Can I Paint Gloss Straight On Wood?

Normal gloss paint cannot be used straight on bare wood, this is because it will soak into the wood and will never cover. For gloss paint to set bright white you must prime and seal the wood before applying the finishing coat.

Gloss Painting Examples
Gloss Painting Examples

Gloss paint offers a hard protective covering that no other paint can provide. But first, you must always treat the wood before applying the protective coat (gloss).

The Process of Glossing Wood

The process of glossing your wooden accessories around the home such as skirting boards, picture rails, newel posts, doors and door linings, should be separated into three coats. These coats are:

Each process is a must for a good DIY painting job. If your wooden accessories around the home have been painted before then you should skip the primer and go straight to the undercoat once you have prepared the wood for painting.

TOP TIP: Never gloss over old gloss paint because it will peel and flake away, especially in high traffic areas! Always sand away any old gloss paint for a perfect DIY paint job.

One Coat Gloss Paints

In recent years there has been a surge in one-coat gloss paint.

These paints can go straight onto bare wood, although the results are never as good when compared to a 2/3 coat solution.

Using a primer, undercoat and then a good gloss paint will always look better and last longer when compared to one-coat gloss paints.

Conclusion – Glossing Straight On Wood

We never use one-coat gloss products because they never perform as advertised.

For your glossing to last the test of time and not yellow then using layers is always key to a good paint job. Yes, it’s more work, but the results are far better than a one-coat gloss paint job.

Happy Painting 😉

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