7 Best Z-Wave Controllers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Best Z-Wave Controller
Photo: Samsung

The home automation industry has always been seen with a lot of distrusts. It seemed like a distant idea until the evolution of the best z-wave controller that is not just a highly compatible device but also bring the control of all smart devices to your fingertips.

Z-wave controller is a device just like Bluetooth, except that Bluetooth connect devices to each other and z-wave connects them to a hub from where you can access them all.

Since it is still between acceptances by the folks vividly, there is a lot of perplexity while picking the right product for your house.

Well, we give you some instant and high-end solutions in this review.

What To Check Before Buying Z-Wave Controller?

How to Buy the Best Z-Wave Controller
Photo: Wink

Before we step into the buying tips, first thing that we would like to recommend is that you should always make a z-wave controller comparison and see the strengths and weaknesses of each product from basic contrast.

That’s the first step in selecting a right model. Here are some other tips for evaluating the credibility of the product.

1. Number of Devices

A smart house comprises a mammoth of smart devices. If you want the entire control of all these devices in your hand then it is crucial to check the number of devices that you can connect with a controller.

Most z-wave controllers give a minimum of 50 device connectivity and it can go up to 600 devices. Surely, the cost of a controller will largely differ as the number of devices will increase.

While a small to medium household does not have such high device connectivity requirement, if you still insist on a suitable recommendation then there is no better product than Wink WNKHUB-2US z-wave controller as it has got maximum device connectivity of 530 devices.

Such models are suitable to manage an office, let alone a house as it gives you highly powerful features and great controls.

2. Protocol Support

In simple words, a protocol is a medium through which the device communicates with the hub. That is why, it is essential that your house smart devices are compatible with z-wave protocols.

You can also find some devices that offer multiple protocol support. This will increase the usability and compatibility of a device. Some common protocol support that various high-end z-wave controllers offer include bluetooth LE, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Kidde, and Lutron Clear.

Therefore, instead of buying a z-wave controller with a single protocol, your target should be to buy a device that comes with multiple protocol support, just like the Vera Controls VeraPlus-US z-wave controller so that your product can be put to versatile usage.

3. Compatibility

We will try to make this z-wave controller review as comprehensive and resourceful as we can so that you understand everything about these automation devices. In this, the next big thing to focus on is compatibility.

The problem with many brand z-wave devices is that they are compatible with only other z-wave devices or controllers.

This point is corelated with protocols because due lack of self-integration, you need multiple protocols that can make it possible for the device to interact with other smart devices.

4. Integration

How do you expect to take maximum benefit from a z-wave controller without effective integration? Well, it is the next big thing in the picture that you should emphasize.

The best z-wave hub is such that can be able to integrate with multiple devices and support smartphone controls, voice control and is compatible with new-age devices like Google Home and Alexa. It should be able to integrate with all latest apps.

5. Installation

The most challenging thing with a z-wave controller is that most of these devices are very difficult to install. It is the biggest problem because people have to struggle a lot to install the device.

There are also some of the models that don’t even come with free installation. Unless you are a geek who likes to spend a lot of time researching the installation procedures of various smart devices, make sure to purchase a product that comes with easy installation or at least gives you free expert installation.

7 Best Z-Wave Controllers of 2021 Reviewed




Hubitat Elevation z-wave controller

1. Hubitat Elevation z-wave controller (Best Overall)

  • Safe, reliable, and highly compatible controller
  • Require one-time setup
  • Up to 100 devices connectable
  • Comes with online support
Samsung GP-U999SJVLGDA

2. Samsung GP-U999SJVLGDA (Most-Affordable)

  • Available on most affordable price
  • Support 40+ partner brands
  • 24 x 7 monitoring
  • 1-year warranty

3. Wink WNKHUB-2US (High-end)

  • Maximum protocol support and highly compatible product
  • 512 mb memory
  • Auto-discovery and guided setup
  • Send notifications through app
Vera Controls VeraPlus-US

4. Vera Controls VeraPlus-US (High Protocol Support)

  • Comes with 4 protocol support
  • Compatible with various popular brands
  • Easy installation
  • Great customer support
Vera Controls VeraEdge

5. Vera Controls VeraEdge (Easy Installation)

  • Very simple to install
  • Suitably priced
  • 128 mb memory
  • Compatible with multiple high-end brands
HomeSeer Z-Net

6. HomeSeer Z-Net (Easy Product Pairing)

  • Network Wide Inclusion for easy pairing
  • Multiple network installation
  • Large connectivity range
Mi-Casa Verde VeraLite

7. Mi-Casa Verde VeraLite (Universal Compatibility)

  • Customizable to fit over 650 z-wave devices
  • Comes with video monitoring
  • Easy to install
  • Low on energy bills

1. Hubitat Elevation z-wave controller – Best Overall

Hubitat Elevation z-wave controller
Photo: Hubitat
  • Number of Devices: Up to 100
  • Protocols: 2

From Hubitat, this is among the best z-wave home controllers that you can buy online. It is completely safe and reliable as it combines the benefits of local automation processing with cloud connectivity. This way, the controller ensures that your personal data is safeguarded against any misuse.

It is also highly compatible with various devices including lights, speakers, smoke/water detectors, thermostats, sensors, and more.

The companionable brands are Aeon, Cree, Dome, Fibaro, First Alert, Innovelli, Iris, Jasco/GE, Kwikset, Levitron, Lutron, Nyce, Philips, Samsung SmartThings, Sonos, Sylvania, Zen, Zooz.

It supports up to 100 devices to connect at one time with Z-wave and Zigbee protocols to interact with these devices.

This model also supports various popular platform integrations like Amazon Echo, Google Home, IFTTT, Philips Hue Bridge, etc.

About the installation, it requires one-time setup and later you will not need internet to access the functions of the z-wave controller. You can get 24 x 7 support from the company that can be accessed through email, calling, online tutorials, community support, etc.

This is a pretty suitable product and also available on a decent price. However, it does lack in warranty.


  • Extremely compatible and dependable product
  • Available on a suitable price
  • Support various platform integrations
  • 24 x 7 comprehensive support


  • No warranty

2. Samsung GP-U999SJVLGDA – Most-Affordable

Samsung GP-U999SJVLGDA
Photo: Samsung
  • Protocols: 3

For the ones that are new to z-wave and don’t want to invest a lot of money, they can check out this amazing product from Samsung which is also the cheapest z-wave controller in small price but high brand value.

The wide compatibility of this product is reflected from the 40+ brands that support its technology and are compatible with this controller. Some popular compatible brands are Philips Hue, Ring, Arlo, Ecobee, Honeywell, Bose, and many others.

Another amazing thing is that this product comes with various functional sensors. The multipurpose sensor informs you when doors are opened and closed. Then there is motion sensor which detect any movement in the house.

The outlet sensors control the lights, electronics and small appliances and water leak sensor will let you know if there is leaking gas or water. You get notification of every activity on your mobile for 24 x 7 monitoring.

This is a highly functional product that support z-wave, zigbee, and cloud to cloud protocols. Also, you get a year long warranty with this product. However, it wouldn’t work if not connected with the internet.


  • Available on the most-affordable price
  • Has high brand value
  • Compatible with 40+ brand devices
  • App notifications of every activity


  • Will not work if not connected with the internet

3. Wink WNKHUB-2US – High-end

Photo: Wink
  • Number of Devices: Up to 530
  • Protocols: 5

This one is a high-end and commercial grade product considering its brilliant features and wide compatibility. To begin with, this z-wave controller can support up to 530 devices which is a lot more than what a household need.

Another best thing about this product is that it comes with maximum protocol support of Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, Z-wave, Kidde, and Lutron Clear. It works with more smart protocols than any other competitive product on the list.

The quick and easy integration with devices and brands like Nest, Philips, Ring, Ecobee, Go Control, Schlage, Sonos, Arlo, Yale and Chamberlain also make it a suitable product for purchase.

The voice control feature can be accessed through Alexa and Google Home. Furthermore, it is compatible with all smart devices in your house including doorbells, cameras, alarms, appliances, thermostats, speakers, lightings, locks and others.

You get 512 mb memory with this product for better functionality. As far as installation is concerned, this model automatically discovers the device, and you also get guided setup. It is required that you download Wink app on your mobile device and receive notifications of every activity.

With everything so amazing with this product, the drawback is that it does not have any warranty.


  • Comes with maximum protocol support and high compatibility
  • Seamless access through wink app
  • Comes with voice control feature
  • Can be connected to 530 devices


  • No warranty

4. Vera Controls VeraPlus-US – Best with High Protocol Support

Vera Controls VeraPlus-US
Photo: Vera Controls
  • Number of Devices: Up to 125
  • Protocols: 4

Not many z-wave devices come with high protocol support however, this model gives you 4 supported protocols such as wi-fi, z-wave, zigbee, and Bluetooth BLE.

It is a highly compatible device that can be suitably used with various high-end and popular brand gadgets installed in the house. Some common compatible brands include kwikset, Honeywell, sonos, Samsung, nest, Philips Hue, etc.

As far as integration is concerned, the device can be easily integrated to Amazon Alexa, Nest and other devices.

You can easily control your home and business as you get control over the lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks, motorized window blinds, dimmers, sprinklers, alarms, and more.

This new-age product comes in a contemporary look that will complement the overall appeal of your house. You can enjoy quick and easy installation and get great customer support whenever required.

The downside of this model is that there is no warranty with the device. Also, this one is not compatible with Google Home.


  • Comes with 4 supported protocols
  • Easily integrates with popular devices
  • Contemporary looks
  • Very easy to install


  • No warranty
  • Not compatible with Google Home

5. Vera Controls VeraEdge – Easy Installation

Vera Controls VeraEdge
Photo: Vera Controls
  • Number of Devices: Up to 75
  • Protocols: 2

VeraEdge is a simple product but its strength is easy and quick installation. There are various far-fetched models in this category but most of them lacks in convenient installation and usage. This model will help you in the department effectively.

It comes with protocol support of wi-fi and z-wave. This is a beginner level device that is compatible with various kinds of home equipment like lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks, motorized window blinds, dimmers, sprinklers, alarms, etc. and pretty simple to understand.

As far as brand compatibility is concerned, this model, just its revised model, the Vera Controls VeraPlus-US z-wave controller, is supported by popular brands like kwikset, Honeywell, sonos, Samsung, nest, Philips Hue and more.

Furthermore, you can find 128 internal memory with this model. It is a suitably priced product on the market with beautiful contemporary looks.

The drawbacks are that it connects with only 75 devices which is less than various other competitive models. Plus, it won’t be able to work without wi-fi.


  • Very easy in installation
  • Highly compatible with multiple brands
  • Comes in contemporary design
  • Simple to understand


  • Compatible with small number of devices
  • Won’t work without wi-fi

6. HomeSeer Z-Net – Easy Product Pairing

HomeSeer Z-Net
Photo: HomeSeer
  • Protocols: 1

From HomeSeer, this z-wave controller is easy to pair with the devices as it uses the Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) that helps in easy detecting of the devices and quick connecting.

It is a remote interface that can be used with HomeSeer software and HomeTrollers. It supports z-wave plus devices and other former versions.

The ethernet connectivity give optimal positioning in the house. The range of this device is large and it can be easily connected wherever there is compatibility of z-net software, whether it is the outhouse or servant’s quarters.

Plus, it also has a feature of multiple network connectivity that makes it more resourceful. However, this product is a bit expensive and the designing of the box is very boring.


  • Suitable for easy product pairing
  • Compatible with former versions of z-wave as well
  • Large connectivity range


  • Looks too boring
  • Expensive

7. Mi-Casa Verde VeraLite – Universal Compatibility

Mi-Casa Verde VeraLite
Photo: Mi-Casa Verde
  • Number of Devices: Up to 70
  • Protocols: 1

From Mi-Casa Verde, this model is a universally compatible device that can be customized to connect more than 650 devices based on z-wave.

It is an excellent product with convenient UI for easy installation and understanding. Also, there is advance energy metering capabilities that help you in saving big on energy bills.

You can also find a feature of video monitoring that helps in streaming live videos from plug and play IP cameras or your smart device.

While this is a great product, it comes with only 70 connectable devices and a single protocol.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Simple UI for easy understanding
  • Helps in saving on energy bills
  • Suitable for streaming live videos


  • Less connectable devices
  • Support only 1 protocol


A z-wave controller can be an overwhelming device for beginners. You are recommended to learn about its key features and usability carefully before buying.

As far as the straightforward recommendations are concerned, you can pick the Hubitat Elevation z-wave controller as it keeps your information safe without putting it on cloud and has effective compatibility with a number of devices.

Your second-best bet will be the Wink WNKHUB-2US z-wave controller except that you will have to spend a lot of money to buy this. As far as its features are concerned, this comes with maximum protocol support, and highest memory capacity.