Can I Cut My Neighbours Over Hanging Tree Branches?

If your neighbour has a big tree and the branches are overhanging your garden then you are well within your right to cut them!

Removing overhanging tree branches
Removing overhanging tree branches

Uk law allows you to cut and return the tree branch. But there are some rules you must adhere to or you could find yourself on the other side of the law!

These rules are:

  • Any fruit attached to those branches must be returned to the neighbour
  • If the tree has TPO then you MUST not touch it
  • Check your neighbour’s tree for a TPO order
  • Do not throw large branches into your neighbours garden
  • If you damage anything throwing over large tree branches then you will be liable for the cost of damages

Talk To Your Neighbour First

If you want to keep in good relations with your neighbour then we suggest you speak with them.

Explain that their tree branches are hanging over your fence and you would like to cut them back.

  1. Speak with the neighbours about the tree branches
  2. Ask them to take the cut branches
  3. Return any fruit attached to the tree branches

Your neighbour might help and remove any branches cut from their tree.

By law, you can return the branch but be careful NOT to cause any damage when doing so or you will be liable for any costs caused.

Tree Protection Order (T.P.O)

Some neighbours will refuse and some will hurry through a TPO – tree protection order.

We have heard many neighbour stories about owners hurrying through a TPO order to spite the neighbours.


We understand that trees are a very important part of the environment but a dangerous overhanging tree branch can cause injury especially when the winds pick up.

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