10 Best Wood Fillers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Wood Filler
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It is common to confuse between wood filler and wood putty because they have a similar appearance and also perform similar tasks of filling gaps. However, there are differences between these two. 

Wood filler consists of wood fibers or sawdust suspended in a binder. Wood putty, on the other hand, consists of fiberglass, epoxy or polyurethane. 

Additionally, unlike wood filler, wood putty does not harden. Moreover, wood filler is best used indoors as it is not waterproof, unlike putty which is weatherproof and ideal for outdoor use.

When buying the best wood filler, look for a product that is easy to use, one that does not crack or shrink, and make sure it is paintable or stainable if you want to add a finish.

If you are searching for reliable water filler, this comprehensive buying guide and 10 wood filler reviews will help you make the right choice.

What To Check Before Buying Best Wood Filler?

How to Buy the Best Wood Filler

1. Application 

Various wood filler applications exist and they determine your purpose of using wood filler. These applications are not just restricted to wood repair. They include the following:

Wood Grain Smoothing

Some wood types like the white oak feature wide and long grains whose appearance require enhancement to make their look visually appealing. One of the ways to do this is use wood filler by applying a thin layer at the top then polishing it out later. 

Furniture Repair

This is another wood filler application. The product is applied to furniture that has rotten parts. First, the rotten parts are removed and then a thick layer of wood filler is applied to make up for the removed materials.

Hole Filling 

This is actually the major use of wood filler. Wood filler products perform exemplary to fill holes regardless of how deep they are. You must, however, make the surface smooth before applying the wood filler.


Here is another wood filler application, where it is mainly applied on wooden floors. For this application, you need an oil-based wood filler to prevent the filler from coming off when cleaning.

Material Bonding

Wood fillers double up as durable and tough glue whenever needed. Hence, you can use wood filler to stick a pair of pieces together in case you do not have glue at hand.

2. Water Filler or Solvent Filler

Wood fillers are designed as either water or solvent-based. Any of them can be used to fill pores and voids, but they feature several differences.

Water-Based Wood Filler

These are wood fillers which contain gypsum, cellulose or wood fiber. They do not have an odor but in case it is there, it is minimal.

Moreover, they do not emit or release any volatile organic compounds. These wood fillers are mainly used for indoor wood projects are they are water-sensitive.

In most cases, they are considered versatile as their thickness can be manipulated where thin layers are required, these wood fillers take at least 15 minutes to dry. They are also easy to remove as you need soapy water alone.

Solvent-Based Fillers

These are wood fillers that feature epoxy or vinyl in their composition. They emit high levels of volatile organic content and for this reason; they are characterized by a strong smell.

These wood fillers take longer to dry as opposed to their water-based counterparts as you might have to wait for up to an hour.

Removing this wood filler needs you to have turpentine or acetone. They are, however, resistant to water, extreme heat, rot, cold and humidity. Therefore, they are mainly used for outdoor wood projects.

3. Color

In most cases, wood fillers feature wood-inspired shades or the white color. Additionally, there are clear versions of wood filler, which are mainly used to fill pores. In case you are not planning to paint or stain the wood, go for a product with a contrasting or matching color as the wood.

However, if you are seeking to paint or stain the cured filler, go for a product that indicates paintable or stainable on it. Then, go for a white or colored filler with a lighter shade than the paint or stain you will use.

4. Consistency

Wood fillers can either feature thin or thick consistencies. Thick consistencies are perfect for filling voids while thin ones are ideal for filling pores, mainly in open-grain woods. You should be keen to buy the appropriate consistency for you to achieve what you are seeking.

10 Best Wood Fillers of 2021 Reviewed

FamoWood 400221261. FamoWood 40022126 (Best for All-Purpose Use)
  • All-purpose wood filler with great versatility
  • Solvent free- Never shrinks or cracks
  • Has minimal or no odor
  • Easy to use wood filler
Elmer’s E8552. Elmer’s E855 (Best Budget)
  • Best budget wood filler- competitively priced
  • Numerous color options to choose from
  • Easy to clean – water-based
  • Does nor crack or shrink
Elmer’s E9143. Elmer’s E914 (Top-Rated)
  • Top rated wood filler-superior quality
  • Large capacity 16 ounce can
  • Patented formula turns white from purple after drying
Bondo 200824. Bondo 20082 (Best for Beginners)
  • Ideal for beginner hence requires no skills to apply
  • Wide range of applications makes it versatile
  • Can be drilled, shaped, or planned
Minwax 428520005. Minwax 42852000 (Best Fast-Drying)
  • Fast drying wood filler takes less than 5 minutes 
  • Can be used for internal or external purposes
  • Resistant to cracking and shrinking
  • Small capacity – 6 ounces
Timbermate CECOMINOD0461236. Timbermate CECOMINOD046123 (Best User-Friendly)
  • User-friendly design boosts ease of use
  • Water based formula for indoor use
  • Protects and maintains natural integrity of wood
Elmer’s E887Q7. Elmer’s E887Q (Best for Small Jobs)
  • Small capacity for small jobs – 3.25 ounces
  • Secures nails and screws
  • Ergonomically designed enhances ease of use
FamoWood 360211268. FamoWood 36021126 (Best Professional Use)
  • Professional use wood filler – superior quality
  • Solvent based wood filler for repairing wood defects
  • Can be nailed, planed, sanded or sawed
  • Large capacity – 23 ounces
3M WFV2-STN32-69. 3M WFV2-STN32-6 (Best for Staining)
  • Stainable wood filler to match your interest
  • Versatile design enhances a wide range of application
  • Long lasting as it is resistant to cracking and shrinking
  • Large capacity – 32 ounces
DAP 2150610. DAP 21506 (Best Versatile) 
  • Versatile design boosts wide range of use
  • For indoor and outdoor use- weatherproof
  • High quality looks and feels like wood after drying

1. FamoWood 40022126 – Best for All-Purpose Use

FamoWood 40022126
Photo: FamoWood

Here is a wood filler for all purposes as it comes with great versatility. This implies that if you only want to invest in a single wood filler that would serve you both indoors and outdoors, this is the product for you to buy. It handles pores in open green wood as well as voids of all sizes.

FamoWood 40022126 is considered to be the best wood filler on the market because it never shrinks or cracks. Additionally, it is solvent-free and features easy water cleanup.

One of the great things you will love about this product is that it has minimal or no odor at all. Therefore, it becomes easy to use without harassing people who are sensitive to smell.

Moreover, it does not appear or behave unnaturally because this wood filler paints or stains just like wood. Hence, no one can point out where the filler starts or finishes because it looks and feels like wood after application.


  • Professional quality gives you great value for money
  • Solvent-free effortless water cleanup
  • Will never crack or shrink


  • Requires at least 15 minutes to dry
  • A little expensive

2. Elmer’s E855 – Best Budget

Elmer’s E855
Photo: Elmer’s

This is the wood filler that you should invest in if you are running on a budget. The product is competitively priced to enhance affordability. Nonetheless, its fair price does not mean that quality is compromised.

The best thing about this wood filler is that it features numerous color options to pick from. Therefore, you will always spot the right color that will match the surface that you need to fill. Hence, this is a product that will never appear out of place or even be noticed.

Another great thing about this wood filler is that it is very simple to clean up in case it drops on a surface accidentally. All you need to have the surface clean from this wood filler is water. 

This is a product that does not shrink or crack after application. However, you might have to wait for up to 24 hours for it to dry completely on the surface. 


  • Does not crack or shrink on the wood
  • Allows you to sand or paint the wood anyhow you like
  • Highly affordable as it features a pocket-friendly price
  • Simple to clean up with water alone


  • Dries between 12 and 24 hours, hence require patience
  • Comes very thick and so you need to thoroughly shake it before use

3. Elmer’s E914 – Top-Rated

Elmer’s E914
Photo: Elmer’s

This is the top-rated wood filler that you will find on the market today because its function and ease of use give users a lot of satisfaction. Hence, this is a product that other users trust with their woodwork projects.

The product is delivered in a 16-ounce container which is huge enough for filling up voids and holes all over the house including wallboards to furniture dents.

You will love the patented formula contained in this wood filler. It becomes purple when freshly applied and then after drying, this wood filler turns white.

When repairing small areas, you only require a maximum of 15 minutes to have the filler completely dry. However, when working on deep dents and voids, you might have to wait between 2 and 8 hours for the area to dry completely.


  • Friendly to beginners and hobbyists
  • Comes in large capacity for long term use
  • Sandable and paintable
  • Non-toxic and patented formula


  • Deep voids and dents require patience to dry completely 
  • A little expensive

4. Bondo 20082 – Best for Beginners

Bondo 20082
Photo: Bondo

This is the beginner-friendly wood filler that you will always love because it is easy to use. Moreover, it is ideal for DIY projects and this makes it great for hobbyists and beginners.

One of the great things you will love about this product is its amazing versatility. It allows you to use it in wide applications, giving you value for your cash. Hence, you can use this wood filler on fences, damaged door, and window sections, shutters, and furniture.

Besides, you can sand, drill, saw, shape, or plane this wood filler. Therefore, it is no different from wood after you have applied it and allowed it to dry.

Nonetheless, once you have mixed the wood filler, you need to act fast to avoid wasting the filler as it tends to dry really fast.


  • Large capacity for long term use – 1 quart can
  • Multi-purpose use makes it a valuable product
  • Can be shaped, drilled, sanded and planed once dry


  • Very thick hence becomes a challenge to use the last 10% of it
  • Dries up fast once mixed, hence requires you to act fast

5. Minwax 42852000 – Best Fast Drying

Minwax 42852000
Photo: Minwax

Minwax 42852000 is a fast-drying wood filler that will only take you less than 5 minutes to dry completely. Hence, it saves you a lot of time, after which you can consider sanding it to ensure that the area is smooth.

The best thing about this wood filler is that you can use it both in the interior and in the exterior. As a result, you can be sure that this product is weatherproof and most especially waterproof. Hence, it comes with versatile use and this makes it a great purchase.

After application, this product is resistant to cracking and shrinking. This means that it sticks to the wood without getting affected by any condition like overexposure to the sun.

The product features a capacity of 6 ounces and so it will definitely complete a DIY project without having to spend money on another pack. However, being a fast-drying wood filler, you might have to work fast to prevent it from drying before you are done with it.


  • Resistant to cracking and shrinking 
  • Ideal for interior and exterior use makes it a great value
  • Can be painted on and also stainable
  • Holds both nails and screws securely


  • Has fast-drying property which requires you to work fast 
  • Capacity is only enough for small DIY projects

6. Timbermate CECOMINOD046123 – Best User-friendly

Timbermate CECOMINOD046123
Photo: Timbermate

This is a user-friendly wood filler that, to start with is easy to prepare implying that it will not take you forever to make it ready for use. Secondly, this product is easy to remove in case you aren’t pleased with the result. To remove it, just use water to rub it off.

The reason why this product is considered the best wood filler on sale today is because it is water-based hence, it is non-toxic, it is solvent-free, latex-free, non-yellowing and contained no acrylics. Therefore, it is the safest wood filler that you will find on the market.

This wood filler is specifically designed for interior use, implying that it is the ideal product to use when you got holes, scratches, and cracks on beech, pine or maple floors and furniture.

This Timbermate product is very effective at maintaining the natural integrity of wood. However, you are advised to use plastic or stainless-steel tools when applying the filler as it may react with low quality steel material.


  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to remove, apply and prepare
  • Protects and maintains the natural integrity of wood
  • Non-toxic and non-yellowing wood filler
  • Acrylic, solvent, and latex-free


  • Unsuitable for exterior use
  • Can only use plastic or stainless tools to apply

7. Elmer’s E887Q – Best for Small Jobs

Elmer’s E887Q
Photo: Elmer’s

Here is the wood filler that you should buy when you want to handle small jobs which are either indoors or outdoors. The product comes in 3.25-ounce capacity and this is ideal for traveling anywhere you need to, without it being noticed.

With this product, you can effortlessly nail or screw it once it is dry. This implies that it firmly and securely holds screws and nails and ideally resists cracking and shrinking. 

This product is ergonomically designed in such a way that it does not interfere with your efforts of sanding, painting or staining the wood. Hence, it will not interfere with your interests or decorative efforts. As a matter of fact, feel free to use high-speed sanders on it. 

Due to its small capacity, this wood filler is only perfect for use when you have small tasks. 


  • Solvent-free formula makes it easy to prepare
  • Securely holds anchors and screws
  • Accommodates superior sanding, painting, and staining
  • Resistant to cracking and shrinking


  • Great for small jobs only 
  • No exchange or return policy

8. FamoWood 36021126 – Best Professional Use

FamoWood 36021126
Photo: FamoWood

This is the first wood filler choice for professional use for more than 5 decades because of its superior quality and ability to evenly spread on cracks and holes without shrinking, crumbling or cracking. Hence, for any professional task, this is the first wood filler you should think about.

FamoWood 36021126 is a solvent-based wood filler which is made using actual wood fibers which are highly essential for repairing wood defects. 

Moreover, this wood filler can be treated like real wood once it is dry. This implies that you can drill, nail, plane, saw or sand it as you do on real wood. Additionally, this is a product that takes paints and stains evenly with minimal sanding.

This wood filler comes in a 23 ounces capacity can which is enough to handle several projects without replacement. However, when using it on red oak, you might have to reapply a number of coats to attain the look you wish to achieve. 


  • Large capacity saves you money in the long run
  • Easy to apply and dries up quickly
  • Perfect for professional use
  • Does not crack or shrink 


  • You might have to reapply it several times on red oak to attain desired look
  • A little heavy and bulky

9. 3M WFV2-STN32-6 – Best for Staining

3M WFV2-STN32-6
Photo: 3M

3M WFV2-STN32-6 is the best wood filler for staining because it features a unique ability to absorb stain on wood. As a matter of fact, this wood filler can be stained to any color, to match the wood to perfection. 

The product also features amazing versatility because you can freely use it indoor or outdoor. Hence, you can be sure that the product is weatherproof and cannot be affected by extreme weather conditions like heavy downpour or extreme sunshine for a prolonged period.

One of the things that you will love about this wood filler is the fact it is long-lasting. Therefore, it has been designed to be resistant to cracking or shrinking. Additionally, the product is easy to sand. 

This is a wood filler that is designed for huge projects as it comes in a 32-ounce can. Hence, it is the product to invest in if you have a large DIY or professional projects coming soon. Nonetheless, you need to be careful when using this product as t can dry up if left open for some time. 


  • Paintable and stainable wood filler
  • Long-lasting as it resists cracking and shrinking
  • Can be applied in indoor or outdoor settings
  • Large capacity for large projects


  • You must remember to close it after use to prevent drying up.

10. DAP 21506 – Best Versatile

DAP 21506
Photo: DAP

Here is a versatile wood filler which can be drilled, varnished, lacquered, sanded, cut, planed, painted and stained because it looks like real wood once it dries. Additionally, you can use it on plywood, doors, furniture, molding, and paneling among other wood surfaces.

Moreover, this product can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. This implies that it is designed with the capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions like long exposure to sunshine or heavy downpour. 

This is a high-quality wood filler which is as efficient as putty. Once exposed to air, its body and surface looks and feels like wood. Nonetheless, for this product to feature high performance, you must make sure that the surface is free from grease or oil.


  • Large capacity saves you money in the long run
  • Multi-purpose design makes it more useful
  • For both outdoor and indoor settings 
  • Looks and feels like wood once it is dry


  • Surface must be free from grease or oil
  • A little heavy and bulky

How to Use Wood Filler?

How to Use Wood Filler

  • Sandpaper
  • Wood filler
  • Polyurethane
  • Shop-vac or tack cloth
  • Putty knife
  • Stain/paint

Step 1 

Prepare the surface where you are applying wood filler by flaking paint or getting rid of loose wood chunks. Then, sand rough edges in proximity to the area you are repairing. Finally, get rid of all debris and dust using the shop vac or damp cloth. 

Step 2

Use a putty knife to apply wood filler, starting from the edges towards the depression. Overfill the wood filler to compensate for the shrinking in the process of drying. Finally, use a clean putty knife to make the area smooth.

Step 3

Allow the area to dry for a period of 15 minutes to 8 hours depending on the depth of application. Once dry, sand the repaired area to ensure that its level with the surrounding wood surface. 

Step 4

Once the area is smooth, apply your favorite finish to ensure that the repair is unnoticeable. You can paint over the area with a color similar to the wood shade. Otherwise, you can consider staining as a form of finishing the repaired area. 


Wood filler is an important and valuable investment for any woodworker. This is because it has a wide range of applications. The wood filler reviews above contain high quality, are easy to use, and they feature different prices, giving you options to pick from. 

Together with the ultimate buying guide above, you can spot the right product that you need for either outdoor or indoor settings. Make your order today and enjoy a whole new woodworking experience.