Can I paint my neighbours fence?

Unsightly Fence Issues
Unsightly Fence Issues

We often hear of neighbours denying each other when it comes to painting your/their garden fences! If you do not own the wall, then you MUST get permission before you get the paint pot and paintbrush out.

In general, you own the left side of your fence. So, if the right side is new, looking shabby and needs a good paint or stain, then you should speak with your neighbour before you start!

In most cases, the neighbour should agree just as long as it is not a drastic colour or stain! If you get a NO, what can you do? There are not many options when you get denied. You could offer a payment; we know this has settled many fence painting disputes previously. But another option is to build your fence in front of your neighbour’s fence!

Build another fence!

By law, you can erect your fence in front of your neighbour’s fence, but it must not be above 6 feet. Building your own is an extreme option, but if neighbours being awkward/unreasonable about this common neighbour dispute, then it sometimes becomes the ONLY option!

“The downside to building your fence is you will lose around 5/6 inches of land and the cost of materials such as posts and fence panels.”

Be polite and courteous!

Here at Wezaggle, we always advise our readers to be courteous and polite when asking a neighbour to paint your side of their fence. You will get a better response and many reasonable neighbours will agree! Explain that their wall is an eyesore and it will not cost them anything!

Is it in need of repair or falling down?

If the wall or fence is in such a way that it might collapse or fall over, you should contact your local council and explain that your neighbour’s fence needs repairing! They will make contact and politely ask them to replace it based on health and safety!

Is the property rented, council-owned or housing association?

Always double check if the properties rented, if its rented contact the agency or landlord if they say no to painting your fence. The same applies to council or housing association properties!

If you are successful then we have mentioned the best fence paints for a paint job to last!

Good luck;)

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