Can I Lay Composite Decking Over My Old Decking Boards?

No, but you can lay composite decking boards over your original decking frame. But, you must make sure that the decking frame is solid and not rotten.

Replacing Old Decking With Composite
Replacing Old Decking With Composite

If you are thinking of laying composite decking boards over your original wooden decking boards then you need to think again.

Screwing new boards over older boards is going to cause issues such as levelling, tripping hazards, moisture retention and more.

Composite Decking Boards

If your thinking of replacing your original wooden boards with composite boards then, great!

Composite decking boards are amazing, they look good, last many more years and are non slip.

Replacing your decking boards with composite ones is an easy process but you must adhere to these rules or you’re going to be disappointed.

Original Decking Frame

Once you have stripped your decking down to the frame you need to inspect your frame.

If your frame is rotten, uneven or the joists are spaced to far then you need to rectify these issues before screwing expensive composite boards onto this.

  1. Check for damp and mould
  2. Be sure 90-degree joints are connected with metal hangers
  3. Be sure all joists are even and at least 600mm apart
  4. Remove all screws and screw heads
  5. Be sure the footings are not loose
  6. Treat your frame with oil or stain
  7. Re-screw any loose joists


After you have checked your decking frame be sure all the points above are check and rectified! If you are going to build on a bad foundation then you will encounter issues later on.

Happy Decking 😉

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