Can You Mix Gloss Paints?

Yes, you can mix gloss paints, but make sure you mix thoroughly before painting. Most gloss paints are made the same and will mix easy enough.

Mixing Gloss Paints Example
Mixing Gloss Paints Example

When you come to mixing your gloss paints fill the tin close the lid and shake the tin. This is the best way to mix gloss paints.

As long as they are mixed well your finished results will be great.

Measure The Volumes

If you are mixing two different colours to make a unique colour or using old unused paints.

You must measure so if you run out or in a few years you want to patch, then it will be hard to get the exact colour match again!

Mixing Old Gloss Paints

If your gloss has skin then cut out the skin before pouring it into your mix. You “DO NOT” want flaky paint mixed into your gloss paint because it will be ruined.

If your gloss paint has gone off-colour or smells funky then it might be past its time and should be safely/environmentally disposed of.

  • Cut away the paint skin
  • Check the smell
  • Only mix in a clean paint pot

Conclusion – Mixing Gloss Paints

We all have old gloss paint in the shed that sits there for many years. If you are running low on paint or just want nothing to go to waste then mixing gloss paint is a great way to reduce waste and recycle your old gloss paints.

Another reason why you would want to mix gloss paints is a colour match. Before committing to mixing whole paint pots be sure to test.

Just mix small amounts no bigger than a test pot, this way you can get the desired colour. Just be sure to note volumes and then mix on a larger scale.

Happy Painting 😉

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