Can I Use Caulk To Seal Around My Bath, Shower Tray Or Sink?

No, caulk is porous so it lets water drain through. Caulk is for decorating because you can paint over it and it fills cracks!

Sealing your bath with silicone
Sealing your bath with silicone

Silicone is the perfect solution for resealing around your bath.

When silicone sets it becomes watertight so when you’re in the bath or shower it stops the water from running behind the bath and tiles.

If you used caulk as a waterproofing seal you are going to get extreme damp.

Resealing Around Your Bath

If you want to reseal your bath with silicone then you “MUST” clean any previous silicone from both tiles and bath. The more you remove the better the seal will be.

  • Use a sharp plastic scraper
  • Spray WD-40 onto the silicone

If you are very careful then WD-40 OR a sharp blade will remove the silicone easily or use a plastic scraper.

Do not use anything metal like a scraper because you will scratch your bath and ruin the job.

When you have cleaned all the silicone away, make sure it’s dry and apply another bead of silicone.

Be consistent when moving and do not bubble the silicone when using the silicone gun.

f you stop running the silicone gun you will notice it bubbles because more silicone has been applied to that area.

How To Apply Silicone Sealant?

To get that curve on the silicone fill a bowl with water and dip your finger into it before running your finger along with the bead of silicone.

If you have never done this before then I suggest you practise before applying it to your bath, sinks or showers trays.

A spray bottle also works before running your finger over the bead of, or silicone tools.

  1. Grab some electrical tape
  2. Put one strip above and one strip below
  3. Apply the silicone carefully
  4. Wet finger and run around your bath
  5. When set remove both lengths of tape
  6. Your bath is now sealed and watertight

It can get messy if you do not wet your finger because it will just stick to you.

Keep wetting your finger even if it’s every foot or so, take your time and the silicone will look good.

You must also use a premium silicone sealant because the cheaper brands will fail and go yellow within the year.

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