Can my neighbour remove the fence between our properties?

If your neighbour owns the fence and it is on their property, then they can take away the wall.  If your not happy with this decision then you are more than welcome to erect your fence on your boundary!

UK Fence & Gate Height Rules
UK Fence & Gate Height Rules

Its a simple process and you can build a fence 2-meter high fence, don’t think that you cannot erect your a fence to replace your neighbour’s fence because you can!

Top tip: if the fence/wall is on the left of your property, then you own it. If the fence is on the right and not on your property, then your neighbours hold responsibility. This information will also be on your deeds. If the property is rented or council-owned enquire with them if your neighbour has removed or removing the fence and not replacing it!

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Discuss with your neighbour

The best way to tackle this is to talk with your neighbour about their plans to replace the fence. Is the wall in need of repair, we are forever replacing brick walls because they have become old and dangerous!

Variety of fence panels
Build your own fence!

This might be the issue, and you should talk with your neighbour before erecting your own fence, because their might be two fences in the end!

  1. Voice your concerns with your neighbour
  2. Ask them if they are replacing the boundary wall
  3. Is there a reason they are not replacing their fence
  4. If all else fails, build your own fence!

Having a fence between neighbours can be a must, especially if you have children and pets playing in your garden. But also privacy is right even if your neighbours are friends or family members. Discussing with your neighbour should be your next step if they are taking down the fence between your gardens!


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