10 Best Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide in 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Vacuum Sealer For Sous Vide

Sous Vide method of cooking is widely used throughout the world. To be very accurate with your meal, you need to place the ingredients in the vacuum sealed bag. Well, this is where the need of the best vacuum sealer for sous vide arises. 

The sealers are primarily available in two types: chamber and external. Other than that, you can find 2 in 1 machine as well that also gives you the option of manually sealing the food products.

Similarly, there are various such details that this vacuum sealer for sous vide review will cover. But before that, you should understand all the perks you get with these appliances:

  • The flavors and moisture retains in the food as you cook because there is no way out for the moisture. This helps in enhancing your cooking.
  • All the nutrients of the food remain intact. You get to enjoy nutrition-rich food.
  • The shelf life of the food increases as there is no contact with the air.
  • You can simply keep it inside the fridge without a need of another appliance to put the food in.

If you are planning to purchase a sealer then better read our review first. It will answer many of your concerns.

What to Check Before Buying Best Vacuum Sealer For Sous Vide?

How to Buy the Best Vacuum Sealer For Sous Vide

When beginning this vacuum sealer for sous vide review, we have mentioned that these machines can be used for various purposes. There are a plenty of features that will help you decide a right machine for your kitchen.

1. Type of Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide

There are two prime types in vacuum sealer for sous vide. There differ in many aspects. Let’s take a look:

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers for sous wide are, without a doubt, considered as the best food vacuum sealer for sous vide. This is especially a case if you cook frequently.

At the same time, these sealers are priced higher than the alternative. These sealers are beneficial when you have to seal liquid items inside the bags.

As you place the bag in the chamber, the air is completely removed from it, without bothering the liquid material inside it. These machines are mostly compatible with all kind of plastic bags. This means that you don’t necessarily have to purchase bags from a specific brand only.

If you are planning on doing a lot of sous vide cooking then chamber vacuum sealers will be the best option to consider.

External Vacuum Sealer

Alternatively, if you are looking for the best budget vacuum sealer for sous vide then it will be better if you pick the external models.

The external ones are the typical sealers that you can find available in a lot of variety. FoodSaver is a common brand that manufactures a variety of external vacuum sealers.

The bags used with these sealers are on the pricier side. It is considered to be a better option for the beginners. A decent model in these sealers is available between $100 – $150.

Buying Advice

The decision that you make should be purely based on your need. If you make sous vide a lot then spend some money and buy the chamber vacuum sealer for sous vide. Alternatively, if you are just beginning then the external machines will be pretty helpful as well.

2. Acceptable Bags and Rolls

The working mechanism of these appliances mandatorily require bags and rolls for vacuum sealing. This make it one of the major considerations while picking a right product for your kitchen.

You see, most of these appliances are designed to accept bags and rolls manufactured by the same brand. Of course, such is not the case with all the vacuum sealers. So, your quest is to find such models that give you the flexibility to pick any bag and roll to put in use.

Therefore, when you have to buy a new set of bags and rolls, you will have the freedom to pick any product that is available on the best price.

3. Vacuum Strength

The suction strength of the sealers largely varies from one another. They don’t necessarily share the same strength. Some appliances have stronger suction than others.

If you have a lot of cooking to do that need vacuum sealing then a poor performing machine can hamper your experience completely. It is important to consider this feature before you buy.

4. Size and Weight

The vacuum sealers are mostly stored in a kitchen cabinet, and you are likely to move it a lot in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important for these appliances to be lightweight and small.

One more thing that makes the size of the appliances an important aspect to consider is that the width of the bar is the maximum capacity of a vacuum sealer. It won’t be able to seal bags wider than the bar width.

Therefore, while purchasing these products, make sure to keep this feature in account.

5. Ease of Use

To be able to use the appliance easily is one of the prime concerns of all buyers. Surely, no one desires a machine that is lost in working and does not do the task adeptly.

The appliance should have one-button activation so that the user has to go through minimal trouble to use the machine.

10 Best Vacuum Sealers For Sous Vide of 2021 Reviewed




KOIOS Vacuum Sealer

1. KOIOS Vacuum Sealer (Top-rated)

  • Can give 40 consecutive sealings 
  • Comes with 10 special bags
  • Bags can withstand temperature up to 300 degrees
NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer

2. NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer (Complete Value for Money)

  • Compatible with 7.8” wide Bags and 
  • Two sealing modes
  • Lab tested quality
  • Comes with full starter kit
Gourmia GVS455

3. Gourmia GVS455 (Most Budget-friendly)

  • Compatible with 11” wide rolls and bags
  • Moist & dry mode
  • Comes with a drip tray
  • Stainless steel construction
Sarki Vacuum Sealer

4. Sarki Vacuum Sealer (Reasonable-priced)

  • Constructed with 8” wide bags and rolls
  • Dry & Moist mode
  • Multifunction automatic product
  • Uses advanced sealing rings
FoodSaver V4440

5. FoodSaver V4440 (Best External Design)

  • Compatible with all pre-made bags and 8”, 11” rolls
  • Automatic bag detection
  • NRTL tested and certified
  • Comes with 5-year warranty
FoodSaver V4840

6. FoodSaver V4840 (Best High-end)

  • Compatible with all pre-made bags and 8”, 11” rolls
  • Comes with LED light indicator
  • NRTL tested and certified
  • Comes with 5-year warranty
FoodSaver FM2000

7. FoodSaver FM2000 (Best for Beginners)

  • Constructed with 11” wide bags and rolls
  • Comes with a drip tray
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Safety certified
Nesco VS02

8. Nesco VS02 (Portable)

  • Compatible with bags and rolls in 11.8” width
  • Extended sealing feature
  • Auto shut-off
  • Full starter kit included
FoodSaver FM5200

9. FoodSaver FM5200 (High-quality, 2 in 1, Automatic)

  • Constructed with 11” wide bags and rolls
  • Comes with a drip tray
  • Dry & Moist, quick-marinate mode
  • Meet UL and ETL safety standards
VacMaster VP215

10. VacMaster VP215 (Commercial-grade)

  • Compatible with 10” bags and rolls
  • 1/4 HP rotary oil pump
  • 5 times longer freshness
  • Highly suitable for liquid food

1. KOIOS Vacuum Sealer – Best-Top-rated

KOIOS Vacuum Sealer
Photo: KOIOS

The quality of this machine speaks volumes for itself. This model is thoughtfully recognized as the top-rated model for its performance and amazing features.

To begin with, the construction of this machine is done with superior-quality materials. The sealing system comes with an in-built cutter that helps in easy cutting of the sheet from the roll.

There is a dry and moist mode that can be used for its respective food items. The vacuuming process is so effective that it keeps the food fresh 5 times longer than other models.

The efficiency of this product is brilliant as it can give 40 consecutive seals. The beginner’s kit is also amazing as you get a replacement sealing sponge and 10 special bags. Unfortunately, there is no storage space for the rolls in the machine.

More Detailed: Click here


  • Extremely efficient and high in performance
  • Constructed with sturdy material
  • Lightweight and easy to move inside the kitchen
  • It can give 40 consecutive seals without any damage


  • There is no storage space for rolls inside the machine

2. NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer – Complete Value for Money

NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer
Photo: NutriChef

NutriChef is another leading company that manufacture superior-quality vacuum sealers. This model is the best NutriChef vacuum sealer for sous void. It is a lightweight and portable machine and gives you three color options.

The fully automatic machine is easy to operate. The control center is placed on the top panel and there are soft touch digital buttons with LED lights.

Then there are two sealing modes that give the best preservation to your food. For dry and moist food items, you can choose the function accordingly. The machine comes with lab tested quality which ensure increased shelf life of the food packed in it.

You also get a full starter kit that gives you 5 medium vacuum bags, and extra long vacuum bag roll, an air suction hose, etc. The downside of this model is that it is only compatible with bags made by NutriChef. Also, it does not come with any warranty.

More Detailed: Click here


  • Two sealing modes for best food preservation
  • Easy to operate fully automatic machine
  • Comes with a full starter kit with various components
  • Increases the shelf life of food products 


  • It does not come with any warranty 
  • The bags compatible with this model should be bought from NutriChef only

3. Gourmia GVS455 – Most Budget-friendly

Gourmia GVS455
Photo: Gourmia

So, this product is for the people that are on a budget or simply need a beginner’s model. The making of the machine is done with stainless-steel material which makes it highly durable and robust.

It accepts 11 inches wide roles and has a roll storage inside the machine itself. Even if you are using bags, make sure that they are not wider than the pre-defined range.

The features that you get in this machine are marinate, seal and vacuum, moist & dry mode, etc. Then there is a removable tray that gather liquid drippings and is quite easy to clean.

There is no cutter installed in this model. Also, the performance of this product is questionable. You will find it sloppy as compared to the competitive models.


  • Comes with a dripping tray to collect food leftovers
  • Great for the beginners as it is simple and price-friendly
  • Comes with multiple exciting features
  • Construction is done with durable and robust material


  • The overall performance of this machine is a bit sloppy
  • There is no cutter installed in this model

4. Sarki Vacuum Sealer – Reasonable-priced

Sarki Vacuum Sealer
Photo: Sarki

This highly resourceful machine can be used for various purposes and comes with easy one-touch automatic operation. There are soft-touch digital buttons with led indicators on the machine for easy usability.

It is compatible with 8 inches wide bags and rolls. You can use the machine for a variety of food items. Although, there is no storage space inside the machine or roll cutter to detach the bag after sealing.

You can use a variety of modes such as gentle, moist or dry to preserve the food. Also, the machine offers freshness of food items 7 times more than the usual machines.

The product comes with 5 vacuum bags, and one vacuum seal roll for instant usage of the machine. It comes with a limited period warranty of 1 year.


  • Comes with easy one-touch automatic operation
  • Soft-touch digital buttons with led indicators
  • Keep food fresh 7 times longer than any other machine
  • Overall quality of the product is commendable


  • Comes with only 1-year limited warranty
  • Does not have in-built storage space or cutter

5. FoodSaver V4440  Best External

FoodSaver V4440
Photo: FoodSaver

FoodSaver is among the leading brands to manufacture vacuum sealers for sous void. The V4440 is an external vacuum cleaner with effective yet simplistic features.

First, it is compatible with vacuum sealing rolls and bags of all sizes. You can fit up to 20-foot roll of variable widths like 8 inches or 11 inches.

You can enjoy multiple other features like dry and moist food modes for a large variety of food items, automatic bag detection to speed-fast the vacuuming process, and a hose for sealing jars.

There is also a rapid marinate mode that also helps in quickly making the sous vide food when you don’t want to keep it in the refrigerator overnight.

Plus, there is an excellent kit that you get with this product that includes a couple of bags and a vacuum sealing roll to start. However, the disappointing part is the heavy weight of this product. Also, it is priced higher than the competitive models giving almost the same features.


  • Comes with automatic bag detection mode for speedy sealing
  • Compatible with all pre-made bags and rolls
  • Rapid marinate mode for quick cooking
  • Highly-productive kit included with the product


  • Price is higher than the competitive models 
  • It is heavy weight machine so moving it will be challenging

6. FoodSaver V4840 – Best High-end

FoodSaver V4840
Photo: FoodSaver

So, the V4840 is pretty similar to the last model discussed on our list. However, it is a little less expensive. This one is also compatible with all pre-made bags and 8”, 11” rolls.

The built-in features also remain the same. It comes with automatic bag detector which literally saves a lot of time while sealing. Then there is automatic moisture detection also due to which the moisture of the food remains intact.

Then there is built-in roll storage and cutter that allow easy customization of the bags. The LED light helps through the sealing process.

Furthermore, this product is NRTL tested and certified for highest safety standards. You can also enjoy 5-year long warranty from FoodSaver on this model.

The parts that will disappoint you are that the drip tray of this model is made of poor-quality material. Also, just like the former model, moving this appliance will be difficult due to heavyweight.


  • NRTL tested and certified for highest safety standards
  • Comes with 5-year warranty 
  • Compatible with all pre-made bags and 8”, 11” rolls
  • Fine over-all quality of this product


  • Heavyweight thus difficult to move 
  • The drip tray is made of poor-quality material

7. FoodSaver FM2000 – Best Beginner Level

FoodSaver FM2000
Photo: FoodSaver

So, this model from FoodSaver is ideally for the beginners that are looking for first time purchase. It is lightweight and sturdy in construction.

The machine accepts 11 inches wide rolls and bags for vacuuming. It gives you frustration-free experience of vacuum sealing through the easy-to-use functions on the machine.

The automatic turn off feature of this product is quite resourceful. It automatically stops when the sealing is done. The volume of work handled by this product is also amazing.

It also comes with a drip-tray that makes sure that there is no build up of mildew due to leakages or food drops. It is easy to operate, maintain, and clean.

There is no in-built storage space for the rolls. Also, there is no dry and moist mode which means that the moisture-rich food might loss their suppleness in this machine.


  • Lightweight and sturdy in construction
  • Easy to operate, maintain, and clean
  • Automatic turn off feature


  • No built-in storage space in this machine
  • There is no dry and moist mode to maintain the suppleness of the food

8. Nesco VS02 – Portable Vacuum Sealer for Sous Void

Nesco VS02
Photo: Nesco

Since these products should be lightweight and portable, the request was efficiently answered by Nesco through this model VS02.

It is an automatic machine that comes with easy to operate buttons on the top. There is an auto shut-off vacuum seal and a seal only function with led light. You can also choose for extended seal feature for moist food items or tight sealing.

It is compatible with vacuum seal rolls and bags in 11.8” width. You can also find built-in roll storage and bag cutter for more productive usage. The starter kit of this model includes 10 starter bags in two sizes and roll in one size.

It has been observed that this machine is not as useful with the moist food as it is with the dry items. Also, there is no warranty to safeguard your purchase.


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to move machine
  • Comes with extended seal feature
  • Amazing and highly-useful kit for starters
  • Easy to operate machine with convenient buttons on the top


  • There is no warranty to safeguard the purchase 
  • Not as efficient with moist food items

9. FoodSaver FM5200 – Best-High-quality 2 in 1 Automatic

FoodSaver FM5200
Photo: FoodSaver

The FoodSaver FM5200 is a purposeful machine that can be considered as a revised version of the former model discussed. This is a 2 in 1 automatic vacuum sealer which helps in keeping food fresh for the longest time.

It is compatible with 11 inches wide bags and rolls. There is storage space for the rolls. Also, there is a built-in handheld sealer which means that you can manually use the machine as well.

The patented removable drip tray keeps the machine clean. Furthermore, this model comes with dry & moist feature to retain the food suppleness.

There are a lot of gifts that this product brings with it. Also, it comes with 5-year warranty. However, there is no automatic bag detection feature in this machine.


  • 2 in 1 automatic vacuum sealer
  • Has storage space for the rolls
  • Comes with patented removable drip tray
  • Comes with 5-year warranty of this product


  • There is no automatic bag detection feature

10. VacMaster VP215 – Best-Commercial-grade

VacMaster VP215
Photo: VacMaster

So, this is a chamber vacuum sealer for sous vide, so you need to spend a lot of money on this product. Undeniably, it is a commercial-grade product.

It comes with a 1/4 HP rotary oil pump that ensure larger volume of work at one time. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the machine.

While this machine is heavy-duty and also bulky, it is quite easy to operate and keeps the food fresh 5 times longer than other products.

You also get the feature of double seal if required by the food item. This machine is especially helpful with liquid food items. If you are sealing moist food, you will experience some serious preservation of food.

The only pitfall is that this is really expensive for home users and quite bulky, so you won’t be able to move it wherever you want.


  • 1/4 HP rotary oil pump for high work volumes
  • Made with heavy-duty materials
  • Keep the food fresh 5 times longer than other machines
  • Comes with double seal for extra protection


  • Very heavy so you won’t be able to move it
  • Very expensive machine, not suitable for households


The products that we have given you in our list are so amazing that it will be unfair to pick the best one. Well, these products excel individually and makes the most benefitting machines for your kitchen.

You are also encouraged to first read our buying guide so that you can know the features that are most essential as per your choice. Only then you will be able to make a thoughtful purchase.

We share all kind of options with our customers. Check them out and buy the best vacuum sealer for sous vide. Happy Shopping!