Can I Attach BarbWire To My Wall Or Fence?

Barbwire must not be used on private property because it can cause serious harm to both animals and humans.

Barbwire Fence - Examples
Barbwire Fence – Examples

With barbwire being such an effective deterrent it would make sense to attach it to your external walls.

But the risk of serious injury is extremely high and you would be held liable for any injury caused.

Attaching barbwire around your boundary would also ruin the look and feel of your outside space.

What About Broken Glass & Metal Spikes?

This also applies to broken glass and sharp metal spikes, if a cat was to cause injury from your barbwire, broken glass or metal spikes then you would also be liable for the vet bill.

This is because the cause of injury was directly caused by the deterrent you attached to your wall or fence.

Top Tip: Use anti-vandal paint as a safe deterrent against intruders, just be sure to show a visible sign attached to your wall.

Can I Attach Plastic Spikes To My Fence?

You can attach plastic spikes to your wall to deter intruders and prevent cats from using your garden as their local toilet.

Cat spikes are sharp but not sharp enough to puncture the skin when compared to barbwire which will cause serious lacerations.

Barbwire And UK Law

As stated in section 164 of the highways act 1980: Barbwire must not be attached to a wall or fence under 2.4 metres due to cause of harm and injury.

Your local council will issue you with a removal order and a fine if the barbwire is not removed in an allocated time.

Because a boundary wall can only be 6 feet in height legally barbwire cannot be attached to any private legal boundary within the UK.

  • Barbwire must not be attached lower than 2.4m
  • You will be liable for injury caused
  • You cannot legally attach barbwire on a 2m fence
  • Barbwire also classed as metal spikes, glass and sharp projections


Barbwire is only allowed to be used by commercial buildings and farmers to keep their livestock in one place.

There have been many court cases on this matter with homeowners being sued for damages.

Barbwire is a very hostile precaution that attracts the wrong attention from your neighbours and the local council.

We would advise our readers to avoid using barbwire around their boundary fence and stick with approved plastic spikes and anti-vandal paint with a sign to avoid any liability.

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