10 Best Vegetable Slicers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Vegetable Slicer
Photo: OXO

Preparing vegetable diets can be a messy affair. You’re trying to slice sweet potato for some salads, but it’s a daunting task, not to mention the risk of injuring yourself.

Achieving perfect cuts/slicers of carrots, cucumbers, onions, zucchini, and your favorite fruits are near impossible without the ideal tool to make simplify and fasten the task.

That is where a vegetable slicer comes in handy. The tool is designed with one or more ultra-sharp blades made of stainless steel to cut with precision, accuracy, and to your desired specification.

There are many vegetable slicers in the market, but here, we make it easier for you to buy the ideal on by presenting the 10 best vegetable slicers on the market today.

What To Check Before Buying Best Vegetable Slicer?

How to Buy the Best Vegetable Slicer
Photo: OXO

1. Blade

The number of blades and materials used to construct them are the two most important factors to consider when buying a vegetable slicer.

Some advanced slicers have up to 7 blades for diverse application such as slicing, chipping, shredding, and many more. Fewer blades are also very effective.

Stainless steel is the preferred material for slicer blades. Additional blade features such as hardened and ultra-sharp blades promise a seamless slicing experience, even for the toughest fruits of vegetables.

Almost all blades are rust-free, so you need not worry about food contamination.

2. Size and Design

The most compact slicers are the mandoline ones. They are easily adjustable and foldable.

Standard slicers, especially those with multiple blades, are slightly larger but offer more features and versatility.

Slicer makers make it possible to disassemble most of their products for ease of storage, and to ensure that they occupy the least space in your cupboard or drawers.

Most slicers are lightweight and will weigh less than 2 lbs. Thus, mobility and portability should not be an issue.

Handheld slicers are the most portable and are ideal for camping and travel. However, they will not have advanced features and blades such as those of countertop ones.

3. Safety

At the mention of ultra-sharp slicer blades, safety comes to mind. You do not want to injure yourself while preparing your favorite veggie salad, pasta, potato chips, or fruit salad.

Some slicer brands prioritize your safety by shielding your hands from the blades using a protective glove and vegetable holder, or both. That way, your hands will not come into contact with the vegetable/fruit you are trying to slice.

You also want to ensure that when not in use, the slicer’s blades are not lying around exposed especially for the safety of children.

Another safety feature is a storage tray for the sharp blades. This component ensures that all blades are stored away securely from accidental contact by both adults and children. 

4. Dishwasher

A dishwasher was designed to simplify the process of cleaning dishes. Hence, it is natural to also want your vegetable slicer to be dishwasher safe to eliminate the tiresome process of cleaning it.

Some slicer manufacturers make those considerations by designing products that will not damage, or be damaged, by the dishwasher.

It is possible for some slicer components to be dishwasher safe, while those that are not can be cleaned externally by hand.

5. Easy to Use and Clean

Although many people will have different ways of judging the ease of use, there are some factors to consider making that determination. For instance, the time taken to assemble and begin using the slicer is very crucial.

You don’t want to spend minutes setting up your slicer, or doing it wrong. Therefore, look for one with a comprehensive setup guide. The best one come with videos containing setup instruction.

When using the slicer, you want it to grip firmly on the surface it’s placed on. Slicers with large suction cups or non-slip feet are the most stable.

An ideal slicer should be easy to disassemble and clean using the least effort. Many slicers promise to make the task effortless by simply using soap and warm water. If they don’t have any electrical components, then you can fully immerse them in water.

10 Best Vegetable Slicers of 2021 Reviewediew




Spiralizer Ultimate 7

1. Spiralizer Ultimate 7 (Best Overall)

  • 7 interchangeable blades
  • Extra strong suction cups
  • Spiralizer’s lifetime replacement policy
  • 4 free recipe eBooks
Original SpiraLife B8-772W-LE6Q

2. Original SpiraLife B8-772W-LE6Q (Most Affordable)

  • Very affordable
  • Efficient wider and shorter funnel
  • Highly compact and portable
  • Useful extras for more value
Mueller MU-MANDO

3. Mueller MU-MANDO (Best Mandoline Slicer)

  • 5 v-shaped mandoline blades
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Knob control and adjustable
  • Slipping guard for safety
Brieftons 712038653027

4. Brieftons 712038653027 (Best for Home Use)

  • 7 interchangeable blades
  • Catch container with keep-fresh lid
  • Oversized and foolproof suction pad
  • Caddy for safe blade storage
Mueller MU-ULTRA

5. Mueller MU-ULTRA (Best Machine)

  • 8-in-1 slicer
  • Grater, mandoline, and juicer
  • Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Suction cup feet
Fullstar 5-in-1 Slicer

6. Fullstar 5-in-1 Slicer (Best Veggie Slicer)

  • 5 interchangeable blades
  • 1.1-inch catch tray
  • Molded vegetable holder
  • Fully disassembly
Spiralizer PS-10

7. Spiralizer PS-10 (Heavy Duty)

  • 30-35% stronger than rivals
  • Strong blades for tough slicing
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for drawer storage
Paderno A4982799

8. Paderno A4982799 (User-Friendly)

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Suitable for supervised children
  • Extra strong, removable handle
  • Easy and fast to clean
OXO 1155700

9. OXO 1155700 (Ergonomic & Precision)

  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable thickness settings
  • Precision slicing
  • Food holder for safety
OXO 1119100

10. OXO 1119100 (Handheld Design)

  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Easy to clean

1. Spiralizer Ultimate 7 – Best Overall

Spiralizer Ultimate 7
Photo: Spiralizer

Spiralizer Ultimate 7 is a strong and heavy-duty slicer equipped with 7 multipurpose blades for all-round application.

It will prepare salads, garnishes, slice noodles, pasta, potato chips, and a wide range of healthy veggie meals.

There’s more value to this slicer as if offers 7 blades compared to other products in our review. They are made of toughened stainless steel to maximize durability. Other components are made with BPA-free ABD plastic suitable for food handling.

An innovative and compact design supports safe and secure blade storage to avoid loss or physical injury while using the slicer.

For ease of use, the slicer comes with a color user manual as well as an online quick-start guide. Some demo videos are also included for a hassle-free setup.

It also comes with a stress-free lifetime replacement policy, and live customer support from Spiralizer.

Although the Spiralizer Ultimate 7 is a versatile slicer capable of preparing multiple veggie meals, its suction cups may fail to stick on some surfaces making it unstable.

Notes: Keep out of children’s reach.


  • 7 interchangeable blades for diverse application
  • Strong suction cups for firm support
  • Unlimited replacement policy
  • 4 Free Recipe eBooks


  • Suction cups may not stick on some surfaces

2. Original SpiraLife B8-772W-LE6Q – Most Affordable

Original SpiraLife B8-772W-LE6Q
Photo: Lifestyle Dynamics

Original SpiraLife B8-772W-LE6Q is the most affordable spiralizer on the list. It is also the most efficient, promising minimal food wastage.

The slicer’s revolutionary design includes a wider and shorter funnel combined with a uniquely-designed cap to maximize the amount of vegetable converted into zoodles.

Portability is another of its features that you will love. It is ideal for camping and travel, taking up minimal storage space.

A protective finger guard design enhances the slicer’s safety while ensuring less wastage of vegetables. It is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

It comes with useful extras lacking on rival products; a cleaning brush, vegetable peeler, and a storage bag.

The value you get from Original SpiraLife B8-772W-LE6Q for such a low price may be unbeatable, but the slicer is handheld and lacks the versatility offered by multi-blade countertop slicers.

You also will not get a lifetime replacement policy with this slicer.


  • Most affordable at less than $15
  • Efficient and minimal food wastage
  • Wider and shorter funnel for optimal slicing
  • Portable and compact for travel and camping
  • Extras such as cleaning brush and storage bag


  • The handheld slicer is not as versatile as multi-blade ones
  • No lifetime replacement policy

3. Mueller MU-MANDO – Best Mandoline Slicer

Mueller MU-MANDO
Photo: Mueller

While other V-shaped mandoline slicers come with a single blade, the Mueller MU-MANDO has 5 ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades, which make it the best mandoline slicer to own.

The 5 blades are interchangeable. They grant you the freedom to choose blades for grating, slicing, and julienne. You can also chop, cut, and peel using the slicer.

A uniquely-designed knob control and adjustable capabilities of the slicer make it superior to other products on the market.

For safety, the slicer comes equipped with a slicing guard, which has stainless steel prongs for maximum grip on the fruit or vegetables being sliced.

It comes with a lifetime replacement policy from Mueller USA, and excellent customer service. You are guaranteed quality lifelong service from the slicer. It is also dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.

Although the Mueller MU-MANDO mandoline slicer offers more blades compared to its rivals, they are sharp and exposed, thus requiring users to be extra careful to avoid injury.


  • 5 ultras-sharp V-shaped bladed
  • Interchangeable blades for broad application
  • Knob control and adjustable capabilities
  • Slicing guard with steel prongs for safety
  • Lifetime replacement policy


  • The sharp exposed blades require extra caution

4. Brieftons 712038653027 – Best for Home Use

Brieftons 712038653027
Photo: Brieftons

The Brieftons 712038653027 is a superior spiralizer because not only does it offer 7 blades for diverse food preparation, but it also comes with catch container and keep-fresh lid for storing freshly-cut veggies.

This spiralizer solves the problem of its rival, the spiralizer Ultimate, through an oversized and foolproof suction pad, which will secure the device firmly on the counter or other surfaces during use.

For safe blade storage, a uniquely-designed caddy is included.

To get you started, the spiralizers is accompanied by 4 free eBooks with creative and healthy vegetable recipes, which you can prepare alongside your favorite meals.

A lifetime replacement policy guarantees a long-term and reliable hassle-free service from the spiralizer.

Although the Brieftons 712038653027 is a versatile product with its 7 blades and foolproof suction pad, only four of its blades are premium while the other 3 are standard. However, it will still get the job done.


  • 7 ultra-sharp blades
  • Supersized foolproof suction pad
  • Blade caddy ensures safe storage
  • A lifetime replacement policy
  • 4 free eBooks with creative recipes


  • 4 of its blades are standard while only 3 are premium

5. Mueller MU-ULTRA – Best Ultra-Sharp Stainless-Steel Blades

Mueller MU-ULTRA
Photo: Mueller

The Mueller MU-ULTRA claims the title of best veggie slicer machine because it is an 8-in-1 spiralizer; it is also a juicer, grater, and mandoline.

Its is equipped with four ultra-sharp bladed made of stainless steel for seamless and effortless slicing of even the toughest vegetables or fruits.

The slicer’s stability during use is enhanced by suction cup feet that provide the necessary grip during use.

A Mueller USA’s lifetime policy guarantees an unlimited replacement period for long-term reliable service.

Although Mueller MU-ULTRA multipurpose use beats most of the other slicers on the list, extra caution is necessary during blade placement and replacement to avoid injury.

It may also take time to assemble and disassemble the slicer especially when you require to use all its components.


  • Multicomponent and multipurpose slicer
  • Also, a juicer, mandoline, and grater
  • Four ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades
  • Cup containers for safe storage
  • Easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe


  • May take time to assemble all component before use
  • Blade placement and replacement requires extreme caution

6. Fullstar 5-in-1 Slicer – Best Veggie Slicer

Fullstar 5-in-1 Slicer
Photo: Fullstar

A combination of 5 interchangeable blades and 1.1-inch catch tray make the Fullstar 5-in-1 the best veggie slicer you can have.  

The slicer’s five blades diversify you slicing options. It has a julienne ribbon blade, a straight ribbon blade, a coarse grater blade, a julienne slice, and a mandoline blade.

For maximum safety during use, the slicer has a molded vegetable holder, which also serves as a handle that ensures your fingers are never exposed to the sharp blades

Beneath the interchangeable blades is a catch tray, which makes meal preparation efficient and fast, minimizing food wastage and messy dishes.

The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, in case the slicer fails to meet user expectations.

To ensure ease of storage, the entire slicer unit disassembles fully and will fit in drawers and the top rack of a dishwasher for effortless cleaning.

Although the Fullstar 5-in-1 Slicer proves to be one of the best on the list, its plastic components are fragile and susceptible to breakage.


  • 5 interchangeable blades for diverse uses
  • Can slice, grate, and julienne
  • Molded vegetable holder for safety
  • A catch tray for efficient meal preparation
  • Full disassembly for easy storage


  • Plastic parts are susceptible to breakage

7. Spiralizer PS-10 – Best-Heavy Duty

Spiralizer PS-10
Photo: Spiralizer

The Spiralizer PS-10 may be a 5-blade slicer, but this 3rd generation mode is 30-35% stronger than rival products, thus suited for heavy-duty usage.

The strong, stainless steel Japanese blades are designed to slice through even the toughest of vegetables. Slicing through sweet potatoes and ginger roots is effortless.

Its unique construction makes for easy cleaning. It is not only dishwasher safe, but the absence of electrical pieces means you can easily submerge it in warm soapy water and for thorough cleaning.

Weighing only 2 pounds and its standard dimensions, it is the ideal size for storing in a drawer or cupboard when not in use.

Like the other three products already reviewed, the slicer also comes with a lifetime replacement policy, which is hassle-free.

Spiralizer PS-10 may promise heavy-duty performance, but it lacks suction cups like those of its rivals. There is no guarantee for stability when in use.


  • 30-35% stronger slicer for heavy-duty use
  • 5 stainless steel blades for tough slicing
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight and ideal size for easy storage


  • Lacks suction cups for firm counter placement during use

8. Paderno A4982799 – User-Friendly

Paderno A4982799
Photo: Paderno

At only 1.8 pounds, the Paderno A4982799 is a lightweight and easy-to-use slicer, which is suitable for fun-loving adults and can even be used by supervised children.

Its simplicity eliminates the complexities of its 7-blade rivals. You only need to mount your vegetables or fruits, the start turning the handles to create beautiful ribbons. The turning handle is extra strong, and removable.

The slicer has three stainless steel quality blades; a chipper blade for creating thick shreds; a straight blade for producing long shreds, ribbons, half slices or cuts; and a shredder blade for spaghetti-thick strands.

Cleaning is easy and fast. It is top-rack dishwasher safe.

The simplicity of the 3-blade Paderno A4982799 can make it a favorite for many, but it lacks a lifetime replacement policy life its superior and more versatile rivals.

Also, for only 3 blades, the slicer is quite expensive and may not offer value for money.

Notes: Children can use it while under supervision.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Suitable for adults and supervised children
  • Simplicity in slicing
  • Three purpose-built stainless-steel blades


  • Lacks a lifetime replacement policy
  • Pricey for only 3 blades

9. OXO 1155700 – Ergonomic and Precision

OXO 1155700
Photo: OXO

Ergonomics, precision, and safety are what you get from the OXO 1155700 mandolin slicer. The three features combine for superior ease of use.

With its easily-adjustable thickness setting, you can turn a knob to choose between different thicknesses such as 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, and 6mm. This setting allows for maximum precision during slicing.

The 4 V-shaped stainless-steel blades make for professional julienne and other types of cuts such as French fries.

Safety is a priority when slicing. OXO’s slicer has a food holder, which protects your fingers from the exposed blades while slicing while holding food securely.

It has a textured runway to prevent food slippage. The Mandoline’s firmness and stability are ensured by non-sleep feet.

The OXO 1155700 may be built for precision, safety, and ergonomics, but for its price of over $35, you can purchase more than one of its other rivals for almost the same value. Also, lifetime replacement is not a guarantee for this product.


  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Easy thickness adjustments for precise cuts
  • 4 V-shaped blades for professional cuts
  • Food holder for user safety
  • Textured runaway and non-slip feet


  • Pricey compared to other slicers
  • Lifetime replacement not guaranteed

10. OXO 1119100 – Best-Handheld

OXO 1119100
Photo: OXO

OXO 1119100 is a handheld mandoline veggie slicer that is also the most basic on the list.

Its most advanced feature is an adjustable slicer. You can select between 1mm, 2.5mm, and 4mm thick slices.

Since the slicer it handheld, you can use it over multiple surfaces or utensils such as plates, boards, dishes or bowls as the slices accumulate below it.

A food holder comes in handy when you want to secure the food and keep it on the blades as you use the slicer. The holder also protects your fingers when in use.

For ease of cleaning, the mandoline slicer is dishwasher safe.

The basic OXO 1119100 gets the job done, but its lack of interchangeable blades or a spiralizer may limit some users, thus making it less appealing compared to many of its rivals on the list.


  • Handheld and easy to use
  • Adjustable slicer for different thicknesses
  • Usable over multiple surfaces and utensils
  • A food holder for safety


  • Too basic for most people


A vegetable slicer is the best complement to your kitchen and that healthy low-carb diet you’ve adopted.

It will simplify the task of slicing, chopping, and shredding vegetables and fruits when making salads and other creative recipes.

Before buying a slicer, be sure to look through the best vegetable slicer guide maximize the benefits of your preferred choice.

Blade type, slicer design and size, safety, and ease of cleaning are some key factors to consider while looking for an ideal slicer.

Our comprehensive top 10 vegetable slicer review has all the information you need to help you purchase the best products in the market.