10 Best Watering Wands of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Watering Wand
Photo: Orbit

For efficient watering of the garden or your hanging plants, you need to get the best watering wand.

A watering wand makes watering of hanging plants and gardens a breeze thanks to the different spraying patterns. And they offer more watering freedom since the head angles in different directions and is mostly adjustable.

That said, most of the watering wands have the thumb control valves for easy control and a secure-grip rubber handle for comfortable hold and enhanced performances.

Here we are all about helping you find one that suits your specific needs with our top 10 watering wand reviews and buying guide.

What To Check Before Buying Best Watering Wand?

How to Buy the Best Watering Wand
Photo: The Relaxed Gardener

Here are a few key factors to watch out for when choosing a watering wand.

1. Size of Garden 

First, it is vital to check out for the size of your garden to determine what length of wand you need to buy.

For the smaller sized gardens, you need to check out for a smaller to the medium-sized watering wand. Such a pick will ensure that all plants are perfectly watered.

On the other hand, when you got a large garden, then a commercial watering wand is a necessity. In such a case, consider a watering wand that is relatively long to reach out to all plants for over, under, and around watering.

Generally, find the best extra-long watering wand that will suit the size of your garden

2. Spray Patterns 

Secondly, you also need to check out for the spray patterns of the watering wand you wish to water.

There are watering wands that only have three spray patterns like the Solo 4900170N. Such a watering wand isn’t highly versatile since it doesn’t provide different spraying needs.

On the other hand, there are watering wands that have up to 10 spray patterns like the Orbit 56076. Such a pick will assure convenient services since it will provide a wide range of spraying modes.

Some common modes include angle, cone, flat, vertical, full, jet, and center modes. With this, you can easily spray even the weak and delicate seedlings.

For efficient and convenient watering, you should, therefore check for a unit with more spraying patterns.

3. Thumb Control 

To easily control the pressure with no hand strain, it is necessary to check for a unit that features the thumb control. The thumb control is ideal for offering a comfortable control.

Again, the thumb control makes it easier to choose the appropriate watering mode that will suit your watering needs.

A watering wand with thumb control also reduces the chances of fatigue. With this, you can use the unit for long hours without the hands tiring.

4. Adjustable Head Angle 

When you need the most convenient watering ward, check for a unit that has an adjustable head angle.

With an adjustable head angle, you can easily move the head into different positions to water the above, under, and around the plants.

Through this, you are assured maximum and convenient watering to keep the plants wet for an enhanced growth system.

To add more, the nozzle also needs to be adjustable to different angles. For instance, consider a unit that offers up to 180-degrees freedom of watering.

5. Durability 

The quality of material used in the construction of the watering wand is a necessity to consider before making the order.

For increased durability, consider a pick that has been designed from high-strength aluminum material.

In addition to this, the unit should be covered with soft rubber foam to keep it free from corrosion. Moreover, the nozzle needs to be designed from stainless steel or brass for increased longevity.

6. Weight 

It is important to check out for the weight of the watering wand you wish to buy.

For easy operation of the wand without tiring the hand, check out for a relatively lightweight unit.

With such a type of watering wand, you can use it for long hours to fully water the garden.

Besides this, there are heavy watering wands that are not comfortable. This is because they easily tire the hands.

You, therefore, need to consider a lightweight pick over heavy products.

10 Best Watering Wands of 2021 Reviewed




Orbit 58995 Watering Wand

1. Orbit 58995 (Best Overall)

  • Durable aluminum and rubber construction
  • Simple spray pattern control
  • Comfortable D-shaped diamond pattern non-slip handle
Green Mount Watering Wand

2. Green Mount Watering Wand (Superior Quality)

  • 24-inch medium length
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum material
  • 9 spray patterns for wide applications
  • Rubber foam comfortable hand grip
Dramm 14805 Watering Wand

3. Dramm 14805 (Convenient One-Touch)

  • Simple one-touch water flow control
  • High-strength aluminum construction
  • 9 spray patterns
  • Soft grip handle
Solo 4900170N Watering Wand

4. Solo 4900170N (Top Quality Universal Sprayer Wand)

  • Universal design fits most sprayer brands
  • High-quality and reliable auto shut-off valve
  • An ergonomic non-slip handle
Dramm 12805 Watering Wand

5. Dramm 12805 (Gentle & Full Flow)

  • 30-inch long for an extended reach
  • Nice gentle and full flow
  • High-strength aluminum and rubber foam construction
  • Convenient one-touch valve
  • Ergonomic insulated grip handle
The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

6. The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand (For Fatigue-Free Watering)

  • One-touch thumb operation for minimal fatigue
  • Gentle enough for delicate plants
  • Slip resistant handle
Orbit Watering Wand

7. Orbit 58674N (Versatile with a Long Enough Rich)

  • 36-inch long for a longer reach
  • High-grade aluminum and rubber foam
  • 9 spraying patterns for versatility  
  • Sturdy and comfortable fireman grip handle
Orbit 56076 Watering Wand

8. Orbit 56076 (With More Spray Patterns)

  • 10 spray patterns for multiple applications
  • Better watering control
  • Reaches into hard to reach places easily 
Ikris Watering Wand

9. Ikris XLWAND18 (More Budget-Friendly)

  • Relatively more affordable
  • Easy control with minimum hand fatigue
  • 10 spray patterns makes it highly versatile
  • Comfortable soft rubber foam handle
Dramm 12501 Watering Wand

10. Dramm 12501 (Efficient & Water-Saving)

  • 30-inch long for a good enough reach
  • Highly efficient design uses less water
  • 9 different and multipurpose spray patterns 
  • Gentle and full flow watering

1. Orbit 58995 – Best Overall

Orbit 58995 Watering Wand
Photo: Orbit

  • Material: Aluminum and rubber
  • Length: 14 inches
  • Spray Patterns: 7
  • Thumb Control Valve: Yes

Due to the quality construction from high-strength aluminum, this is a professional watering wand for prolonged use. In addition to this, the exterior part is non-corrosive for added durability.

With up to seven spray patterns, Orbit 58995 covers a wide range of watering needs. You can choose to use the shower, jet, full, flat, mist, cone, or center modes for excellent watering. The rain-like shower suits watering delicate plants.

More interestingly, a length of 14 inches implies that it can easily extend to reach all parts including shrubs and hanging baskets. Additionally, with the thumb control, expect the easy and smooth operation of controlling the water flow. This also reduces hand fatigue.

That said, the D-shaped diamond pattern non-slip handle offers a comfortable grip when watering. You can, therefore, use the unit for hours. The D-shape allows for convenient storage.

However, Orbit 58995 isn’t great for large gardens due to the shorter length. But 14 -inches is still quite a decent length. Also, the unit only features in a single color but with these products the color hardly matters.


  • Durable and non-corrosive
  • Seven spray patterns
  • Thumb control system
  • Comfortable grip handle


  • Shorter length
  • No other color options

2. Green Mount Watering Wand – Superior Quality with Stainless Steel Head

Green Mount Watering Wand
Photo: Green Mount

  • Material: Aluminum and stainless steel
  • Length: 24 inches
  • Spray Pattern: 9
  • Thumb Control Valve: No

Green Mount is a durable watering wand designed of a lightweight aluminum with rubber foam over the tube. This brings about extended use plus great comfort.

Second, to this, its stainless steel watering wand features 661 holes and up to nine spray patterns to offer gentle watering for all types of plants. For instance, it suits the watering lawn, shrub areas, flowerbeds, and hanging baskets.

Moreover, it is a versatile unit that suits watering relatively larger areas. This is because of the long length of 24 inches with a gentle curve for convenient storage. With this, you can water under, over, and around the garden.

With the rubber foam comfortable handle grip, handling the unit when watering is easy and convenient. Featuring a hand open clip, you can easily hold the trigger when spraying continuously.

On the downside, Green Mount lacks the thumb control valve, which makes it kind of challenging to control, but things should be easier once you get the hang of it.


  • Durable and lightweight stainless steel material
  • A highly versatile watering wand
  • Longer enough for large areas
  • Offers comfortable control


  • Lacks thumb control

3. Dramm 14805 – Convenient One-Touch

Dramm 14805 Watering Wand
Photo: Dramm

  • Material: High-strength aluminum
  • Length: 16 inches and 30 inches
  • Spray Pattern: 9
  • Thumb Control Valve: Yes

The watering wand features a one-touch thumb control valve for easy use and control of the spray patterns which makes it more convenient. The soft-grip handle also brings about excellent performances when watering.

When you think about durability, Dramm 14805 has been carefully crafted from high-strength aluminum material. The handle area is covered with quality rubber so that it serves for years and delivers great comfort.

The good news is that the unit is widely applicable since it suits watering shrubs, gardens, plant under, and flower beds thanks to the 400 PL water breaker shower head plus up to nine spray patterns.

Whether you need a longer or shorter watering wand, the pack provides two sizes to pick from. The 16 inches that feature in four colors and 30 inches in six colors. Due to this, it can be used in smaller or larger spaces.

Unfortunately, Dramm 14805 features a nozzle that can’t be adjusted. But, the good news is that the nozzle still works fine for a wide variety of applications.


  • Handy one-touch control
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Widely applicable
  • Suits smaller and larger gardens


  • Nozzles can’t be adjusted

4. Solo 4900170N – Top Quality

Solo 4900170N Watering Wand
Photo: Solo

  • Material: Polypropylene and stainless steel
  • Length: 28 inches
  • Spray Patterns: 3
  • Thumb Control Valve: Yes

The lifespan and performances of Solo 4900170N are never in doubt thanks to the rugged construction from polypropylene and stainless steel materials. But, what makes it stand out is the universal design as it will work with any sprayer and hence making it quite versatile.

Featuring both flat fan and adjustable nozzles, this versatile watering will suit different tasks. It provides up to three spraying patterns including flat fan, stream, and mist.

Moreover, it has 3/8 inches and ¼ inches hose barbs that can virtually adapt to all sprayer types. A length of 28 inches means that it suits spraying under and over the plants.

The unit guarantees great comfort as it features an ergonomic non-slip handle. In addition to this, its commercial-grade thumb valve provides better control.

Solo 4900170N provides only three spray patterns, which might not be as many as what you get on other models on our list, but this unit is still quite versatile.


  • Universal design
  • Rugged built for a longer lifespan
  • Flat fan and adjustable nozzles
  • Allows for easy control
  • Adapts to all spray brands


  • Only three spray patterns

5. Dramm 12805 – Gentle and Full Flow

Dramm 12805 Watering Wand
Photo: Dramm

  • Material: High-strength aluminum and rubber foam
  • Length: 16 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches
  • Spray Patterns: 7
  • Thumb Control Valve: Yes

When you need a perfectly built watering wand for prolonged performances, you need to try out Dramm 12805. The high-strength aluminum and rubber foam construction ensures it delivers years of service.

Additionally, the watering wand is great for watering the hanging baskets, lawns, flower beds, and even cleaning gutters as it delivers a gently and full flow. And the seven spray patterns bring about a high level of versatility.

The good news is that it features in different colors and sizes. For instance, the 36 inches comes in a single color, 30 inches in six colors, and 16 inches in four colors. 

With the ergonomic insulated grip handle and one-touch activated lever valve, you will find it user-friendly for efficient spraying.

Dramm 12805 has a plastic trigger which might look a little flimsy, but it is still quite sturdy and made to last.


  • Mote gentle and full water flow
  • Delivers prolonged performances
  • Provides seven spraying patterns
  • Available in multi-sizes and colors
  • Allows for easy control


  • Trigger is plastic

6. The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand – For Fatigue-Free Watering

The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand
Photo: The Relaxed Gardener

  • Material: ABS plastic and aluminum
  • Length: 15 inches
  • Spray Patterns: 8
  • Thumb Control Valve: Yes

Here is a durable hanging plant watering wand that will suit your watering needs. The Relaxed Gardener is designed with a one-thumb switch to minimize use fatigue and made from high-quality and durable ABS plastic and aluminum materials, expect quality performances for years.

Second, to this, the unit offers different spraying patterns including soaker, shower, cone, center, stream, full, flat, and mist. With the eight spraying options, you can select the pattern for your seedlings.

That said, the watering wand is great for use on smaller gardens, hanging plants, and shrubs. It has a length of 15 inches with a curved design.

Due to the lightweight design plus its slip-resistant handle, watering all your plants is now a breeze. The unique thumb control valve also ensures no more hand strains.

This wand seems quite prone to leaking at the base this is more so as it ages, but this is a fairly small issue that a good washer can fix.


  • One-touch switch ensurs minimal user fatigue
  • Highly durable
  • Provides 8 spraying patterns
  • Doesn’t cause hand strains
  • Widely applicable


  • Prone to leaking on the base

7. Orbit 58674N – Versatile with a Long Enough Rich

Orbit Watering Wand
Photo: Orbit

  • Material: High-grade aluminum and rubber foam
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Spray Pattern: 9
  • Thumb Control Valve: Yes

Due to the quality durable built using the highest quality of high-grade aluminum plus rubber foam materials. Because of this, it delivers years of service and great performances.

Second, to this, all your watering needs will be solved with this unit. With up to nine spraying needs, you can choose the appropriate spraying pattern that will suit you.

In addition to this, the extra-long length of 36 inches suits it for watering all sizes of gardens. You can, therefore, use it for watering hanging plants, flower beds, and shrubs, and lawns. The ratcheting head also allows for easy adjustment.

More interestingly, the unit has been equipped with a quality fireman grip handle that brings about easy adjustment depending on what you need to spray.

However, Orbit is the most expensive unit on our list, which means it doesn’t suit some users. But, the quality and length make it worth it.


  • Allows for a longer reach
  • Ideal for a variety of applications
  • Provides up to nine spraying patterns
  • Offers easy adjustment


  • Relatively more expensive

8. Orbit 56076 – More Spray Patterns to Meet All your Watering Needs

Orbit 56076 Watering Wand
Photo: Orbit

  • Material: Aluminum and rubber foam built
  • Length: 14 inches
  • Spraying Patterns: 10
  • Thumb Control Valve: Yes

The aluminum metallic built of the watering wand implies that Orbit 56076 is a great selection that will suit you accordingly. The body has been covered using quality rubber foam so that it serves longer.

Apart from this, features quality ratcheting head that delivers up to ten spray patterns. Some of these include angle, vertical, full, cone, jet, flat, and center modes among others.

Moreover, the watering wand has a length of 14 inches, which makes it great for watering hanging plants, shrubs, and much more. The pack contains a single watering wand though there are other options with more units.

Other than this, the watering wand has a front trigger design with a thumb control lever, which allows for convenient control of the water modes. The ergonomically designed handle offers more convenient control when watering.

On the downside, Orbit 56076 is only suited for cold water use. More interestingly, the 14-inch length isn’t long enough, which means it doesn’t suit larger areas. But overall, this is still a fantastic water wand.


  • Highly durable construction
  • Offers 10 spray patterns
  • Ratcheting head for watering hard to reach areas
  • Allows for thumb control


  • Only for cold water use
  • Not long enough

9. Ikris XLWAND18  – More Budget-Friendly

Ikris Watering Wand
Photo: Ikris

  • Material: Aluminum and rubber foam
  • Length: 18 inches, 9 inches, and 33 inches
  • Spraying Patterns: 10
  • Thumb Control Valve: Yes

Introducing ikris, this is a perfect watering wand that has been built from the best quality of aluminum and rubber foam, and it comes in a more budget-friendly price tag to ensure you get quality without spending much. This explains why it guarantees long-term performances and durability.

Again, the watering wand is suited for spraying seedlings and plants that are grown plants. It provides a total of 10 spray patterns for convenient services. The ratcheting head offers 180-degrees freedom for watering.

A length of 18 inches is still quite good for a budget model as it can easily reach the hanging plants, lawn, and flower gardens. Apart from this, it also features 9 inches and 33 inches.

The ergonomic watering wand delivers exceptional services thanks to the ergonomically designed rubber foam handle. In addition to this, it also features thumb control technology thus, no more squeeze.

Despite this being a highly durable wand, it seems to use a thinner metal, but this should not be a big concern given that it still last long enough.


  • Relatively more budget-friendly
  • Offers 180-degrees freedom watering
  • Widely applicable for convenient watering
  • Comfortable to use


  • Uses thinner metal

10. Dramm 12501 – Efficient and Water-Saving

Dramm 12501 Watering Wand
Photo: Dramm

  • Material: Brass, aluminum, and rubber
  • Length: 30 inches
  • Spray Pattern: 9
  • Thumb Control Valve: Yes

Handcrafted using durable aluminum, brass, and rubber on the handles, Dramm 12501 is an exceptional watering wand that will suit most of your watering needs. The non-corrosive cover provides additional protection for excellent performances.

Also, the one-touch lever activated unit allows for excellent performances. This added to the nine spraying patterns, it brings about convenient spraying needs. It suits watering shrubbery, plants, and flowers, and it uses up relatively less water.

That said, the watering wand makes it a breeze to water the lawn, larger surfaces, hanging plants, and much more. This is because of the long length of 30 inches. 

The unit features a long foam grip handle of 8 inches, which allows for easy holding when working.

Although this wand will provide only one water flow setting, this should not be a big concern as it will be ideal for most watering tasks.


  • More efficient watering with minimal water use
  • Perfect for long-term use
  • Offers convenient spraying needs
  • Great for most watering needs
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Only one water flow setting 


There is something for everyone on our top 10 watering wand reviews above and so you only need to pick what suits your specific needs.

That said, the Orbit 58995 is our best overall product thanks to the super tough construction and smooth operation.

But, for those looking for something more budget-friendly, the Ikris XLWAND18 is our top recommendation.