Can I Mix Unused Emulsion Paints?

Yes, you can mix various types of emulsion paints. But we would advise you from mixing silk and matt emulsion paints because the effects are virtually always a matt type finish.

Mixing Various Emulsion
Mixing Various Emulsion

If the colours are the same or different you can mix emulsion paints, this is how places like b&Q and Wickes can colour match any colour you bring into the store.

Things To Avoid When Mixing Emulsion Paints

When mixing emulsion paints be sure to mix them very well because you do not want to see the colour change halfway down the pot!

To mix emulsion paints we would advise you to use an empty paint pot.

Just fill it with your mixed emulsion paints and shake, this is the most effective and quicker way to mix paint.

If you are going to be using a stick to mix the pot then you are going to be there a while and the colour might still change as you use the mixed paint.

  1. Use an empty paint pot
  2. Carefully pour your emulsion paint in
  3. Keep a record of the volumes used
  4. Close the lid securely
  5. Use both hands and mix
  6. Mix for about 2-3 minutes

Check The Date and Condition

When mixing gloss paints or emulsion paints never use paint that has separated or is over 2 years old. Emulsion paint does go off and will have a use-by date, you will know if your emulsion paint has gone off because it will smell funky.

If your paint has got a hard seal or skin over the top make sure you remove this and do not get any in the paint formula.

If you have dried paint mixed in your emulsion paint it will stick to the wall when brushing and rolling our your walls and ceilings.

So make sure you avoid flakes of paint when mixing.

  • Clean your paint pot before mixing paints
  • Never mix old separated bad-smelling paints
  • Remove the paint-skin and avoid flakes falling into your formula
  • Check the use-by date before mixing

Top Tip: Only mix water-based paints, never mix oil-based and water paints because they will separate and be unusable for painting.

Conclusion – Mixing Emulsion Paints

Mixing water-based paints is a great idea if you have lots of paint leftover or taking up space. It gets rid of the paint and will create perfectly useable paint once mixed with the method above.

Be sure you have enough mixed paint to do the job because you are not likely to find the exact colour unless you copy the volumes and brand of original paint brands.

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  1. Thanks for the advice. It’s good to know there is available an unbiased opinion to be found especially when it can save you a few quid and avoid waste…..


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