Can I Paint My Bathroom Tiles?

Yes, you can paint your bathrooms tiles to make your bathroom look fresher and avoid retiling which costs a lot of funds and time.

Examples of painting your bothroom tiles
Examples of painting your bothroom tiles

There are a few rules and tips we have listed below, the main thing is the quality of the tile paint.

If you are going to use cheap paint then you will find it starts to flake away after you have filled the room with hot water.

The paint must be durable against mould and water retention to last the test of time.

Before Painting Your Bathroom Tiles

Before you start painting your bathroom tiles you need to prepare the tiles and grout for painting.

You can remove the grout with a tool or leave it on when painting your bathroom tiles.

These are the decisions you need to make before you start painting.

You can add the grout in later and will make your bathroom tiles look more presentable.

The Best Bathroom Tile Paint

My best option for a tile paint is Rust-Oleum it is an all-round paint that will last the test of time.

Rust-Oleum Tile Paint
Rust-Oleum Tile Paint

I have tried many other brands but the Rust-Oleum all-round paint is excellent.

It has a primer added to the mix so you should cover your tiles in one hit, but it might need another coat for a stronger colour and even coverage.

Product Details

  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • Colours: Many
  • Price range: £10-14 250ml
  • Coverage: 6m2

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Preparing Your Bathroom Tiles

To prepare your bathroom tiles you need to make sure all mould is removed this is the biggest issue when painting tiles.

If you leave mould behind the paint then it will start to grow and ruin your painting job. Here are the main tips to help you paint bathroom ceramic tiles:

  1. Remove silicone around the sink and bath (method)
  2. Optional to remove the grout in between the tiles
  3. Make sure your tiles are clean from grease
  4. Tape the edges if you cannot cut-in with a brush
  5. Use electrical tape to keep you paint neat and tidy
  6. Use a paintbrush that will not leave streaks (best options)
Silicone Sealent Examples
Silicone Sealent Examples

Painting Your Bathroom Tiles

Once you have prepared your tiles for painting and you have your paint and a decent paintbrush that will not leave streaks then you are ready to start painting.

  • Paint in one direction to avoid streaks (up/down)
  • Two coats might be required
  • Cover your bath, sink or shower tray (avoid splashes)

Once you have painted your tiles and allowed them to dry then you can start grouting and adding your silicone sealant.

Sealing your sink, bath or shower tray is a must because it stops water from running under the tiles and causing mould and dampness.

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