Can I Complain About My Neighbours Messy & Overgrown Garden?

Having a neighbour who does not look after their garden or take care of it to the point it is overgrown, you are well within your rights to complain. We have lived near neighbours who never cleaned their dog poo up and in the summer months, it would smell really bad! We complained to the council and they issued them with a notice to clean it! The process was simple and straightforward!

Overgrown & Messy Gardens!
Overgrown & Messy Gardens!

If your neighbour has a messy garden or overgrown grass then complaining would be a bit extreme! But if the weeds are growing over your fence then you would be in your rights to complain. Brambles or other plants can grow quickly especially in the summer months!

Contact Your Neighbour. First!

Contacting or speaking with your neighbour should be your first option unless you are not on good terms with them. Then if these options fail or are nonexistent from the outset then call the council and ask them for advice. Each county will have its own options and requirements so contacting them is the best option!

  1. Overgrown plants, trees or shrubs
  2. Dog mess not being disposed of correctly
  3. Messy garden to the extreme!
  4. Garbage and rubbish

Ringing The County Council

Ak for the Environmental Health Department and explain your position, explain you have talked with your neighbour with no outcome. If you are not on good terms with your neighbour then explain this issue also. Ringing the council is the correct way going forward because they will send an anonymous letter and might even send an environmental health officer to investigate the situation.

Having an overgrown garden will attract rats & mice especially if your neighbour leaves rubbish lying around which will heighten the issue with rodents! Remember you are also well within your rights to cut any brambles, bushes or trees that are venturing into your garden and returning them: explained here.

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