Can I Put My Inflatable Hot Tub On My Decking?

Using your decking as a base for your inflatable hot tub can cause instability and structural damage to your decking frame.

Decking & Hot Tubs - WARNING!
Decking & Hot Tubs – WARNING!

As for the record we are advising you NOT to use your decking for your hot tub base. But, it can be done if a few recommendations are met.

These recommendations surround the structure and frame that your decking boards are screwed to.

The majority of decking structures in the Uk are not made to have over 1000 litres of water sitting on it.

Any carpenter or landscaper can build you a decking frame that can support this amount of weight.

Right Joists Size

Joist should be doubled & replaced with 5″ x 2″ joists and doubled all around the frame.

Joist hangers should also be utilized so your frame is not depending on screws for structural stability. We have seen many decking projects ruined from having a full hot tub sitting on it over the summer months.

Over time your decking will experience extreme strain especially when the joists get damp from the use of the hot tub!

Also, the rain will have a negative effect especially if your decking holds water when it rains.

So, if your decking project was only made using 3″ x 2″ or 4″ x2″ joists then you might find that they snap after you have filled your hot tub to the maximum fill.

This all depends on the size of your decking, taking into consideration of supports and joist spans to determine if your decking will hold a hot tub.

  1. Joists must be over 5″ x 2″
  2. Joist hangers must be used
  3. Concrete supports

Should you use your decking to hold your hot tub?

No, unless you are sure the requirements above are followed.

If you are still adamant about using your decking to hold your hot tub then we would recommend you hire a carpenter to have a look at your decking.

He should makes any changes that need to be done before you think about using it as a base for your new hot tub.

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

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