5 Best Tofu Presses of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Tofu Press
Photo: EZ Tofu Press

Tofu is a popular meal that is widely consumed globally. In order to prepare restaurant quality tofu meals at home, you need the best tofu press available.

A tofu press simplifies the draining and pressing task in a mess free process. Therefore, if you are searching for a tofu press, here is a detailed buying guide and 5 tofu press reviews to help you with your buying process.

What To Check Before Buying Best Tofu Press?

How to Buy the Best Tofu Press

1. Durability

This is a key factor that you must consider when buying a reliable tofu press on the market. Mainly, this is because this is a tool that involves the use of extreme pressure when pressing tofu.

Durability is mainly determined by the product’s material. Stainless steel tofu presses are built to last and in most cases, they are more durable than plastic made tofu presses. Hence, they are made to withstand all the stress involved when pressing tofu.

However, you can find the best plastic and wooden tofu press with high durability, giving you perfect value for your investment.

Nonetheless, when buying a plastic made product, always make sure that it’s safe and government approved. Specifically, the plastic should be approved for food use and BPA free.

2. Ease of Cleaning

Before buying a tofu press, it is important to consider its ease of cleaning and maintenance. This is mostly critical if you are planning to frequently use the product. As a matter of fact, this is why you should buy a tofu press that is dishwasher safe.

For those models that are not dishwasher safe, make sure that they feature removable parts for thorough and easy cleaning. 

3. Type

Tofu press features 2 types including plate designed presses and box styled contraption. You should pick the one that best matches your needs.

Plate Designed Presses

These are tofu presses that feature two metallic or plastic plates, which you tighten by the use of tension knobs during use.


  • Pocket friendly enhancing affordability
  • Easy to use
  • Have space saving design
  • Can press any tofu size or shape


  • You might need to keep tightening screws

Box Styled Contraption

For this tofu press type, tofu is placed in a metallic or plastic box or container and a heavily weighted plate or spring is used to press tofu, draining water and making chewy and dense piece of protein.


  • Does not need constant attention and monitoring
  • Has effortless operation


  • Can only work on rectangular shaped tofu
  • Require ample space during use or for storage

4. Extra and Unique Features

It is beneficial to buy a tofu press that comes with extra and unique features. One of these features could be a thermoplastic material that can accommodate drastic temperature fluctuations. Hence, such products are high durable and give you value for your cash.

Additionally, other tofu presses feature recipe cards or books. Hence, with such products, you can be able to learn various ways of making meals with tofu.

Moreover, you can find that some tofu press boxes can serve as storage containers. Such boxes feature extra lids for covering the top, keeping your tofu ready for use and fresh.

5. Budget 

Tofu press tools feature different prices determined by its type, size or model. Depending on your need, you should buy a tofu press that matches your budget. Large sized tofu presses will definitely be higher priced than small sized tools.

In addition, plate style presses are more affordable than their boxed counterparts. Therefore, the type or design of the tofu press will determine how much you will part with.

You should buy a tofu press that is most economical and one that will match your needs. Decent quality tofu presses range between $20 and $50, however, you can find cheaper models with superior quality and durability.

6. Versatility 

It is beneficial to invest in a kitchen equipment that is useful for a range of tasks. Therefore, if you find a tofu press that can handle more than its primary purpose, that model is an ideal investment.

Some tofu presses on the market can also be used to make yogurt and cheese. These are models that will enhance your creativity in the kitchen and also save you a considerable amount of money as well.

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5 Best Tofu Presses of 2021 Reviewed





1. EZ N5-0GFL-H9GU (Compatible with Numerous Tofu Bricks)

  • Compatibile with numerous tofu bricks
  • Dishwasher safe hence easy to clean
  • Rust resistant stainless steel grommet
  • Centering marks for enhanced placement
TofuXpress Tofu Press

2. TofuXpress Tofu Press (Self-Contained)

  • Self-contained design alleviating the need for extra utensils
  • Multifunctional design serving different purposes
  • FDA approved materials hence its safe
Tofu Presser P1

3. Tofu Presser P1 (Safe)

  • Safe as it is BPA free HDPE plastic
  • Stainless steel springs, nuts, washers and bolts
  • Mess-free design
  • Dishwasher safe hence easy to use
ToFuture 93340

4. ToFuture 93340 (Space-Saving Design)

  • Space-saving design fits even in fridge
  • Dishwasher safe hence easy to clean
  • BPA free plastic making it safe
  • Stylish and unique design making it decorative
Mangocore Tofu Maker

5. Mangocore Tofu Maker (Competitive Price)

  • Competitively priced making it highly affordable
  • Food grade plastic material
  • Superior durability hence long lasting
  • Extra accessories come with the package

1. EZ N5-0GFL-H9GU  Compatible with Numerous

Photo: EZ Tofu Press

This EZ tofu press is highly compatible with numerous tofu bricks hence, you can use it to press dry both large and small portions of tofu.

Moreover, this top-rated tofu press is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can use it on a daily basis. 

Additionally, it comes with stainless steel grommet that allows you to press Tofu within 15 minutes or less. This stainless steel material is rust resistant and this ensures that your health is never at risk whenever using this product.

Furthermore, to ensure that this best stainless steel tofu press is durable, it does not feature bands or springs that normally break. It is also an easy-to-use tofu press as all you need to do is simply exert tension on the tofu for 2 to 3 minutes and with this, all water is removed.

To enhance its functionality, this tofu press features some centering marks. These marks enhance proper tofu placement, making it efficient when pressing. Nonetheless, you might need some help tightening the screws.


  • Easy to clean as its dishwasher safe
  • Long serving as it has steel grommet
  • Safe as it has a BPA free plastic


  • Tightening the screws requires some patience
  • Requires a lot of care when adjusting it

2. TofuXpress Tofu Press – Self-Contained

TofuXpress Tofu Press
Photo: TofuXpress

Here is a self-comtaind tofu press that eliminates the need to use extra plates and bowls when draining.

Furthermore, this best stainless steel tofu press gives you perfect value for your money as it functions as both a tofu press and a marinating dish. This implies that you do not need to spend extra cash to buy other utensils, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

This is also a safe product that features FDA approved materials. Hence, you can be sure that you will not suffer from any adverse side effects or have your food’s quality interfered with when using this tofu press.

TofuXpress is one of the most trusted brands on the market because it makes premium quality kitchen tools and this particular product is no exception. Nonetheless, you will have to spend more bucks for this product, but it is worth the investment.


  • FDA approved materials making it safe
  • Multifunctional design, saving you money
  • Does not require additional plates and bowls as it’s self-contained


  • It is relatively expensive
  • Not ideal for large tofu pieces

3. Tofu Presser P1 – Safe

Tofu Presser P1
Photo: Tofu Presser

This is a safe tofu press as it features a BPA free HDPE plastic material. Additionally, the plastic it comes with is also customized and approved by the FDA for food use making it the best tofu press on the market.

All the springs, nuts, washers and bolts feature an FDA approval because they are made of food grade stainless steel material. Therefore, the materials that this product features are both environmentally friendly and safe.

Furthermore, this tofu press comes with a design that allows you to press tofu easily, quickly and mess free. It is also an easy-to-use product that will alleviate the need for stacking plates with heavy items in order to prepare ideal tofu texture.

After using this product, it is very easy to clean it as it is dishwasher safe. Hence, this is a product that you can use on a daily basis without demanding a lot of time and effort when cleaning and maintaining it. Additionally, you can clean this tofu press with just some warm water rinse.   

To save you money, this tofu press comes with plastic press plates in the package. The plates are leak-proof, and they feature superior durability to withstand high pressure. However, you cannot use this product in a microwave or freezer.


  • Safe for food use – BPA free material
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly affordable
  • Rust-proof material


  • Cannot be used in a microwave or freezer
  • Available only in a single color

4. ToFuture 93340 – Space-Saving Design

ToFuture 93340
Photo: ToFuture

This is a tofu press that features a space-saving design that allows you to conveniently store it in tight spaces.

As a matter of fact, its compactness allows it to fit in the fridge and so it comes in handy for people with limited spaces in the kitchen.

Another great thing about this product is that it is dishwasher safe. This implies that you can easily clean it and maintain without spending too much time and effort on it after every use. Hence, it is perfect for daily use.

The next thing you will love about this best Japanese tofu press is that it is BPA free. This means that the plastic materials of this product do not affect the quality of your tofu and does not interfere with your health either.

This is a tofu press that comes with a stylish and unique design. Hence, it polishes the look and feel of your kitchen by adding some sophistication and elegance. Additionally, its color perfectly blends with any home décor, making it a decorative piece around your kitchen.

If you want to improve the texture and taste of your tofu, this is the product that you should invest in. However, it is not very ideal for individuals whose nails are long.


  • Mess free operation since it drains water in a different tub
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Requires less space to store or use
  • Improves the taste of tofu


  • Not ideal for individuals with long nails

5. Mangocore Tofu Maker – Competitive Price

Mangocore Tofu Maker
Photo: Mangocore

Are you looking for the best tofu press that is competitively priced? This Mangocore product is pocket-friendly to make it highly affordable and yet, it does not compromise on the quality.

It is a product that features food grade plastic material that is BPA free. The material is also very strong and this means that it has superior durability. Therefore, this is a tofu press that has no negative impacts on the environment or adverse side effects on its users.

Buying this tofu press saves you money in the long run as it comes with all the necessary accessories you need to make the most delicious tofu in one package. This includes a pressing mold kit and a cheese cloth pressing mold kitchen tool. Nonetheless, the cheese cloth it comes with is thin.


  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Highly affordable due to its competitive price
  • Food grade quality plastic material


  • Its cheese cloth is thin
  • You might need to apply more pressure when pressing


A tofu press is a great addition to your kitchen as it offers you great value by making delicious tofu meals. A reliable tofu press should however, match your needs, be easy to clean, be long serving, and also affordable.

This tofu press review, gives you high quality products to choose from at a fair price. Make your order today and enjoy the drastic change in your pressing experience.