Can I Paint My Patio? Advice When Painting Your Patio Slabs!

Painting your patio is an option and will look presentable if you use the right kind of paint. If you use the incorrect type of paint then you are not going to get a good finish and it will start to flake of once you start walking over it.

Painting your patio slabs
Painting your patio slabs

A patio paint will work on all types of patio such as stone, sandstone, concrete and slate. You must be sure about painting your patio!

Once you apply the paint to your patio slabs it will be extremely difficult and virtually impossible to remove the paint from your patio once dry.

  • Concrete slabs
  • Sandstone
  • Stone
  • Layed concrete
  • Slate

Use The Right Patio Paint

Patio paints are made using acrylic, so once it sets it creates a sealed surface. The paint must also be non-slip or you will be falling over once it rains.

So be sure to use the right paint for the right job:

  • Must be non-slip
  • Acrylic-based paint

Before deciding to paint your patio you might want to try a jet wash service to get it back to its original colour and condition.

We have seen many customers who have painted their patio and then decided that it was better before!

Most patio slabs will look much better once pressure washed and an acid cleaner applied. An acid bath will take the top layer or grime away and will result in a more presentable patio.

How To Paint your Patio?

Once you have selected your colour and patio or concrete paint then you must prepare the patio for painting. Fill any holes with sand and cement or concrete mix.

Make sure all gaps are filled, you can do this with a pointing tool.

Once you have pointed and filled any holes brush the area over with a soft brush, but be careful you do not brush any cement away.

  • Fill any holes with a cement mix
  • Clear weeds and moss with a stiff brush
  • Brush the area with a soft brush
  • Remove any loose dirt or algae
  • Repair any loose of uneven slabs

You can brush or roll patio paint out, be sure it’s covered well and reapply paint if needed.

This will depend on how porous your patio slabs are, so you might need to paint two coats for good coverage.

TOP TIP: We would advise anyone thinking of painting their patio to invest in a pressure washer or washing service. Patio paint is not a long-lasting solution and you will find yourself having to repaint with a year or two.

Happy Painting 😉

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