7 Best Water Softener Salts of 2021 Tested & Reviewed

Best Water Softener Salt
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People living in regions with hard water understand the value of the best water softener salt. It is a simple sodium-based formula to increase the life of your appliances and bring more efficiency to work.

Water softeners maintain water performance. These are available in the form of pellets, crystals, or rocks. The salt selection is directly based on personal preference and intended use.

While rock salt is the most economical alternative, more efficiency comes with evaporated salt.

In this review, we will discuss all the different kinds of water softener salts and make the strongest recommendations on the niche.

What To Know Before Buying Water Softener Salt?

How to Buy the Best Water Softener Salt
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1. Types of Water Softener Salts

– Evaporated Salt Pellets

The evaporated pellets have the highest purity rate and are the most expensive variety, among other salt types.

Such salts are highly advised as they have less water-insoluble matter in it.

As a result, there is less bridging, insoluble build-up, or mushing at the tank’s bottom. Also, the evaporated form is best in rust resistance as well.

– Solar Salt Pellets

Solar salt is mainly available in the form of pellets or crystals. It is created from the evaporation process of seawater and is more soluble than rock salt.

While solar salts have the purity level of as high as 99.6%, they are not very compatible with extremely hard water.

– Rock Salt

As the name suggests, it is in rock or pebble form. It is known as the most economical salt category. However, people don’t widely recommend its use.

It has a high content of calcium sulfate, which prevents it from dissolving seamlessly and might cause residue as well.

– Block Salt

It is literally like a block of salt and must not be used unless suggested by a plumber.

You should also consider raising the brine tank’s water level and ensuring that the block salt is completely submerged and doing its job.

Our Tip: Overall, there is no better substitute than evaporated salt pellets for amazing performance and less residue.

2. Chemical Components of Water Softener Salt

The water softeners mostly have two types of chemical components.

– Sodium Chloride

Most of the softening salts are sodium chloride. It is an all-purpose table salt without any additives. When the brine solution combined with sodium chloride washes over the resin tank, the hard-mineral ions like calcium and magnesium are replaced with sodium.

Further, the hard ions replace the microscopic excavations residue of sodium ions and get trapped in the salt. While it makes a great source to use in different appliances, it is not very suitable for consumption.

– Potassium Chloride

The other chemical component in some of the best salt water softeners is Potassium Chloride. It is a healthier alternative for consumable water.

The salt is naturally occurring, but its main use is in agriculture. While working is the same as sodium chloride, it softens the water with potassium ions. It is quite benefitting for health as potassium is great for nervous, organ, and muscular function.

People who find it difficult to draw potassium from dairy, leafy veggies, and meat, the potassium-rich water is a great source for this mineral consumption.

3. Your Purpose

The purpose of the purchase should be clear in your head to buy the right salt.

For example, if you need to buy a water softener purposely for dishwasher, then prefer buying the Impresa Product as it is curated with formulas to support dishwasher use.

It is coarser and supports everyday cleaning chores. Also, because of the smaller grains, you can expect less residue.

The salts intended for dishwashers are mostly sodium chloride without additives. The same quality water is effectively used for plants, laundry, and to brush teeth. However, if your plants are sodium-sensitive, then prefer potassium chloride.

If the intension is to consume water, then prefer potassium-rich salt over sodium chloride. The taste is negligible, and it is great for health.

4. Water Softener Salt Package

Well, people seeking for a value pack will focus on the quantity of water softener salt. It could vary from 4-pounds to 50-pounds.

Based on the need, you should pick a package. Please note that the shelf value of water softener salt is mostly 2 – 3 years. You can fearlessly choose a large pack and use it for months.

7 Best Water Softener Salts Reviewed




Pro Products R012N

1. Pro Products R012N (Best Overall)

  • Stain removal
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
Morton U6761S

2. Morton U6761S (Best Budget)

  • Most reasonably priced
  • 40 pounds value pack
  • Extend appliance’s life
  • Less build up
Cargill Salt 7376

3. Cargill Salt 7376 (Best Water Softening Crystals)

  • Instant dissolving crystals
  • Makes water suitable for drinking
  • 40 pounds capacity
  • Less build-up
Morton F124700000g

4. Morton F124700000g (Best in Pellet Form)

  • Available in pellet form
  • Exceptional for rust cleaning
  • Improve water taste
  • Suitable for all the appliances
Morton U26624S

5. Morton U26624S (Best Solar Salt)

  • Naturally harvested solar salt
  • 40 pounds quantity
  • Suitable for consumption
  • Compatible for all kinds of applications
Impresa Products

6. Impresa Products (Additive-Free)

  • Completely additive free
  • Purposed for dishwasher use
  • Compatible with different dishwasher brands
  • Available in coarse grain form
Cargill Salt 7304

7. Cargill Salt 7304 (Standard Product)

  • Available in crystal form
  • No brigging or mushing
  • 40 pounds quantity

1. Pro Products R012N – Best Overall

Pro Products R012N

Photo: Pro Products

Unlike other water softeners, the Pro Product R012N doesn’t just decrease the water’s hardness but also works as an excellent stain remover. This is one of the reasons for this model to be the best overall product on the list.

It effectively works on removing rust on sink, shower, toilets, etc. The chemical formula work equally great on iron build-up that coats the resin bed and foul the water softeners.

This product is compatible with all kinds of appliances, whether you are using it for softening water for laundry, dishwashing, or even watering plants.  

Its composition is mild and won’t hamper sensitive materials like fiberglass, porcelain, or acrylic. The easy-to-use formula instantly dissolves into the water and decreases water hardness.

On top of that, you get this product on an exceptionally reasonable price plus a moneyback guarantee from the manufacturer.

While all the other things about the product are great, it does not make water suitable for consumption. Therefore, if the purpose is to use water softener for other chores then go with this product without any second thoughts.


  • Works as a stain remover too
  • Mild chemical formula
  • Compatible with all kinds of appliances
  • Comes with moneyback guarantee


  • Does not make water suitable for consumption

2. Morton U6761S – Best Budget

Morton U6761S

Photo: Morton

For all those seeking for an inexpensive alternate, this is the best budget product on the list. It comes in a value pack of 40-pounds and will serve you for a long time.

There are 4 other reasons that will persuade you in making this purchase. For one, it extends the overall life of an appliance because the concoction is very mild and it will not hamper the functionality of the appliances at all.

The second reason is that it turns water into its softest form that you will find it extremely compatible with your hair and skin. Since it is in form of pellets, it will dissolve in water pretty slow but instantly decreases the hardness.

Also, there is less build-up with the salt and if there is less residue, there will be less material to clean. Overall, this product gives you full value of money and cost-wise, it is the best cheap water softener salt.   

What might disappoint you is that the salt doesn’t actively works on rust and stains.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in decent quantity
  • Less residue
  • Dissolves slowly


  • Doesn’t actively works on rust

3. Cargill Salt 7376 – Best Water Softening Crystals

Cargill Salt 7376

Photo: Cargill Salt

From Cargill, this is the best water softening crystal salt. Since crystals is in the smallest form of salt, it has low insoluble content in water. It will slowly keep releasing its effect in the water and softening it for prolonged use. Also, you can expect less residue.

This is a potassium chloride chemical composition. Therefore, it is fit for oral consumption as well. Moreover, potassium chloride increases potassium content in your body and help with its easy functioning.

The 40-pounds quantity of this model is also decent. It can be used for months. The potassium-based chloride is especially beneficial for those that are watching their sodium intake.

Certainly, being potassium chloride, it is expensive than conventional water softener salts. However, its usage will give you full value of money.


  • Available in crystal form
  • Make water suitable for oral consumption
  • Decent quantity


  • Expensive

4. Morton F124700000g – Best Water Softening Pellets

Morton F124700000g

Photo: Morton

What makes Morton F124700000g a unique product is its tendency to work on clearing rust from the appliances. It is available in pellet form and works excellently to prevent the rust to sit on the appliances at first place.

At the same time, it helps prevent scale build-up in water heater and pipes. This model is quite compatible with all the appliances that require water usage.

The sodium chloride formula makes the water suitable for consumption. Moreover, it improves water taste.

Furthermore, just like other Morton products, you get satisfactory 40-pounds quantity of the salt that will last for months. Its low insolubility will increase its efficiency. Also, it doubles the life of appliances with the mild concoction.

To help fight rust, there are some additives used in its making. If you require 100% additive-free product then this is not for you.


  • Available in pellet form
  • Prevent scale build-up
  • Compatible with all appliances
  • Decent quantity


  • Not 100% additive-free

5. Morton U26624S – Best Solar Salt

Morton U26624S

Photo: Morton

The Morton U26624S is naturally harvested solar salt in crystal form. It has low insolubility to last for a long time in the water and keep softening it.

This is a sodium chloride formula in its mildest form, making it suitable for all kinds of applications and consumption as well. The product is compatible with different appliances, making it suitable to wash dishes or do the laundry.

It has high purity level and won’t damage your appliances or things washed with the water softened by the salt.

The large capacity of 40-pounds bag will serve for the longest time. Overall, this is a highly considerable product if you are seeking out for the best solar salt.

What might disappoint you is its lack of tendency to effectively remove rust from the appliances. Also, it fails to clean the stains as well.


  • Best solar salt for water softening
  • High purity level
  • Compatible for different applications
  • Last for a long time


  • Low tendency to clean stains or rust

6. Impresa Products – Additive-Free

Impresa Products

Photo: Impresa Products

The Impresa Product is especially derived for dishwasher use and comes with no additives at all. It is one of the safest products on the list, vegan and non-GMO.

It is highly effective and cuts right through hardwater residue or limescale in the dishwasher. This way, there are no watermarks or spots on the dishes.  

One of the best things about this product is that it comes in coarse grain form and takes its time in the water while releasing its effect to soften it.

Also, the product is very easy to use as you can simply add it in the dishwasher salt unit. However, you are advised to check the water level before refilling.

Furthermore, it is universally compatible with different dishwasher brands. This product is pretty impressive but the small quantity of 4.4-pounds does not do justice to the cost. Also, it is not a multi-purpose water softening salt.


  • No additives at all
  • Does not leave spots or watermarks
  • Easy to use
  • Universally compatible


  • Not suitable for multi-purpose use
  • Small quantity

7. Cargill Salt 7304 – Standard Water Softener Salt

Cargill Salt 7304

Photo: Cargill Salt

So, the Cargill Salt 7304 is a standard water softener salt in crystal form. The best thing about this product is that it dissolves very slowly. Once added to an appliance, it will work excellently and for long time.

The product makes water cleaner and more efficient than rock salt. It does not channel, brig or mush the water either. This product comes in a 40-pound pack for prolonged usage. Once bought this pack, you will be able to use it for months. 

The water quality turns so high that you can easily remove rust or stain from the appliances. While it is said to be useful for all kinds of applications like washing laundry and dishes, the sodium chloride chemical content does not make water equally suitable for consumption.


  • Available in crystal form
  • Slow dissolving
  • Available in a large pack


  • Does not make water suitable for consumption


We hope you find this water softener review useful and helpful in making a thorough selection. The Pro Products R012N has excellent rust-removal tendency and can use all the appliances at home.

If your purpose of purchase is centred to a dishwasher then go with the Impresa Product as it works effectively and is compatible with most of the dishwasher brands.

This review features many products that are highly appreciated by the buyers for their quality. Take a thorough look and then make a purchase.

Happy Shopping!