Bostitch N62FNK-2 Review: High-Capacity & Efficient Finish Nailer

Bostitch N62FNK-2 Review

Photo: Bostitch

What We Like

  • High 130-nail magazine capacity
  • Reliable exhaust air re-direction
  • Effective workspace debris removal
  • Excels in poorly-lit spaces
  • Simple adjustable mode trigger
  • Oil-free tool operations

What We Don’t Like

  • Awkward depth setting dial location

Bottom Line

A finish nailer designed to support intensive interior and exterior finish and trim applications thanks to a high-capacity magazine and operational convenience enhancements.


Efficiency, superior performance and high operating convenience best describe the Bostitch N62FNK-2, a finish nailer that guarantees continuous operation both in the day and during the night.

When you combine the nailer’s high-capacity nail magazine, an LED work light for low-light operations, and 15-gauge nail support, you’re getting the ultimate workman’s tool, which will ultimately prove easy to maintain thanks to oil-free operation support.

Bostitch N62FNK-2 Review

Bostitch N62FNK-2

Photo: Bostitch

Performance: Heavy-Duty Configurations for Intensive Nailing Tasks

While many finish nailers excel in indoor installations tasks, the N62FNK-2 takes steps up its performance a notch higher by supporting exterior finish and trim tasks just as efficiently.

This 15-gauge angled finish nailer was built for continuous operation, both in interior and exterior finish tasks. It also excels in furniture assemble, cabinet work, and staircase applications.

With this nailer, expect to achieve near-continuous and uninterrupted operation thanks to the tool’s capacity magazine, which accommodates 130 nails, 30 more than the standard magazine found in most rival models in the 15-gauge class.

The nailer offers an adjustable depth setting, runs on 70 to 120 PSI, and manages a driving power of 400 in/lbs., allowing you to drive nails faster and easier even on hard materials.

Jam clearance can be a pain when using nailers, but in the N62FNK-2, this process is simplified significantly because it is tool-less.

Then there’s the innovative LED work-light integrated into the nailer to enhance usability inside dark spaces such as closets.

This light is also powerful enough to illuminate work surfaces even at night so that you can continue with your work whenever necessary, thus saving time in most of your projects.

Another handy performance-boosting feature on this tool, which you won’t find in others, is a 16-inch on-center gauge, which is designed to flip out so that you can install baseboard quickly and with minimal effort.

Because nailing accuracy is a top priority in most woodworking tasks, this tool enhances the same through an integrated air blower, which is effective in clearing debris from work surfaces.

Also, this nailer steps up operator safety and convenience through an adjustable trigger with a safety lock-out. The trigger allows you to toggle between single and multiple faster dive modes.

Count on the nailer to minimize noise output through its ultra-quiet rear exhaust, which effectively directs exhaust air away from you and your work area for hassle-free operation.

Finally, and this is a big deal when it comes to nailers, the N62FNK-2 runs oil-free. It does not require constant oiling to reduce tool wear and uphold efficiency.

With the oil-free operation, you save money on constant lubricant purchases, while enjoying the benefits of a low-maintenance tool.

Design and Construction: Strong and Durable Build

The N62FNK-2’s entire design has been optimized for convenient operation, which allows you to maximize the tool’s power and high-performance capacity.

Its magazine is angled, at 34 degrees, to enhance tool maneuverability, and when you factor in the LED light, then operating this tool in confined spaces should prove hassle-free.

Besides enhancing maneuverability, this magazine is also easily detachable. Removing the magazine for fast cleaning and jam-clearing is simplified a great deal.

A rear-tip design enhances the line of sight so that you have a clear view of your work surfaces. This design enhancement contributes to nailing accuracy.

Also, you can achieve precise fastener placement through the simplified dial-a-depth adjustment. But you may find the adjustment dial’s positioning rather awkward, although you will eventually get used it.

The nailer’s grip is made of rubber to enhance operator comfort during tool operation. Often, you may find yourself using the nailer over extended periods thanks to its high-capacity magazine and LED work-light, hence the need for enhanced comfort.

Also, there’s a design advancement in the form of a no-mar pad, which attaches to the nailer. This pad will prove essential in protecting your workpiece from being dented or damaged by the tool.

When it comes to construction, this nailer is a heavy-duty unit designed to support continuous and reliable nailing thanks to a magnesium construction that helps the tool withstand tough operating environments.

Count on this nailer to support all your nailing tasks for a couple of years before you even start considering upgrading or replacing it.

Portability: Easy and Convenient

For a high-performance nailer that packs so many heavy-duty features such as large-capacity magazine, the N62FNK-2 is relatively light, at only 4.15 pounds.

Obviously, it is not the lightest finish nailer in its class, but you won’t experience any problems handling the tool or moving around with it.

For outdoor work away from the house, there’s a hard case that comes with the tool to simplify portability. The case itself is not heavy so combined with the tool, the entire unit is still light.

It’s worth noting that the case is spacious enough to accommodate even the other accessories such as the 4 profile tips and belt hook, ensuring you have everything you need with you.

Because this tool was designed to support both day and night nailing tasks, you’re likely going to be moving around the worksite with it. A belt/rafter hook has been included to simplify onsite portability with minimal interference.

Price: Worth Every Cent

Bostitch N62FNK-2 may not be in the budget category, but we can’t complain about the price given the ton of value the tool offers.

This nailer offers a bump in performance and convenience, for every typical feature this tool is expected to have. When it comes to nail capacity, the magazine can hold 130 of them, allowing continuous operation with reduced reload times.

Over time, you will find this nailer cost-effective and easy to maintain thanks to its support for oil-free operations. Not only do you save on lubricant costs, but you can also count on the tool’s durability.

Then there’ the LED work-light that’s built into the tool so that even when it gets dark, you can complete your nailing tasks in low light, and save time in your projects.

Bostitch also offers a competing 15-gauge finish nailer, the BTFP72155, which is equally powerful and has many of the great features you’ll find in the N62FNK-2.

Although Bostitch BTFP72155 is slightly cheaper than the N62FNK-2, the latter has a lower magazine capacity of 100 nails and lacks an LED work-light to support low-light operations.

Choosing the N62FNK-2 is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a nailer that will save you lots of time and money across the many projects you’ll undertake.


A heavy-duty finish nailer designed for the busy woodworker who is looking to save on project time and operation costs.

For superior operating convenience, Bostitch N62FNK-2 offers an LED work light to illuminate dark spaces, while its high-capacity magazine minimizes reload time, allowing the heavy-duty oil-free nailer to support the continuous operation.


  • Product Name: Bostitch N62FNK-2
  • Product Brand: Bostitch
  • Tool Dimensions: 14.186 x 11.688 x 3.625 inches
  • Power Source: Pneumatic
  • Nail Diameter: 15 gauge
  • Nail Size: 1.25-2.5 inches
  • Operating Pressure: 70-120 psi
  • Magazine Angle: 34 Degree
  • Magazine Capacity: 130
  • Magazine Loading: Bottom Load
  • Fastening Category: Finish
  • Trigger Lock-Off: Yes
  • Oil-Free Operation: Yes
  • Belt Hook: Yes
  • Tool Weight: 4.15 pounds
  • Warranty:  7 Years (Limited)

Key Features

  • High 130-nail magazine capacity supports continuous tool action
  • A reliable LED work-light supports low-light and night operations
  • The integrated air blower helps with debris removal on work surfaces
  • An ultra-quiet rear exhaust effectively channels air aware from the operator
  • Rear-tip design improves line-of-sight clarity for enhanced accuracy
  • A simplified adjustable trigger with safety lock-out for mode selections
  • Low maintenance oil-free operation for increased efficiency and reduced costs
  • Robust accessories to maximize the nailer’s productivity