10 Best Wort Chillers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Wort Chiller
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As a home brewer, you will agree on how important it is to cool down the wort to below 80 degrees as instantly as possible after boil because as this point of time, the wort is at its most vulnerable state and susceptible to bacteria.

Needless to say, to do the task, what you need is a high-quality and the best wort chiller. You can make selection between immersion, counterflow, and plate wort chillers.

This wort chiller review will unfold some significant details about the topic. It will be essential helpful to first time buyers that are still struggling with the best options available on the market.

What To Check Before Buying Best Wort Chiller?

How to Buy the Best Wort Chiller

Well, unlike various other kitchen products and tools, a wort chiller has various details to itself. There is a magnitude of features and specifications for a user to keep on point so as to find the best tool for home brewing.

Well, without any more ado, let’s jump to the various types of wort chillers.

1. Type of Wort Chiller

You must know by now that wort chillers are available in three prime types. There is a lot of difference among all the categories.


There is a mammoth of variety available in the best immersion wort chillers on the market. As its name suggest, this category of chiller is submerged in the wort.

It has to be attached to a garden hose or kitchen faucet which is generally not sold with the product. This means that you have to buy it separately.

So, in the next step, a stream of fresh and cold water runs through the wort chiller which brings your wort at pitching temperature in not more than 15 minutes.

These are affordable options and the working is hassle-free. Moreover, the cleaning is also quite convenient with the immersion wort chillers. You can consider them as the youngest and most easy-operating members of wort chillers family.


  • Of course, these are the most affordable
  • Very simple and easy to operate
  • Does not require a whole set up to pump water
  • Cleaning of the appliance is pretty convenient


  • Since these are basic models, these aren’t as productive as other chillers
  • They waste a lot of water


So, the counterflow models are comprised of two tube pieces. One of the tubes is inside the other. The coiling of the tubes is done in cylinder shape. There is a coil within a coil.

When the hot wort is flowing in the inside coil, cold stream of water is pushed through the outer coil in opposite direction.

Similar to immersion wort chiller, the length and diameter of the appliance is directly related to its tendency of cooling the wort at a rapid pace and the efficiency of the chiller.

  • The performance is fast and efficient
  • It does not waste a lot of water unlike immersion wort chillers
  • No chance of bacterial build-up on the wort
  • These are relatively expensive than immersion counterparts
  • Requires before and after cleaning
  • Needs a ball valve on your brew kettle to work


Technically, this is a unique style but you can also consider it to be as a compact and more sophisticated version of a counterflow chiller.

These are made of numerous stainless-steel thin plates stacked together. Within these plates, there are routes for chilling liquid from a tap or garden hose. The internal pathways are directed in the opposite sides.

The cold water flowing through the plate chills them and the plates in return chills the wort. As the surface area of the chiller increases, its performance also gets better.

The sanitization of these chillers is very complex. Also, one of the major drawbacks is that this tool requires a secondary vessel or pump to push the chilled wort inside the kettle.

  • It is the fastest in generating satisfactory results
  • The size of these appliances is mostly compact and counter-friendly
  • This one is capable of handling large volume of wort at one time
  • You will need an additional tool to push wort back to the kettle
  • Sanitizing and clean-up of these devices is highly-challenging

​Buying Advice

As the efficiency of the appliance increases, the price also rises alongside. If you are a beginner then pick immersion wort chiller, if you want less operational hassle then counterflow should be the choice, and if you desire the highest content of efficiency then plate wort chiller is the choice.

2. Material

Different types of wort chillers are available in a variety of materials. Mostly they have copper or stainless-steel tubing. Both the materials have a fair share of advantages and disadvantages.


So, all the buyers prefer durability, strength and easy maintenance from the wort chillers. You get all these qualities from stainless-steel tubing.

It also does not rust or corrode. But yes, this material is less flexible and it becomes difficult to suit the angle and position of the kettle.

As far as thermal conductivity is concerned, the efficiency of stainless-steel is less than copper. That is why it takes more time to bring down the hot wort to yeast pitching temperatures.


When it’s about thermal conductivity, copper is a suitable material as it cools down the wort in minutes. These are also corrosion and rust resistant. However, the best thing is that because of the material flexibility, you can customize it to coordinate with the position and angle of kettle.

Copper material is susceptible to discoloration. When you explore copper to water and air, it tends to lose its color and appear darker.

The disadvantage lies in the costing of the copper material. When compared to stainless-steel, copper is expensive.

3. Cooling Period

Since the whole point of buying a wort chiller is to cool down the wort’s temperature, make sure you choose a product with minimum cooling period.

10 Best Wort Chillers of 2021 Reviewed




NY Brew Supply W3825-CV

1. NY Brew Supply W3825-CV (Suitably-priced)

  • Copper wort chiller with 3/8” coil diameter
  • Comes with 5’ vinyl tubing
  • Available in 25’ wort length
  • Suitable for beginners
NY Brew Supply W3850-CV

2. NY Brew Supply W3850-CV (Best Immersion)

  • Copper wort chiller with 3/8” coil diameter
  • Comes with 12’ vinyl tubing
  • Available in 25’ and 50’ wort length
  • High-quality brass hose adapter
Exchilerator Counterflow Wort Chiller

3. Exchilerator Counterflow Wort Chiller (Top-rated)

  • PEX material used for wort chiller
  • Available in MAXX length
  • Comes with brass garden hose adapter
  • Highly durable product
Babigo B3-23A

4. Babigo B3-23A (Best Stainless-steel)

  • Constructed with stainless-steel material
  • Comes with a garden hose and 1/2″ NPT
  • Highly efficient and productive model
Northern Brewer Wort Chiller

5. Northern Brewer Wort Chiller (For Beginner-level)

  • Copper & Stainless-steel wort chiller with 3/8” coil diameter
  • Comes with 12’ vinyl tubing
  • Available in 25’ and 50’ wort length
  • Comes fully assembled with tubing
NY Brew Supply W3850-SSV

6. NY Brew Supply W3850-SSV (Super-efficient)

  • Stainless-steel wort chiller with 3/8” coil diameter
  • Available in 25’ and 50’ wort length
  • Comes with high-quality brass hose adapter
  • Highly affordable products
Northern Brewer Counterflow Wort Chiller

7. Northern Brewer Counterflow Wort Chiller (Excellent-quality)

  • Built with 304 grade stainless-steel
  • Threaded fittings for all connections
  • Comes with 1/2″ NPT wort fittings
  • Decent capacity
NY Brew Supply Deluxe

8. NY Brew Supply Deluxe (With High Heat Conductivity)

  • Copper wort chiller with 1/2″, 3/8” diameters
  • Comes with 25’ wort length
  • Comes with heavy-duty brass fittings
  • Adjusts according to hose sizes
HFS Homebrew

9. HFS Homebrew (Durable)

  • Made with 304 stainless-steel
  • Comes with multiple plates
  • Lots of options available
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
Coldbreak Brewing Equipment

10. Coldbreak Brewing Equipment (Compact Immersion Design)

  • Available in 12.5, and 25’ wort sizes
  • Constructed with copper, stainless-steel materials
  • Comes with heavy-duty garden hose
  • Highly suitably priced

1. NY Brew Supply W3825-CV – Suitably-priced

NY Brew Supply W3825-CV
Photo: NY Brew Supply

  • Material: Copper
  • Length: 25′
  • Tube Size: 5′
  • Diameter: 3/8″

You want to buy a copper-based immersion but wants to keep the cost suitable then this is the product for you.

It is made of high-quality copper material. The length of the wort is 25’ which is not recommended for high-volume of wort to chill. The tube size is also not too large. It is of not much use to the user.

You will find the product promising. However, there are certain unavoidable lacking points with this product.


  • Superb quality copper material
  • Flexible and fits with different hose sizes
  • Great product for beginners
  • Available at a highly suitable price


  • The hose length is really small
  • This one is not meant for high volume usage

2. NY Brew Supply W3850-CV – Best Immersion

NY Brew Supply W3850-CV
Photo: NY Brew Supply

  • Material: Copper
  • Length: 50, 25’ 
  • Tube Size: 12’
  • Diameter: 3/8”

From the makers of NY Brew Supply, this is a great wort chiller available on the market. This one is made of copper material which is great at conducting heat. The performance is quite appreciable.

The model is available in two different lengths i.e. 25’ and 50’. You can pick a model based on your requirement. It comes with a 12’ vinyl tube that helps in rushing the water down the chiller.

The 3/8 inches diameter of the copper tube is pretty great for effective chilling. It is a pre-assembled model that you can pick from the market. Since copper material is used, this is a productive model. However, you cannot outrun the timely discoloration of the product.

Also, the quality of brass hose adapter could have been better. Other than that, this is a highly considerable product.


  • Material is superior in conducting heat
  • This one is quite efficient in performance 
  • Available at a suitable price, compared to the capacity
  • Suitable for the beginners who have just started home brewing


  • Discoloration will happen after some time
  • The quality of brass hose adapter should have been better

3. Exchilerator Counterflow Wort Chiller – Top-rated

Exchilerator Counterflow Wort Chiller
Photo: Exchilerator

  • Material: PEX
  • Length: MAXX 

For someone who wants the best counterflow wort chiller, there is no better model available on the market. This model is known for its durability. The expressive design of the wort chiller is the first thing to catch your interest.

It is constructed with food-grade PEX material with stainless-steel collars, and lead-free solder. The brass fittings also add to the durability of this product.

It is available in MAXX size which is intended for brewer warm chilling. The process works on a high pace considering the swivel cooling water across the surfaces.

Interestingly, this model also has the ability to work with used water as well. It is an amazing product just that the cost is way too much for a lot of buyers.


  • Unparallel durability and strength of the product
  • Very thoughtfully designed for quick performance
  • Has ability to work with used water
  • Great for professional brewers


  • This model is very expensive

4. Babigo B3-23A – Best Stainless-steel

Babigo B3-23A
Photo: Babigo

  • Material: Stainless Steel

So, this is the first plate wort chiller in our list. This model has accumulated a lot of praise for itself with its excellent performance.

The strength is ensured through stainless-steel material. You will find the exterior of this product modelled in stainless steel material, and it has got various plates made of the same material inside.

Thankfully, the material does not oxidise at all. Therefore, your product is safe from rusting and corrosion.

You get a garden hose along with the product and 1/2″ NPT. Unfortunately, there is a need for a pump to bring back the beer in the kettle. Also, this model is highly expensive.


  • Wonderful quality of the steel
  • Comes with great performance and cools down the wort in minutes
  • The material does not oxidise at all 


  • This product is high in cost
  • You will have to purchase a pump separately

5. Northern Brewer Wort Chiller – Beginner-level

Northern Brewer Wort Chiller
Photo: Northern Brewer

  • Material: Stainless-steel, Copper
  • Length: 50, 25’ 
  • Tube Size: 12’
  • Diameter: 3/8”

While you will find immense resemblance of this model with the previous one discussed, there are a few good things that this product brings on the table.

For starters, it is available in stainless-steel and copper versions. There is a difference in price for sure. You can find two prime wort lengths: 25’ and 50’.

It is also fashioned with a 12’ vinyl tube for transferring the liquids. While the efficiency of this model is great, it ends up wasting a lot of time. Also, you will find the copper wort chillers pretty expensive when compared with counterparts.


  • Available in copper and stainless-steel materials
  • Features are really efficient
  • Available in two wort lengths
  • Brings a lot of versatility for the buyers


  • Wastes a lot of water in the process 
  • Copper models are pretty expensive

6. NY Brew Supply W3850-SSV – Super-efficient

NY Brew Supply W3850-SSV
Photo: NY Brew Supply

  • Material: Stainless-steel
  • Length: 50, 25′ 
  • Tube Size: 12′
  • Diameter: 3/8″

Here we come again with another model from NY Brew Supply. Only this time, the product is constructed with stainless steel material. It comes with a brass hose adapter whose quality is a bit questionable.

This model is designed to handle 5 – 10 gallons of batches at one time. The capacity is suitable. The wort length available is 25’ and 50’. This way, once again, NY Brew Supply gives you versatility to make a size selection.

Unfortunately, this product takes a lot of time to chill the wort. This is a standard model for someone who wants to spend less on a wort chiller as he/she learn and practice home brewing.


  • Available in two wort lengths
  • Material is known to add more durability to the product
  • Completely resistant to rusting and corrosion
  • Very suitably priced, especially for beginners


  • Takes a lot of time in doing the task
  • Not at all suitable for the professionals

7. Northern Brewer Counterflow Wort Chiller – Excellent-quality

Northern Brewer Counterflow Wort Chiller
Photo: Northern Brewer

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 5/8”, 3/8”

So, this model from Northern Brewer is a counterflow wort chiller. It is constructed with highly-promising stainless-steel material.

The length of this product is decent. Since this is a counterflow product, you will find two pipes, one nesting within the other. The diameters of these pipes are 5/8” and 3/8”.

It is made with stainless-steel material inside-out. Even all the fittings of these products are constructed with the same material.

It is a great product although the speed of chilling is not as satisfactory. Also, the material is not able to conduct heat efficiently.


  • Very durable and long-lasting product
  • The steel does not rust or corrode
  • Threaded fittings for best connectivity
  • Great overall quality of the product


  • The material is not able to conduct heat efficiently
  • It does not work at a high speed

8. NY Brew Supply Deluxe – Best with High Heat Conductivity

NY Brew Supply Deluxe
Photo: NY Brew Supply

  • Material: Copper
  • Length: 25’
  • Diameter: 1/2”, 3/8”

The NY Brew Supply Deluxe is another essential model available on the market. The making is done with copper material which well adjusts with all kind of input and output hoses.

This model is available in two copper tube diameter of 1/2 and 3/8 inches. This way, you can make selection.

The length of these chillers is constant to 25 feet. This model does not come with soldered designs but bring heavy-duty fittings on the table.

It is a wonderful product with highly efficient features. Although, the high price of this model can be a dealbreaker.


  • Making is done with high-quality copper
  • Two variants are available in 1/2″ and 3/8” diameter
  • Available in length of 25’ which is great
  • Heavy-duty brass fittings 


  • This model is also pretty expensive

9. HFS Homebrew – Best-Durable

HFS Homebrew
Photo: HFS

  • Material: 304 Stainless-steel

So, this one is a super-efficient plate wort chiller that comes in unimaginable quality and versatility. It is available in plenty of versions that vary with the number of plates.

It is constructed with 304 stainless-steel and 99.9% copper brazing. The super-compact model comes with heavy-gauge 1/2″ NPT wort fitting and 3/4″ NPT water fitting.

It can cool down 10 gallons of water in a matter of 10 minutes. The performance is simply unthinkable. Unlike other products, this one also comes with 1-year warranty. Something that you might not like is that it demands for an additional pump to work.


  • Constructed with 304 stainless-steel
  • Super-efficient plate wort chiller
  • Available in multiple versions
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • Require additional tools to work such as a pump

10. Coldbreak Brewing Equipment – Compact Immersion

Coldbreak Brewing Equipment
Photo: Coldbreak

  • Material: Stainless-steel, Copper
  • Length: 12.5, 25’
  • Tube Size: 4’
  • Diameter: 3/8”

We will bid adieu with this extremely productive model from Coldbreak. First, it is available in 2 versions that vary in materials. You can find it in stainless-steel as well as copper material.

Now, about the wort length, it is available in 12.5 and 25 feet. You can pick the size according to your choice. There is a constant diameter of 3/8” with this model.

You get high-quality fittings with this model. Although, the 4 feet vinyl tubing is not as useful. Also, this model does not come with any warranty.


  • Available in two materials
  • Brings a lot of versatility on the table
  • High-quality of the overall product
  • Highly promising quality of copper and stainless-steel


  • There is no warranty with this model
  • 4 inches vinyl tube is not as useful


We have tried to put together all the essential models on the market. As we conclude the wort chiller review, we hope that you must have found a desired product on our list.

All these products are picked thoughtfully, and we have also added all kind of wort chillers. This way, irrespective of your preferred choice, you will be able to make selection.

Check out all these best wort chillers and make wise selection. Also, don’t forget to learn about the details and specifications before you make a purchase.