Can I Install Lights On My Decking? Solar Or Electric We explain all!

Yes, installing lights on your deck is a great idea and makes your decking stand out in the evenings. It’s a simple process but might need an electrician to install your decking ring (electrical current) to the mains.

Solar Powered Decking Lights
Solar Powered Decking Lights

Unless you’re opting for using solar panels to power your decking lights.

Another option would be to use a 240w plug, but this is not advised because it’s outside it should have a fuse and a separate ring main for safety reasons.

Solar Powered Decking Lights

Having solar power to charge your decking lights in the day time is great because they are easy to install and takes minimal sunshine to charge throughout the day.

In the winter months, you might find your decking light run out quicker because of the lack of sunshine. But this will all depend on the brand of light and batteries you’re opting for.

  • A solar light will not need to connect the main electricity supply
  • Winter months might experience outages because of the lack of sun
  • No need to hire an electrician to run a ring main around your deck
  • Overall solar powered decking lights are less fuss and easy to install

Installing Decking Lights

Installing your decking lights can be tricky so be sure to ONLY drill holes once you have marked out their positions.

A top tip when marking out the drill holes is to be sure there are no joists below the boards. Once you start drilling you must make sure they are even and you have access when feeding the cables from each light.

  • Mark out the drill holes
  • Avoid the joists
  • Use rope or string to feed the electrical cable

Ring Main Decking Lights

If you are going for the ring main option that connects to your electricity supply, then you will have a much wider selection of decking lights available to you.

Ring Main Decking Lights
Ring Main Decking Lights

In the winter months, you will not be restricted by the sun and solar panels.

Yes, solar power is great in the summer months but when your only getting 10 hours of light a day in the winter months you might only receive a few hours of power.

  • Ring main decking lights are brighter and powerful
  • You have a wider option available
  • Not restricted by sunshine and cloudy days
  • An electrician will be needed to run or connect to your mains


Decking lights are a great option and make your garden look great when the sun goes down.

If you only really use your garden in the summer months then the solar power option is best.

But, if your going to be enjoying your decking all year round then connecting to your ring main (correctly) will benefit you much more.

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