9 Best Welding Jackets of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Welding Jacket
Photo: Revco

Welding is risky because of the flying sparks, spatter, and heat. So, a welding jacket is a reasonable investment because it protects your body from the hazards of this trade.

There are many types of welding jackets, however, and they can range from cotton to leather jackets, as well as from simple to more stylish designs. There are also those designed for more than just welding use.

In this welding jackets review, you’ll get a list of the market’s top offers below and an additional guide to help you make the right choice.

What To Check Before Buying Welding Jacket?

How to Buy the Best Welding Jacket
Photo: Lincoln Electric

1. Welding Jacket Material

Different welding jackets are made from different material and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

It’s therefore important that you understand what the most popular materials have to offer, so you can make a better choice when choosing your next welding jacket. The following are these very popular materials.

– Cotton

It’s one of the most popular welding-jacket materials because it’s affordable, it’s lightweight, breathable, and flexible.

These features make it ideal for welding jackets in temperate climates such as the Lincoln Electric K2985 jacket, but it also has a few disadvantages.

The first is that cotton is flammable, so it’s usually chemically treated to make it fire-resistant, but this can wear off with time. Cotton is also less durable than leather, for instance.

– Leather

This is a favorite material for making nice and durable welding jackets such as the best miller leather welding jackets.

Leather jackets are strong, resist sparks and spatter, and are resistant to heat and moisture.

Generally, leather is the best material for welding jacks, but they also cost more, and that’s their major disadvantage.

– Nylon

With nylon, you get a synthetic material with many desirable traits, such as being strong, stretchable, and lightweight.

With chemical treatment, nylon is also made fire-resistant, making it ideal for welding jackets like the Miller Electric 2241909 jacket.

2. Sizing

You’ll get jackets in different sizes and with different measurements, so you need to pay attention to sizing as well. While you’ll see sizes ranging from Small up to Extra-large and even 4X-large, the measurements are often not the same.

One XL jacket might be 30 inches long, while another is just 30 or less. So, check the size, especially the chest measurement, to make sure it will fit.

3. Fire & Heat Resistance of Welding Jacket

Treated nylon and cotton jackets are fire resistant and can block flying sparks.

Natural leather is also fire resistant, but it can also block out spatter, which most cotton and nylon jackets can’t. Additionally, leather will keep you cooler for longer than the other materials, because it’s more heat-resistant.

4. Welding Jacket Design

This is a personal decision because there’s a range of designs and colors out there to fit all kinds of people.

Just choose a jacket with a styling that you’re comfortable with and be done with it.

5. Location & Comfort

You’ll need to consider your work location and its climate. This will let you know if you need a heavy leather jacket for a colder environment of lightweight cotton or nylon jacket for a warmer environment.

Comfort is often important as well. So, you’ll see leather jackets with interior lining to make them more comfortable, but often at a cost.

6. Weight

Leather jackets are heavier than cotton or nylon jackets, but the extra weight is often manageable and worth it.

You can also opt for a boarhide jacket, which is lighter than conventional cowhide leather but offers nearly the same advantages.

9 Best Welding Jackets of 2021 Reviewed




Revco BSX

1. Revco BSX (Best Overall)

  • Trendy welding jacket with red flames design
  • Available in many sizes from Small to 5XL
  • Includes adjustable straps for fitting
  • Lightweight material weighs only 1.8 pounds
Miller Electric 2241909

2. Miller Electric 2241909 (Best Budget)

  • Modern welder jacket design
  • Lowest price offer on this list
  • Made from nylon and cotton
  • The most lightweight offer here
West Chester 7005

3. West Chester 7005 (Best High Visibility)

  • High-quality leather welding jacket
  • Features a high-visibility tan color
  • Available in many sizes
  • Features a durable Kevlar threading

4. QeeLink (Best Cowhide Leather Jacket)

  • Beautiful leather jacket
  • Naturally raw and authentic look
  • Includes many pockets for different tools
  • Offers adjustable neck, waist, and cuffs
Caiman 3029-5

5. Caiman 3029-5 (Best Boarhide Leather Jacket)

  • Beautiful black leather welding jacket
  • Made from lightweight boarhide
  • Also cooler and more elastic than cowhide
  • Includes durable Kevlar stitching

6. Waylander (Best Premium Jacket)

  • Premium quality welding jacket
  • Features leather and FR cotton design
  • Satin-lined sleeves offer better comfort
  • Available in many sizes up to 4XL
Lincoln Electric KH807L

7. Lincoln Electric KH807L (Top-quality Leather Jacket)

  • Quality flame-resistant leather jacket
  • Triple-stitching guarantees durability
  • Available in Large and X-Large sizes
  • Comes at a nice price
Lincoln Electric K2985

8. Lincoln Electric K2985 (Cotton Jacket In Many Sizes)

  • Simple and lightweight welding jacket
  • Comfortable and adjustable design
  • Very low and attractive price
  • Machine washable without losing FR quality
Steiner 1260

9. Steiner 1260 (Cotton & Leather Combination Jacket)

  • Cotton and leather jacket
  • Offers extra sleeve protection
  • Beautiful color combination
  • Offered at a low and attractive price

1. Revco BSX – Best Overall

Revco BSX

Photo: Revco

  • Material: Cotton
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds (2XL)

Revco’s BSX welding jacket combines excellent features such as a welder’s collar, adjustable cuffs, dual inside pockets, snap buttons, and a fair price to make it the overall best welding jacket on this list.

It’s made from black 9 oz. Cotton and features red flames on the sleeve and a BSX logo on the chest. This gives it a unique look that’s perfect for those who like to stand out and still look cool.

The welder collar stands upright to protect you from fly-away flames, while its inside pockets feature zippers to help keep your valuables safe.

Although this offer is for the 2XL black jacket which weighs 1.8 pounds, it’s also available in other sizes here, as well as in blue and in khaki colors. They all offer the same lightweight characteristics of cotton materials and are fire-resistant.

Keep in mind, however, that cotton won’t stop heavy spatter and that its fire-resistance treatment will wear off after about 50 repeated laundry sessions. Its price is right anyway, and its black style with red flames make it super stylish.


  • Nicely made welding jacket with red flames design
  • Available in all sizes from Small to 5XL
  • Offered at a reasonable price
  • Made from a lightweight cotton material


  • It’s flame retardant but can’t resist molten metal

2. Miller Electric 2241909 – Best Budget

Miller Electric 2241909

Photo: Miller Electric

  • Material: 88% cotton, 12% nylon
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

Miller Electric also makes good welding jackets and this one also stands out for its low and attractive price, making it a great option for the welder on a budget, who needs something good and affordable.

It’s made using 88% cotton and 12% nylon, which makes it flexible and lightweight, and additionally perfect for warmer climates. Anyone can still use this welding jacket as it’s adjustable with fold-in snap cuffs to offer you the best protection.

Miller Electric offers the XL size here and it features a 50-inch chest with a 30-inch length. And if you want, it’s available in smaller and larger sizes as well.

Remember, however, that cotton jackets won’t stop spatter from burning through and they may also not be ideal in colder climates. But asides from simply being one of the cheapest welding jackets, it offers you good value for money, made from lightweight and breathable materials.


  • Modern welder jacket design with a cool look
  • Offered at a very attractive price
  • Made from a combination of nylon and cotton
  • The most lightweight jacket on this list


  • The most lightweight jacket on this list

3. West Chester 7005 – Best High Visibility Welding Jacket

West Chester 7005

Photo: West Chester

  • Material: Leather
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds

Available in many sizes, this West Chester welding jacket comes in a highly-visible golden yellow that makes it a top choice for both those who need a high-visibility jacket and those who just love its exotic look.

West Chester makes it from cowhide leather and it includes adjustable cuffs and a hip pocket, plus soapstone storage pockets in each sleeve. Everything is then sewn with high-strength and heat-resistant Kevlar for durability.

This offer is for the X-Large size and it measures 28 inches at the chest, 30 inches in length, and 26 inches for the sleeves. You can also go for a size Large or XX-Large.

One downside is its 4.2-pound weight, but this is expected since it’s a leather jacket. Remember that leather offers more protection and lasts longer. Plus this one happens to catch the eyes.


  • High-quality welding jacket made from leather
  • Features a high-visibility tan color
  • Available in many sizes up to XXL
  • Sewn together with high-strength Kevlar


  • It’s a heavy jacket but it’s worth it

Photo: QeeLink

  • Material: Leather
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds

Natural cowhide leather has a texture and a look that’s unique and alluring. That’s exactly what this QeeLink welding jacket captures and it does it in style.

This jacket features a clean and stylish cut with waist adjustment straps and black snap buttons that contrast with the beautiful dark brown leather to give it a slightly playful but classy look.

Further features that make it one of the best leather sleeve welding jackets include its adjustable cuffs, an interior pocket to provide safety for your valuables, and the two sleeve pockets.

But watch out for its sizing details, because while it’s available from sizes Small to 3X-Large, it tends to run a bit small on measurements. So, check first, and go for a larger size if you have to.


  • Beautiful welding leather jacket design
  • Features a natural and classy look
  • Very durable jacket with Kevlar stitching
  • Includes many pockets for different tools


  • Its sizing uses rather small measurements

5. Caiman 3029-5 – Best Boarhide Leather Welding Jacket

Caiman 3029-5

Photo: Caiman

  • Material: Boarhide leather
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds

Those who want a lightweight leather jacket will be pleased with this offer. It’s made from boarhide, a material that’s more lightweight than cowhide and still offers amazing leather benefits.

It comes in black and features Kevlar stitching to guarantee its fire-resistance and durability. Then, there are three pockets; one safety inside pocket and two sleeve pockets for your tools.

Boarhide is also cooler than cowhide, offers more heat and abrasion resistance, and is, in general, more elastic and thereby comfortable than cowhide leather jackets.

And as you can imagine, all these features make it costlier than your average cowhide leather welding jacket. Needless to say, if you want the performance and comfort it offers, then it’s worth every penny.


  • Sleek welding jacket with a beautiful black look
  • Made from boarhide, which is lighter in weight than cowhide
  • Also cooler and more elastic than cowhide
  • Includes Kevlar stitching and tool pockets


  • It’s costlier than cowhide leather jackets

6. Waylander – Best Premium Welding Jacket


Photo: Waylander

  • Material: Leather and cotton
  • Weight: 3 pounds

This Waylander’s jacket comes with premium features: Nice looks, lots of pockets, comfort, and convenience. It’s also available in all sizes from Medium up to 4X-Large.

Waylander uses a combination of cowhide leather and fire-resistant cotton to make it both lightweight and safe. The leather covers the shoulders and the sleeves, while the cotton handles the rest.

There are three inside pockets, providing enough safety space to stow all your valuables. Then the front closes using both Velcro and buttons for more safety, and this includes an adjustable stand-up collar.

As clever as this offer is, don’t forget that it’s still not a full leather jacket, so there could be durability issues down the line. Still, it’s one of the best cotton welding jackets and a very tempting offer, especially for those who will appreciate its satin-lined sleeves.


  • Premium design and quality welding jacket
  • Combines leather and FR cotton for best results
  • Satin-lined sleeves offer better comfort
  • Available in all sizes up to 4XL


  • It’s not a pure leather welding jacket

7. Lincoln Electric KH807L – Top-quality Leather Welding Jacket

Lincoln Electric KH807L

Photo: Lincoln Electric

  • Material: Leather
  • Weight: 4.9 pounds

Lincoln Electric offers you one of the market’s best leather welding jackets here and it’s available in Large and X-Large sizes, designed to protect both the torso and the arms.

It also comes with the other standard features, such as an interior safety pocket, snap buttons, and a welder’s collar, which you can flip up or down as you wish.

This jacket is also triple stitched for safety but it’s the heaviest on this list and this might be a cause of concern for some welders. Asides from that, it’s a nice, flame-resistant, durable, and modern welding jacket.


  • Made from quality flame-resistant leather
  • Features triple-stitching for durability
  • Available in Large and X-Large sizes
  • Offered at a relatively fair price


  • It’s one of the heaviest jackets here

8. Lincoln Electric K2985 – Cotton Welding Jacket In Many Sizes

Lincoln Electric K2985

Photo: Lincoln Electric

  • Material: Cotton
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds

Here’s a nice offer for those searching for the best welding jackets for summer. It’s made from cotton, which is lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and fire-resistant.

In addition to the material, Lincoln Electric adds adjustable cuffs and a flip-up welder collar for more safety. Then there’s also an internal pocket to safeguard your valuables.

Lincoln Electric also adds an anti-static coating for improved safety and an anti-mildew coat as well for protection against microorganisms.

It does have weaknesses though, and these include heavy spatter being able to burn through and its fire-resistance being limited to 50 wash cycles. But it’s offered at a very low and attractive price anyway, so no complaints.


  • Simple and lightweight welding jacket
  • Comfortable and adjustable design
  • A low and attractive price
  • Features an internal safety pocket


  • Spatter can burn through
  • Its fire-resistance lasts only 50 wash cycles

9. Steiner 1260 – Cotton & Leather Combination

Steiner 1260

Photo: Steiner

  • Material: Cotton, leather
  • Weight: 2.15 pounds

Steiner also offers something beautiful for welders here. This Steiner 1260 welding jacket combines cotton and leather materials to provide a safe, lightweight, and affordable jacket.

Here, the cotton is used for most of the jacket while leather is used for only the arms. This provides extra protection for the arms while protecting the rest of the body as well.

This jacket also features a clean and relaxed cut to make it more comfortable, and the snap buttons make it additionally user friendly.

Overall, it’s a great combination and design, but it also means that this jacket can’t provide the type of full protection that a 100% leather welding jacket offers. What it offers, though, is a cheaper price to make it one of the best welding jackets out there.


  • Combines a cotton jacket with cowhide sleeves
  • Provides extra protection for the sleeves
  • A nice and stylish color combination
  • Offered at a low and attractive price


  • It doesn’t offer 100% leather protection


We’ve reached the end of this welding jackets review, and you’ve seen the market’s top offers, including the leather, cotton, and nylon jackets. It’s now time to choose.

If you just want a great welding jacket, then we recommend the overall best offer, the Revco BSX welding jacket. It’s lightweight at just 1.8 pounds, available in many sizes up to 5XL, and has a cool flaming sleeves design.

For welders on a budget, we recommend the Miller Electric 2241909 jacket, with its cotton and nylon combination, low price, and lightweight.

And for those who want the very best, we recommend the Caiman 3029-5 boarhide leather welding jacket.