel, and chrome.

Because the Moen CSR2172BN is a flexible rod, it is not designed to sustain a heavy load, so it’s best to avoid constant pulling and similar strain.


  • Flexible curved tension
  • Adjustable cut-free length
  • Comes with decorative elements
  • Stylish and attractive finishes


  • Low load capacity

5. AmazonBasics 1009903-158-A60 – Best for Windows

  • Size: 36 – 54 inches (also available in other sizes)
  • Material: Chrome
  • Load Weight: 15 pounds

Tension rods also work well with windows, especially for hanging curtains. AmazonBasics 1009903-158-A60 is a market leader in this category.

You can use this rod to hang curtains in windows or doorways as it will comfortably hold a maximum weight of 15 pounds, which is less than what most light-duty curtains weigh.

Another reason we picked this rod for window and door curtains is its adoption of a sleep contemporary style. It comes in multiple color choices, including black, chrome, and bronze, which offer the flexibility of matching it with the surrounding bathroom decor.  

As far as installation goes, you will not need to use any tools. No drilling or tools are required. The rod expands with a simple twist and will provide consistent tension for a durable, fall-free fit. Also, the rod is rust-resistant.

We did notice that this rod’s tensioner is a bit difficult to operate especially during installation, but with a bit of effort, it works as expected.


  • Ideal for window and doorway curtains
  • Contemporary style
  • Tool-free installation
  • Rust-resistant rod


  • Tensioner could be more user-friendly

6. Briofox Curtain Rod – Heavy-duty

Briofox Curtain Rod
Photo: Briofox
  • Size: 27 – 43 inches
  • Rod Diameter: 1 inch
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Load Weight: 30 pounds

Sometimes, we don’t just want a tension rod for holding bathroom curtains. A heavy-duty rod, such as the Briofox Curtain Rod, which can support a heavy load, may prove a worthy long-term investment.

This is not your ordinary tension rod as it boasts of supporting loads of up to 30 pounds. To facilitate such heavy load support, the rod is made of 304 stainless steel, which is very sturdy.

The material used to make the rod is rust-proof and guarantees up to 5 years of corrosion-resistance. Also, because of the hand-polished stainless steel mirror-like finish, this rod is notably easy to clean.

You can apply the rod to most surfaces, both soft and hard, include wallpaper walls, tile walls, wooden frames, and many more.

Like many other rods on our list, this one also offers tool-free installation. No holes or drilling are necessary when installing this rod.

We were concerned about the length of this rod, which is adjustable between 27 and 43 inches, but not very standard as most tub spaces are.


  • Supports heavy loads
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Rust-proof and corrosion-proof
  • Installable on multiple walls


  • Length is not standard

7. Zenna Home 35633HBP – Mount Curved Shower Rod

Zenna Home 35633HBP
Photo: Zenna Home
  • Size: 50 – 72 inches
  • Material: Aluminum

Zenna Home 35633HBP is not your typical tension rod. It is a unique rod designed for curved mounts.

The rod features an innovative curve design, which not only transforms your shower’s appearance but also increases elbow room so that you can move freely within the shower area and even avoid constantly wetting the curtain.

Even though the rod is curved, it comes with super-strong tension mounts that hold it firm so that it does not collapse on its own weight.

You can adjust if to fit standard shower space because it comes with an adjustable length of 50 to 72 inches. Therefore, no cutting is necessary when fitting this tension rod.

We also noted the strong and lightweight rust-proof aluminum build of this rod, which guarantees a lifetime of reliable service.

Even though it is easy to install Zenna Home 35633HBP, we noted it comes with some very small screws that most will find annoying to handle, but they are useful regardless.


  • Curved tension for more space
  • Strong and firm
  • Decent adjustable length
  • Rust-proof and durable material


  • Some assembly screws are small

8. iDesign 78570 – Tension Rod for Shower Stalls

iDesign 78570
Photo: iDesign
  • Size: 43 – 75 inch (also available in other sizes)
  • Rod Diameter: 1 inch
  • Material: Stainless steel

If you have a shower stall in your bathroom, then getting a rod optimized for it would be of great benefit to you especially in enhancing your bathroom experience. iDesign 78570 is one such rod.

It is a reliable rod that comes fitted with spring tension and is ideal for bathtubs, changing areas, and shower stalls, especially. The strength of this rod is enough to hold shower stall curtains.

We loved the fact that the material used to make this rod is durable and strong. It is constructed using rust-resistant stainless steel, which promises years of reliable service.

Even though this rod is metallic, its ends are fitted with rubber feet, which help in protecting your wall from scratching while providing the friction needed to keep the rod in place.

Also, because the rod has a brushed stainless steel finish, it is very stylish and will blend in well with most of your bathroom decor.

We did notice, however, that once the iDesign 78570 tension rods is locked down, it is usually difficult to adjust it to a shorter or longer length.


  • Ideal for shower stalls
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Rubber feet prevent wall scratching
  • Stylish finish


  • Difficult to adjust after locking

9. Beokreu 8542009325 – Multi-surface and Versatile

Beokreu 8542009325
Photo: Beokreu
  • Size: 27 – 47 inches
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Load Weight: 20 pounds

Beokreu 8542009325 doesn’t just attach to multiple wall surfaces, but it is also a versatile tension shower rod that is usable on multiple applications.

Because this tension shower rod is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, it is not only durable, but can be applied on all kinds of surfaces including wallpaper walls, tile walls, wooden frames, rough walls, smooth walls, and many more, without the risk of dropping.

Not only can you use this tension rod in the bathroom for holding shower curtains, but it can be used for supporting blackout window curtains and also serve as a drying rack for clothes, especially because it supports a weight of 20 pounds.

It will produce constant tension generated by its springs thus preventing slipping. You can rest assured of a long-lasting, secure and tight fit from this rod.

We were concerned that the rod extends only between 27 and 47 inches in length, which is a bit on the lower side.


  • Multi-surface tension rod
  • Supports multiple applications
  • High load capacity
  • Firm slip-proof attachment


  • Low length range

10. Zenna Home 36602SS – Double-tension Shower Curtain Rod

Zenna Home 36602SS
Photo: Zenna Home
  • Size: 44 – 72 inches
  • Rod Diameter: 1 inch
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Load Weight: 30 pounds

Zenna Home 36602SS stands out from the pack by being the only double-tension shower curtain rod on our list.

The fact that it is a double tension rod with an adjustable length of 44 to 72 inches means that it offers more hanging space than more of the other rods we have reviewed.

And because it fits more standard tubs and shower spaces, you can use one rod for hanging a shower curtain and the other for hanging items to dry, especially because it can support a maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Since the tension rod is made of strong and durable aluminum, you are guaranteed a lifetime of rust-proof service.

Also, with this tension rod, you can opt to use tension-mount operation, which will not require any wall drilling, or choose the permanent-mount installation, which allows screwing the rod to the wall.

Because Zenna Home 36602SS is not your standard tension rod, the installation might require some extra time and effort.


  • Dual-tension rod
  • High load capacity
  • Durable and rust-proof
  • Multiple mounting options


  • Not the easiest to install

How to Properly Install Tension Shower Rod?

How to Install a Tension Shower Rod
Photo: AmazonBasics

Since most tension shower rods offer tool-free installation, the process is relatively easy, although we always recommend you follow the instructions that come to your model of the rod, because they may differ across models.

Below is the standard installation process adopted by most tension rod models.

  • Step 1: Start by measuring the distance between the 2 walls where you will fit the rod. Measuring helps determine the length of the rod you will require. The rod you purchase should extend a few inches beyond the measured distance.
  • Step 2: Having acquired the rod, proceed to unscrew by rotating/turning each end in the opposite direction. The rod will extend. Continue extending until it is 2 or so inches longer than the length it needs to fit.
  • Step 3: Adjust the shower curtain appropriately to fit your desired height above the tub area. You can mark this height with a pencil to guide you on the rod installation position.
  • Step 4: Duplicate the location of the initial mark onto the next opposite wall so that both match and the height is level across the entire length. Then push the shower curtain rings onto the rod.
  • Step 5: Place one end of the rod on one of the height marks you made. Compress the rod enough for it to sit firmly on the second mark on the opposite wall. You can twist it accordingly to get the right tension that’s neither too tight nor too loose. 


Our tension shower rods review demonstrates the value these installations offer by allowing you to hang a shower curtain in your bathroom. It will also support other home applications.

The rod that stands out the most is Allzone 1706201221, our best overall tension shower rod. It fits standard tub areas, supports a decent load, and is very durable.

If you’re on a budget, go for Zenna Home 771SS, an affordable tension rod that supports heavy loads spans a decent length and uses strong materials.

We recommend Vailge Room Divider to those looking for a tension rod to divide home spaces.