12 Best Trimmer Lines of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Trimmer Line
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A string trimmer or weed whacker is a highly useful tool for keeping lawns pristine. But to get good service for this tool you also need to have the best trimmer line.

The trimmer line is an essential part of a weed whacker as it is what makes the actual cuts, and so no matter how powerful your string trimmer might be, it will still not cut well without a good trimmer line.

These trimming lines will come in different styles and shapes and are also made from different materials. And what makes it important to choose one accurately is that everything from the trimmer line shape to its material will determine the cutting speed and efficiency.

Also, a different string trimmer will require different kinds of lines, and so you need to know what works for your particular model.

To help shed more light on this and make shopping for a trimmer line easy, below we review 12 top-rated trimmer lines and explain the factors to consider as you shop.

What To Check Before Buying Best Trimmer Line?

How to Buy the Best Trimmer Line

While every part of a string trimmer has an essential role to play, the trimmer line is by far the most important given that it is what will do the actual cutting. Hence, you cannot afford to buy the wrong one. But, to make sure this will never be the case, you only need to consider the following factors when shopping.

1. Compatibility

The first thing to consider when buying a trimmer line should be compatibility because everything else will not matter if you cannot use the line on your weed whacker model.

Most manufacturers will clearly state the kind of trimmer line that their products use and the style and dimensions. Also, if you have been using the string trimmer line for some time, you should have some idea on the line it uses.

Also, trimmer line manufacturers will clearly indicate the string trimmer types and models that their lines are meant for, and so taking some time to read the description will ensure you end up with a compatible line.

2. Style

Once you have figured out the compatibility part, you will then also need to decide on the string trimmer line style to go for. And here you will need to choose between 5 common styles which are multi-sided, round, twisted, square and serrated.


The multi-sided trimmer lines are the kinds that will feature an angular construction and will come in various shapes such as pentagon, star, and square. When compared to others like the round style lines, the angular shape gives these trimmer lines a sharper edge for a cleaner cut.

Multi-sided trimmer lines are great when dealing with thicker weeds, and also when you have a larger yard to work on which should explain why they are the preferred option for commercial use.


If you are on the market for the best trimmer line for edging, the round-style trimmer lines should be one of your top considerations as they excel when it comes to trimming grass edges.

These trimmer lines are also great for everyday residential care as they are one of the cheapest styles available. However, these lines also wear out quite fast and might not be able to withstand heavy trimming applications.


Twisted trimmer lines are another perfect choice for commercial trimming applications. These lines also excel when it comes to clearing lawns and yards that have thicker and heavier weeds.

What makes them great for commercial or professional application is that the twisted design makes it hard for the line to break even when you hit hard surfaces like trees or concrete. And the twisted design will also enhance their efficiency and minimize noise.


Square style trimmer lines are also multi-sided which makes them great for cutting down denser and thicker weeds as they have sharper edges.

These lines are bigger and thicker than most other types, and this ensures they can cut any weeds in their path more easily. They will not weld when you accidentally hit hard surfaces which makes them great for landscaping.


As the name suggests, the serrated trimmer lines will have edges all around the line which will act as teeth for trimming. With this serrated design, these trimmer lines are able to cut tough weeds with ease.

The serration makes these trimmer lines great for commercial applications where the trimmer will be faced with more weeds as they can cover larger areas within a shorter time. These trimmer lines can saw through any kind of yard grass or weed and will hence be perfect for heavy-duty use.

3. Diameter

As you choose a trimmer line, you will also need to consider the diameter as they come in various diameters. And the right line diameter for you will depend on the task at hand. The larger the weeds or the tougher the materials you intend to cut the larger the line diameter you should use.

If you are buying trimmer line for use on residential lawns that typically have light weeds, a light duty line with a diameter of 0.065 to 0.080 inches will be ideal, and it is also more affordable.

For medium work such as trimming larger residential lawns or working on yards with heavier and thicker weeds, a medium duty line with a diameter of 0.085 to 0.105 inches will be perfect.

For those shopping for a trimmer line for gigantic yards infested with super thick weeds or want something for industrial landscaping, a larger diameter line will be perfect. Larger diameter lines that are over 0.110 inches in diameter will also be more ideal for professional landscapers.

With the best 0.155 trimmer lines, there is no trimming task that will be too tough for you as these thicker diameter lines can handle almost anything.

4. Material

The material used to make the trimmer line also matters as it will affect both its cutting efficiency and durability. And you will in many instances need to choose between nylon and titanium when it comes to trimmer line materials.

Nylon Lines – Nylon trimmer lines are the most common options and many users prefer them as they are relatively more affordable. They are quite flexible which ensures they do not snap easily, and if you get them in the right shape and diameter they will be ideal for almost any situation.

Titanium Lines – Titanium trimmer lines are a relatively new entrant into the market, and are hence not as commonly available as the nylon lines. However, the harder material means they will provide better cutting power than nylon lines. And while these lines work well for heavy-duty tasks, they are also pricier than the nylon lines.

5. Durability

Any trimmer line that you buy should last long enough to ensure you do not have to keep replacing it which can be time-consuming and expensive.

There are several things that will determine durability, but the key ones are the material used to make the line and how it is made. Typically, titanium lines are more durable than nylon ones, but some manufacturers will also use a more hardened nylon material to make their lines more durable.

Reading customer reviews on a particular trimmer line before buying it and also buying from reputable brands like DeWalt, Oregon and Grass Gator is a good way to ensure you end up with durable trimmer lines.

12 Best Trimmer Lines of 2021 Reviewed




Cyclone CY155S3

1. Cyclone CY155S3 (Best Overall)

  • 315-feet of 0.155-inch trimmer line
  • 6-bladed shape provides superior cutting
  • Durable copolymer nylon material
  • Compatible with a variety of trimmers
Arnold WLM-H65

2. Arnold WLM-H65 (Best Universal Fit)

  • 220-feet of 0.065-inch trimmer line
  • Universal fit for gas and electric trimmers
  • More efficient 6-point star shape
Cyclone CY065D1/2-12

3. Cyclone CY065D1/2-12 (Best Value for Cash)

  • 300-feet of 0.065-inch trimmer line
  • Durable polymer construction
  • Superior cutting 6-bladed shape
DeWalt DWO1DT802

4. DeWalt DWO1DT802 (Best for Cordless)

  • 225 feet of 0.080-inch trimmer line
  • Aerodynamic design for cordless trimmers
  • Flexible and impact resistant materials
Oregon 22-495

5. Oregon 22-495 (Best Square Design)

  • 226-feet of 0.095-inch trimmer line
  • User-friendly donut minimizes tangles
  • Welding preventing our core
  • High strength inner core
Black & Decker AF-100-3ZP

6. Black & Decker AF-100-3ZP (Convenient & Easy to Install)

  • 30-feet of 0.065-inch trimmer line
  • Fits a variety of string trimmer models
  • Highly efficient auto feed system
Weed Warrior 17068

7. Weed Warrior 17068 (Inexpensive but Long-Lasting)

  • 100-feet of 0.095-inch trimmer line
  • Aerodynamic twist shape for minimal drag
  • Highly affordable but long lasting
  • Ideal for both edging and trimming
Rotary 10068

8. Rotary 10068 (Quieter & More Flexible)

  • 230-feet of 0.095-inch trimmer line
  • Durable nylon material
  • Fast and quieter cutting
  • More flexible and easy to wind
Husqvarna 639005106

9. Husqvarna 639005106 (Long & Durable Titanium Line)

  • 230-feet of 0.095-inch trimmer line
  • Durable commercial grade copolymer material
  • Compatible with most trimmer heads
Craftsman 71-85740

10. Craftsman 71-85740 (Perfect for the Gas Trimmers)

  • Includes around 16 inches of line
  • Comes as complete trimmer head
  • Fits most gas trimmers
  • Easy line reloading
Arnold WLX-1105

11. Arnold WLX-1105 (Affordable for Home Use)

  • 165-feet of 0.105-inch trimmer line
  • Universal gas trimmer compatibility
  • Soft inner core
  • Hardened 4-star cutting edges
Grass Gator Z5105

12. Grass Gator Z5105 (Inexpensive Universal Line)

  • 102-feet of 0.105-inch trimmer line
  • Wide gas and electric trimmer compatibility
  • Tough copolymer nylon construction

1. Cyclone CY155S3 – Top Pick Overall

Cyclone CY155S3
Photo: Cyclone

  • Length: 315 feet
  • Diameter: 0.155 inches

With a total of 315 feet of trimmer line, the Cyclone CY155S3 is designed to ensure that it will be a long time before you need to buy a trimmer line again.

This top-rated trimmer line will also be perfect for landscaping professionals as it cuts fast and smoothly thanks to the 6-bladed shape that gives it more cutting power.

It comes in bright red light to make it easy to spot against the grass so that you never leave any trimmer line pieces in the grass. And it is also made to last thanks to the commercial-grade copolymer nylon material.

Many users will love that this 0.155-inch line is widely compatible with different trimmer head types and models.

While this cyclone line is the priciest item among our trimmer line review, it is also the longest and one of the toughest which makes it worth the extra cost.


  • 6-bladed shape for superior cutting power
  • Compatible with a wide variety of trimmer
  • Super long line lasts a long time
  • Bright red color makes it easy to spot in the grass
  • Strong and durable copolymer nylon material


  • A little pricier
  • Thicker weeds seem to eat it up quite fast

2. Arnold WLM-H65 – Best Universal

Arnold WLM-H65
Photo: Arnold

  • Length: 220 feet
  • Diameter: 0.065 inches

Arnold WLM-H65 is 0.065-inch trimmer line that has been designed to offer a universal fit, and it will fit a majority of electric and gas trimmers, and so you can buy it with confidence that it works for you.

Besides the universal fit, this trimmer line comes in a 6-point star shape that gives it as superior cutting power, and it is also built with a more durable polymer material to ensure long service life.

Many users will love that this relatively more affordable trimmer line also comes with a handy cutting tool that will make it super easy to cut to size and that there is a total of 220-feet of trimmer line in the package to last a long time.

This line seems to shred quite fast, and so it might not last as long as many users would have liked. However, it seems to make up for this by cutting better than most others out there.


  • Fits most gas and electric trimmers
  • Handy cutting tool included
  • Durable polymer material
  • 6-point star shape provides sharper cutting edges
  • Relatively more affordable


  • Shreds quite fast
  • Not good enough for commercial use

3. Cyclone CY065D1/2-12 – Best Value

Cyclone CY065D1/2-12
Photo: Cyclone

  • Length: 300 feet
  • Diameter: 0.065 inches

For a 300-foot long 0.065-inch trimmer line, the Cyclone CY065D1/-12 is quite affordable and given its superior quality material, this line will ensure you get the best value for your cash.

The company makes it with commercial-grade copolymer nylon to give it superior strength and durability, and it comes in a 6-bladed shape for superior cutting power.

This trimmer will work well for a majority of landscaping professionals, but its wide trimmer compatibility also means it will be a great choice for many homeowners.

Some users might find that this trimmer line breaks a little too easily given its smaller diameter, but unless you are using your trimmer to cut super thick and tough weeds, you will hardly ever need to worry about the line breaking too often.


  • 6-bladed shape for superior cutting power
  • Durable copolymer construction
  • Longer line for great value for money
  • Great for landscaping professionals


  • Breaks a little too easily
  • Not thick enough for heavy-duty use

4. DeWalt DWO1DT802 – Best for Cordless Trimmers

DeWalt DWO1DT802
Photo: DeWalt

  • Length: 225 feet
  • Diameter: 0.080 inches

For those that use the battery-powered string trimmers, DeWalt makes their amazing model DWO1DT802 specifically for you.

It has an aerodynamic design that is optimized to ensure cordless cutting efficiency, and it has been built with more flexible and impact resistant materials for efficiency and longer service life.

This DeWalt trimmer line will be perfect for both trimming and grass edging, and it will never weld which is often a huge problem for many other trimmer lines.

Provided you have a compatible trimmer head, this line also fits perfectly and winding it on your spool should also not take a lot of effort.

The packaging makes it a little hard and even annoying to pull out more string, but this is an almost insignificant shortcoming that most users should be able to live with and many will not even notice it.


  • More flexible and impact-resistant material
  • Optimized for cordless trimmers
  • Great for both trimming and edging
  • No line welding


  • Poor packaging makes string advancement annoying
  • A little overpriced given its length and diameter

5. Oregon 22-495 – Best Square

Oregon 22-495
Photo: Oregon

  • Length: 226 feet
  • Diameter: 0.095 inches

Oregon’s model 22-495 is one of the best 0.095 trimmer lines out there thanks to its square shape that creates some super sharp edges that can cut through almost any weed with ease.

This trimmer line is also well-built to ensure it lasts long enough, and it will feature a high-strength inner core that has been designed to resist breaking while still remaining flexible enough.

Welding and the problems that come with it such as regular line breaks will also not be a problem with this Oregon trimmer line as it has been built with a special outer core that has been designed to prevent welding.

And it is also designed with user-friendliness in mind as it will come with a special donut that will allow you to handle the line with fewer tangles.

Given that this is quite an aggressive line, it can be quite loud and even kick up a lot of debris, but this is an easy problem to fix by keeping the throttle on a lower setting.


  • Break-resistant inner core
  • Square-shaped for sharper edges
  • User-friendly donut ensures fewer tangles
  • Weld-free trimmer line


  • Can be a little too loud

6. Black & Decker AF-100-3ZP – Convenient & Easy to Install

Black & Decker AF-100-3ZP
Photo: Black & Decker

  • Length: 30 feet
  • Diameter: 0.065 inches

While winding line in a spool is always part of the job when using a trimmer, it can be annoying. However, Black & Decker makes their AF-100-3ZP trimmer lines to ensure you will never have to wind your line manually again.

This 0.065-inch line comes in replacement spools, and so all you need to do is replace your empty spool with a new one and you will be ready to go.

And it is also designed to be widely compatible with various trimmer models from Black & Decker, but its superior line feeding thanks to the auto feed system is what makes it stand out.

This automatic feed system makes use of centrifugal force to ensure smooth and quick line advancement with no hitches or bumps.

30-feet of trimmer line seems quite small, and this is even more so when you compared it to what most others on our list have to offer. But, this line makes up for what it lacks in length by being very convenient as it eliminates hand winding and also provides efficient auto line feed.


  • Fits a wide variety of trimmers
  • Replacement spools eliminate manual line winding
  • Superior line feeding
  • Works great for cordless trimmers


  • Spool contains relatively smaller line
  • Pricier to use as they do not last long

7. Weed Warrior 17068 – Inexpensive but Long-Lasting

Weed Warrior 17068
Photo: Weed Warrior

  • Length:  100 feet
  • Diameter: 0.095 inches

Being the cheapest item among our trimmer line reviews, the Weed Warrior 17068 is built to ensure you get a high-quality replacement line without spending much money.

Besides the affordable price tag, many users will also love its universal fit as it will work for both curved and straight shaft trimmers and also for electric, gas and battery-powered models.

This inexpensive trimmer line features a unique aerodynamic twist shape that helps to minimize drag so that you can have longer runtimes with now downtimes.

With the bi-component design, this trimmer line will offer more flexibility, and it also includes hardened corners to make it more durable. It will be ideal for use when both trimming and edging.

While some weed whackers might still seem to eat up the trimmer line quite fast, for most compatible string trimmers this should be a long-lasting line.


  • Universally trimmer fit
  • Ideal for both edging and trimming
  • Drag-reducing aerodynamic twist shape
  • Flexible but durable
  • Highly affordable


  • Some string trimmers still seem to eat it up quite fast

8. Rotary 10068 – Quieter & More Flexible

Rotary 10068
Photo: Rotary

  • Length: 230 feet
  • Diameter: 0.095 inches

Noise is always a concern for many homeowners when choosing as trimmer line. And so the fact that Rotary 10068 cuts relatively quietly makes it one of the best trimmer lines out there.

It is a tough but flexible 0.0095-inch diameter line that comes in a total length of 230 feet to ensure you have enough line for several trimming sessions, and its flexibility also makes it easy to wind without breaking.

This line is made from a tough and highly durable professional-grade nylon material to ensure it always goes a long way. And the nylon material also ensures that users always get fast and clean cuts to speed up the job.

The size and design of this trimmer line mean that it might not be as universally compatible as many others on our list. However, if you have a compatible trimmer it still offers excellent service.


  • Tough and durable nylon material
  • Cuts relatively quieter
  • Flexible and easy to wind
  • Works great for both edging and trimming
  • Quick and clean cuts


  • Not very widely compatible
  • Line still welds and binds in the spool

9. Husqvarna 639005106 – Long & Durable

Husqvarna 639005106
Photo: Husqvarna

  • Length: 840 feet
  • Diameter: 0.095 inches

If you prefer a more universal trimmer line that you can use on different weed whacker types and models, the Husqvarna 639005106 is a good pick as it can fit most standard trimmer heads.

The trimmer line is made from a commercial grade copolymer material, and it comes in a 0.095-inch diameter to make it ideal for medium to heavy-duty trimming applications.

The company builds it to offer fast acceleration and level flight characteristics which translates to quieter running and also helps to reduce a string trimmer’s fuel consumption.

The tough material used to make this trimmer line ensures that it can cut through the toughest weeds with ease and without breaking.

This Husqvarna trimmer line might be the second priciest item on our list, but for a top-notch quality titanium line that can cut almost any weed, it still comes at a bargain. Furthermore, there is a total of 804-feet of trimmer line which means you still get great value for money.


  • Durable copolymer line material
  • Runs relatively quieter
  • Cuts tough weeds with ease
  • Compatible with most trimmer heads


  • A little pricier
  • Plastic coating can melt in some trimmer heads

10. Craftsman 71-85740 – Perfect Choice for the Gas Trimmers

Craftsman 71-85740
Photo: Craftsman

  • Length:  16 Inches

Anyone that uses a Craftsman gas trimmer or other models from leading brands will be happy to have the Craftsman 71-85740 trimmer line.

It comes as a complete trimmer head but at the price of a trimmer line to ensure you get great value for money, and the head is made from solid aluminum and with no moving parts for increased durability.

With the easy load nylon glide plate, you can be sure that the head will be well-protected and it also makes line loading quicker and easier.

With this trimmer line, you can also be confident of getting more energy efficiency and reduced trimming noise thanks to the spiral shape.

The fit still does not seem completely universal as this trimmer line still does not fit some Craftsman gas trimmers, but if you have one of their more common models, it should fit perfectly.


  • Fits most gas trimmers
  • Comes as a complete trimmer head
  • Great for edging thick grass and weeds
  • Super fast line reloading
  • Minimal trimming noise


  • Fit is still not completely universal

11. Arnold WLX-1105 – An Affordable for Home Use

Arnold WLX-1105
Photo: Arnold

  • Length: 165 feet
  • Diameter: 0.105 inches

Arnold WLX-1105 is a well-built and more affordable trimmer line that will be perfect for use around the home. And it is a thicker 0.105-inch line that comes in 165-feet length to provide enough line for several trimming sessions.

But what makes this one of the best string trimmer lines is that it is made in a 4-point star shape to help improve the cutting efficiency. Also, the cutting edges are hardened to ensure they cut through weeds with ease and last long enough.

And to make this an even better trimmer line, it also includes a soft inner core that makes it more flexible, and this core will make it easier to wind without breaking.

You can use this trimmer line on almost any gas trimmer as it has been designed to have a more universal fit.

When compared to other commercial-grade trimmer lines from top brands, this one might not be as tough as they are, but for typical uses around the home, it is still perfect.


  • Universal gas trimmer fit
  • More flexible soft inner core
  • Hardened and durable cutting edges
  • Cutting tool included


  • Not as tough as other commercial-grade lines

12. Grass Gator Z5105 – Inexpensive Universal

Grass Gator Z5105
Photo: Grass Gator

  • Length: 102 feet
  • Diameter: 0.105 inches

The Grass Gator Z5105 is another highly affordable trimmer line option that will be perfect for homeowners shopping on a tight budget.

It is a universally compatible trimmer line that will fit most gas and electric weed trimmers. And it is designed for faster and more efficient cutting thanks to a twisted design with sharper edges and thicker 0.105-inch diameter.

The line is made from a tough copolymer nylon material that will not split or fray easily, and it will offer less wind resistance when cutting for more efficiency and also cuts with less noise.

Advancing the line when trimming should be much easier as the directional aerodynamics will always ensure more line moves forward, and you can also be confident of always getting cleaner cuts with minimal grass tips browning.

Winding this twisted line on double line trimmer seems a little hard and more time-consuming, but it should become easier as you get the hang of it.


  • Fits most gas and electric trimmers
  • Tough copolymer material
  • Does not split or fray easily
  • Minimal noise and wind resistance
  • Relatively more affordable


  • A little hard to wind on double line trimmers
  • Not good enough for use in high-speed weed whackers

How to Install a Trimmer Line?

How to Install a Trimmer Line

Buying the best string trimmer line is just the first step in ensuring quick, easy and efficient trimming as you will also need to ensure you install it correctly.

While the installation will depend on the line style you have and also your trimmer head type, it is still quite straightforward, and here are the general steps you will need to follow.

Step 1: Remove Spool

Start by switching off the trimmer and disconnecting it from the power source to ensure you can work safely. Once the weed whacker is turned off, you can proceed to remove the spool by locating and pushing the release button. But note that different trimmers will use different mechanisms to retain the spool, and so to know how to release it you might need to refer to the manual.

Step 2: Empty Out Old Line

Once the spool is out of the trimmer, the next step is to empty out the old line as there will always be some line left and in most instances, it will be damaged and unusable.

Step 3: Install New Trimmer Line

The third step and most important of them all is to insert your new line. And here you should start by preparing the new line which entails cutting it to the right length which for most trimmers is 9-foot long. For double line trimmers, you will need two 9-foot long lines.

You should then wind the lines on the spool following the arrows that are drawn to indicate the winding direction. Make sure you wind the entire line until about 6-inches is remaining which you should then press into the retention slots.

Step 4: Check and Test New Line

The last step is to check whether the new line is installed correctly. And to do this, you will need to switch on the trimmer and see how the line cuts. If there appears to be a snag, you should remove the spool and wind the trimmer line again.


A trimmer liner is a critical component of a string trimmer as you cannot do any trimming without it. But for fast, efficient and clean trimming, you need to choose the best trimmer line from the many options available.

With the right information in mind, choosing the right trimmer line for your weed whacker should not be hard. And in this piece, we showcase the most important things to watch out for when shopping for these handy lawn maintenance accessories.

Also, with our top 12 trimmer line reviews above, you will have a perfect starting point for your hunt for the perfect trimmer line. And you can be certain there is something on our list for you whether you want a trimmer line for your home or commercial use.