Can I Leave My Hot Tub Setup All Year Round?

It is fine to leave your hot tub setup ll year-round. We have had our Miami set up for the last 4 years. The winter months might cool your water quickly so you might find that your electricity bill could increase to the cold elements. Our Lay-Z-Spa is used most weekends even in the winter months, which I think is the best month for a hot tub because its great to get into hot water in mid-winter!

The Winter Hot Tub Experience!
The Winter Hot Tub Experience!

“If you are a new hot tub owner and thinking of packing your hot tub away over the winter months then you are missing out on the best way to enjoy a hot tub. There is nothing better than submerging into your hot tub on Christmas day!”

The Wezaggle Team!

Tips for the winter months

When winter comes just keep an eye on the chlorine levels and continue filtering to keep your water clean a normal. Apart from a little jump in the electricity bill, there is nothing keeping you from enjoying a spa on every day of the year!

Another point to make is that submerging your body in hot water over the winter months will actually have some health benefits! Yes, you can benefit your overall health, immune system and relieve muscle stiffness and pain.

  • Make sure you have a towel or dressing gown handy for when you get out
  • Avoid positioning your hot tub at the back of your garden because it will be a cold run to the back door!
  • Make sure the cover has no holes and the inflatable is in good order before winter starts
  • Before the winter months empty your hot tub and be sure it’s topped up with chlorine

So, for all the new hot tub and spa owners, the winter months are always the best for a hot tub, there is nothing better relaxing in the cold dead of night with steam and hot water rising around you, ENJOY!

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