12 Most Healthy Vegetables to Juice that You Should Try Now

Best Vegetables To Juice

Vegetable juice is one of the common liquid diets that more and more people have started to consume. It helps in the convenient intake of all kind of veggies that you may or may not consume raw in a salad.

There are various best vegetables to juice that offer amazing benefits. Starting from boosting the immunity to maintaining complete body health, everything can be easily achieved from these vegetables.

They are a perfect source of all kind of minerals, vitamins, and proteins, etc. These can also be highly effective in losing weight and attaining a better health lifestyle.  

Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Juice

As much as consuming good vegetables in any form is encouraged, many people fail to do so. However, we would like to follow a better approach by letting you know the benefits of vegetable juice.

1. Gives High Level of Nutrition

It is usually too difficult to consume a lot of vegetables in a bowl. But the same can be easily done in form of juice. There are various best green vegetables to juice that provide utmost level of nutrition to the consumer.

All kind of proteins and nutrients are provided through this medium that help in maintaining body health and keep you fit.

2. Better Absorption of the Nutrients

As mentioned before, there is presence of all kind of nutrients in vegetables. But when you consume them individually, the body has to separate the fibres, proteins, and nutrients.

However, when you consume a glass to vegetable juice, the body opens up to all the nutrients at one time. This is easy to digest and the nutrition is absorbed in a better way.

3. Provides Hydration to the Body

One of the prime tasks to keep the body healthy is by keeping it completely hydrated. While water is the best way to provide hydration to the body, a cup of vegetable juice can help you do the same in a better way.

It adds a lot more of good nourishment while giving hydration to the body.

4. Weight Loss

Most of us consider drinking vegetable juice for the sole motive of weight reduction. For this, there are various such vegetables that are specifically for weight management and helps in cutting the extra fats of the body.

Celery, cucumber, kale, are some of the best veggies to juice if your agenda is to lose weight.

12 Best Vegetables to Juice

In this section, we will mention some of the best vegetables to juice along with their respective properties and health benefits:

1. Wheatgrass 


This is one of the most popular juicing green vegetables. However, its benefits have always been underrated and not many people know about the strength and potential of wheatgrass. Some of the prime benefits are:

  • Wheatgrass is a great source of rich minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, E, I, K, high level of proteins and amino acids that encourage overall body health.
  • This has amazing healing properties.
  • It helps in improving metabolism, eyesight, digestion, strengthen bones, and purifies the system.

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2. Broccoli 


Photo: thesaxon.org

People usually prefer broccoli when it is cooked. But to be honest, this is one of the healthiest vegetables to juice in reality. One of the biggest drawbacks of consuming this as raw is the unpleasant taste.

However, you should try concocting it with sweeter vegetables such as carrots or beets to make it taste better. The benefits are:

  • It is best for iron consumption and also helps in producing blood.
  • The high folate levels in broccoli help in normal functioning of the brain.
  • There are antioxidants that helps in eliminating toxins out of the body and strengthens the immunity.

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3. Carrot


Photo: Shutterstock

When we think of vegetable juice, the first choice to strike our mind is carrot. Other than just adding a natural sweet flavour to the juice, these also have various health benefits such as:

  • Carrots are best for improvising eyesight.
  • They have rich content of vitamin A and can completely prevent night blindness.
  • The watery component of carrots helps in hydrating the body and make the skin glowing.
  • Carrot also diminishes the risk of cancer and any kind of heart disease.
  • It keeps the body sugar and cholesterol levels in check.

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4. Cucumber


Well, if staying hydrated and weight loss is the reason for you to consume vegetable juice then the best escort is cucumber.

  • This is the best vegetable to juice for reducing the risk of stroke as well.
  • Cucumber has 95% of water content, potassium, and anti-inflammatory flavonol that boosts brain health and reduces the chances of cancer.
  • Cucumber has rich presence of antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C that helps in fighting radicals.
  • This vegetable promotes the skin health and reduces the signs of aging as well.  

5. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Photo: health.com

Justifying its name, the potato is quite sweet and tastes amazing. Also, there are plentiful of benefits delivered by this vegetable to the drinker.

  • The low-calorie count of the sweet potato helps in fighting obesity.
  • The eyesight and immunity are also improved because of the richness of vitamin C and A.
  • There is goodness of fibre, copper calcium, folate, and iron that helps in providing strength to the bones, fight against cancer cells, improve digestion and contribute towards mental health.

6. Tomato


Photo: fruitrunner.co.uk

Tomato is a vital part of every cuisine. It doesn’t just add tangy flavour in food but is also a good vegetable to juice that is liked by everyone. A cup of tomato juice every day can keep you healthy as hail throughout life.

The key inclusions of tomato are different kind of vitamins such as K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 etc. Then there are various minerals such as iron, magnesium, and potassium. Health benefits are mentioned below:

  • The juice is the finest source of consuming raw tomato and it provides protection against blood clotting, digestion concerns, cholesterol, etc.
  • This helps in boosting eye health, eliminate acne from the face, and acts as the best detoxifying agent.

7. Cabbage


If you see, cabbage leaves are not exactly meant to be juiced. It is primarily a salad vegetable. However, while not so many people will pursue with the idea of blending it but in real, it is a pretty great concept.

These are less expensive and easily available in all kind of vegetable market. However, the cabbage juice has plenty of benefits that you should know:

  • Cabbage has high content of water that helps in keeping the body completely nourished and hydrated.
  • They are rich in folates and vitamin C that boosts the immunity and works thoroughly on the body metabolism. This way, the food is also digested swiftly.
  • The vegetable can prevent breast, stomach, lung, or any other kind of cancer.
  • It helps in weight management and flush body wastes while giving you lean body that you require.  

8. Celery 


Photo: naijacampusjams.com

  • Celery has high water content that makes it one of the best vegetables to juice.
  • It keeps you hydrated throughout the day and the presence of high amount of potassium provide great energy.
  • Celery is great in boosting the heart health and helps in muscle contraction.
  • The digestion is also boosted.

While this is great to garnish all kind of vegetables, it should also be tried juiced and experience new taste and juice option.

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9. Kale


Photo: Shutterstock

There are countless benefits of kale and how it helps in constructing the body to its healthiest form. The vegetable is rich in calcium, minerals, proteins and all kind of nutrients.

The taste could be a little unacceptable at first but when you start taking it once, your tongue will develop the flavour and it will become easy to consume later.

  • Kale is the ideal liquid diet that comprise of all the necessary nutrients that a body require to be fully nourished.
  • There is profusion of iron and folate that is quite great for eyes health.
  • Also, this helps in boosting the digestion, keep cholesterol levels in control, offer cardiovascular support, strengthen the bones, and provide helps against cancer.

Kale is the most suitable vegetable for mental fitness as well. It keeps the body happy and satisfied while providing copious benefits.

10. Spinach


Photo: medicalnewstoday.com

Undeniably, spinach is the best source of iron in the body that reciprocates towards the better bone health. Some key properties and benefits of spinach are:

  • It has replete of vitamins and minerals and lend some great liquid nutrition to the body.
  • The vegetable is loaded with vitamin A, E, K, C, and B, potassium, iodine, amino acids, etc.
  • This helps in maintaining the pH level of the body.
  • Spinach is the best vegetable to prevent arthritis.
  • This also helps in better muscular growth and weight loss.

All in all, the spinach has the tendency to sort all kind of health concerns that you may have. This is a great vegetable to juice when you need a power-packed diet.

11. Kohlrabi 


Photo: gardeningknowhow.com

This is a kind of vegetable that not many people are aware of. Well, it belongs to the family of Brassica that has cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and collard greens as accompanying members of the family.

The flavour of the vegetable is mildly sweet and it is quite low in calories. So, a sugar patient can easily consume it.

  • This one has rich content of vitamin C that helps in providing protection against chronic diseases.
  • As per National Cancer Institute, this vegetable has the tendency to provide protection against colon cancers and prostate.
  • Kohlrabi also has rich content of iron, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, calcium, copper, and various proteins that boost the heart health and provide complete body protection.

You can prepare the juice using various other vegetables such as lemon, ginger, kale, and apple. This will boost the overall flavour.

12. Beet


Photo: askhealthnews.com

The vegetable of beet not just add a highly pleasant colour to the juice, but it also helps in adding an amazing flavour to it as well.

But that’s not all about this amazing vegetable because it has copious benefits to serve. You don’t have to consume beet juice solely because it works best when an amalgam of vegetables is used to create a cup of highly fulfilling juice.

  • It has less calories and also helps in cutting the fats of the body. So, for the people that are looking for vegetables to lose weight, this is a considerable choice to make.
  • It helps to keep the blood pressure in control. Consumption of beet juice at least thrice in a week will help in boosting the overall health of the body.
  • This also helps in boosting the stamina and fight inflammation.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties will surely help in reducing the risk of cancer.

All, these vegetables are great in properties. They can either be juiced solely or in combination. However, they all have great benefits to deliver to its drinkers.

Common Juicing Mistakes

While juicing seems to be one of the most convenient tasks, there are various things that you don’t even know that you have been doing wrong.

Every fruit and vegetable have to be juiced in a different way to extract the best benefits off of them. In this part below, we will mention some of the common mistakes that you make while juicing the vegetables:

1. High Repetition of Vegetable Every Day

Your body has a certain requirement of every mineral, vitamin, and nutrient. But, most of us miss out on this and consume juice of the same vegetable every day. This somehow starts to hamper our health instead of boosting it.

Large dosage of nutrients can also be lethal to the health. That is why, first thing that you need to start doing is to make a health chart for a week and cycle the vegetables as per your needs for the weekly diet.

2. Quickly finishing the Juice

Well, the world is always in hassle and we like to do everything fast. Identically, most of us don’t use right amount of time to consume the juice slowly.

Your belly is not a dustbin where you can pour all the things inside and go. You should enjoy your food. This is not only better for the mental health but when juice mixes up with the saliva, it becomes more beneficial.

We understand that vegetable juices don’t have the most pleasant taste but in order to extract the wholesome benefits, you should consume it slowly.  

3. Using wrong combination of Veggies

Some people have the habit to add every vegetable that they find in their refrigerator. But, to be honest, this can do worse than doing good to your health.

First of all, the taste will be extremely compromised and surely, you don’t want that. Other than that, wrong combinations can cause digestive issues and completely ruin your experience.

There are various vegetable juice recipes available online that you can explore for best combinations and decent taste.


Vegetable juice can make a healthy routine of the day. You can either take them in the morning and kick start your day with the goodness of health.

If not, these can also be your best accompanists after the gym session. Whatever nutrients you burn while workout, a nourishing glass of vegetable juice can help you retain them.

If you are willing to give up on the taste of these juices then in return, they can surely give you high health standards in your everyday life.

You can use any of the vegetables mentioned above in the list and get the benefits of the same. Make sure to add some flavour in the juice to enjoy it to the fullest.


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