10 Best Whistling Tea Kettles of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Whistling Tea Kettle
Photo: Le Creuset

If you always find yourself forgetting about the boiling water in your stove during the morning dash and ending up with burned kettles and pots, it is the high time to start shopping for the best whistling tea kettle.

As the name suggests, the whistling tea kettle is a traditional kettle type that will produce a loud whistle sound when the water starts boiling. This whistling sound alerts you the water is ready to pour into your cup to make tea.

Another advantage of the whistling kettle is that it is more fun to use than the electric kettles.

Also, these kettles have a calming effect that will make you look forward to making tea. Here we review a few top-rated whistling tea kettles and also provide a buying guide.

What To Check Before Buying Whistling Tea Kettle?

How to Buy the Best Whistling Tea Kettle
Photo: All-Clad

1. Whistling Tea Kettle Capacity

The best whistling tea kettle for you is one that will allow you to boil enough water for your tea at a go, to ensure you do not have to spend a lot of time heating several pots.

That said, the right capacity for you will hence depend on the specific amount of tea or the number of teacups you make in the morning. These kettles will have a capacity of anywhere from 1-1/4-quart to 3-quart.

However, the 2.0-quart models like the All-Clad E86199 are often an ideal size for most users as it holds enough water for several cups of coffee and is still not very bulky.

2. Materials

For the regular tea drinkers, the tea kettle will have to heat water every day or even several times a day, and so when picking up one, you need to make sure that it will withstand the abuse that comes with this.

The good news is that most of these kettles have high-quality and highly durable materials. Some of the most common materials are porcelain, stainless steel, and steel.

Porcelain whistling kettles like the KitchenAid KTEN20CBPR are often more aesthetically appealing, while enamel-coated steel ones like Le Creuset Q9213-59 offer exceptional durability.

3. Handle and Lid of Whistling Tea Kettle

The handle and lid are also essential parts of your whistling tea kettle that you should never overlook as they will affect both its functionality and durability.

For the handle, you need something that is heat-resistant to ensure it will stay cool even as the water inside the kettle boils for safe handling. Also, the handle should be ergonomic and comfortable to handle. An ergonomic handle will make pouring easier for you.

When it comes to the handle, it is vital to make sure that it will be tight enough to ensure it does not fall off due to water pressure, and it should have a nice knob to make it easy to take off.

4. Pouring Spout

You do not want to make a mess when pouring the hot water or tea or even burn yourself accidentally. Hence, as you choose the best whistling teapot, you should consider the pouring spout.

Models that will use the thumb press spout will be the easiest to pour. With these pouring spouts, you will only need to tip the kettle open and pour, and you will do all this in just one simple motion.

Some models will make use of the traditional gooseneck pour spout that will give you more control over the pouring.

5. Whistle Volume

Because the whistling is the main reason why you will buy these tea kettles, you need to check whether what you get will whistle loud enough.

A good whistling tea kettle model should have a loud and clear whistle to ensure you will not miss it no matter where you might be in the house. Also, make sure that the sound produced does not have a pitch that is too loud or deafening as it can be annoying.

6. Dishwasher Safe

Your tea kettle needs to be clean to ensure it will produce the best-tasting tea. Hence, when shopping for one, you need to make sure that it will be easy to clean.

The models that are dishwasher-safe like the Café Brew Collection 8541896883 will give you an easy time when it comes to cleaning as you will only need to throw them in the dishwasher and a few minutes later they will be clean enough.

Besides being dishwasher-safe, a whistling tea kettle should also have a removable lid to make it even easier to clean.

10 Best Whistling Tea Kettles Reviewed




KitchenAid KTEN20CBPR

1. KitchenAid KTEN20CBPR (Best Overall)

  • Vibrant porcelain exterior
  • Thumb-press spout
  • C-style handle
  • Removable lid
Café Brew Collection 8541896883

2. Café Brew Collection 8541896883 (Best Budget)

  • Budget-friendly kettle
  • 1.37-pound lightweight kettle
  • See-through borosilicate glass
  • Dishwasher-safe
Mr Coffee Claredale 108074.01

3. Mr Coffee Claredale 108074.01 (Best Stainless Steel Design)

  • Solid stainless steel build
  • 2.2-quart capacity
  • Flip-up spout cover
  • Bakelite handle
Le Creuset Q9213-59

4. Le Creuset Q9213-59 (Best for Induction Stovetop)

  • Induction stovetop compatible
  • Heat-resistant and ergonomic handle
  • Fixed whistle
  • Generous base size
All-Clad E86199

5. All-Clad E86199 (Best from All-Clad)

  • Top brand whistling tea kettle
  • Pure stainless steel material
  • Compatible with all cooktops
  • Aluminum encapsulated base
Le Creuset Q9401-7F

6. Le Creuset Q9401-7F (Best Small)

  • Small and compact 1-1/4-quart kettle
  • Ergonomic and heat-resistant handle
  • Removable lid
  • Safe for all heat sources
Cuisinart CTK-SS17N

7. Cuisinart CTK-SS17N (Sleek Classic Design)

  • Sleek metallic finish
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Pleasant whistling sound
OXO 1479500

8. OXO 1479500 (Durable & Attractive)

  • Durable construction
  • Attractive brushed finish
  • Silicone touch points
  • Large lid opening
Le Creuset Q3101-17

9. Le Creuset Q3101-17 (Single-Tone Whistle)

  • Single-tone whistle
  • Generous base size
  • Ergonomic handle
  • All cooktops compatible
Willow & Everett Stainless Steel

10. Willow & Everett Stainless Steel (Fast Heating)

  • Super-fast heating
  • Surgical grade stainless steel material
  • Premium tea infuser
  • Safe and comfortable

1. KitchenAid KTEN20CBPR – Best Overall

KitchenAid KTEN20CBPR

Photo: KitchenAid

  • Capacity: 2.0-quart
  • Materials: Porcelain
  • Weight: 3.03 pounds

The vibrant porcelain material that gives the exterior of the KitchenAid KTEN20CBPR an attention-grabbing look is one of the main attributes of this kettle that makes it our best overall options.

However, there are still many other amazing things about this 2-quart kettle. They include the thumb-press spout that makes pouring a breeze and mess-free.

This kettle has a C-style handle that provides an easy and secure grip, and many users love that it will produce a clear and audible whistle that is hard to miss. Also, the lid is removable, which will make cleanups more effortless.

Some sections of the kettle, such as inside the lid and the spout are still prone to rust. However, with proper care, it will be many years before you need to worry about rust.


  • Attractive and durable design
  • Easy to pour
  • Super easy to clean
  • Clear and audible whistle
  • Sturdy and easy-grip handle


  • Not completely rustproof

2. Café Brew Collection 8541896883 – Best Budget

Café Brew Collection 8541896883

Photo: Café Brew Collection

  • Capacity: 48 oz
  • Materials: Borosilicate Glass
  • Weight: 1.37 pounds

The Café Brew Collection 8541896883 is the cheapest model on our whistling tea kettle review, but it is still a fantastic option with all the good traits that you would expect to get from more expensive brands.

This glass tea kettle makes it easy to monitor the water as it is boiling to ensure besides the audible whistles, you can see when the water is ready. Also, the see-through design will make it easy to tell when there is build up in there, and you need to descale the kettle.

At 1.37 pounds, this is a more lightweight whistling tea kettle that will be easy to handle even when full of water. It works on most cooktops from the gas to electric and glass ones. Clean up should take less effort as this is a dishwasher-safe product.

Because this kettle is made from glass, it will be quite delicate and hence require extra precaution. However, borosilicate glass is one of the toughest glass utensil material, and with proper care should give you a long service life.


  • Relatively more affordable
  • Allows you to see the water boiling
  • More lightweight design
  • Works on most cooktops
  • Easy to clean


  • Glass is still very delicate

3. Mr Coffee Claredale 108074.01 – Best Stainless Steel

Mr Coffee Claredale 108074.01

Photo: Mr Coffee

  • Capacity: 2.2-quart
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds

Stainless steel makes some of the best whistling tea kettles, and the best thing about it is that it will not rust easily. If you are on the market for a good stainless steel kettle, Mr Coffee Claredale 108074.01 will be perfect.

Besides the durable material, this 2.2-quart has one of the highest capacities on our list to ensure you can make several cups of tea at a go.

With the flip-up spout cover, pouring will be safe and effortless. Because this kettle uses a bakelite handles that will stay cool to the touch, it will be easy to handle even when full of hot water. This tea kettle is also the second most affordable option on our list.

Lid can be a little hectic to remove a bit as you do it more and more, things should become easier for you. Also, the whistling sound is a little too loud, but it just takes some getting used to.


  • Durable and rustproof material
  • Relatively higher capacity
  • Stay cool and comfortable handle
  • Easy pour spout
  • Fairly affordable


  • Lid is hectic to remove
  • A little too noisy

4. Le Creuset Q9213-59 – Best Induction Stovetop

Le Creuset Q9213-59

Photo: Le Creuset

  • Capacity: 1-2/3-quart
  • Materials: Enamel-coated steel
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds

For those on the market for the best stovetop whistling tea kettle and want something that will work for all kinds of heat sources, including the induction ones, Le Creuset Q9213-59 will be a good buy.

This kettle will include a wide base that will ensure it will provide excellent contact with the heating element for faster and more even heating.

The fixed whistle is easy to open when pouring. And to make pouring even easier, this kettle will also include an ergonomic handle that will stay cool to the touch.

At 2.6 pounds, this kettle is relatively heavier when compared to others on our list, but the weight is still quite manageable even when the pot is full of water.


  • Works with all stovetop types
  • Excellent contact with the heating element
  • Easy to open whistle
  • Safe pour handle
  • Bottom marked capacity for reference


  • A bit heavy

5. All-Clad E86199 – Best All-Clad

All-Clad E86199

Photo: All-Clad

  • Capacity: 2.0-quart
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 3 pounds

All-Clad is one brand you are sure to come across when shopping for premium quality kitchen utensils and equipment as they are one of the leading manufacturers. That said, their model E86199 will be a perfect choice if you want a top brand whistling tea kettle.

This kettle is made from a pure stainless steel material that makes it highly durable and prevents corrosion. Also, it has an aluminum base that works with the tight lid to ensure faster and more even heating.

Many users will love that you can use this tea kettle on any cooktop, including induction. And you can be confident that this will be a safe and easy-to-use kettle as it will include a hinged spout cap and stay cool handle.

The All-Clad E86199 is the most expensive model on our whistling tea kettle reviews, but the build quality makes it worth the extra bucks, and while the 3-pound weight is a bit on the heavy side, this kettle is still easy to handle.


  • Reliable product from a leading brand
  • Made from pure materials
  • Fast heating
  • Works with any cooktop
  • Safe and easy use


  • More expensive
  • Relatively heavier

6. Le Creuset Q9401-7F – Best Small Whistling Tea Kettle

Le Creuset Q9401-7F

Photo: Le Creuset

  • Capacity: 1-1/4-quart  Enamel-coated steel
  • Materials: Enamel-coated steel
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds

Le Creuset Q9401-7F is our best small whistling tea kettle, but it still has a decent 1-1/4-quart capacity to allow you to make several cups of tea at a go. This kettle is made to deliver many years of superior service, thanks to the enamel-coated steel construction.

Many users love that it can work on all heat sources or stovetops from gas to the induction tops. Hence, it will be useful for you regardless of what you use.

With the removable lid that has a stay-cool knob, this will be an easy kettle to wash and refill. When it comes to using it, the ergonomic and stay cool handle will also ensure that you have an easier time. Overall, this kettle heats up much faster and will provide more even heat distribution.

The cool-touch material does not seem to cover the entire handle area, but the good news is that it still covers a large enough section for safe operation. Also, when first pouring, the spout will sputter a little, but it is still not significant enough to make a mess.


  • Small and compact
  • Works on all heat sources including induction
  • Removable lid with stay-cool knob
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle stays cool
  • Fast heating and with good heat distribution


  • Cools touch will not cover the entire handle
  • Spout spatters a little

7. Cuisinart CTK-SS17N – Sleek Classic

Cuisinart CTK-SS17N

Photo: Cuisinart

  • Capacity: 2.0-quart
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 2 pounds

If you prefer a more classic-looking whistling tea kettle, the Cuisinart CTK-SS17N will be a fantastic choice for you. With its sleek overall appearance, this kettle will look fantastic in any kitchen.

This kettle heats up relatively faster and also distribute the heat more evenly to ensure the water boils fast. With the pleasant whistling sound as the water boils, you can easily tell when the water is ready to make tea.

Pouring is safe and easy as the kettle has a nice spout and a handle that will stay cool to the touch. Also, the interior has a nonreactive surface that does not corrode.

The small opening on the lid makes this whistling tea kettle a little hard to clean, but you should still be able to clean it in the sink thoroughly with some extra effort.


  • Attractive exterior finish
  • Highly pleasant sound
  • Durable overall construction
  • Safe and easy pour
  • Nonreactive interior


  • Relatively hard to clean

8. OXO 1479500 – Durable and Attractive

OXO 1479500

Photo: OXO

  • Capacity: 1.7-quart
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 2.65 pounds

OXO 1479500 is a highly durable stainless steel whistling tea kettle that is guaranteed to give you many years of exceptional service. What’s more, this kettle has an attractive finish with a brushed surface that will ensure it looks great in your kitchen.

This whistling kettle comes with an ergonomic handle that will be super comfortable to hold and stay cool even when the kettle is full of hot water.

The simple spout on this kettle makes it easy to pour the hot water without making a mess, and with the loud enough whistle, you can be confident that you will never miss hearing the water boiling.

The lid seems to be stuck on too tight, which makes removing it a little hard, and this is more so when the kettle is hot, but as you use this kettle more and more, it should loosen a bit.


  • Highly durable material
  • Smooth and attractive finish
  • Stay cool handle
  • Easy to pour
  • Loud enough whistle


  • Lid is stuck on very tight

9. Le Creuset Q3101-17 – Single-Tone Whistling Tea Kettle

Le Creuset Q3101-17

Photo: Le Creuset

  • Capacity: 1-4/5-quart
  • Materials: Enamel-coated steel

With the single-tone whistle on the Le Creuset Q3101-17, you can be confident that you will never miss the sound of the boiling water from anywhere in the house. What’s more, this sound is quite pleasant and not annoying like others.

This whistling tea kettle has a wide base that will ensure perfect contact with the heating element for faster and more even heating so that you will have the water hot enough within a few minutes.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and will stay cool to allow for an easy and safe pour. Overall this kettle has s pleasant and long-lasting finish that will complement any kitchen space.

Water seems to get into then whistle easily, which can affect its efficiency. However, this only happens when you overfill, it and so regulating the water level should solve this issue.


  • Hard to miss single-tone whistle
  • Excellent contact with the heating element
  • Comfortable handle that stays cool
  • Works on any cooktop


  • Water gets easily into the whistle

10. Willow & Everett Stainless Steel – Fast Heating

Willow & Everett Stainless Steel

Photo: Willow & Everett

  • Capacity: 2.75-quart
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 4.05 pounds

Willow & Everett Stainless Steel teapot is designed to ensure you will never waste a lot of time waiting for water to get hot enough for your tea. This kettle delivers super-fast heating, and the water will heat more evenly.

Besides speed, this tea kettle is made to last as it crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel material. This material will withstand rust, corrosion, and scratches much better than other kettle materials.

There is an ergonomic handle that will make the kettle comfortable to use and a safe spout design to ensure you can pour the beverage with no accidents. But, perhaps what sets this kettle apart from the rest is the premium tea infuser that will make brewing tea more effortless.

The most notable drawback for this tea kettle is that at 4.05 pounds, it is quite heavy, but as you use it more and more, you should get used to the weight and how it feels.


  • Heats up super-fast
  • Durable and premium-quality materials
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safe and easy pour spout
  • Nice tea infuser


  • Quite a heavy kettle


With the best whistling tea kettle, you will get a fantastic traditional-style kettle that will ensure making tea is faster and easier for you. And now finding the ideal model for you is all about picking one option from our comprehensive list above.

That said, the KitchenAid KTEN20CBPR is our best overall model because, besides vibrant porcelain material, it also has a comfortable C-style handle and easy pour thumb press spout.

However, if you do not have a lot of cash to spare for your whistling tea kettle, the more affordable Café Brew Collection 8541896883 will be an ideal choice for you.