Can I Use Bleach As A Weed Killer & How To Kill Your Garden Soil?

Bleach was created to kill germs and not as a weed killer. But, many homeowners are using the 50/50 spray technique to kill weeds.

Bleach Weed killer - Example
Bleach Weed killer – Example

Although bleach is not the best weed killer it does work on weeds.

But, before spraying your weeds with bleach you should take some precautions and use some commons sense when it comes to killing weeds with bleach.

  • Avoid contact with your skin and eyes
  • Do not use bleach if you have a dog or cat

TOP TIP: Bleach kills grass instantly, so be sure not to get any bleach on your lawn!

If you are spraying bleach in your garden then be sure not to get it in contact with patios or pathways because it will bleach and discolour them.

Just a small amount will bleach sandstone and make it pitted and lighter in colour!

The Bleach Warning

At the end of the day, bleach is a dangerous chemical that should not be sprayed around your garden.

Once bleach becomes absorbed by the soil it will kill everything. Every living creature right down to the microscopic level.

These creatures keep your soil healthy. If you continuously spray your garden with bleach then you will find the soil will not grow anything for many years.

The Solution

If you are determined to use bleach to kill weeds, soil and creatures then you cannot use neat bleach. You should dilute the bleach with 50% water.

This will not remove any dangers explained above and will still ruin the quality of your soil for many years.

  • 50% Water & 50% Bleach
  • Use a spray gun

Alternatives To Using Bleach

There are many other solutions you can create from ingredient around the home. Salt is a safer option but will still affect the alkaline and PH levels in the soil.

Fill up a spray bottle add some warm water and few tablespoons of salt.

Shake the bottle and spray onto the weeds you want to remove. Other options for home made weed killer are:

  • Salt and water
  • Washingup liquid
  • Washing detergent
  • White spirit and water


Bleach should never be used in the garden, if you are a gardener with a passion for growing plants then bleach is a big NO-NO!

There is no reason to spray weeds, just simply pull them from the ground as far down as possible so you get the roots out in one pull.

Weeds are pesky but you should not kill everything around them just to remove a few weeds from your garden.

Other more successful options are weed barriers, weed pullers and elbow grease.

Happy Gardening 😉

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