Can I apply anti-vandal paint on my boundary walls?

We have heard so many rumours in recent years about applying anti-vandal paint to your garden walls or fences. With people prosecuted and charges filed!

Anti-climb paint advice
Anti-climb paint advice

You are well within your rights to apply anti-vandal paint to your boundary walls, but you MUST follow this simple advice before you go and spread this wet and sticky paint!

  1. The paint must be applied at a sensible height. You do not want to ruin any bodies cloths when they pass by!
  2. A big sign is vital, you must let people know that anti-vandal paints applied to this wall
  3. A clear a well-placed sign will exclude you from any court proceedings; we would also advise you to take a picture of this sign!

If you own the property, then you are well within your rights to sensibly apply anti-vandal or anti-climbing paint to your walls, fences and house. But, if you do not own your property, then be sure to ask the landlord before doing so! If you live in a council house or housing association, be sure to get prior approval!

What are the best paints?

We have listed the best anti-climb/vandal paint we have been applying to our customer’s houses and boundaries.

Blackfriar Anti Vandal Paint; Black

Blackfriar Anti-climb paint
Blackfriar Anti-climb paint

The Blackfriar paint is black and stands out to deter anyone thinking about scaling your wall. It never dries and lasts for many years, but should be applied each year to make sure it stands out. It is similar to tar, so if anyone thinks about climbing your walls, they will get covered in this stuff and ruin their clothes.

  • Colour: black
  • Deterrence: sticky tar
  • Applied: yearly
  • Must be accompanied by a hazard sign!
  • Pricing: £15.00 1ltr
  • How to apply? Brush
  • Official Product

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