Can My Neighbour Attach Trellis On Top Of The Fence?

In the eyes of the law, a trellis is still a fence, if after adding the trellis the fence is above the 2-meter mark then they will need planning permission.

Various Trellis Examples
Various Trellis Examples

If the fence is owned by yourself then they are not allowed to attach anything to your property unless permitted by yourself.

Many homeowners believe that a trellis is not a fence and can be added on top of 6.6 feet or 2-meter fence. We all love our privacy but breaking the law on the height restriction will result in a removal order by your local council.

Acquiring Planning Permission

If you are wanting to add trellis to a 2.metre fence then you will need to apply to the local county council. They will send a letter to your neighbours and ask them if they want to dispute the planning application.

If there is no dispute in the time allocated then you will get approval. But, if a neighbour disputes the fence height for various reasons then your application to the council for a trellis on a 2-meter fence will be denied.

  • A fence must not be over 2-metres
  • A trellis is classed as a fence
  • Neighbour’s cannot attach a trellis to your fence
Neighbour Disputes - Law and Practises
Neighbour Disputes – Law and Practises

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Complaining About A Trellis

If your neighbour has attached a trellis to your fence then you are well within your rights to ask them to remove it. A trellis is heavy and must be secured correctly to a post for it to last any strong winds.

This extra weight will cause stress on your fence and could weaken the frame and posts, especially if screws are added into your posts to holdup a trellis.

To report damage or a fence above 6.6 feet (2metres) then contact your local council. They will come out, visit take some measurements and send a letter if the fence is over the height it should be.

They will receive a removal order and a date to have the fence corrected or the council will charge them to do the work.

2 thoughts on “Can My Neighbour Attach Trellis On Top Of The Fence?”

  1. If the neighbor put a new septic tank in with a mound and an ugly vent stack snorkle venting into your air can i put up a slighly taller fence to keep the vented fowl. Odor and block the view of the vent from my property

    • Apparently neighbors can do what whey want in law to destroy your property. Mine put up a massive extension right up to the fence, without planning permission that they got in retrospect after my complaint. Is was an ugly white plastic one that looked like an old caravan abandoned ther so I sold the house and moved away. It spanned the whole width of my back garden and took all the light away. Fortunately my buyers were not bothered by this as was a buy to rent, but devalued my house by 10 grand. It’s about time planning depts got their act together as they admitted it would have cost them too much in court costs to make the neighbor from hell take it down again. Did me a favour in the end she was a bitch to live behind. Rats, filth, renting out at random. I was happy to loose the 10k not to have to live near the dirty, filthy animal.


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