10 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Undermount Kitchen Sink
Photo: Ruvati

Undermount sinks are, arguably, the most valuable installations in any modern and busy kitchens.

With a sink, you can accomplish so many kitchen-related tasks like cleaning dishes and utensils, and even food preparation.

When choosing kitchen sinks, some considerations come to mind. You can get a single-bowl or double-bowl sink depending on the installation space available. Also, the material construction of your sink affects its durability and suitability for food handling.

In our undermount sink review, we explore these features and many more in detail and help you choose a model that best suits your everyday kitchen tasks.

What To Check BEfore Buying Undermount Kitchen Sink?

How to Buy the Best Undermount Kitchen Sink
Photo: Kraus

1. Single Bowl vs Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Undermount sinks assume to main designs: single bowl or double-bowl sinks. As their names suggest, a single-bowl sink has only 1 bowl, while the double-bowl one has 2.

The double-bowl design is a favorite of many kitchen owners because of the extra space and ease of both cleaning and rinsing. However, this design may require a lot of cabinet space that is not available in all kitchens.

Thus, a single-bowl design comes in handy when cabinet space is limited, and when you want to simplify cleaning because then you have only 5 spaces to worry about.

2. Materials and Durability

Everyone desires a relatively permanent undermount sink installation that you won’t be coming back to in a long time.

This, the materials used to make your sink are important determinants of strength, durability, and ease of maintenance. Stainless steel is the most common main material used to make undermount sinks.

It is strong, impact-resistant, rust, and corrosion-resistant. You can experience all these qualities in Kraus KHU102-33 and many other models.

Other materials such as quartz and granite are also used to make sinks. Granite, such as that used in Kraus KGD-433B, has especially demonstrated exceptional heat resistance. 

3. Undermount Kitchen Sink Size

Undermount sinks come in different sizes. There is no universally-preferred size especially because this feature competes with the double-bowl or single-bowl one.

However, when looking at size, sink dimensions, and minimum cabinet size always come to mind. Whatever size of sink you choose, its length should always be 3 or so inches less than the cabinet size, so that the sink fits perfectly.

Therefore, always use the cabinet size to inform the size of the sink you will buy. For example, a 36-inch cabinet size will fit an undermount sink 33 inches in length.

4. Design of Undermount Kitchen Sink

Most undermount sinks assume a universal rectangular design, regardless of whether they are single-bowl or double-bowl.

However, some tweaks and enhancements can be made on the design to make the sinks even more productive and user-friendly. For example, some sinks such as Kraus KHU102-33 has distinct grooves on the interior to enhance water drainage.

Others have rear-drainage designs to create space for stacking dishes without interrupting drainage, during cleaning.

5. Easy to Clean

Sinks, especially undermount kitchen ones, require to be constantly clean to maintain the highest standards of hygiene, especially is the sink will be handling food, which is almost guaranteed.

Most sink interior surfaces are engineered for easy cleaning. Stainless steel surfaces are especially easy to clean using soap and water. However, if yours has a satin or mirror finish, ensure you don’t use abrasive scrubbing tools, which may scratch it.

Also, choose sinks with strainers to catch the food waste for easy disposal and reduced clogging.

6. Noise Control

When water hits the sink and its contents, and during the cleaning process, it can get really noisy.

Modern-day undermount kitchen sinks come engineered to control noise by incorporating sound-absorbing technologies in their designs. Ruvati® sinks, for instance, come with SoundGuard padding and NoiseProof undercoating for noise minimization.

Kraus® sinks, on the other hand, come with NoiseDefend soundproofing to serve the same noise-reduction purpose.

Other sink brands also have their own noise-reduction technologies that are also reliable.

10 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks Reviewed




Ruvati RVM4350

1. Ruvati RVM4350 (Best Overall)

  • 2 high-performance bowls
  • Extra-clearance low divide
  • SoundGuard noise reducer
  • 2 bottom rinse/protective grids
Kraus KHU100-26

2. Kraus KHU100-26 (Best Under $200)

  • Priced reasonably
  • NoiseDefend soundproofing
  • Gently-sloping water drain
  • Easy-to-clean sink design
Kraus KHU102-33

3. Kraus KHU102-33 (Best Stainless Steel Build)

  • Strong/durable stainless steel build
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Optimal rear drain design
  • Grooves for superior drainage
Ruvati RVH7250

4. Ruvati RVH7250 (Best Low-noise)

  • SoundGuard for noise reduction
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel build
  • Reliable protective rinse grids
  • Handy food-waste basket strainer
Kraus KGD-433B

5. Kraus KGD-433B (Best Heat-resistant)

  • High 650℉ heat resistance
  • Resists impact and thermal shock
  • Hygienic and germ-repellant
  • Resists dirt and stains
Elkay ELGU2522WH0

6. Elkay ELGU2522WH0 (Best Quartz Sink)

  • Strong and durable granite build
  • High 535℉ heat resistance
  • 10 robust color choices
  • Easy, hassle-free cleaning
Ruvati RVH8308

7. Ruvati RVH8308 (Versatile with Workstation)

  • Versatile sink with workstation
  • Durable stainless steel build
  • SoundGuard for noise reduction
  • Compatible with garbage disposals
Elkay ELGRU13322BS0

8. Elkay ELGRU13322BS0 (Classic Design)

  • Classic style and finish
  • Superior heat resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 12 robust color options
Blanco 440149

9. Blanco 440149 (Heavy-duty)

  • Superior scratch resistance
  • High 536℉ heat resistance
  • Mold, bacteria and rust resistance
  • 9 robust color options
Kraus KBU21

10. Kraus KBU21 (60/40 Bowl Sizes)

  • Optimal 60/40 bowl sizes
  • Strong stainless steel build
  • Effective noise dampening
  • Sloped for easy water draining

1. Ruvati RVM4350 – Best Overall

Ruvati RVM4350

Photo: Ruvati

  • Type: Double bowl
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 36 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 17 inches

Double bowls, a low-divide design, ease of cleaning, and many more premium productivity features are what Ruvati RVM4350, our best overall undermount kitchen sink, has to offer.

With your purchase of this top-rated undermount sink, you are getting a lot of value for less than $200. To start with, it is a double-bowl. You can clean and rise items separately because of the extra bowl and space.

It features a unique low-divide design we haven’t encountered in many models so far. This design offers some extra clearance you can utilize to place large pots and pans during cleaning.

Noise minimization was not left out by this sink. It adopts Ruvati’s SoundGuard padding and NoiseDefend undercoating to absorb a lot of the noise produced when using the sink.

2 very handy bottom rinse grids have been including to help with the process, and protect the sink’s bottom from scratching and denting. Also, the rounded bowls help to simplify cleaning.

As is expected with double-bowl sinks, the Ruvati RVM4350 is not ideal for kitchens with limited cabinet space.


  • Spacious double-bowl design
  • Low divide for extra clearance
  • Superior noise minimization
  • Bottom rinse grids


  • Not ideal for space-constrained kitchens

2. Kraus KHU100-26 – Best Under $200

Kraus KHU100-26

Photo: Kraus

  • Type: Single bowl
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 30 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 10 inches

Premium and long-lasting sink strainers do not come cheap. However, with models such as the under $200 Kraus KHU100-26, you don’t have to break the bank.

This single-bowl kitchen sink is made using heavy-duty T304 stainless steel, which is not only durable but also dent-resistant for those times you accidentally drop hard or heavy objects inside the sink.

We were also impressed by the sink’s low-noise capabilities. It comes with Kraus’s exclusive NoiseDefend soundproofing, which absorbs vibrations while reducing sink noise during use.

With this sink, you never have to worry about drainage. It adopts a gently-sloping bottom, which prevents water from settling inside the bowl. Also, the sink’s rounded corners simplify cleaning by preventing water and dirt build-up, a common problem with sinks.

Because this sink comes with a premium satin finish, avoid cleaning it using a scouring pad, but it can easily scratch leaving being ugly marks on the sink.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Reliable noise reduction
  • Enhanced water drainage
  • Easy to clean


  • May scratch from hard scrubbing

3. Kraus KHU102-33 – Best Stainless Steel

Kraus KHU102-33

Photo: Kraus

  • Type: Double bowl
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 36 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 32.75 x 19 x 10 inches

Stainless steel installations are widely recognized for their strength and durability. Undermount sinks are no exception, especially if you choose Kraus KHU102-33, our best stainless steel undermount kitchen sink.

This 50/50 double bowl sink is made using 16-gauge (1.5 mm) T-304 stainless steel, which is the thickest of this category, in the market. It promises unparalleled sink strength and durability.

Because of this premium material used by the sink, it has demonstrated exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion, two of the most destructive agents when it comes to metallic installation. 

Its rear drain design offers you more usable space that will come in handy when stacking dishes in the sink. Also, if you check the sink’s interior, you’ll notice distinct grooves engineered to allow complete natural water drainage.

The sink drains that come with Kraus KHU102-33 are, however, incompatible with garbage disposals. Also, its square corners are not the easiest to clean.


  • Strong and durable material build
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Optimized for dish stacking
  • Superior water drainage


  • Drains are incompatible with garbage disposals
  • Sink corners are hard to clean

4. Ruvati RVH7250 – Best Low-noise

Ruvati RVH7250

Photo: Ruvati

  • Type: Single bowl
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 30 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 10 inches

Water splashing to the sink and its contents can be a very noisy affair that, to be honest, is not necessary. You get rid of all that with Ruvati RVH7250 undermount kitchen sink.

The 16-gauge stainless steel undermount sink features Ruvati’s heavy-duty SoundGuard padding and NoiseProof undercoating, which combine well to minimize noise generated by and within the sink while simultaneously providing reliable thermal insulation.

Enhanced productivity is another area where the sink excels. It comes with stainless steel bottom rinse grids that not only protect the well-finished sink from scratching but also double as racks for drying your pans and pots.

A basket strainer drain has been included to help trap notorious food waste that constantly threatens to clog sink drains. The strainer allows easy emptying of waste into the trash.

We were disappointed, however, that the basket strainer drain works for standard plumbing only, and not with garbage disposals.


  • Reliable noise minimization
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Also works as a drying rack
  • Effective food waste trapping


  • The strainer is incompatible with garbage disposals

5. Kraus KGD-433B – Best Heat-Resistant

Kraus KGD-433B

Photo: Kraus

  • Type: Double bowl
  • Materials: Granite
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 36 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 9.5 inches

Kraus KGD-433B is not your everyday undermount kitchen sink because it is built to resist extremely high temperate. This superior resistance is made possible by the sink’s high-end granite composite.

The granite build of this double-bowl sink makes it have an unrivaled impact and thermal shock resistance. For this reason, the sink boasts of heat resistance of up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to accommodate even the hottest cookware.

Also, this material makes the sink naturally hygienic. Because it yields a non-porous surface, food particles won’t stick to the sink surface. Thus, germ spreading is greatly minimized.

On top of hygiene, the sink’s surface has proven reliable in resisting stains from wine, coffee, and other agents. You can clean it easily with soap and warm water.

Because the surface of the sink is roughened slightly, we noticed it is not the best in draining water using gravity. It also doesn’t adapt well to thin (3/4-inch and lower) countertops.


  • High heat resistance
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Naturally hygienic
  • Resists dirt and stains


  • May struggle with free water drainage
  • Not the best for thin countertops

6. Elkay ELGU2522WH0 – Best Quartz Undermount Kitchen Sink

Elkay ELGU2522WH0

Photo: Elkay

  • Type: Single bowl
  • Materials: Quartz
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 30 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 24.6 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches

Not all kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel. Some, like the Elkay ELGU2522WH0, utilize quartz as the main material, which also has its perks.

Fine quartz, which is the main build material here, makes the sink resistant to impact scratching, and high temperatures. The sink is heat safe up to 535℉. Even with constant banging, the sink will neither chip nor scratch.

We liked the single bowl design on this one because of offers uninterrupted space that’s ideal for washing and dish stacking, including other household tasks.

This sink comes in a range of attractive colors, which allow you to match it with your kitchen decor. The colors are UV-stable and will not fade even when exposed to sunlight through the kitchen window.

You can clean the sink easily with a damp cloth and soapy water because its surface is non-porous and hygienic.

We do wish, however, that the capacity Elkay ELGU2522WH0 was higher, because it is one of the sinks with a low volume, on our list.


  • Premium granite construction
  • Superior heat resistance
  • Wide range of color choices
  • Easy to clean


  • Not the most spacious

7. Ruvati RVH8308 – Versatile with Workstation

Ruvati RVH8308

Photo: Ruvati

  • Type: Single bowl
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 27 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 10 inches (also available in other sizes)

The versatility that Ruvati RVH8308 undermount kitchen sink offers is unrivaled. Besides the usual cleaning function, this sink doubles as a workstation.

It comes equipped with ledges on both the from and back to provide tracks that the integrated cutting board can rest on. This cutting board covers the entire sink, effectively converting it into a countertop for additional space.

Moving on to the actual sink, it is a single bowl that is made using 16-gauge premium stainless steel that will neither corrode nor rust, promising you years of reliable service.

This sink’s brushed finished, unlike satin ones, is good at masking scratches while complementing the finishes of your other kitchen appliances.

You also get reliable noise reduction using Ruvati’s SoundGuard. And this sink will actually work with garbage disposals because it has a 3.5-inch opening.

The Ruvati RVH8308 is, however, small in terms of total volume, and it is also one of the pricey models on our list.


  • Versatile multi-purpose sink
  • Durable build quality
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Works with garbage disposals


  • Small sink space
  • Pricey

8. Elkay ELGRU13322BS0 – Classic Undermount Kitchen Sink

Elkay ELGRU13322BS0

Photo: Elkay

  • Type: Single bowl
  • Materials: Quartz
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 36 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 33 x 18.4 x 9.4 inches

If you are one of those homeowners who prefer their home installations to adopt and maintain a classic identity, then Elkay ELGRU13322BS0 is the ideal undermount kitchen sink for you.

This single-bowl sink offers you uninterrupted space for both washing and stacking dishes, especially with its large volume.

You’ll love the durability of this sink because it is made using high-quality quartz, which has a high thermal resistance. It is heat safe up to 535℉ for protection against damage from hot pots.

This material is non-porous, making it very hygienic from its resistance to food and beverage residue and stains. Also cleaning the sink is incredibly easy. Simply a damp cloth with soapy water and you’re good to go.

It is available 12 robust colors, offering you the freedom to choose one that blends in perfectly with your kitchen decor or countertop design.

You will, however, have to pay a premium for the classic Elkay ELGRU13322BS0. Also, it does not come with bottom grids, which are common with other models.


  • Classic and stylish finish
  • Durable and heat resistant build
  • Superior hygiene and easy to clean
  • Available in many colors


  • Expensive
  • No bottom grids included

9. Blanco 440149 – Heavy-duty

Blanco 440149

Photo: Blanco

  • Type: Single bowl
  • Materials: Silgranite
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 36 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 9.5 inches

Sinks that come into constant contact with abrasive items such as forks, knives, pans, and many others, demand exceptional stress-resistance, which is what the heavy-duty Blanco 440149 undermount kitchen sink offers.

This sink offers superior scratch and chip resistance, giving you the confidence to clean all your utensils and cookware in it. Also, this Silgranite-built sink will resist up to 536℉, which is higher than the standard baking, boiling, and broiling levels, for its durability.

The same material will resist stains, acidic, and alkaline solutions so that it neither rusts nor corrodes. Also, you’ll find cleaning the sink really easy because it resists the growth of mold and bacteria.

We loved the 9 color options, which is a wide assortment you can choose from to complement your kitchen style.

Blanco 440149 is, without a doubt, pricey, especially when you consider the absence of handy accessories such as bottom grids.


  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Resists mold, bacteria, and rust
  • Wide color assortment


  • Pricey
  • No accessories included

10. Kraus KBU21 – 60/40 Undermount Kitchen Sink

Kraus KBU21

Photo: Kraus

  • Type: Double bowl
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 33 inches
  • Outer Dimensions: 29.13 x 19.5 x 9 inches

Kraus KBU21 is a unique non-standard double-bowl sink, which is built on a 60/40 design. One of the bowls is larger (60% of total size) than the other (40% of total size).

The design is very convenient and practical. The larger bowl is great for cleaning large items such as pots, while the smaller bowl is optimized for stacking plates, and its depth will accommodate 30 of those.

Besides practicality, this sink is very strong from its use of T-304 stainless steel, which makes the unit dent-resistant and durable, even under heavy usage.

It utilizes thick rubber dampening pads to achieve the sound insulation necessary for noiseless sink operation. These pads cover over 80% of the sink base, hence very effective.

Also, the sink’s gently-sloped bottom supports easy natural drainage of water. The angles are optimized to prevent glassware from tipping over when placed in the sink.

Because Kraus KBU21 is a 60/40 sink, it may require a special non-regular cutout at the counter’s installation space.


  • Optimal space utilization
  • Strong build quality
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Easy water draining


  • Requires a non-standard sink cutout

How to Install Undermount Kitchen Sinks?

How to Install Undermount Kitchen Sinks
Photo: Kraus

If you follow the installation guide that comes with your undermount kitchen sink keenly while using the right tools, then installation shouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s what you need to set up your new unit. We assume you already got the sink compatible with your cabinet size.

Step 1: Set up sink supports. Most kitchen sinks are heavy and installing them directly on concrete can prove challenging. Therefore, start by installing sink supports.

Commercial brackets, custom plywood shelves, and custom wood frames are the most common sink support in use. You can choose one of these.

Step 2: After setting up the sink support, gently set it onto the frame that will be supporting it as you proceed with alignment and reinforcement of the unit.

You can request for an extra hand from a friend or family member to ensure everything fits as it should.

Step 3: After the sink has rested perfectly without any misalignment, proceed to apply a generous amount of caulk around the sink’s top flange.

We recommend you use silicone or siliconized acrylic kitchen caulk, which are designed for such installations.

Step 4: Proceed to install the adjacent countertop slabs over or next to the sink, depending on whether your model is positive reveal, zero reveal, or negative reveal.

Just ensure that the sink is perfectly sandwiched between the cabinet frame and the countertop. Then clean up and you’re good to go.


Our best undermount kitchen sinks review demonstrates the reliability, strength, and versatility of these installations.

If you want the best of them all, pick Ruvati RVM4350, the value-packed spacious double bowl undermount sink that is optimized for cleaning, dish stacking, and even handling large pots.

For those who desire quality at the lowest price, Kraus KHU100-26 offers the best value at less than $200.

Also, we recommend Ruvati RVH7250 to everyone who desires a sink that will maintain noise at the minimum during cleaning and other tasks.